The Sasha Baby Fleeces

Thank you for dropping by and I hope that you won’t be too bored with yet another BABY post.
I did take some photos of a few of the bigger kids to post this week to give you (especially those of you who are not so keen on the Sasha babies) a break but I was tired and hungry so my heart wasn’t really into photograhing and I thought that it showed in the photos….. so will try again for next week.

An early 1970 Trendon baby in a Sashawardrobe (website now discontinued) red fleece coat and Dollydoodles red/white striped joggers and beanie hat and 1990s Gotz Sasha baby shoes. The lovely Pudsey Bear was sent to them by ChrisTaylor last year and for which they want to say, many thanks again.

Baby Fleeces 2 031

Baby Fleeces 2 032

Baby Fleeces 2 030

Baby Fleeces 2 029

A 1970-72 Trendon baby in another Sashawadrobe white fleece with a little teddy motif and Ruthsdoll’s bright pink tights.

Baby Fleeces 2 016

Some of the photos show the fleece hoods up and some when they are down. In our family the hoods are known as ‘lids’ from the time when my two year old daughter came and asked me if I would put her ‘lid’ on (meaning would I put her anorak hood up for her.)

Baby Fleeces 2 022

Baby Fleeces 2 017

Anis, a mid 1970s Bettina mohair re-root in a Dollydoodle soft pink velour coat with pink spotted tights.

Baby Fleeces 2 012

Baby Fleeces 2 013

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 051

Another minty mid 70s Trendon Bettina re-root in tightly curled mohair wearing a Dollydoodle cream fleece coat with fur trim to the hood and Ruthsdoll’s cream machine knitted tights.

Baby Fleeces 2 006

Baby Fleeces 2 009

She is clutching the replica World War II Teddy Bear that Sarah Williams so very kindly sent them for Christmas.

Baby Fleeces 2 010

A Frido 1969 quirky eye-browed baby Nightdress wearing a Sashawardrobe pink fleece and matching coloured commercially made tights from The Doll Works.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 068

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 065

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 070

An early Trendon sexed baby girl who has since been wigged due to falling hair wearing a Dollydoodle white fur trimmed fleece jacket with DD joggers and beanie hat and 1990s Gotz bar shoes.

Baby Fleeces 033

Baby Fleeces 034

Baby Fleeces 036

A Trendon baby boy Nightdress with his blue Sashawardrobe fleece and Ruthsdoll’s maching knitted tights.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 054

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 053

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 057

A Trendon early 70s sexed baby boy who is posing here for me as a little baby girl in her Dollydoodle’s fur trimmed cream fleece coat and Ruthsdoll’s green machine knitted tights.

Baby Fleeces 2 004

She is sitting on a super box of board baby books that Denise Owen so very kindly gave them on her first visit up here.

Baby Fleeces 2 025

Baby Fleeces 2 005

A Trendon later 70s black baby White Suit in an ‘oh so soft’ pale peach velour coat and Ruthsdoll’s machine knitted tights.

Baby Fleeces 003

Baby Fleeces 008

Baby Fleeces 005

A 1970 Trendon baby Nightdress girl who has since been re-rooted by Lisa Hartley due to falling hair. She has on a Sashawardrode fleece jacket over Ruthsdoll’s machine knitted tights and topped by a sweet little ear-flap hat knitted by Christine Durand.

Baby Fleeces 011

Baby Fleeces 014

Baby Fleeces 012

Baby Fleeces 015

A Trendon ‘much too pretty looking to be a boy’ baby Nightdress posing as a baby girl for this ‘as soft as a feather’ velour Dollydoodle coat and leggings.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 072

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 071

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 060

A few pictures accompanied with words follows next featuring another Trendon sexed baby boy Woolly in his Sashawardrobe fleece and commercially made tights and the Brood’s pet Spaniel, Goldie.

“Come on here now as it’s time for walkies!”

Baby Fleeces 016

“Good girl!”

Baby Fleeces 017

“Who’s a VERY good girl then?”

Baby Fleeces 019

“Let’s put your lead on!”

Baby Fleeces 020

“There we go!”

Baby Fleeces 023

“Right then, we’re ready for the off!”

Baby Fleeces 027

Another Frido baby Woolly in a Dollydoodle pale lemon fleece and star spotted tights.

Baby Fleeces 2 065

Baby Fleeces 2 068

Baby Fleeces 2 066

Baby Fleeces 2 069

A cheeky little face that I’m sure by now most of you will recognise. Yes, baby Quirky himself in a Sashawardrobe blue fleece with Dollydoodles navy joggers trimmed with pale blue and a navy beanie hat.

Baby Fleeces 2 041Baby Fleeces 2 047Baby Fleeces 2 048

A 1969 Frido baby Nightdress with THAT upwards slanting eye brow (like Quirky’s above) in a Dollydoodle pink fleece coat.

Baby Fleeces 2 035Baby Fleeces 2 039Baby Fleeces 2 038

Last, but definitely not least, we have Gotz toddler Bea who has just received this cream Dollydoodle soft and furry short jacket to wear over her brown tights and Lisa Hartley UGG boots (which were very kindly given to her by Chris Taylor for Christmas.) Chris has also sent her this truly delightful little cat shaped suede rucksack which she is ‘over the moon with.’  Many, many thanks Chris. Bea says that you are like a Fairy Godmother to her with all these wonderful gifts that keep arriving.

Baby Fleeces 2 054

Baby Fleeces 2 051

Baby Fleeces 2 060

Baby Fleeces 2 059

I promise NO baby Sasha photos next week!


35 thoughts on “The Sasha Baby Fleeces

  1. Oh, but I love your babies! They are so much more active than mine who all seem to still be at the sleeping all the time phase.
    Though I do like pastel shades on the little one, it has been most cheering to see a flash of red, magenta etc on this freezing Sunday morning.
    Thank you, as always, for a wonderful start to the day/week.
    Jenni x

  2. ……BUT one can have too much of a good thing! It would be a lovely change for me to have all mine sleeping more and especially if they could all do it at the same time!
    I too prefer the babies dressed in the pastel colours but the red always comes in handy at Christmas time! The magenta proved to be slightly brighter than I had anticipated when seen knitted up from the few sample strands.
    Hoping that you have a wonderful sunny day as we have here.

  3. You post your baby photos as much as you want Kendal, they are all delightful and must be the best dressed babies in all of Sashaville! Loving all the fleeces in the soft colours. Also loving your little quirky browed girl, she looks sweet with the little hair clip in her hair.

    My graphics card in my computer has gone – the computer has all but died so they all look a little distorted so will be definitely revisiting this post at a later date – probably much later as in a few months!

  4. Your babies are always delightful to see! As you know, I don’t have my myself but yours make me want to adopt one. Bea is so cute. Love the cat rucksack! Gill x

    • Thanks Gill. (Your comment here has just reminded me that I’ve still to reply to your comment on my last post. Must go and rectify that.)
      I should try to resist buying a baby for as long as you can because from my experience buying one leads to buying another… another etc. until you have an overfull nursery and require a nursery nurse to help you.

      Bea has become very possessive of her new rucksack although it wasn’t primarily given to just her.

      • How true that is. When I bought my first Sasha I was only ever going to have “just one”. I was then on the downward slippery Sasha slope. That is good though haha!

  5. I LOVE seeing the Babies! Each baby in their different outfit looks so sweet and hugable!I only found only problem with this post…It makes me want more BABIES!! and shows that my poor babies do not have enough clothes!! I know that’s two but ! Love how each is colour coordinated with a special little toy that’s the perfect size. I have gone from photo to photo saying to myself oh I must look out for one of those, I love that colour, she/ he’s gorgeous may be I need another baby like him/her.

    • I love the Red coats and must get one ( Judith are you paying attention!) and of course I need more of DD clothes and tights and toys…the list is endless, loved the little black baby in her pink outfit but until I improve on my poor babies wear ,I can enjoy popping back hhere to see your babies with lids and without.A wonderful colourful post to left us on a Sunday morning Kendal , thank you.
      Dee xx

      • I’m not sure if Judith has added RED to her fleece colours as yet but it is so useful at Christmas time for your Xmas themed photos.
        I too thought that the pale peach looked pretty on the little black baby.
        Noticed that you picked up on the ‘lids’ as such as I had forgotten to mention that when I first published the post. (BTW when I correct a few missed spelling mistakes or add a few words on afterwards does your version update itself as well as on my blog? )

      • Not to worry Denise. I’m making mistakes continually especially as I seem to have completely given up on proof reading these days after all the years of insisting and encouraging my past school .pupils to always do so. Talk about ‘practicing what I preach!’

    • Oh dear! I’m feeling somewhat guilty if I’m encouraging you to buy more of them when you still have your new car to continue to pay for BUT I know that you are already skating down that slippery slope with another truly gorgeous one on her way.
      I have to admit that they do indeed have far too many soft toys and plan to take a photo to show you all when I can finally gather them together in one place!

    • Bea is quite a few people’s favourite and especially Chris Taylor’s who spoils her rotten.(These areChris’s her Christmas gifted boots that she is now wearing) as being the only toddler in the Brood she doesn’t seem to get much from me in her very own sizing as all the other’s tend to share their wardrobes….though must try to rectify this!

  6. Wonderful, wonderful photos Kendal!!! I love the babies and the different colored fleeces. They are all delightful :). The hair clips and accessories are perfection. I love the upside down bike which holds the baby in place so well. Great idea! The quirky eyed babies are so special and all of the babies have their own precious “look”. Little Bea is a favorite of mine too and her cat rucksack is an inspired gift—I can see why Bea claimed it ;). Thank you for another lovely post! Have a great week!!! Ginger xxxx

    • The upturned bike does tend to make it’s appearance in quite a lot of the posts as it really appeals to some of the babies who think that it’s quite ‘cool.’
      You are probably seeing slightly more of the hair slides and ribbons as have finally got all these things together into a hair accessory box.
      Now need to start doing this with their toys, props etc. which will hopefully make life much easier for me.

      The cat shaped rucksack is the perfect size for her.

  7. Kendal, I forgot to add the photo of the black baby in pink is so clever too. The baby keeping the puppy at a leg’s length on that cute bench actually made me laugh out loud. Puppies do get a bit excited at times and can wear us out. 🙂

  8. I thought for sure that Anis was going to be my favorite in this week’s post. She looks fantastic in the pink. Then, I saw the little baby nightdress girl re-rooted by Lisa Hartley. I adore her.

    • They are similar to the larger Sasha kids in that one week they literally shine and become your favourite but the next week someone else steals the limelight.
      A lot of it is down to what they are wearing or the way the camera has caught their little facial expressions or poses.

    • Thank you.
      Yes, Bea is a Gotz Esther who had her eyes customised and was wigged by Raven in the US (though she unfortunately doesn’t customise the Sasha Dolls any more, only the BjDs. I used to have one of her larger 80s dolls but she had to be sold on when I curtailed my collection to 1965-75.
      I first saw her for sale on eBay and although loved her at first sight didn’t bid for her as wasn’t keen on the toddlers (and unfortunately, apart from Bea, still aren’t!).
      A few years later she came up for sale again on Sashadolluk but missed her again as Shelly bought her and so it was ‘third time lucky’ that I got her when Shelly decided to part with her as I’d had first refusal on her.

  9. My goodness I’m soooooo late getting to the Nursery to see the lovely, well dressed babies! I hope there are some babies still awake as I took so long to get here!!! Loved the post Kendal, although I have to say that it made me feel very guilty as I’ve still not done ANYTHING with poor little Bertie who remains sockless and shoeless and in the very same spot as he was put last Monday when we came down to the coast! Having said that, at least he is fortunate enough to be one of the ‘chosen’ ones to come down here, because this time, for the first time, I’ve only brought him and one other Sasha with me!!!!!
    Anyway, I loved the babies photos, and those little fleecy coats are precious… warm and snuggly looking. But what I liked best of all… Bea at the end in her little coat, knitted tights and her kitty cat bag! And those sweet little Ugg boots! She just looks so cute with her little round bottom showing in the last photo where she is walking off after her photo session. I know, I’m really weird, but their little round bottoms are soooo sweet!!!! And look particularly cute in the knitted leggings. And my second favourite photos are of the baby in the yellow fleece coat and star patterned leggings and hat, I love that fabric, it makes him look like a little fluffy Easter duckling!!!
    Thanks again for another lovely post,
    Big hugs, Sharon xxx

    • How lucky then is little Bertie getting chosen to go down to the coast with you along with one other Sasha Kilt kid? I’m sure that he’s quite happy with just the shoeless/sockless DD outfit that he has on. These babies don’t worry at all with what they are wearing, it’s only their mother’s that do.
      I’m also presuming that he is there to try on any new outfits that you might make for him. Are you planning to stay there long?

      I’m always so interested to hear about what my followers and other Sasha collectors like and dislike (favourites and not so favourite) with regards to the dolls featured on the blog.

  10. I have never really been a fan of the babies Kendal, but seeing your beautifully dressed clan over the years has prompted me into buying six, including my wonderful toddler Ollie.
    I think these blog post of yours are so beautifully shot, that you start a little trend, hence why I have six Sasha babies now, lol. xxxxxx

    • Five babies and I toddler! Hope that you’re NOT holding that against me but they do look particularly irresistible when in their sleepsuits and little fleeces.
      I have to thank the baby Sashas themselves and Dollydoodles clothing for posing so well for me so that all I have to do is point and click the camera!

  11. Hi Kendal,
    I am nearly two weeks late leaving my comment but this post has brightened up my week no end!!
    I just love the way you have combined the little fleeces, leggings, hats, toys and shoes.
    You have such an eye for clothing these babies and are a true inspiration to all of us baby lovers.
    They always look cute and cosy and cuddly and what more could a Sasha baby lover ask for??

    Many thanks again, this post was well worth going back to find, and your dedication to every detail is an inspiration to all Sasha lovers.

    Susan xxx

    • I’m so pleased to hear that you are feeling much better now then to visit this baby post definitely done with you and your marvellous toddler and baby Sasha collection in mind since you, apart from one lone Gregor, don’t ever complain about all the other non Sasha baby posts..

      The babies, dressed in their Dollydoodle’s, Sashawardrobe and Ruthsdoll’s clothing have to take the credit here as I’m basically only behind the camera snapping what I see in front of me. (They are such becoming such capably wonderful models now after having had so much practice.

      Take good care of yourself and yet more get well wishes heading your way.

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