Kendal Hackney has been a fan of Sasha Morgenthaler’s beautiful dolls since she first bought one for her daughter’s second birthday in 1966 as no two dolls are alike.

Kendal’s lives in Cheshire where her bungalow is also home to an extensive collection of not only Sasha Dolls, babies, toddlers but also a VERY active bunch of Gregors, modelling their favourite Doddlydoodles jersey leisurewear!

Sasha dolls were created by Sasha Morgenthaler, Swiss artist (1893- 1975). She started producing dolls in her Zurich studio then they were produced by Gotz (Germany), by Frido/Trendon (in England) and again by Gotz from 1995 till 2001.

Right: Sasha in 1969 holding a Sasha Brunette sidepart Pink Party

Below: One of Kendal’s own Sasha Dolls looking through the fence at the Trendon Factory at Stockport, near Manchester, which has now been converted into apartments.

Please note: Pictures may be downloaded from this blog for your own personal enjoyment, but may not be used for any commercial purpose (including eBay) without my permission.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Kendal,
    I have been enjoying your blog for several years and just thought I would let you know how much I enjoy them. I especially am enjoying the pictures from the festival as I can put faces to the names of many people I have seen named on various emails and blogs. Thanks again,
    Diane Scarbrough
    St. Simons Island, Georgia

  2. Hello Kendal,
    what wonderful outfits for Gregors. Do you sell the Doddlydoodles jersey leisurewear? Where could I find the website of them? Thanks a lot.
    Many regards from Switzerland,

  3. Hi Kendal
    Love the picture of Sasha looking at the
    Once Trendon Mill home of her birth!
    I drive through stockport most weekends
    Must take a detour and have a look .
    I do seem to remember as a child being taken to
    Kendal Milne in Manchester back in the 60’s to the toy department and seeing Sasha dolls, unfortunately never had one then but have made up for it since !

  4. Hello Kendal – I’m new to collecting Sasha dolls and love looking over your archives. – learning such a lot about the different styles etc.and can’t believe the amazing wardrobe your lucky children share! Hope you don’t mind me asking, but I have been trying to get black or white canvas sneakers for my couple of lads but am having difficulty tracking down a supplier in the UK, and wondered if you can recommend any.

  5. Hi Kendal have emailed you many times over the last two months but I’m guessing you are not getting them?? They may have gone in your junk box? Anyway, if you do decide to part with any of your babies I am here and waiting with a good home for them xxx Susan ps I do get the emails you send me so it has to be your computer??

    • I’m thinking that it went back to the Sasha Morgenthaler family after the man in America who was granted the rites (after they were removed from the Gotz Company in Germany in 2002) but he unfortunately passed away before any new production could be started up again.

  6. I just discovered your lovely website and would love some tips on straightening Sasha’s hair. I have 3 Sashas from the early 80’s and they could use an update. Many thanks for the great pictures and inspiration.

  7. Hi there, You have some great photos here.We have a strange request!
    Would you be prepared to sell us your John Lewis Father Christmas? We have one for our daughter who is only 11 months old and he has become her best friend. She loves him so much and takes him everywhere she goes. He always cheers her up if she feels sad and now we are worried about anything happening or even loosing him! So far we haven’t been able to find a spare one anywhere until I saw your blog. I understand this may seem a strange request but all our friends have advised us that finding a spare Father Christmas would be a sensible move! 🙂

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