Main Raffle Prize

I am going to try to add my photographs from the Sasha UK Festival in titled sections but unfortunately in ‘No particular order’ (just forget from which TV programme that saying is from!) as I have taken well over 500+ photos in all but they are all jumbled up (as I downloaded them onto the computer late last night to check how they had come out) and taken on different days. (Just goes to show what a disorganised person I am as I even have some from BEFORE we went that I’ll try to list along the way.

I’m starting with the most FANTASTIC Sasha Doll raffle prize that, in my opinion, I have ever seen offered at a Sasha Festival. (Not that I have ever been to a festival before but from the resulting photos.)

It was titled ‘Gregor goes to boarding school’ and was created and donated completely by Catherine French and her husband (apart from one Dollydoodle Hooded gillet, T-shirt and shorts outfit.)

My three brothers and sister and I all went to boarding schools so I’m very familiar with the ALL clothing and equipment that is required. Our family home seemed to be forever filled with trunks that were either being unpacked or packed and lists as long as your arm of what was to be put into them for each one of us. On several overlapping years there were FIVE trunks all out at once in the playroom. My poor mother so secretly I was rather relieved when my father very kindly offered to pay for my daughter to go to Cheltenham Young Ladies School from the age of 11 to 18 years …but she decided that she didn’t want to go.

Meet William Dickens who is off to board at The Doggart Primary School. His uniform which I’m sure that you’ll agree with me, is just ‘out of this world!’ The school badge and tie are fantastically made and embroidered.


His trunks which iare all handmade has his name and address of the school on the labels.

This Cricket gear was one of my very favourite of his clothing and equipment. My Sporty Gregors are now making a long list of WHAT they need from all of this. The superb cricket pads are on top of their list. The slleveless jumper and short sleeved shirt are incrediabley finelyy knitted in what looks to me to be two ply wool. Even a ‘jock protector’ is included.

Next are the Rugby and swimming sports gear complete with the certificates that he has recently won and achieved.
I particularly love the swimming trunks and pull on rubber hat to keep his hair out of his eyes. Again the Rugby shirt and socks in the school’s colours are unbelievably finely knitted by Catherine. Great shin pads.

Another wonderful addition. The Duffle coat and scarf (I was really taken with the knitted scarf) for the Winter wear and the boater and striped blazer for the Summer. My brothers all had to have the duffle coats whilst I had a navy Gaberdine Mackintosh or a woollen coat and a hooded gaberdine cape to go over them.

Notice the grey wool siut for Sundays! The boys had ones just like that but starting with short trousers at first. We had navy long sleeved woolen dresses that rather irritated the skin as they weren’t lined.

(My school blazer was a striped gaberdine in navy, maroon, yellow and white. Not as bad as it sounds though!)

Next we come to the nightwear. The dressing gown and slippers were just like my brother’s had. Love the torch for nightime and bedtime reading book BUt none of us were allowed hot water bottles in case they leaked onto the mattresses. We just had to get into a cold bed and shiver yourself to sleep!

Will hopefully continue later…



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