A Few NEW Blogpost Sasha Photos

The result of a quick recent session back behind the camera (although rather too late in the evening for photographing!) to hopefully enjoy with your early morning hot drink…

(Apologies for the lack of the use of their hair brush here but the finer hand finished details, thanks to the Rheumatoid Arthritis, are now unfortunately ‘a thing of the past.’ )

A Frido 1968 wide faced Fringe waif (due to cut hair) wearing a Francis Boiten dress and Rosemarie Shortell sandals and commercially made socks,



Sienna, a Trendon 1972 Gingham girl, customised and wigged by Shelly due to falling hair, wearing a floral vintage-sasha dress and JJ sandals and commercially made socks.



Miss Concave, a Frido 1967 Blue Cord girl, with eyes painted by Doreen Bell, wearing a two tone patterned dress by Nikita Eileen Krupoderov with JJ sandals and commercially made socks.




Miss No Fringe (rooted when the factory fringe machine had broken down) a 1968 Frido Dungaree girl with full centre part, trimmed very silky hair, wearing a vintage-sasha floral dress, JJ sandals and commercially made socks.



Gertie Clarisse, A JMD customised and Pintuck wigged (due to falling hair!) 1972 wide faced Gregor Dark Denims and seen here wearing  Pinestreetstudio dungarees over a long sleeved T shirt (maker unknown) and the late Betty Jean Denson’s shoes.




Brother and sister/twins? two 1970 wide faced Trendon dolls wearing a vintage-sasha coat/dress outfit and JJ boots and a Passion 4 Sasha jeans and shirt over a DD T shirt and commercially manufactured trainers.



Miss Gotzie, a Gotz 1967 slate eyed waif (purchased solely for wig wearing, due to her original badly cut hair.)  wearing a Karen Warnika simple plain brushed cotton yoked dress and JJ’s first ever bar shoes.



Recently shown on Facebook/Sasha Morgenthaler Dolls for Boyz Zone Week. Left. Jac, a petite 1970 Trendon Dark Denims with customised eyes by Shelly. Centre. Niklaus, a 1967 Gotz sharp nose, slate eyed lad. Right, Iain, another 1970 Trendon Dark Denims, all wearing Passion 4 Sasha jeans and shirts over varying T shirts.



Finally, Niklaus in his Diane Duke sweater with hat, Pinestreetstudio combat trousers and Ruthsdolls shoes.


Thanks for dropping by, always lovely for us to see you here. Enjoy the coming Autumnal week.


15 thoughts on “A Few NEW Blogpost Sasha Photos

  1. Lovely Sunday morning delights of all the boys and girls. Clarisse and Niklaus in photos 15 and 27 look particularly comfortable in those outfits with those purple shoes making Niklaus look extra cute!

    • Thanks for popping by and commenting. Thought that I had better set too and do a blogpost before WordPress introduce their new planned changes, in case they prove to be beyond my limited IT skills! I’m not keen on changes as it usually makes my life more difficult in the long run.
      Love and agree with your choice of photos and the reasons why!

  2. Hello Kendal

    It’s quid-pro-quo time 😊 I keep meaning to ask what the ‘hair’ is made of. Is it nylon – or some variant? I’m intrigued as to how the realistic hair colour is achieved. Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’ ran a feature once about the importance of a fringe within a woman’s life. WH tends to be a programme for wealthy/posh southern women and so not sure if this supposed fringe importance is universal. I haven’t a clue how one would communicate with a Sasha and so not sure about their opinions on the subject😊

    Sorry to read about the Rheumatoid Arthritis issue and understand how it must cause frustration. It doesn’t affect the quality or appreciation of the pic.

    I like Niklaus’ jumper (Pic 27) – and, hee-hee……….the secret map pocket in his trousers!

    Kind regards,

    P.S. I have a suspicion that Nicklaus comes from the same town as Fritz. Is this possible?

    PPS. Did you know that Fritz hates V-neck pullovers? Apparently they remind him of all the boys at school who were ‘goodie-goodies’!

    • The Sasha’s hair is originally made from Nylon (although one or two of the dolls have since had their hair either wigged or re-rooted with real human/animal hair.) Unfortunately some of the hair that was dyed brunette in the 1970s reacted to the dye causing it to fall/break off in later life.
      Most of the English and German doll have fringes in various forms which hide the rooting holes and give the dolls a softer face frame.

      Yes, you’re right. Niklaus does come from the same German Gotz company as Fritz and is his elder brother. Both lads are named after Sasha Morgenthaler’s, the originator of these dolls, sons.
      His jumper, which was a birthday gift to them from a collector friend, and knitted and designed by another collector, with the incorporated pattern representing a school house! Get the link here?
      Sadly the Rheumatoid Arthritis has now curled the four fingers right into the palms of my hands thus putting paid to any feeling or use.. but luckily both my thumbs and forefingers are still in working order.
      Thanks for visiting us here. Love to read your interesting comments.

      • Ahhhh Kendal, so sorry to read the terrible effects of the RA. It’s a horrible disease. I keep reading of the supposed advances in treatments for RA and OA (Osteoarthritis). One notes that a significant part of the population still don’t appreciate the RA and OA are completely different diseases. I would love to know why cartilage can transform into bone – but the opposite doesn’t apply!

        Thanks for the hair and jumper update

        Hee-hee, Yes!!

        P.S. Apologies for the spelling error – ‘Nicklaus’. I started thinking about the life of Nikola Tesla……..and somehow introduced a ‘c’ into his christian name within my mind!

      • Unfortunately there was no obvious escape from the RA as it is an inherited gene but I am lucky in that we have the BEST Rheumatoid hospital in the UK and only ten kilometres from where I live so I am well looked after with regular monitoring.

        Not to worry about the spelling of Fritz’s brother as there are now so many different versions around. Even I have to double think.

  3. I have indeed enjoyed a nice cup of tea and plate of toast whilst viewing your lovely photos Kendal, every one so enchanting. I love the outfits you choose for them and am especially fond of the boys in their flannel shirts. xx

    • Pleased to hear that it went down well with your morning cup of tea and plate of toast as it must all be getting very boring nowadays for all my viewers with the distinct lack of new dolls and outfits… although I do try to ring the changes as much as I can.
      The Passion 4 Sasha boys shirts are beautifully detailed and suit them well.
      I’m just waiting for some better daylight to arrive here so that I can take a few photos of my ONE and only recent new outfit, Vicky’s grey Bunny coat.

  4. Lots of really lovely dresses here, but I especially love the first one. It’s absolutely perfect! Why can’t we find more dresses like this? I have to say that I get a little frustrated by the proliferation of “milkmaid” and “square dancing” outfits. Niklaus looks debonair as always. He’s sort of a Robert Redford type who looks good in anything. What a fabulous DD sweater!

    • My girls are creating that they are getting short on choices of dresses here since 45 outfits moved on for sale last week as I’m trying to sort through their hundreds of items of clothing in order just to keep the ones that I know that the few remaining dolls look especially good in.
      Niklaus is such a handsome and photogenic guy that he would look good in practically anything.
      Thanks for popping by!

    • Thanks Theresa for dropping by and especially for letting us know your favourite photos as it’s such a help and guidance with the drastic deleting process that is currently ongoing.
      I was really pleased to have been given the chance to re-buy Miss Concave as, as you know, I had planned not to be keeping even ONE doll at that stage.
      Have a wonderful time at the CnS on Saturday! I’ll be thinking of you all.

  5. A happy post Kendal and so lovely to see your beautiful brood so well dressed. My favorite photos are 15 and 23. I just love seeing Clarisse and your Gotz girl is sensational. Thank you for giving us another Sasha post in spite of your RA challenges. You are a remarkable person. ❤️ xxx

    • Like you I just can’t get enough of seeing my Gertie Clarisse… plus can’t thank you enough for allowing me to ask Janet to customise one especially for me.
      That poor Gotz waif keeps getting added to the ‘moving on pile’ but luckily seems to get rescued back from it just in time as she is the only Sasha here that hasn’t had her wig glued on so enabling her to wear The Brood’s small wig stash.

  6. WOW I completely missed these recent posts Kendal, I have no idea how but didn’t get any notifications that you’d posted them. But here I am, now that I’ve found them, and what a treat for the eyes 🙂 A lovely bunch of photos of your gorgeous girls and boys but I have to say that the little red head in photos 18, 19 and 20 is my all time favourite. She is gorgeous and sooooo suits red. But then you know I’ve always loved her, so no surprises really from me 🙂

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