‘Lest We Forget.’

A couple of years ago now my sister wanted to take me down to London to see the Poppy Display at The Tower Of London but when we checked what was involved in  getting to see the display once we were actually in London, I soon realised that it wouldn’t be possible for me to undertake that venture with my Arthritic health… so it was with much regret that I had to decline….

…..BUT luckily all was NOT lost as last year we saw that part of the poppy display was coming to Liverpool on November 14-18th and was to be displayed on the Town Hall Buildings which were just across the road from Liverpool Railway Station (… if you went through the Wetherspoon Restarant which was situated on the end of the station.) It sounded perfect and well within my health capabilities.
We drove to Crewe Railway station and after parking the car continued to Liverpool by Virgin Rail.

We had left home in the pouring rain but by the time we had arrived this had stopped although… as you can see it remained dull and misty… but luckily this didn’t affect our spirits and excitement.

I had originally planned on taking my 1970 Frido Gingham brunette girl but decided against that due to the rain. The next on the list was my Gotz toddler, Bea but it was rather windy and she might have fallen over so in the end this brunette baby went as she was much lighter in weight and would fit easily into my shoulder bag for protection.

As you can see the site was barracaded with rows of sandbags to keep the visiting public a distance away from the actual poppies. (I did ask one of the guards there if he would mind taking the Sasha Doll and placing her right in amongst the flowers but he said that even he hadn’t permission to go beyond the barriers and that it was all CCTV connected.)

Although the torrential rain had stopped as you can see by the shiny pavements it was still damp and wet with an icy cold wind that blew in from the sea and literally went straight through you ‘chilling you to the bone.’ Although I had several layers of clothing on I soon became frozen and was glad of the few hours spent after a leisurely hot lunch by the Wetherspoon’s open fire to thaw out before our second floodlight visit.

We had planned on going straight onto see the poppies whilst it was daylight and then at lunch time to have a meal at Wetherspoons and stay in there until it got dark and the display would then hopefully be lit up by the floodlights. A few hours later this is the sight that we were greeted with.

I must apologise for the blurring to some of the photos but my hands were so cold from the biting wind plus not being able to wear any gloves that I tended not to keep altering my camera settings.
war-memorial-poppies-at-liverpool-023 27.

One of the wonderful photographs that my sister took with her camera for herself.42.

(My daughter has one of these OOAK Poppies that you saw featured here last year.)

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing these photos. Sorry that there were SO many of them but I just hadn’t the time to sort through and eliminate those that weren’t so good or that I had repeated, else I would never have got the blogpost finished. (Yes I know that I have had a year in which to get it ready but as many of you know I’m one of those people who have a tendency to put off what should have been done today until tomorrow….and tomorrow never seems to come before the post’s deadline.)

‘Long Time No See!’

‘Hello again’ from all of us ‘serie’ dolls seen here at the second SCW in May 2015 in this wonderful panoramic photo curtesy of Lorraine Tyler.
May 14th DSC00075

Just some photos today zooming in onto a few of ‘The Brood’ as a way as letting you know that we haven’t completely fallen off the planet… although we are rather stiff and somewhat dusty from lack of use (or as some might say, bordering on Sasha neglect)… but still very much loved. We have remained in the outfits that we went to the Sasha Celebration Weekend in May in as our mummy had promised that she would later on introduce us individually to those who couldn’t attend that fantastic event in Nottingham hosted by Janet Myhill-Dabbs before the inevitable downsizing and ‘parting of the ways’ begins.

First up is the now well known Belle. A 1970 petite Gregor Dark Denims who had falling hair and so was customised (and also named) by Shelly Baxter. She is wearing a very smart 50s style dress made from a man’s shirt by vintage-sasha that I think enhances her eye colour beautifully. JJ shoes and commercially made socks complete the outfit. She chose to take a little knitted white and grey cat with her for company.

Next in line is a very pretty early 1970s blonde Trendon Gingham girl with the most amazing silky two-toned blonde hair that falls naturally in wavy curls around her face. (Unfortunately there was quite a breeze when I was taking these photos so it has drifted onto her face in most of her photos.) She is wearing a very dainty vintage-sasha pale blue cotton dress strewn with tiny colourful flowers and her matching coloured sandals, over commercially made socks, were made and very kindly gifted to me by Rosemarie Shortell. She bought along a blue knitted bunny that Caroline Campbell purchased for me from the US though many years ago now. (This btw is Rosemarie’s favourite of all my dolls so it was only right and fitting that she should of been wearing these sandals.)

This is Annaliese (adore that name!) a mid Trendon doll that was one of Jackie Rydstrom’s very first re-roots and looks as lovely with her hair in braids as it does when left falling long and loose… but I thought that the braids were in order here to go with her very sweet and pretty Ra-ra outfit by Sharon Humphrey’s (Sharon in Spain!) This was one of my very first of these outfits and I just love the long sleeved top and ‘peeping out’ net underskirt and those little hearts on her socks. (Even her pink knickers are frilled.) JJ sandals, a girly pink rucksack and the pink rain-coated soft bunny complete her look.

Next we have an attractive Trendon 1969/70 off centre part London Girl wearing a beautiful OOAK Petrana outfit that has a little story attached to it. I bid on this outfit when it was advertised on eBay many moons ago and upsettingly and maddeningly missed winning it by £1. About a year later Judith Easthope (Dollydoodles) emailed me to say that it had appeared for sale on Sashadolluk’s second hand sales pages and as you can see I finally managed to snap it up. A super second chance purchase and needless to say one of my very favourite of Petrana’s dresses! I added commercially made shoes and socks in pastel pink and she brought along a little kitten made from an attractive sparkly material, a Christmas gift from Theresa O’Neill.

This is a Trendon 1972 brunette Gingham doll (with trimmed hair) that I sent to Shelly with this Global Cossette wig to customise her for me as a compensation after having just missed buying Belle (the first doll featured.) I think that her eye painting is really gorgeous and is perfect with this vintage-sasha tweed coat and hat (apologies for the hat’s position but didn’t want to mess up her wig any more than it is by pulling it on any further) over one of her pretty two tone dresses given to me as a birthday gift by my super friend Steve Kingaby. Commercially made socks and shoes and a little brown Teddy Bear (and given to me many years ago now for Christmas By Nikki Kerohan)

An early Crude eyed Gotz girl who again is a second chance purchase having just missed buying her off Sashadolluk as a sort of replacement for the minty Saucer eyed girl that I had, had to sell on earlier. I chose to dress her in a very pretty vintage-sasha dress and beret outfit made from vintage floral material along with commercially made shies and three-quarter socks. She brought along her knitted Sausage dog in his protective Winter jumper.

A bald Trendon girl that I snapped up from Sashadolluk because of her beautiful face. she wore several of the wigs here before asking Sharon Humphrey if she could get me a wig like one of hers that I had admired.  Not only did she manage that but then very kindly went on to trim and alter it (as only Sharon knows how!) so that I now have this great look shown here.  I adore this vintage-sasha patterned coat trimmed with the velvet collar and beret. (Again apologies for the ‘plonked on’ beret but again want to protect the hair.) Kiltie tights and black bar shoes finish off the look. Her little ‘From me to you’ grey bear was an Xmas gift from Shelly many moons ago.
dscn0741 26.

A 1965/6 Gotz yellow eyed with lashes and wearing this most attractive vintage-sasha three piece outfit (so very kindly and generously given to me on my last birthday by Susan Bulger Pomeroy) which so suits her colouring, as does her colour co-ordinated little furry brown bunny-rabbit and JJ sandals

Another early 70s Trendon girl with attractive bobbed brunette hair which I purchased from the Cn’S last year but one in a striking Sharon in Spain Ra-ra long sleeved dress, headband and striped socks worn here under a Dollydoodle red hoodie. The commercially red bar shoes were definitely a must here. (Apologies to Sharon for the indent in her top near the waist from my thumb print as I posed her!)

As most of you know by now Gotz No-nose girls are not on my radar but succumbed at the last minute (beginning of this year) and purchased this little one with her beautifully styled full hair to add to The Brood’s variety representation of Frido/Trendon/Gotz manufactured Sasha serie dolls between the years of 1965 to 1975. I choose this delightfully smocked and piped by Jill Mackley for her to wear to enhance her colouring along with JJ beige sandals and commercially made socks. Her adorable little puppy was given to me as a gift by Nikki Kerohan albeit quite a long time ago now.

Two little wide-faced Trendon 1970 brunettes complete today’s line up. Below is an attractive  1970’s Gingham girl whose beginning to green eyes were slightly enhanced for me by Shelly. She is wearing  these adorable grapefruit/pink gingham check dungarees which  as so often happens I missed securing when for sale so asked Sharon if there was any chance of having another pair made and luckily for me there was just enough material left to make these. She has on some of Sharon’s red/pink striped sock under JJ sandals and carries a little Pooh Bear, a sweet Christmas/birthday? gift from Sarah Price.

The second girl seen below is my very pretty brunette Gingham lass in a stunning vintage-sasha coat and dress outfit teamed with JJ long red leather boots! She carries a little cosily ‘cardigan-ed’ Teddy Bear and a cute cable knit red shoulder bag from Jane Woodward’s SCW workshop table since I was unable with my hands to cope with adding any decorations to a bag.

Have just gone back over and deleted one photo from each doll so as not to bore or waste so much of your precious Sunday’s time!

BTW This post today is devoid of any Gregor lads on account of their refusal to pose in front of this ‘girlish’ indoor room backcloth…. so they are all out on strike until their ‘old brick wall’ background appears back on the scene.

Thanks for popping by to view these first 12 SCW display dolls on ‘closer’ display. Only 66 to go so hopefully see you again when I next get the health and energy to post!

The Rest of the Visiting SCW Dolls

1.Loving these two dolls. I know that the slate eyed girl is wearing one of Janet’s creations but have no idea of who their owner is. Please can anyone help here?.
Sasha Celebration 2 408

2. Here we have a wonderful trio of babies spanning a wide number of years (1940-1985) in the Sasha manufacture. They all belong to Chris Meatyard.
Sasha Celebration 2 309

3. Firstly we have the late 1940s gypsum Juventute baby (that was recently featured on Sashadolluk) and which was used by the midwives of that era to practice teaching baby care skills. This doll has the perfect infant body and demonstates Sasha’s keen interest in midwifery, babies and children. This doll is life sized and like a newborn’s, his head is wobbly and has to be supported at all times. Notice too the curled fists (and feet) that newborns have. How wonderful it was to see and handle this great piece of history from Sasha Morgenthaler herself.
Sasha Celebration 2 305

4. She has been re-dressed by Chris in similar styled clothing that would have been worn at that time. She is weighted to be the same weight as a new born baby.
Sasha Celebration 2 304

5. Here is Chris herself enjoying a qui pre-drink before going into the evening meal with this smaller version of the above, another mid 1940s doll, D studio bebe dressed in a Marilyn Hotchkisss dress and wrapped in a crochet shawl. Fab photo of mother and child!
Sasha Celebration 2 236

6. These two above are definitely family related judging from the hair and facial paintings. This is a cloth bodied bebe doll, with a reinforced gypsum head with moulded then painted on hair, and tricot rag doll body and bent legs.
Sasha Celebration 2 238

7. Now we come to see some groups of dolls that were standing around on the display tables. Some of this first group wanted to show you their wooden Ostrich marionettes made earlier that day by their very talented mummies. Ginger’s Finn is on the front right.
Sasha Celebration 2 225

8.I love this photo of Fiona and her Gotz slate eyed girl. (Her husband is a photographer and took some great photos of the event for us to use/share as we wished.)
Sasha Celebration 2 197

9. I am thinking that these two girls on the outsides  could belong to Chris M as they are wearing outfits made from Cath Kidson material and which I know Chris is very fond of. Can anyone confirm this for me please?
Sasha Celebration 2 198

10. This next low window-sill was set aside for Diane’s Dukelets, their pets and toys.
Sasha Celebration 2 196

11. Obviously one of her many toddlers had decided that it was time for a little nap.
Sasha Celebration 2 195

12. My favourite of Diane’s toddlers is the little blonde tot with the bunches on whose leg the toddler, taking her forty-winks, is resting her head.
Sasha Celebration 2 193

13. I think that approximately 21? toddlers now reside with Diane and her other Sasha kids. Oh, looks like another little one has decided to take a quick nap too.
Sasha Celebration 2 192

14.Back right belongs to Fiona but who owns these other beauties?
Sasha Celebration 2 191

15.Some more lovely dolls looking to have their mummies named. Tired and having a little sit down then?
Sasha Celebration 2 190

16. I’m thinking that this might be Denise’s NP girl in the Diane Duke poppy sweater
Sasha Celebration 2 189

17. Four of Janet’s dolls at the back and sitting at the front.
Sasha Celebration 2 188

18. Can you help find these doll owners? Thanks to Linda Simpson’s info the doll on the right wearing one of her knitted cardigans and beret belongs to Elizabeth Sockett.
Sasha Celebration 2 187

19. Finally judging from the clue from Jocelyn (mine are all red heads!) these three red haeds in the middle must be her girls.
Sasha Celebration 2 186

20. The brunette girl in blue looks very like a Janet customised girl.
Sasha Celebration 2 185

21. Nice to see a Clothkit outfit here.
Sasha Celebration 2 182

22.I’ve never really been a fan of knitted dresses for the Sasha girls but this pale blue one and hat is adorable.
Sasha Celebration 2 181

23. This, so far unclaimed girl, in the beret keeps cropping up. Do hope that we can locate her mummy. Linda Simpson has just let me know that this delightful girl in the centre belongs to Liz Sockett.
Sasha Celebration 2 180

Sasha Celebration 2 179

25. Loving these Diane Duke knitteds on this Dungaree/Ballet girl.
Sasha Celebration 2 178

Sasha Celebration 2 169


28. Mummies names please for these few lovely dolls? Louises?
Sasha Celebration 2 094

29.Theresa’s girl on the front left and a few of Louise’s/Gillian’s? around her.
Sasha Celebration 2 093


Sasha Celebration 2 092

32. Gillian Nash’s girls?
Sasha Celebration 2 092

33. ???
Sasha Celebration 2 091

34. Looking for some more of these mummy’s names.

Sasha Celebration 2 080


Sasha Celebration 2 079



40. Dear little group! All so beautifully dressed and so well behaved.

Saw this the other day on Facebook and just had to share it as I just LOVED it! ‘Right up my street’ as they say!


I do hope that you have enjoyed seeing my final post of some of the visiting dolls at the 2016 SCW though unfortunately not as many photos as usual as I was busy for a great deal of the time answering questions on The Brood’s Display.
I shan’t be able to do a post next week on the SCW gifts and sales table buys as my laptop is going with my computer geek to be changed over from Vista to Windows 7, so will be away from here for 4-5 days. Not sure just how I am going to do without it but that spare time might encourage me to take some photos needed for the next SCW post.
Until I see you again, thanks for dropping by, keep well and enjoy your Sasha Dolls.

Some of the SCW Visiting Dolls.

Below are some of my photos of a few of the SCW visiting dolls. I hope that you enjoy seeing them here as we did there.

1.L-R. This was a big get-togther day for Janet’s Edith, My Clarise (Gertie 2) and Ginger Mullions’ Gertie, Edith’s twin. It was a chance foir Clarise to meet her two twin cousins for the very first time.
Edith and Gertie were originally a Sashadollltd Pintucks and a Price Gregor that Janet customised as part of her Relpica Studio Doll project, whilst my somewhat slightly younger looking version was a 1970 wide faced Gregor Dark Denims with falling hair.
Sasha Celebration 2 394

2. Gertie was wearing a new outfit that Janet had made for her and Clarise was in the outfit that she had originally arrived in…though I had added the tights and shoes. I can see that Edith too had a new dress on especially for this big renunion.
Sasha Celebration 2 395

3. This was the first time that twins, Edith and Gertie had seen each other since the SCW in May last year. There was so much joy and excitement as they caught up on what each one had been doing over the last 12 months.
Sasha Celebration 2 396

4. Ginger’s 1968 Frido NP lad Finn was thrilled to be travelling back to England, his grass roots so to speak!
He was very smartly dressed for the occasion in a vintage-sasha suit and JJ boots. (He had taken off his grey tweed jacket here as it was rather warm in the hall.) He is holding one of Jane Woodward’s little bags, decorated by Ginger herself, from Jane’s craft table as he was giving it to his sister, Gertie, as a memento of their visit to the UK.
Sasha Celebration 2 400

5. Three very handsome Course Dolls here. L-R are Tricia’s lad, then Ginger’s girl and thirdly Janet’s boy. I know that Janet made her lad’s and Ginger’s girl’s outfits and  I’m thinking that Tricia made her boys.
Sasha Celebration 2 402

Ginger bought this beautiful 1967 Frido Gingham Np from another collector who was there as a lovely reminder of her visit. How envious are we?
Sasha Celebration 2 409

7. Just adore that coloured dress on her! I used to have an almost identical doll to her, my very first brunette NP.
Sasha Celebration 2 410

8. This lovely girl belongs to, and was customised by, Janet from what looks like a Course Doll face mould (but I’m hoping that Janet might have the time to tell us more about her before she heads off to the US Sasha Festival on Monday.) I’m not sure but she might have also made the body.
I just adore her dress and it looks as though it is made from an antique embroidered organza, a material that was very popular in my childhood. (I still have one of my early sundresses made from this very delightfully fine and flimsy material.)
Sasha Celebration 2 389

9. Now I do know a little bit more about this replica Studio Baby as Janet used an odd Trendon baby’s head, customising it and then made the body to attach it too.
She is wearing a beatifully and finely knitted pram outfit and shawl rather like the babies wore in the ‘olden days when I was young!’
Sasha Celebration 2 386

10. This trendy ‘Miss Nobody look-a-like’ could also be Janet’s girl now wearing a very pretty outfit by Petrana bought from her sale’s table (since I had bought the attractive outfit that she was originally modelling.)
Sasha Celebration 2 383

11. I just adore these Frido 1969 sidepart brunette girls and especially with this length of hair. She looks really thrilled with her new shoulder bag, obviously decorated by her mummy, whilst on Jane Woodward’s workshop table.
PS. This is Anne Chandlers girl.
Sasha Celebration 2 379

12.A very pretty later 1990s Gotz baby looking very sweet in her pink strawberry flowered dress.
Sasha Celebration 2 375

14. One of the Sashadollsltd Sweater girls showing off one of her mother’s raffle won outfits. Perfect colouring for her.
Notice too that she also has her new handbag from Jane Woodward’s workshop table.
Sasha Celebration 2 377

13 A blonde 1969 Gingham sidepart looking very shy and rather wistful in the SashaDollLtd original outfit of the red pinafore. (Always rather loved this later original outfit which was very trendy at that time.)
Sasha Celebration 2 373

14. What an adorable little dress made from antique material this charming later Gotz baby Stine is wearing. Normally I tend to dress my Sasha babies in short angel tops or ‘bum freezers’ as we used to call them but I would willingly put this dress on one of my little ones it is so equisite.
Sasha Celebration 2 371

15. Over time you often get to know whose dolls belong to who by the way they are dressed so I’ll take a guess and say that I think that this little Gotz lass, who obviously loves Penguins, belongs to either Jocelyn, Lorraine or Theresa! Am I right or not? PS this is Shelly Cuff’s girl in a Lorraine made dress.
Sasha Celebration 2 369

16. Another dramatically dressed Gotz limited edition Yamka who surely must also belong again to either Jocelyn, Theresa or Lorraine?
Sasha Celebration 2 368

17. Not sure again who this really lovely Ballet/Dungaree NP girl belongs to but I love the way the mustard pinafore has been added to the Ruthsdolls studio style dress enhancing the eye and hair colouring of this girl.
I had one of these beautiful dresses once upon a time and now wish that I had thought of doing this as it just finishes it off. Love those boots!
Sasha Celebration 2 366

Sasha Celebration 2 364

19. I think that this was the lovely Red Pinafore doll that Ginger so generously bought over and donated as a raffle prize but can’t now remember who won her. Can anyone else tell me the winner’s name?
PS.Shelly Cuff won this doll.
Sasha Celebration 2 359

21 One of the Sashadollsltd Marina/Pink Dress dolls? wearing an attractive dress under her knitted cardigan.
Sasha Celebration 2 362

22. An attractive mid 70s Trendon Gingham girl in the famous Blue Gingham outfit. (Wondering if she had a new outfit whilst there from the raffle or sales tables?)
Sasha Celebration 2 357

23. Isn’t this the perfect coloured dress for this sweet looking pale skinned Gotz Carmen? Such detail too.
Sasha Celebration 2 352

24. Baby Daisy who was so very kindly donated to take part in the raffle by Petrana and was excitedly won by DollMum’s daughter.
Sasha Celebration 2 349

25. Dollmum’s unisex baby Ginger, now a little Amy, and looking very cosy and warm in her knitted all-in-one.
Sasha Celebration 2 344

26. Dollmum’s recently purchased Little Flower now renamed Nina. Doesn’t she look cute in this pose?
Sasha Celebration 2 342

27.Doesn’t this Dollmum’s brunette baby suit these lovely cheery bright colours?
Sasha Celebration 2 340

28. A cosily dressed little Trendon baby belonging again to the Dollmum family, and perfect outfit to take the odd nap in as he gets tired during the day’s activities.
Sasha Celebration 2 337

29 Edmund, DMD’s very special and long awaited little toddler, looking very handsome dressed in his super Superman outfit ready to take on any problems during the SCW.
Sasha Celebration 2 332

30.Definitely a Gregor ‘trend-setter’ here with his lion shoulder bag accessory. Might he belong to Jocelyn?
Sasha Celebration 2 329

Sasha Celebration 2 330

Another lovely girl, Party Dress? wearing another knitted raffle dress win. Smart bag too from Jane’s workshop.
Sasha Celebration 2 326

I just love this Gotz slate eyed girl’s shoes which were I think in the raffle and look to have been made by Betsy May. This girl belongs to Laura Horner and is wearing a dress by Lorraine.
Sasha Celebration 2 322

Jocelyn’s little fisherman who was able to indulge in a little fishing in the hotel’s lake whilst staying there. Looks to have been a good catch! Adore his outfit!
Sasha Celebration 2 321

The now famous traveller of the world, Henry, recently back from his New Zeland/Australian visit.
Sasha Celebration 2 317

One of Lorraine’s attractive girls, customised by Shelly, and wearing a recently made colourful outfit by her mummy. Love those BOOTS. Definitely made for walking or catching the boy’s eyes!
Sasha Celebration 2 313

So sorry but unfortunately I have had to cut back on the photos as there were just too many to list so have basically tried to add just one picture of each doll here instead of my usual two or three.
Please let me know if you can help name the owners of any of these dolls in your comments.
Apologies for any spelling mistakes as no time to proof read.
To be continued asap…..

SCW Robin Hood Display

This was a perfect display theme for our 2016 weekend close by to Nottingham’s Sherwood Forest, the home of the famous outlaw, Robin Hood. Many thanks indeed to Theresa O’Neill who did a wonderful job of crafting and then setting up this theme.

Most of us know these catching lyrics below and then set to music and used for the film and TV series. (Tried to get a link to get it to play here but my IT skills were nowhere near up to it!)
‘Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen.
Robin Hood,  Robin Hood, with his band of men.
Feared by the bad, loved by the good.
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, …’

1.One of Theresa’s Gregors dressed as Fryer Tuck sitting on the log in the centr.

2. Great to see the two Medieval knights (by Iris Hutchins (left) and Jane Woodward’s, St George on the right) from the 2015 CnS on display again.

3. Everyone just loved this delighfully dressed Maid Marion by Jane Sweetman. (I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jane again for her very welcome and much appreciated email that she sent me privately after the SCW.)

4. Theresa’s Robin Hood taking cover in the leafy acorn filled branches branches of the Oak Tree.

5. Still searching for the owner of this ‘well-weaponed’ lad on the left! Love the chain mail representation!    Problem now solved! It’s Laura Horner’s splendid King Richard!
Sasha Celebration 2 173

6. The Sheriff of Nottingham sitting on the log dressed in puple and black with his silver/pink shield by Iris Hutchins.
Sasha Celebration 2 174

7. I think that this very handsome lad belongs to Elizabeth Sockett and Theresa kindly made his outfit.
Sasha Celebration 2 172

8. Theresa’s Maid Marion (with customised hair by Alison and eyes by Shelly) on the left with Iris Hutchin’s Maid Marion in the red and pink.
Sasha Celebration 2 171

Sasha Celebration 2 089

10. I’m thinking that the Robin Hood in the centre might be DMD’s? and would like to know who the Maid Marion on the right belongs to.
Sasha Celebration 2 088

11. Janet made these super course doll outfits for her lad on the left and and Ginger’s Maid Mary in the middle. Tricia’s Robin Hood lad in the outfit made by her is on the right.
Sasha Celebration 2 087

Sasha Celebration 2 086

13. Can anyone tell me who the very lovely and detailed ‘Autumnal leafy’ dressed Sasha on the left belongs to?
Sasha Celebration 2 085

14. Theresa’s Robin is well disguised here!
Sasha Celebration 2 084

Sasha Celebration 2 083

16, Dollmum’s and DMD’s Robin Hood standing in the centre between the Sheriff of Nottingham and the Medieval knight.
Sasha Celebration 2 082

Sasha Celebration 2 081



20. Close up of Janet’s Course lad and Ginger’s Maid Marion with outfits made by Janet.
Sasha Celebration 2 175

21. Tricia’s Course Robin Hood and Jane Sweetman’s fab Maid Marion Costume.
Sasha Celebration 2 176

Sasha Celebration 2 177

The Robin Hood in the green hoodie belongs to Alison Burke’s.
Sasha Celebration 2 231

Sasha Celebration 2 226

25. whose is this little Robin Hood in red?
Sasha Celebration 2 223

This I think was the winner and his outfit wasmade by Maryilyn Hotchkiss.
matilyn's robin

Sunday morning’s photo with DMD fully entering into the Sherwood Forest spirit/theme. How great is that!?!?
Sasha Celebration 2 287

28. PLUS my little customised by Shelly Jac has finally arrived onto the scene. (He is the Robin Hood standing on the right of King Richard dressed in green and beige.)
Sasha Celebration 2 288

Sasha Celebration 2 290

30.Longing to know who these stunning dolls belong to. Jo Ralfe has just informed me that these stunning two belong to her and they are ‘guardians of the forest.’
Sasha Celebration 2 295

31. Just adore this little tot.
Sasha Celebration 2 297

32. Fiona Hinchliff’s rather ‘trendy’ modern Maid Marion.
Sasha Celebration 2 311

Sasha Celebration 2 312

34. Looking for the name of his owner.
Sasha Celebration 2 301

35. This is Janet Marsh’s Robin Hood and her very first effort at sewing for Sasha. Congratulations and well done for winning second prize.
Sasha Celebration 2 291

Sasha Celebration 2 292

37.My Jac wearing this magnificently made costume by our very talented Sasha seamstress, Sarah Williams of vintage-sasha made from leather, jersey and the softest beige suede. His detailed accessories, particularly the arrows, just add to the overall effect. A million thanks again Sarah. I don’t know, in times like these, what I would do without you!
Sasha Celebration 2 413

38. Aren’t his arrows so realistic?
Sasha Celebration 2 414

39.Jac, my 1970 customised Trendon Gregor Dark Denims by Shelly was so disappointed NOT to get to the Sherwood Forest sceen until the Sunday morning taking part in The Sasha Brood display that I promised to take him out before we left into the hotel’s grounds to have his own photoshoot in amongst their beautiful old trees.
Sasha Celebration 2 431

Sasha Celebration 2 424

Sasha Celebration 2 443

Sasha Celebration 2 441

I do hope that you enjoyed seeing these fabulously dressed dolls in this stunning Sherwood Forest setting. Congratulations to all who took the time and effort to join in and give us so much extra pleasure during this wonderful weekend. If anyone would like to add or change any of the above descriptions please would you let me know in a comment and I’ll add it straight away.
Still to come are photos of some of the visitingSCW  dolls and my gifts and sale table buys so hopefully see you here again very soon. Thanks for dropping by.

To REMAIN or LEAVE the Sasha Brood…

While most of the UK spends the day voting whether to stay in or out of the EU…voting has begun here as to who stays as part of a reduced Sasha Brood or who opts to move on to see the wider world…although this outcome won’t be known tomorrow, like the EU vote, but hopefully a little later on in the year.



(Sorry couldn’t get this photo to remain vertically and I really love it so couldn’t leave it out.)

3. Leave?
251010 021

251010 023

5. Remain?
d6311 065

d6311 070

7. Remain?

d12811_007 (2)

9. Leave?
d6416 044

d6416 045

11. Remain?


13. Leave?
d41115 004

d41115 006

15. Leave?
d151112 046

d151112 051

17. Remain?


18. Remain

kendal's studio girl - 2

kendal's studio girl - 1

19. Leave?
D1216 082

D1216 090

21. Remain?
d22411 066

d22411 068

23. Remain?
d180112 030

24. Leave?
d25915 022

d25915 030

26. ???


28. ???


30. Remain?
D91214 162

D91214 167

32. Remain?
D1511 016


34. Remain?


These are just a few of the ‘tip of the iceberg’ doll decisions that I am now faced with over the next few months as I try to downsize my 78 Sasha Doll numbers to ???

Hope that you have enjoyed this ‘bit of fun’ post which hopefully has relieved the stress for a few minutes of TODAY’S  UK’s MASSIVE decision.

‘To be, or not to be, part of the EU’ that is the question?

‘To be, or not to be, part of Kendal’s Sasha Brood’ is quite another question!

Saturday’s SCW Sales Tables and Evening Meal

There was a truly wonderful selection for Sasha, Gregor, toddlers and babies on Judith’s Dollydoodles sales table.
Sasha Celebration 2 208

Sasha Celebration 2 211

Sasha Celebration 2 210

Sasha Celebration 2 209

Janet’s half table sales included some dolls for adoption as well as her outfits and books.
Sasha Celebration 2 222

Sasha Celebration 2 221

Sasha Celebration 2 220

Sasha Celebration 2 219

Sasha Celebration 2 218

Sasha Celebration 2 216

Jane Woodward was sharing the other half of Janet’s table with her delightful array of her very fine knits.
Sasha Celebration 2 217

Sasha Celebration 2 215

Maryilyn Hotckiss’ sales
Sasha Celebration 2 214

Sasha Celebration 2 213

Sasha Celebration 2 212

Unfortunately this was as far as I got with photographing the sales tables as I then started on my buying fever so my apologies for missing taking photos of Sarah Price’s, Emma Flood’s, Lorraine Tyler’s, Linda Simpson’s etc. and completely missed Ann Chandler’s, Theresa O’Neil’s and Petrana’s with being unaware that there were sales tables in the second hall until too much too late…although since then, Petrana very kindly sent me her photo below of her sales table as it was at the start.


The following group of pictures are from Saturday’s evening meal which was held in a private dining room as it was to include some speeches, prize giving etc. (The room enjoyed subdued lighting at the begining and then full lightning at the end which can be seen in the photos.)

Sasha Celebration 2 239

Sasha Celebration 2 240

Sasha Celebration 2 241

Sasha Celebration 2 242

Sasha Celebration 2 243

Sasha Celebration 2 245

Sasha Celebration 2 247

Sasha Celebration 2 248

Sasha Celebration 2 249

Sasha Celebration 2 250

Sasha Celebration 2 252

Sasha Celebration 2 254

Sasha Celebration 2 255

Sasha Celebration 2 256

Sasha Celebration 2 257

Sasha Celebration 2 258

Sasha Celebration 2 259

Sasha Celebration 2 260

Sasha Celebration 2 261

Sasha Celebration 2 262

Sasha Celebration 2 263

Sasha Celebration 2 271

Sasha Celebration 2 272

Sasha Celebration 2 273

Sasha Celebration 2 274

Sasha Celebration 2 275

Sasha Celebration 2 276

Sasha Celebration 2 277

Sasha Celebration 2 279

Sasha Celebration 2 280

Our grateful thanks again to Janet and her two wonderful helpers, Tricia and Theresa, for another superb Sasha Celebration Weekend. Long may they continue!

Sasha Celebration 2 281

Sasha Celebration 2 282

Sasha Celebration 2 283

10.00pm came and so ended another fantastic Sasha filled day for me but many continued to stay up in friendly groups celebrating in the bar/lounge areas or in various bedrooms.
Still to come if you are interested are the Robin Hood Sherwood Forest Display, some individual visiting dolls and my take home ‘goodies’… and then finally, when I get round to taking some individual photos and brief descriptions of my Brood after their exciting, once in a lifetime visit.