Miss Lippy introduces…….

The Sasha Babies in their Dollydoodle Daywear.

Goodmorning everyone (and especially to SS-R and the babies say a special ‘Hi’ to their Auntie Susan.)

I’m called ‘Miss Lippy’ (nicknamed because of my previous little owner’s love of feeding me with a silver spoon which has unfortunately damaged my lips.)

My mummy has asked me to tell you that she gone to the Wholesalers to buy some more Easter themed sweet stock and so has left me to start the window display with the  items that we have already got.

Needed Photos 042

I’ve decided to firstly add the gorgeous mini chocolate Lindt Easter Bunnies in a line along the front of the bottom shelf. (Easter wouldn’t be the same without being given one of these now famous bunnies.)

Needed Photos 041

Then to move the sweet jars a little to each side so that I can put the Cadbury’s mini eggs box in the centre on the top shelf. (We are hoping to get some more of these within the next few days as after the Lindt bunnies they are very popular with the Sasha babies as they are the perfect size for them to eat.)

Needed Photos 045

Next I’m adding the MaltEaster Bunnies in their red packages so am moving the little candy canes (always particularly popular at Christmas to hang on the trees as decorations) lying along the top shelf to make room for them.

Needed Photos 046

(Apologies for my rather messy hair at the back. I think that I need to get mummy to re-plait it.)

Needed Photos 047

There that looks much better and now before I go and check how the window looks from the outside mummy has asked me to introduce the seven Sasha babies who are now dressed in their Dollydoodle Day Wear. (To save repeating myself they are ALL early Frido/Trendon babies.)

Firstly we have one in the smart navy spot leggings and hoodie with the little sheep embroidered motif that was so kindly given to them by Chris Taylor for Christmas.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 002

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 004

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 003

Secondly this was a hoodie and jogger two piece set that mummy bought for us a couple of years ago (although he should be wearing some Trendon shoes or socks on his feet to keep them from getting cold.)

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 013

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 015

With the hood up.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 018

One of the earliest Frido babies in a quite recent pretty and dainty purchase by mummy with the gorgeous little giraffe embroidered on the front.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 027

With the hood up.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 031

The fabulous little wooden fairground roundabout was bought back for us as a present from a famous toy shop in Zurich, Switzerland by Julia Keven when a group of UK Sasha collectors went over there to visit the Sasha Museum to see the Sasha Studio Dolls.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 027

A little girls version of the first sheep hoodie with pink spotted leggings.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 035

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 040

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 039

A sweatshirt and joggers set with a little rocking horse motif stitched on the front is being worn by this Bettina mohair customised little tot. (Again either socks or shoes should be on her feet.)

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 023

This bright and attractive bead toy was given to them by Cathy Buckley Mellor for my 70th birthday and they love playing with it. So good for the eye and hand combination skills.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 024

No Brownie points for guessing just who this little fellow is wearing a super little tug boat sweatshirt and joggers that Judith very kindly sent to Quirky some years ago now so, according to him, only HE is allowed to wear it.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 043

Looks like he’s had a little bump to his forehead here but think that it looks worse than it really is.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 044

I love the looks of this next little tot who is in another of Judith birthday gifts to me with it’s embroidered teddy face and double layered top look.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 010

Pleased to see here that someone has sensibly got some shoes on to protect and keep his feet warm.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 008

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 011

Miss Lippy coming out of the shop to check on the updated window display and carefully closing the door behind her so as to keep the warmth in.

Needed Photos 053

Umm! Still needs more Easter sweets and eggs to give it that Easter look so do hope that mummy has managed to get some more items.

Needed Photos 051

Must get back inside now as mummy will soon be returning.

Needed Photos 054

Thank you for ‘dropping by’ to see some of us again today and we hopefully look forward to meeting you here next Sunday, although I’m not sure just what mummy is planning to show you then, but the Sasha babies dressed in their warm and cuddly little fleeces will be shown the following week.

Our thoughts and prayers are with any of you whose UK homes are flooded with the recent excess rain and high winds. We hope that you are safe and coping and that your Sasha Dolls are being stored high up and staying dry.


32 thoughts on “Miss Lippy introduces…….

  1. Miss Lippy you are preparing early for Easter! It isn’t even Lent yet. The window display is coming on nicely though.

    Thank you for the close up photos of the babies eyes, it is interesting to compare them. Their play clothes are very cute and their socks and shoes would often come off while playing especially if they get fascinated by shoe buckles or pull socks off while crawling and changing drection.

    • Thought that for once I’d try and be ‘an early bird’ and follow the supermarket’s early Easter trend! Thinking that if I bought one or two items each week I’d finally get there with a full Easter window display for April.

      I don’t think that we tend to really look so much at the eyes of the Sasha babies compared to the notice that we give to the ‘bigger’ Sasha kids. Even their overall head and face size and shape changes can be seen on a closer inspection.

      You’re probably right about their shoes and socks not staying on for very long. It has taken me quite a while to find and buy some shoes for them as they are not so plentiful on the commercial market so was really wanting them to be worn. Never mind there’s always the next time round when hopefully I might have more time!

  2. Good morning Kendal, I agree, the floods and damage being done is awful. I hope the rainy weather stops soon so that those affected can have respite and the clear up can begin.

  3. The devastation that the weather is causing to so many people, their homes and livelihood is devastating and I do hope that things will pick up soon so that they can start clearing up and getting things back together again.

    A lovely post of the babies in their beautiful outfits. The sweet shop is starting to look well stocked – you are early with your Easter preparations! My poor babies are deprived…they don’t get sweets or chocolate at Easter!

    • I do love my Sasha babies and think that they look so sweet and cuddly in their soft jersey outfits that you can’t fail to want to pick them up and give them a hug.

      I’m afraid to admit that I always enjoy an Easter Egg or two never mind the Sashas. The Thorntons milk chocolate eggs are my very favourite. I love that breaking of the egg shaped chocolate and putting that first piece into my mouth. From then onwards it’s down that slippery slope until it’s all eaten!

  4. Awww those babies look very warm and cosy in their Dollydoodles Daywear! I love how they’re embroidered on the front with different appliques. I have a baby of my own now, as you know, and he, Bertie, is also wearing his DD outfit that he arrived in….he feels very trendy now, having seen that the babies from the Kendal Brood are dressed in a similar style!!!
    I’m also loving your sweet shop window display, what a lot of tasty old favourites you have in there. I must look out for those little Lindt bunnies too because my Gotz girlie, Lindt would certainly be happy to eat one of those!!
    Well it has been nice visiting your blog again this morning, but now it’s time to get myself showered and dressed and start making myself useful!!! But thanks again for starting my day off so nicely Kendal, with your lovely Miss Lippy and the babies!
    Big hugs, Sharon in Spain xx

    • IF Bertie ever decides that he wants to part with his DD outfit don’t foget thatbwe’re here, ‘ready, willing and able’ as its a really cute and nautical themed one!

      We’ll send Lindt one of the bunnies (hadn’t though of that!) as I have recently found a a pair of red bar shoes that I bought off eBay, some years ago now, that were said to fit the Sasha babies but were if fact way too small so I though they might possibly fit one of your very tiny tots.

      • Awww that’s very sweet of you Kendal, thank you very much!
        I will certainly keep you in mind regarding the outfit, but to be honest, I’ve got nothing else for him to wear at the moment!! When I look at his poor bare feet I feel very mean…and very cold, particularly as I’ve spent so much time sewing for the bigger kids recently!!! I should have at least been prepared with some little socks for him! I will have to see what I have that might fit!! He doesn’t seem to mind though, he’s very placid, which is good as I have a lot of cleaning to do today and don’t really want a miserable baby on my hands! 😉

  5. Good Morning Miss Lippy
    You have done a grand job getting the shop window ready for mum to finish off when she returns with more lovely easter items.
    Love your dress it suits you perfectly and the babies are all looking gorgeous in their Doodle Doodle wear. Our mum still needs to get another couple of sets for our babies because they fight over who gets to wear the few we have!
    The flooding is terrible and we are so hoping that

    • the weather improves, so that they can all finally get to clear up and start making arrangements to sort all the damage out.
      Hope you all have a lovely week
      Hattie and the Sasha Village Clan xx

      • I do so hope that the people, especially those in Somerset,,can get the assistance and finance to help them to fully recover from this terrible flooding.
        My heart especially goes out to those who for one reason or another weren’t insured against this devastating act of nature.

    • Looks like Paul’s computer is still playing up then! Still getting great delight in splitting up your comments!
      We are loving our shop front and will hopefully finally build up an attractive full Easter window display.

      Miss Lippy is wearing a OOAK Ruthsdoll’s dress that I asked Ruth to especially make up for her since SS-R is demanding that she appears in most posts in the future!

      Unfortunately the other babies aren’t quite so lucky in not having Dollydoodles day clothes (theirs will feature in a future post) but plan to swap them around now and then so that they will all get a wear and share.

  6. Good Morning Kendal….Another beautiful post to start Sunday off very nicely ! My overall favourite has to be the baby in the Giraffe embroidered set,her little face melts my heart,she is really enchanting…love the sweet shop and Miss Lippy is always very special to see she has to be the prettiest Frido Sasha in ALL of the world IMO…..On the terrible weather front especially down South at the moment, my heart goes out to all affected,human and animal kind,truly devastating,I lived in Somerset for 18 years and it is a beautiful part of the country,so pretty,I am very sad too for all the wildlife that will be suffering….why oh why don’t we add to the comic relief/sport relief and children in need and have a Flood-Aid too????? I would back it along with the other events,come on the UK lets do it !!!

    Thanks Kendal once again for you lovely post 🙂 xx

    • Firstly thanks again for the great DD outfit featured that you so very kindly and thoughtfully gave them for Christmas. (It was one of my choices that I chose from Judith’s listing that day BUT knowing that she had more of that material I had decided to wait and hopefully buy it the next listing and secure another that wasn’t going to be listed again in the future!)

      Yes, I too agree that that 1969 quirky eye-brow Frido baby Nightdress in the pink spot giraffe set is MY favourite of the babies here too! I was so lucky to finally be able to buy her from Kelly Wenarski but I have offered should she ever want her back I would, but very regretfully,return her.

      I was born in Somerset whilst my mother was staying down there with a girl friend during the first World WAR II years as father was off fighting in the army. I unfortunately haven’t been back there but my sister has and sent me some photos of the hospital where I was born and the house that I stayed in for my first two years.
      Anne-Marie Willis, who edited the Sasha World magazine moved down there to live a few years ago but luckily her bungalow home hasn’t been hit by the flooding.
      I do so hope that the necessary help and funds can be found to assist them all to fully recover from this devastation.

  7. Hello Kendal and the babies and Miss Lippy,
    What a real treat to see these gorgeous little babies and outfits today, better than any chocolate fix!!!
    Kendal, I have said this before, but again I have to say it, eventhough I have some of these gorgeous outfits and babies, I do not have the knack of bringing them to life like you do!
    Thank you for making a wet and windy grey Sunday bright for me xxx
    Miss Lippy, you are doing a great job on that window, well done.
    Love Auntie Susan xxxx

  8. I’m sure that a little practice with your DD outfits and gorgeous babies will soon do the trick as I find them so much easier to pose than the bigger Sasha kids. Shall we have a little go together then at the Chat n’ Snap and see if that helps?

    My daughter has just flown out this morning to The Republic of Ireland for a few days to see her father in Co Wicklow so sorry to hear that you’ve not provided her with better weather than ‘a wet, windy and grey day!’

    I’ll tell Miss Lippy about your shop window praise and I’m sure that that will spur her on!.

    Take care and go and give all those toddlers and babies a big hug from me.

    • I will look forward to the Chat n Snap and your advice Kendal, many thanks xxx

      So sorry we haven’t provided better weather for Chon, although, she might fare a bit better in Wicklow as that side of the country usually gets better weather than us on the West. Can’t promise anything though ;-)))

      Miss Lippy is doing great and by the time Easter arrives that window will be magnificient!!!

      Will pass on your hug to the babies and toddlers straight away.
      You take care and stay dry and warm,
      Susan xxx

  9. I enjoy the post with so sweet babys wearing DD Clothing. Thank you very much for sharing, Kendal. You have very nice babys with beautiful eyes, but they are a bit to much clean. Hope they don’t catch the Linth rabbits:)

    • They’re not always that clean especially after they’ve been crawling and playing out in the garden but are scrubbed up ‘good and proper’ (so the saying goes!) before being posted on the blog.
      I hadn’t thought about them chasing the Lindt bunnies although we do have an Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday morning!
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a comment as we like to hear from you.

  10. Hello Kendal, I have really enjoy the sweet baby photos in the precious DD wear. Of course, the Miss Lippy ” bookends” really make this post very special. I love the Easter candy and is is nice to have Easter to look forward to — I am a big baby Quirky fan too!

    I had not noticed how beautiful and thick Miss Lippy’s hair is until today. I think it is because I had always focused on her stunning face and “sweet” lips. Thank you for a great post that has made me smile on a snowy day :). Love, Ginger xx

    • I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the baby dressed in their DD outfits.
      I had to add Miss Lippy in again as one of my regular followers ‘creates’ if she doesn’t appear and I always try not to upset people if I can help it though I must sit down and re-plait her hair as it’s become quite untidy.

      I’m not sure if we here are going to have any snow this year although I think that many might welcome a little bit if it meant that it would stop the rain.

      Must pop by and have a look if you’ve updated your blog posts just recently. There’s always so much to do that the days and weeks seem to slip by so quickly.
      Thanks for popping by.

  11. Hi Miss Lippy! Im keeping an eye on you here whilst Mother is out and I am so proud of you for being such a good girl helping her as I know those babies are so hectic.
    The sweet shop jars are really wonderful and you’ve dusted them and kept them so nice and clean. If Mum is busy I will plait your hair when I come up soon so be good and send my love to everyone and lots to you,
    Love, Aunty Sarah and the Rabble xx

    • Thanks for keeping an eye out for me Auntie Sarah. I’m so pleased that you think that I did well with looking after the babies and organising the shop front.

      If mummy can’t manage to re-plait my hair with her bad hands then I’ll wait for you to come over here.

  12. Kendal….Really love Miss Lippy and all your photographs of the shop front, Is she buying sweets for your lovely babies I wonder? Thank you for your posts, they always cheer me up and inspire me to get out my camera and try my hand at some sasha photography of my own. Stunning as ever! Sending Love, Emma (H)

    • I do so love the photography part as much as I love dressing and posing the Sashas themselves. I am often surprised and amazed at what finally comes out of this combination as these dolls are so photogenic that you can’t go wrong!
      Lovely to hear from you and look forward to seeing you again at the Chat n’ Snap in October.

  13. Great to see the lovely Miss Lippy, she is gorgeous! Your babies look so cute in their lovely selection of Dollydoodles. They always look so neat and tidy, I imagine them to smell of Johnsons Baby Powder. Perfect! Gill x

    • My apologies for this late reply. It has been a very busy week yet again. I do love the Dollydoodle baby wear and encourage Judith in her early days that this was a niche in the Sasha market place that was missing. I thinknthat these soft jersey materials are just perfect for the babies with their soft delicate skin.
      I too love babies that smell of the delightfully perfumed Johnson’s baby powder.

  14. Just catching up on your blog post Mrs H (as I have missed a few), lol.
    Love the sweet display in your fab new shop front. Miss lippy has done a fantastic job arranging it all. I was wondering too if she was going to buy some sweets for herself and the babies? xxxxx

    • THREE comments today then! You’re certainly catching up today!
      I can hardly keep up with the replies the’re coming in so ‘thick and fast!’
      It now has many more Easter goodies in after my last visit to the warehouse and I agree with you that Miss Lippy is making an excellent job of the window display as we go along.

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