Some New and Recently Taken Sasha Photos

Please don’t feint as I actually managed to get  behind my camera again!

Thought that it was about time that I did a blog post before I completely forget how to actually do one as, as my sister is constantly telling me ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it.’

Two of my little Brood Remainers, early Trendon girl (re-rooted by Lisa due to falling hair) and boy baby Nightdresses, came across this Jane Hissey Bunny (that I had accidentally found the other day whilst searching for something else) so wanted to have their photos taken with him (since it is ‘Sasha Pets’ theme on Facebook) before he leaves us for pastures new.




“Bye, Bye Mr. Hissey Bunny and thank you mummy for taking our photos with him.”


A big welcome back to my Sasha Brood Followers. (Have deliberately kept this post short to ease your return, so hoping that it wasn’t too painful for you!)

BTW would be very interested in hearing which of the above photos you liked the best… if you have the time to comment.
Thanks for popping by. Have a ‘Sasha play filled’ October.

(PS. Thanks too, to my daughter for giving them this other delightful little bunny seen here and which she purchased a few years ago from one of the Chat n’ Snap sales tables as a surprise Christmas gift.)


31 thoughts on “Some New and Recently Taken Sasha Photos

  1. Hi Kendal,
    Brilliant to have you back blogging again xxx long may it last. All of these pictures are fabulous a lovely feast for the eyes on a rainy Sunday morning. As always your Sashas are immaculately dressed and have gorgeous props. I would have to say pictures 2,3 and 7 are my favourites. Thank you for this unexpected treat xxx Sue

    • Great to hear from you… and so quickly. I am actually planning to go back to bed now for another hour’s sleep as it’s rather early in the day for me to rise… and shine?
      Thanks too for listing your favourite photos here as I’m always interested in hearing which photos my followers like the best as it will hopefully help me with my continuing drastic photo deleting project.

  2. Dear Kendal
    It is very difficult to find a favourite one, as all are so sweet, but if I had to choose I would say No 7.
    Thans for the lovely photos

    • Lovely to hear from you and for letting me know your fav. photo. I usually take a few so that I can choose one to post but then never seem to have the time, there and then, to delete the unwanted ones so they just remain clogging up the storage space. Now hopefully planning to do a deleting session immediately after each post,…well that’s the intention!

  3. So good to see you have done a blog again Kendal. As you know, I have a new website now and I can´t remember how to re-size the photo´s after my son-in-law explained it all to me …and that was just a few weeks ago! I always love your beautiful pictures, but the one with the baby boy with the big and smaller rabbit is my absolute favourite. Thank you for making my Sunday start with a smile, love Jackie xxx

    • I know all about being shown and told just what and how to do things but like you say if we don’t keep on practising we can easily start to forget. (Actually I never re-size my photos but this causes me to have to pay out for more storage space each year.)
      Thanks for letting me know which was your favourite photo today as hopefully I can delete some not so liked whist saving the most popular.
      Pleased about your new website as it does help to ‘spread the word.’

  4. Such a treat to have an early Sunday morning blog from you, Kendal! I hope that means that you are feeling a bit better? You have been very much missed, so please don’t forget how to use your camera so beautifully, and to such effect.
    As for photo choice, it’s got to be number 7. My first, and only, Sasha for many years was a little ‘blanket’ boy very like yours…..

    • Thanks Liz, although I have felt quite guilty not having blogged for so long but just didn’t feel up to it until now after the doctors and specialists have hopefully found and are now treating the cause of my prolonged illness.
      Photo no 7 seems to be the most popular so far and I love your reason for choosing this. The little blonde Sasha baby boys are really adorable. Unfortunately this one is the only one now left here.

  5. Lovely to see you back behind the camera again Kendal and blogging the results.
    I can only narrow my favourite photo of the above down to three ! 3, 4 and 6 , these all looks so sweet with the bunny from the Jane Hissy books snuggling up to the babies.

    • Thanks Denise. It’s been a long time in coming back again but hopefully I’m now on the mend.
      I love the Jane Hissey animal characters and had purchased them all in readiness for them to accompany the stories for my future grandchildren…but alas it wasn’t to be so this is the last one still here as it couldn’t be found to be sold with the others and her books at that time.
      Love the reason for your favourite choice of photos. He is indeed has that ‘cuddly/snuggly’ look about him.

  6. hi Kendal, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see this blog post. My favourite photo is number one. I love the colours of her outfit and her hair. Welcome back and here’s to many more future blog posts xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Waking up I feel so blessed to have your new blog post in my email Kendal. I hope you are feeling better and better.

    Each photo is so nice but trying to pick just one would bring number 6 to the the top. Your post has made my day. 😊 xxx

    • Ah thank you Ginger! Hopefully with this new medication I’m now on the mend and can get back to playing with and photographing my handful of Brood Remainers to share with those still interested.
      I do so miss all those dolls who have had to leave here but at least I’m not sasha-less and can hopefully give these remaining few more attention.

  8. Ahhhhh Kendal, I’ve been sooooo worried about you……and missed your blog like crazy. It’s a million miles away from my daily life and so a great treat 🙂 I even peaked at the Loreto ‘old girls’ forum to see if I could find out why you had vanished 🙂 I love reading their postings and fascinating to see how their lives panned out.

    Ooooooh Kendal, I went up the Great Orme on one of those roasting days – and it was absolute heaven 🙂 Blue skies, gentle ‘Elusive Butterfly of Love’ (famous US song) type of wind and one could see for miles. Loads of rare bees and butterflies on the Orme. It would have been a fab setting for one of your photoshoots.

    Love all these pics.

    Sunday Times and Observer full of depressing reports today and so Sasha Blog has brightened my Sunday. Even the sermon at mass went on for about 20mins and my head was dropping (hee-hee)…….I looked like a nodding donkey!!!!!!!! God will be after me with a big stick!

    Take care and keep posting.

    Kind regards,


    • How lovely for me to see you and your enjoyable and interesting comments springing up here again. My apologies for my absence but have been ‘PROPER’ poorly for the last nine months.

      I can just picture the scene at the top of the Great Orme. Must have provided a wonderful view and feeling for you. I’m afraid that I and my Sasha dolls didn’t make it up there again this year with being completely housebound… so am even more grateful for your vivid description here.

      That sounds like a very long Mass sermon! I much prefer them ‘short and sweet’ and to the point!
      I now seem to only be in contact with one of my Loreto class friends, most have sadly passed on or got lost in house move addresses. Such a shame.

      Thanks for dropping by and keeping in contact with your much appreciated reports on Llandudno.

  9. So lovely to see these gorgeous babies and bunnies, number 6 if I had to choose but all so lovely.
    Not being on Facebook I have missed your posts so it’s great to hear what is happening ‘pets week’. I still keep looking at your past posts from time to time for my Sasha fix! Hope the medication continues to make you feel well, love Vivx (the Borth Y Gest lady!)

    • Well, it’s obviously North Wales Commenting time here having just heard about my old boarding school ground and now here you are from my Black Rock Sands family holiday environment.

      As you might have just read in my comment above I haven’t been able to re-visit either of these much loved places this year to remind myself of the wonderful times I enjoyed there, although my eldest brother and his large family hired two mobile homes on Jones’ caravan site for a long weekend and so were able to share some photos with me.

      Many thanks for keeping in touch and popping into viewing the blog from time to time to keep it ticking by, so to speak. I have just paid for some more WordPress storage space so hopefully this will encourage me to post more frequently.
      Photo No 6 is proving to be one of the most popular.

  10. Kendal…thank you so much for your blog post; it “lights up” my inbox as it is so pleasurable to look at your photos. YOu are so good at photos; never any need to SQUINT, all dollies posed just right! I have to say, your IMAGINATION comes through so well; the way you pose the dolls with that big bunny (picture #6 almost makes that bunny look ALIVE!!!). And of course I am so glad to hear that your doctors have found a treatment for you and that you are on the mend!! (That means MORE PHOTOS for me and your other fans to look forward to!!!!). Best…..SusanLK (in Boston, USA)

    • Your comment (plus the others above) have definitely spurred me on again to get back to blogging in the future… so many thanks to you all for this encouragement, although my apologies as there was little variety within the post…but it’s start at least
      I’m afraid that my now few poor Brood Remainers have had little attention over the last nine months as I’ve struggled to cope with life… but they have, as usual, given me much pleasure as I pass by. Bless them! I never tire of looking at these totally exquisite and unique, beautiful dolls and think again just how lucky we are to have them in our lives.
      Photo no 6 is certainly now way out on top so many thanks to you and everyone for taking the time to vote here.

  11. Kendal, you’ve definitely still got it! They’re all very cute, but I think #6 is especially adorable – so tender and sweet; it really melts your heart. And this is coming from someone who’s not all that keen on babies, either the real or vinyl variety.

    • That’s good to hear as certainly not had any practice of late. and if my sister’s words of warning are anything to go by I need to be blogging much more often.
      Photo no 6 is certainly way out in front now.
      Love your reasons too for choosing this one… and in spite of everything, I’m sure that in the not too distant future, a cute little baby vinyl will appear on your doorstep. Just look at how your Sasha girls are suddenly multiplying!

  12. Welcome back to blogging – good to see you sharing your lovely Sasha babies again. I think of all the photos my favourite is number 6, followed by number 4. I hope the Jane Hissey bunny likes his new home.

    • Thanks DollMum. It’s lovely to see you all here again.
      Gosh that no 6 photo was SO popular that I reckon that I might just have got away with only posting that!!!
      Will pass on your message to Mr Bunny. I shall be sad to see him ago after being here for so many years.
      PS. Hoping that your youngest daughter has quickly settled into the new school year and is doing really well in her studies.

  13. Awww cute! I have to admit that the babies really don’t appeal to me at all but I do like seeing other peoples photos of them, and seeing how they’re styled. I love the bunnies, that big one looks so incredibly cuddly 🙂

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