A Sad Sasha Announcement.

Dollydoodles.2 019

It was with great sadness that the news of Sara Doggart’s peaceful passing from this world was released to us yesterday, the 27th January 2015.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Doggart family at this very sad time.

Sara and her husband, along with Sasha Morgenthaler’s guidance and instructions, will always be remembered for their wonderful gift of our commercially manufactured Frido/Trendon Sasha Dolls which continue to give us doll collectors so much pleasure and happiness

Dollydoodles.2 021

May Sara rest in peace and God bless and help the Doggart family through this difficult time. Amen.


16 thoughts on “A Sad Sasha Announcement.

    • So sad but we were so lucky to have met her delightful daughter, Anna, at the UK Sasha Festival and learnt such a lot about her mother and late father and the Sasha Doll factory’s manufacture of these wonderfully unique and treasured dolls..

    • I know that there has already been many tributes but I felt that I needed to say a little something here too as without these wonderful dolls I wouldn’t have a blogspot which has helped me make so manyfriends and enjoy my dolls even more.

  1. Yes, thank you Kendal so much for letting the Sasha community know about Sara’s passing. What a loss to her family and all who loved her. I know I for one am grateful to her for her huge contribution to the Sasha dolls we love. Charlotte

  2. It is very sad news and it feels like the end of an era. She is leaving behind a wonderful legacy in the beautiful dolls they created at the Frido/Trendon factory. You have put it beautifully, Kendal. Thank you. xxx Karin

    • Oh Sarah! What a lovely thing to say. I really needed that too as yesterday evening just as i was checking and proof reading my latest blog ready to publish today, my laptop suddenly jumped and knocked me completely off my blog and I lost six hours work, lock, stock and barrel. I was near to tears I can tell you.
      When Chon returned from Teneriff today even she couldn’t find it to try to get some of it back so I now have to start it all over again!

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