‘WHO Let The (Dogs…. ooopsX) …Boys Out???’

…..ME, as I felt so sorry for my three Gregor Brood Remainers still being coped up inside here with me that I let them escape my bungalow confines for an hour.

Below you can see where they went and what they got up too!

The boys decided to visit a nearby farm/barn conversion that has this delightful setting of a few small shops and businesses (a Snugbury’s ice cream parlour, a café, a photographer’s studio,  an interior designer shop) around this quiet and peaceful fountain square with the recently converted barn, situated just behind (that is now hired out for weddings, parties and private events etc.) There is also a small working Blacksmiths and his shop and a children’s safe grassed play area… along with plenty of room for car parking.

1.Jac, a petite, long fringed Trendon 1970 Gregor, customised by Shelly who had been with me ‘forever!’

2. Tony, another wide faced 1970s Trendon Dark Denims lad (who Sarah Williams bought intending to re-root, due to falling hair, but decided that he was just too handsome so instead let me adopt him. Thanks again Sarah!)

3. Niklaus, Fritz’s elder brother, a handsome 1967 Gotz slate eyed, sharp nosed, lad.

4. All are wearing Passion 4 Sasha outfits with varying T shirts.







11. An old rusted fire pit with the antique wooden hay cart in the background.

12. Doors to the Ice Cream Parlour.

13. You can just see part of the children’s play are in the background here!



16. The rotting inside of the hay cart!

17. A tree trunk providing a shelter for insects!


19. Some planting between these stones has now just begun.

20. Tony, taking a short rest on the cart’s wheel spokes between activities.

21. Love how this cart is only made up from these wood and metal/iron components.





These photos are all a bit monotonous I’m afraid but I can never get enough of seeing my handsome lads out and about.. also hope that it shows just how well our Sasha Dolls take to, and fit in, with our enhancing natural surroundings.

Thanks, as usual, for visiting us again. We are, as usual, looking forward to reading your comments etc… (especially hearing which are your favourite todays photos.)

Enjoy the coming week.


24 thoughts on “‘WHO Let The (Dogs…. ooopsX) …Boys Out???’

  1. So good to know you and your lads have been out and about. It is very interesting to see which girls and boys still live with you. In this batch of wonderful photos, the one where Tony is taking a nap is probably my favorite.

    • You’ll be shocked, as I am, at just how few are actually still here! To think that there are now only these three lads out of 26 is almost unbelievable. I liked that photo too. The wheel spoke was just the perfect size.

  2. Never boring, Kendal! In addition to the boys’ natural charm, YOUR delight in playing with them on this “outing” is obvious! I love the plaid shirt-jackets (Passion for Sasha, right?); are they flannel? and I’m curious where your sourced the jeans these fellows are wearing. I have jeans from Boneka, but would like to know other sources. Enjoy your clotted cream ice cream…I’ve never encountered that flavor. SusanLK

    • I do so love taking them ‘out and about’ and then enjoy viewing them in different poses amongst natural surroundings. So much easier in the long run than trying to stand/pose them inside in a straight position against a backcloth.
      Ginny’s plaid lads shirts are cotton, not flannel and they are beautifully made with working buttons and button holes. Their skinny jeans are Ginny’s too as well as the navy long sleeved T shirt. The white T shirt under the darker plaid red/black shirt is Dollydoodles and the other white ‘vest’ came on a doll that I bought so don’t know the maker.
      Judith of Dollydoodles does two different styles of jeans which my kids also wear.
      Clotted cream ice cream is a rich, creamy vanilla flavour.

  3. It’s good to let young boys run off all that extra energy that they always have. And these lads are so handsome they certainly deserve to be seen. I’m glad they had a fun time (and obeyed the sign not to throw stones in the pond).

    • I love to let my lads lose in safe places like this rather than have then continually tied at home to my apron strings…plus it’s a wonderful excuse to sit and enjoy award winning ice creams in about fifteen different flavours.
      It has been so interesting watching this little corner of Cheshire slowly but surely developing over the years into this attractive and free visitors spot.
      (PS. My lads are so well brought up that they wouldn’t have dared throw any stones into the fountain even if I wasn’t there!)

  4. Thank you for taking your very handsome lads out on a field trip for us, I loved seeing them exploring the farm and how well they look in their Ginny shirts.

  5. Wonderful to see your handsome lads out and about. Jac, Tony, and Nicklaus are each one very special. I particularly love Jac. You have taken fantastic photos. My favorites are numbers 5, 7, 9 and 11 though all are very nice to see. Thank you for a wonderful post. 😊 xxx

    • I just love the look and texture of OLD wood. so was rather delighted with these photos of my lads in amongst them. I also like viewing historic items linked with farming and industries. How simply, but so well made, they were using those very early basic tools and materials.

      I’ve always rather wanted to buy one of those wooden wagon wheels to have as a garden display… but so far have never managed it.
      I enjoyed a little time whilst there watching the blacksmith at work making me a couple of items to give as Christmas presents but unfortunately by then I had deposited my Gregors and camera back into the car, so no photos here. Maybe the next time!
      Thanks for informing me of your favourite photos. Just love going back and noticing them again to see why.

  6. fabulous photos Boys . Mum is clever with that camera . she deserves a ice cream . just one question though where is my Ice cream than ? xxxx

    • I couldn’t fail to go wrong here as the photos just seemed to almost take themselves such were the enhancing surroundings.
      We would have bought you an ice cream back but it would have melted by the time that you got it.

    • A rare treat for all of us…even the old car appreciated the little run out instead of being stuck in the dark and cluttered garage.
      Enjoyed strolling back and seeing your favourite photos. Thanks for taking the time to select and then note them down for me. I thought that that Hay Cart was wonderful and it bought back memories of my family’s hay making days, cutting and bailing the grass from several of our fields and then stacking it up in the hay barn for our five/six horses to enjoy over the coming winter. Hard, tiring and thirsty work!

  7. Three very handsome lads left in the Brood Kendal , I bet they enjoyed getting out in the fresh air and having a run about !
    I do love those Elliot shirts that Ginny made, I have a couple around somewhere .
    Sound like a very interesting place you found for them to let off steam and it was great seeing them 🙂 x

    • I loved my Gregors so it’s a shame that there are only three left here out of the 26.

      Ginny’s shirts are super. Love that they even have working button holes.
      I can remember that the one that Jac is wearing was the very first commissioned by Ronny in memory of her son Elliott. I bought the doll that it was on but unfortunately the outfit wasn’t included. It was much later that another of Ronny’s lads appeared for sale wearing that very outfit and which then luckily came up for sale at a later date and I was able to snap it up.

      This venue, that we were visiting, is the same place, if you can remember that had/has that old rusted Austin car at it’s gateway that I did a blogpost on some years ago now.

  8. I’m so pleased you took the boys out with you – firstly that you are enjoying getting out locally and secondly the boys just know how to pose! They look suitably up to mischief and could easily be modelling for a clothing catalogue for Sasha dolls (Passion for Sasha pages!)

    • Thanks. Yes it was indeed a rare treat to be able to leave the house for this short while, although it took it’s tole over the next two days.
      They had to be quite careful with their posing as all three are rather in need of re-stringing but I loved seeing them amongst the rocks and wooden hay cart etc.
      We love these Elliott shirts of Ginny’s.

  9. Sorry, I know I shouldn´t be biased, but I zoom into Jac every time! Goodness I so love that boy and am truly delighted you didn´t part with him! Fabulous photo´s as always and give Jac a kiss from his no.1 admirer! Love Jackie xxx

    • He is such a dear, little lad who has been here since almost the very beginning. I think that it is his long fringe which consonantly hangs over his eyes that appeals to folks.
      He says thanks and sends his love back to you and that he misses his buddy Ross!

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