More of my Girls in Winter Wear

This year I’m trying to cut down on the number of photographs for each doll or outfit from the previous four to two or three so that there won’t be so much repetition for you to have to trawl through.

First we have a late Frido 1966 NP Ballet girl (who unfortunately for me had to go off to live in a new home shortly after having this photo taken.) She is wearing a Pinestreetstudio outfit which consists of a cape style jacket over jeans, beret and scarf with Ruthsdoll’s shoes.

Winter Changes 2 039

Winter Changes 2 034

Winter Changes 2 036

My early Gotz 1969 No-navel in a very attractive darker coloured vintage-sasha outfit given to me by Susan Bulger Pomeroy for a past birthday or Christmas present.

Winter Changes 2 050

I have teamed it with some Sasha Doll limited Kiltie tights and commercially made bar shoes and love the overall final finished look.

Winter Changes 2 055

My Frido 1968 Fringe waif doll who I couldn’t resist buying, even though her hair had been trimmed to shoulder length, on account of her really pretty face.

Winter Changes 2 063

She has chosen to wear an attractive outdoor outfit designed and made by Bambino Bella with the addition of JJ snowboots on her feet.

Winter Changes 2 062

A Frido 1967 Dungaree NP with a really cute but rather sad looking face. She has on a Frilly-Prilly navy blue duffle coat and Dollydoodle jeggings and JJ laced boots.

Winter Changes 2 041

Winter Changes 2 046

Another Frido 1966 Brown Cord  ‘open eyed style’ girl who has on a recent 2013 Limited Edition of 6 Ruthsdoll’s open fronted smocked dress which I was trying with either red or white socks (have since opted for the RED so now need to search for the other missing sock!) and a lovely pair of the new style Boneka shoes that Gillian Nash very kindly gave me as a gift on her visit up here last year. Many thanks again Gill as they look perfect with this dress.

Winter Changes 072

Winter Changes 071

One of my very BEST and most expensive dolls, a 1966 Frido Developmental girl with a rare shaped squarer head and face…. on very similar lines to Sasha’s first head mould for the Frido company which though never went into production.

Winter Changes 006

She is wearing a Pinestreetstudio pinafore outfit, Sasha Doll’s Kiltie tights and manufactured bar shoes.

Winter Changes 004

Winter Changes 007

A Frido 1970 wide faced blonde Gingham doll wearing ‘the green’, a smart vintage -sasha outfit which was a Christmas gift a year or so ago from Sarah.

Winter clothing 1 013

I have added JJ sandals in sea green to enhance this colour in her floral dress.  Always love Sarah’s berets!

Winter clothing 1 010

Winter clothing 1 012

‘Miss Lippy’ in a Ruthsdoll’s limited edition of two Christmas 2013 dresses. She is a Frido 1966-7 Dungaree NP girl with the damaged lips. (I know that SS-R has already seen these photos privately but the rest of you haven’t.)

Winter Changes 059

Notice how beautifully painted her eyes are. Have added tan socks and commercially made bar shoes.

Winter Changes 055

Winter Changes 058

This is my Gotz 1970 No-navel girl. I recently spent some time trying to discover which of the two years my three No-navel girls were from and she is my only one from 1970 on account of her fringe having been cut in from her centre part rather than re-rooted in. Also she has the fainter, more delicate eye and eyebrow colour paintings.

Winter clothing 1 004

She has on an attractive vintage-sasha two piece in beige with a light blue pattern.

Winter clothing 1 005

Riplee, a 1970s customised by Shelly girl in a bottle-green vintage-sasha pinafore that Susan Bulger Pomeroy bought me at the Chat n’ Snap last October. I have added some sweet little turquoise socks made and given to me by Sharon Humphries and navy T bar sandals by Boneka.

Christmas gift outfits 078

Christmas gift outfits 079

Christmas gift outfits 085

A 1968 Frido Dungaree Fringe girl with the darker tanned vinyl and NO fringe to her shoulder length bobbed hair. I have dressed her in another of Bambino Bella’s coat outfits, this time in a lime green coat over denim jeans. There is a matching little beanie hat that comes with it but it that unfortunately got left behind at home. Ruthsdoll’s shoes complete the look.

Christmas gift outfits 108

This is probably the doll that I have had here the longest time and I bought her nude from Marie Morgan for £800.

Christmas gift outfits 106

Although you have seen this Ruthsdoll’s limited edition (of 9) dress before on my Christmas doll I don’t think that you’ve seen it on this very pretty 1970-1 Trendon Gingham girl shown below. (Again was deciding whether to keep the original sandals that came with the outfit or opt for the sturdier laceups.)

Winter Changes 041

Winter Changes 039

Winter Changes 042

Belle, a 1970 customised Gregor by Shelly wearing a really pretty vintage-sasha pinafore with commercially made bar shoes. (Not quite the Winter wear thickness as the others but was running short of photos to finish off this post.)

Winter clothing 1 034

Winter clothing 1 035

Winter clothing 1 037

I’m afraid that some of you have seen many of these outfits before but am fast running out of outfits that you haven’t seen in past posts. Will have to search deeper into their clothing boxes.

In the pipeline over the coming next few weeks I am hoping to feature the Sasha babies in their Dollydoodle (and other) daywear, the babies in their Winter fleece jackets, my customised Sasha Dolls, and my favourite Sasha close-up photos


32 thoughts on “More of my Girls in Winter Wear

  1. Good Morning Kendal…..beautiful girls and outfits once more,your photography is amazing (unlike my own!) thank you so much for letting us ‘share’ your collection …it is like owning a very favourite book ,I return to them over and over again,wonderful !!!

    Have a super day Kendal and all followers too…. 🙂


    • Gosh! You’re quick off the mark this morning then! Hadn’t even closed down my computer after publishing to go and get washed and dressed and breakfasted.

      I’m unfortunately realising that these same outfits are turning up again and again but hopefully on different dolls and in different poses to try to bring a little difference to the posts.
      Must try to think of something different for the future but this setting, apart from the travelling to there, is much easier for me to take the photos than trying to struggle to bend down etc to position the dolls and then take the photos.

    • So sorry though that they were the ones that you had already seen privately.
      She sends her love and kisses to you.

      Been so busy since Christmas that I haven’t been out and about with them as I like to plus have had to spend time with the Sasha babies and their clothing as they were getting somewhat neglected.of late.

      Have really missed our competition on the Sasha Village blogspot so think that maybe it’s time to stop and ‘call it a day’….. BUT did SO enjoy it!
      Many thanks though for playing along for so long.

      • I don’t blog or post as much as I used to…but am happy to try and compete now and again to keep you on your toes:) I am busy sourcing parts for Christian’s new Vee double u project and have even joined two VW forums …it is all very male but I find I can hold my own when talking about Beetles which kind of surprises me:)

      • I had gathered that you had ‘MOVED ON’ to other things so it’s OK and we’ll close our little competition…..and no doubt too that Denise will be thrilled!

        You’re sounding really proficient with the VW car renovations. I’m most impressed! Perhaps when I’m down at my daughters again you can drive over in one of them for me to see?

  2. Hi Kendal – beautiful outfits and gorgeous girls. I love the sheer range of your shoebox for them too. The odd socks are such fun – very ‘now’!

    • I hate to say it but as you’ve so rightly noticed they do have an extensive range of shoes, though more in the colours than the actual styles as I seem to have a real preference for certain makes and styles, Jean Jenson’s topping the list and which I have now collected over many years ordering a few at a time.

      So pleased to hear from Susan that you are going to Denise’s Chat n’ Snap. Shall look forward to meeting you again there.
      BTW I still have to set to and post a blog post on Baby Drake and as promised put a few of his photos into a little booklet for you as a keepsake. Hopefully ‘better late than never!’

  3. Bring it on Kendal! (does that little Americanism even make sense? I am becoming more and more easily affected by DH’s sayings!) I am more than pleased to see some of your girls in outfits that they have worn before. The fact that they are not of the ‘never wear the same outfit twice’ brigade makes me feel less guilty about my kids’ rather skimpy wardrobe.
    I also enjoy seeing pictures of dolls that have since moved on from your home.
    Your photos are always so beautiful and clear that we can see their features and outfits in detail. I started my long put off blog the other day, but wonder whether to continue as my photos are so poor. It is so hard to do these lovely dolls justice as I can never find a clear space in the tiny house and it seems to be raining for 10 months of the year!
    Jenni xx

    • Liking that American expression! Will do my very best!
      Thanks to this comment I’m now not feeling quite so guilty about the repetition of their clothing though I’m not so sure that others will see it that way, thinking ‘Oh no, not that one AGAIN!’

      Have just started sorting out the babies and dressing them into their day and fleece jacket clothing in readiness for the next photo shoots.

      Super news about you starting a blog. Don’t forget to send me the link.
      Please don’t hesitate continuing as I can assure you that mine was ‘absolute rubbish’ at the beginning but it just gets much easier and better as you go along.

      In the very beginning I didn’t even know how to crop a photo so had this mass of background with a small doll in the middle looking quite lost. Now I’ve leant to focus in so no need to spend any time cropping etc.Can just use them straight from the memory card which saves so much time.

      Good luck with this new venture. It’s such fun sharing your dolls with others.

  4. Lovely girls in fabulous outfits! My favourite is your 1968 Frido Dungarees Fringe girl, she has a beautiful face and I love her darker colouring. Please don’t cut down on your photos. The more the merrier! Gill x

    • So pleased to hear that you like her too! She has a very ‘soft’ facial look even with the deep suntanned vinyl and absolutely ‘to die for’ silky hair.
      I have always used four photos to show each outfit or doll, two different full length and two closer photos but I’m not sure if people just see the same doll or outfit and not the slightly different poses….so though that I’d cut down on the pose details and see how we go.

  5. Wow Kendal, you have some real beauties here. I love your very early 66 NP brunette and your very minty 70-71 blonde girl, they are both stunning. Lots of outfits on today that I haven’t seen before, I really like both of the pine street studio outfits. Your clan are always beautifully dressed.

    • My! You’re here nice and early today! Thanks as I always look forward to our extra little contact here.
      We do seem to like quite a few of the same things when dealing with both the dolls and clothing. I think that we often tend to favour the slightly different and more usual.

      I always think that my dolls are much better dressed than I am! (Probably because they look so much smarter than I do these days preferring to wear loser more casually clothing for ease and comfort!)

  6. Kendall,
    Each picture, each doll, each part of each outfit and each description – a learning and enjoyable experience for me. I especially liked seeing your 1966 Frido Developmental girl with her wider face. I have just this week been reading about the face shape chosen for the Frido dolls. Thank you, Kendall. Betsy

    • I bought this book for myself when it first came out but apart from quickly flicking through it I haven’t had the time to really settle down to start to read it properly but did see that bit about the first faces moulded for the Frido Sasha dolls when going in search of identification between the Gotz 1969 and 70 No-navel dolls …..which after a long struggle I think that I’ve finally got the message!
      Did you think that my 1966 Developmental doll’s face was slightly similar to the first one moulded by Sasha herself….. or not?

      I would have loved to have had much larger photos for me to see these finer details but realise that they wouldn’t have all fitted into ONE book so have to make do with the help of a magnifying glass. So much to learn about these very special dolls..

  7. Another lovely Sunday morning delight Kendal. Where to start ! Love all the red heads of course!!
    Love your 68 waif in her navy and white outfit, looks so good on her.The frido 66 develop brunette is gorgeous and her pine strret outfit beautiful on her,love everything about this young lady.
    Belle is looking very special as is Riplee but the two no navel girl’s steal my heart every time, I just love their

    • little pixie faces and would love to have them come live here any time they need a home 🙂
      I do not remember seeing these outfits Kendal, not all of us have been sashaholic’s as long as others and so these are fresh to us and if not we don’t care as we love seeing your girls and their clothing in your wonderful photo’s.
      and yes I am on Paul’s computer!!

      • Should my three No-navel girls decide that they want to leave here I’ll be in touch immediately but hopefully they’ll continue to be happy here for a long time to come considering that I have only recently come to even consider them in my collection. Obviously didn’t know just what I was missing!

        It’s quite hard to remember these days just what has been ‘blogged’ over the past few years unless you painstakingly trawl through many posts and there’s never enough time for that AND produce a blog post as you will know.

    • Think that we all know how the red headed girls (and not forgetting the No-navels!) are your favourites. I like how people always have certain things in the Sasha Dolls that they are particularly attracted to and love.
      You get to hear about the likes (plus a few dislikes) at the Sasha events within the conversations.

      I am always swayed by the Sashas with trimmed hair. I home in like a magnet to any hair that has received a trim to take a second,….and third…..and fourth look….just in case!
      Will continue my reply to your second part below……….

  8. Another lovely post Kendal, and I’m pleased to see that Miss Lippy is in there, SS-R will be pleased….
    As for me, I’m just happy to see such a delightful and varied bunch of girlies, all wearing lovely winter outfits! I really do like all the different looks, I don’t think I could pick a favourite! Your brunette girl from 1966 is beautiful, and that checked pinafore is perfect on her. I also really love the 1968 Frido Dungaree Fringe girl … what a gorgeous looking girl. Please would you like to adopt me so that I can come and play with all your dolls!!!!
    Have a lovely Sunday! Big hugs, Sharon xx
    PS Glad to see that someone is getting some wear out of the socks! 😉

    • Unfortunately SS-R has already seen these Miss Lippy photos as after one week of me forgetting after promising to add her into that post I had to quickly email them on to her with an apology.

      My blonde Frido 1966 Graphic eyed Blue Cord girl always liked to wear the Pinestreetstudio outfit as it matched the colour of her eyes but have tried to swap the outfits around this year to try to make a bit of a change with them coming out again for yet another year.

      Several of my girls are already wearing your delightfully cute socks but they haven’t yet been photographed since before Christmas.

  9. Very nice photos. My favorites are the 1966 brunette developmental girl… with her awesomely shaped face… along w/the 1968 dungarees girl that you purchased from Marie Morgan a long time ago… due to her very dark vinyl… beautiful examples.
    But, of course, all your dolls have something *extra* special about them!
    Hugs, -Anne

    • Apart from a few of my very special dolls I don’t think that they are any different to any of the other Sashas around especially when you visit here and see them closely and handle them. They all have their little faults and flaws that label them waifs.
      I think that they do get enhanced by wearing the super clothing made and sold by our wonderful seamstresses and the natural looking backgrounds definitely add to the photos that is when I can get outside to snap them in the natural light.

  10. Dear Kendal, Thank you so much for sharing your dolls and outfits with us. I love to browse your blog at least once a week and if I have enough time, I also browse your older posts, as they are enrichment for my days! Liss xx

    • I think that all our Sasha Dolls enrich our lives in some way or another. Mine certainly do on a daily basis as I wander round doing the household jobs they seem to smile at me as I pass by and wish me well.

      Then there are the truly wonderful friends that they have brought into my life through the Sasha get-together events, blogs and on-line groups. Their emails and phone calls and visits all tend to keep my mind and brain alert and my whole being happy. Sashas never seem to allow you to feel alone or lonely.

      Thanks and great to hear from you again today.

  11. Dear Kendal, Oh what a lovely post again today!! I never tire of seeing your girls or their outfits. I do like when you show alternative shoes and socks in the same photo. I like the tie up boots best with the Ruthsdoll blue gingham dress. Also, varying the sock colors away from white is nice and warm and so pleasing to the eye. The red sock really “pops” with the blue shoe from Gill. Outside of Miss Lippy, and I would not dare to love her the best (SS-R ;), my favorite is your gorgeous early brunette with the amazing brown eyes. Thank you so much for sharing the brood today in their winter wear :). Hugs to you, Ginger

    • I think that any of us who value our lives wouldn’t dare let SS-R know that Miss Lippy was (or indeed wasn’t) our favourite or else we would never hear the end of it I’m sure…..having said that she really is such a loveable little soul.

      When I have to make a small decision like which shoe or socks look the best taking a photo can certainly help you make the choice. I have become to love using coloured socks instead of just the white!

      At the moment this week I am changing all the babies into their Winter fleeces with the view to taking some close up facial photos to try to help me decide if I can bare to part with one or two but so far I’m not having any luck. The’re all looking extra cute and as not to tempt me to part with them. Sometimes I reckon that I should just give up at the very beginning.

  12. Gorgeous girls in wonderful outfits and as usual Kendal, you’ve really managed to bring out their personalities. I do love all the wider faced girls and I think I’ve said before how little Riplee is the one who tugs at my heart strings – she looks so lovely in that green baby cord dress, and Sharon’s socks are perfect with it. Belle is also very special – I think I’m always drawn to the younger looking girls. I know just what you mean about the babies (and it was looking at yours which persuaded me to adopt some very special ones), and I’m really looking forward to your post with Baby Drake – I’ve been trying to photograph him and his playmate Robin (thanks Ronny) in all their lovely outfits, but really need better light which we’re just not getting at the moment. When these little imps look at you, you just know they’re telling you that you absolutely cannot ever let them move on!

    • I always think that it’s just amazing that although all the Sashas originate from the same mould (although renewed now and then) they’re all that little bit different and this comes to light with the way that the clothes suit the various dolls. Luckily I have come to know just what items will suit which dolls and this does save quite a bit of time. Of course occasionally I do tend to get it wrong but nowhere near as much as I used to.

      I must apologise for not having published/blog posted my Baby Drake photos much sooner. It has always been on my ‘to-do’ list but needs some time to get them sorted before publishing and the preparations for Christmas seemed .to take so much longer the older and slower I get.

      I do so love the babies and am enjoying giving them quality time, dressing and photographing, at the moment after having been neglected for several months now.

  13. Well HELLO beautiful dollies and photos! I just love how you always dress them so nicely and would love to adopt your developmental girl and Riplee and Miss Lippy!! Heh heh! All mine are awaiting redressing but Mummy has been on a course for Emmaus and feeling very tired but we shall catch up soon.
    Huge hugs, Aunty Sarah xx

  14. I’m afraid that it’s getting to be the case of the outfits coming out and around again this year rather than any new ones but am trying to put them on different dolls….. well, when I remember.

    I too absolutely ADORE my brunette Developmental girl so unfortunately for you she will be staying here..

    I always found that going on work courses was a real moral boaster and definitely livened up the mind and brain once the initial tiredness has passed.Enjoyed meeting the new people who were there too.

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