Sasha Links

Vintage-Sasha Blogspot
Beautiful vintage-style handmade clothing made by Sarah Williams for sale

Dollydoodles Boutique
Contemporary clothing & leisurewear for Sasha Dolls, Babies & Gregors by Judith Easthope

Ruths Dolls
Original and handmade repro outfits, and separates, for the Sasha Doll family made by celebrated Sasha dressmaker, Ruth.

Sasha Doll UK
Shelly’s website dedicated to English Sasha dolls made at Stockport, Cheshire from 1965 to 1986 plus fabulous Sasha dolls for sale, clothes (original and others), accessories and toys

Sasha Doll Style
Nicolette Kernohan for beautifully made Sasha clothes in super colour schemes and Sasha photo stories too.

Sasha Street Blogspot
Children’s author & Teddy Bear designer, Ted Menten’s Sasha blog

Cathy’s Little World
Cathy Buckley-Mellor’s Sashas, crafting and other favourite things

Sasha (USA)
Susanna Lewis’s site for everything Sasha: including patterns

Sasha, Gregor & Co (USA)
Lots of Sasha information and clothing for sale (USA)
Lots of information about the different Sasha dolls through their history, dolls for sale and exhibition DVDs.


The Original Blogspot for Kendal’s Sasha Brood 


9 thoughts on “Sasha Links

    • Unfortunately I now only have Bea, my one and only toddler (as am not so keen on their body shape when it comes to their legs and arms) who was customised by Raven into a little Asian child and if I ever part with her she is being returned to her previous owner.
      So sorry about that.

  1. Yes I know. I have been in constant contact with that websites owner and always miss the toddlers. I am watching two on eBay right now. That’s the only doll left to complete my collection.

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