Farewell to Xmas 2014

As some of you may already know last Saturday evening as I was just putting the finishing touches to a post, that had taken me over six hours to do, when the laptop suddenly jumped and knocked me completely off my blog and I lost the lot, ‘lock, stock and barrel.’  Naturally I was near to tears and couldn’t face repeating it all again there and then. Even my ‘techo’ daughter couldn’t find where it had disappeared to so here is a much shorter version.

Even though I had asked my close friends to please NOT remember me at Christmas as I wasn’t able to buy any presents this year (I’m  trying to help Chon with her major house repairs) and would therefore feel guilty if they gave me gifts… I know that we don’t give to receive but….!

Did Steve, Sarah P, Denise, SimplySasha or Susan B-P listen and take heed? NO!
Steve, bless him, sent me this sweet little early Trendon Lisa re-rooted baby (and dressed in this gorgeous new little outfit! ) that used to be mine a few years ago but I’d had to sell her on as he didn’t like to think of me without any Sasha presents to open. How wonderful is this? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the box. A million-trillion thanks to this very ‘naughty but oh so nice’ friend!

Xmas Presents 045

Xmas Presents 046

Xmas 2014 037

He’d even added this personalised chocolate bar seen below knowing my love of chocolate!

The next ‘very naughty but oh so nice’ friend, Denise, sent me a superb box full of Sasha related items. Firstly she had ‘Passion for Sasha’ make up this lovely Christmas red/white spotted dress and pants set for my one and only toddler, Bea. Doesn’t she look so very smart in it? (We here try not to copy other’s ideas but Bea is so be-sotted with SS’s new little toddler, Cookie, and loved her idea of wearing a pair of stripped red/white socks with her red/white Gingham checked dress that she raided the Sasha Brood’s sock’s bag and helped herself to these older Trendon socks. Apologies to SS’s little Cookie….. but tons and tons of thanks Denise.

Xmas Presents 027

Her pretty little ladybird slide was given to The Brood along with several other designs  by Theresa O’Neill. Thanks again.

Xmas Presents 031

The second gift in Denise’s box were these dear little Christmas crackers. The Brood were thrilled to pull them between themselves at the Christmas Day luncheon just like the BIG grown ups do. Yet more thanks Denise.



Oh,  but we haven’t anywhere near finished with this box yet! Nestling in one corner was this attractive little wooden worm called Mr.Woody. My Sasha babies were thrilled to bits with him as they had seen and admired the one that The Village babies play with. MORE thanks!

Xmas Presents 051

Xmas Presents 053

In the opposite corner was this soft and cuddly Blue Nosed Goose. My new little baby saw him first and was enjoying cuddling him when Quirky, just down from The Naughty Chair again, spotted him and snatched it off her claiming that it was HIS and HIS alone as it’s blue nosed beak matched his outfit.!


Naturally he’s back on the NAUGHTY CHAIR until he learns the art of sharing! Denise yet more ‘shed loads’ of thanks from The Brood AND from me for my scrumptious strip of Ferro Rocha chocolates to be seen in a later photo. They are one of my favourite chocs.


Next up Bea is showing you my next lovely gift and from the woman who is always saying how she just hates Christmas……. so a ‘double-whammy’ surprise plus I have proof that The Ice Queen does actually exist AND has a loving/thoughtful/kind/caring side to her! Yes, you’ve guessed correctly, Simply Sasha her very self!  She sent me these two most attractive Kid Cathson T towels. They are so up-market that they will only be used when I am having one of my posh fresh lobster and Champagne/white wine picnics when attending Polo Tournaments or car race meeting or a very special visit to the beach.

Xmas Presents 035

Many thanks indeed. I am chuffed to bits with your present….. AND card!
Xmas Presents 037

Sarah P asked Father Christmas to bring The Brood this gorgeous minature Richard Steiff Bear. I remember years ago trying to get this grey mohair bear for my collection but in the large size but wasn’t successful. My Brood are really thrilled with him so a great ‘mountainous heap’ of thanks Sarah for your kindness and thoughtfulness.



Chon obviously had a little spend whilst at the CnS and secretly from me purchased this delightfully soft little bunny for The Brood for Christmas.



She also bought them this little useful Eiffle Tower shoulder bag.


Susan tried to excuse herself with sending me this very smart VS outfit which she tried to disguise as a ‘Get Well’ gift instead of a Christmas present!! What lengths some of my ‘naughty but nice’ friends will go to….. BUT I was really thrilled with it as Chon was disappointed that I hadn’t chosen to buy the similar one from the CnS…. BUT as I pointed out to her I hadn’t spotted it at the time due to all the crowds around snapping up Sarah’s attractive Sasha coats! Again a million thanks Susan as always!


Xmas Presents 002


A few days before Christmas my gardener’s wife sent me this super tray of pastries knowing that I’m not a good ‘light’ pastry baker and how I especially miss my late mother’s mince pies at this time of year.

Xmas 2014 007

As you can see there was a delightful apple crumble and deep apple pie and extra creamy custard as well as the mince pies so I was well set up for all my deserts during the Christmas week….. but saved the mince pies to have with Chon over Christmas. Many thanks indeed for this wonderful and very much appreciated edible surprise present. Everything was scrumptious.

Xmas 2014 013

Like most people I love chocolates especially when I’m watching a good film or programme on the TV. The Xmas Thorntons box was from an ex-pupli that I taught some 32 years ago and the Bendicks mints was from a teacher colleague who I taught alongside from the same time. The Ferro Rocher were from The Sasha Village. Many, many thanks to you all. Thoughly enjoyed them..

Xmas Presents 058

Sasha cards are always that extra bit special to receive. From L-R back row Sarah W, Lorraine T and Gillian N. Middle row Judith E, Denise and Catherine F. Bottom row Ellen C, Dawn L and Karin F. Many thanks to you all for such lovely photos and designs.


This was my lovely card from Chon.


One of my two cards to her.


No ‘Brownie’ points for guessing who I sent this card to!


Just a few photos of my usual Christmas decs for the record. My twig tree (although the lights weren’t on in the following photo due to the sunshine.)

Xmas decs 003

The tree when lit.

Xmas decs 038

The baubles that never quite made it onto the tree and so remained here throughout the whole Christmas season expecting daily to be hung but taking up an often much needed seat.

Xmas decs 015

The decorated mantlepiece.

Xmas decs 011

The wall decoration separating the dining from the living areas.

Xmas decs 008

Xmas decs 010

The free standing and now decorated candleabra in the dining corner.

Xmas decs 022

Xmas decs 024

The candleabra in the centre of the dining table.

Xmas decs 029 Xmas decs 027

The bunch of mistetoe in the hall.

Xmas decs 021

The toning misteltoe wreath hanging on the hall wall.

Xmas decs 017

Xmas decs 018

I must apologise for the rather dull photos but many were taken in the conservatory when the sun had passed to prevent the pics being devoid of the it’s shadows.

Still have the rest of the Tudor Yuletide photos to post so until we next meet thank you for visiting and have a wonderful time with your Sasha Dolls


30 thoughts on “Farewell to Xmas 2014

  1. Well, what a delight to see in my email this morning. I was so disappointed you lost your blog last week, both for you and selfishly for me! What fantastic gifts from your lovely Sasha friends and Steve is truly one in a million! Lovely to see your Sasha Christmas cards and your beautifully decorated home, I think the decorations left on the sofa look just as lovely there in a little cluster.
    Thank you for sharing it’s always an absolute joy to see and read your blogs, love them.

    • What a lovely thing to say about those ‘unhung’ baubles! I hadn’t thought of them that way as had truly though that they would have got hung over Christmas week but then when they were still lying there on the second week I decided that it perhaps wasn’t worth the effort with my hands as it would soon be time to take them all down.
      Yes, I am SO very lucky to have such wonderful Sasha Friends.

  2. Many Thanks Kendal for not giving up after the disaster of losing all your hard work last week.
    It’s lovely to see all the wonderful presents that found their way to you for Christmas 🙂

    I love the little baby you received from Steve and the VS dress from Susan PB, I knew I should have jump off that stage and fought my way through all those woman to get to Sarah’s sales table , but no I had to be the perfect hostess and wait… only to forget and just seethe last three items left !! Mind you I did get a VS Dungarees set, so was not too disappointed 🙂

    I particularly love the photo of your yellow eyed waif with the rocking horse and dogs and it’s always lovely to see all your decorations.

    So once again Kendal Many Many Thanks for not giving up, after all that hard work, we do appreciate every post you do.

    Dee xx

    • Many thanks again Denise for all your wonderful gifts to me and The Brood. Such an exciting box to open and unwrap.
      Doesn’t Bea look extra smart in your new dress set? I had planned to put her white socks with it (as she hasn’t any red) but love her choice of the red/white striped instead. Much more trendy!
      I too like that Gotz yellow eyed waif/rocking horse/dog group setting although she shouldn’t really be in that shorts outfit over Christmas time but haven’t had the chance to change , all but a few out of their Summer wear into their Winter dresses….. (as my Sasha alloted time is now spent viewing yours and other’s fab. Sasha blogspots…. much more exciting for me!)
      Hopefully then if you were the perfect host with regards to the VS sales table I was the perfect guest and waited!

      • If you both tell me what you want this year I’ll nobble them for you! 🙂 I wasn’t the perfect guest, however I nearly missed out on coats as didn’t hear Dee say the magic words, got the last two on the table for my mum and myself, beginners luck I think!

  3. A beautiful and delightful post Kendal and, as always, I enjoyed every photo and every word. From afar, it strikes me most that you have so many loving and generous friends. Christmas is a perfect time for giving of ourselves to those we love. The exceptional Sasha baby, the outfits, toys, cards, sweets, and festive gifts are all wonderful ways to show and share affection during the holidays. I love to see the photos of your lovely home and especially when it is so beautifully decorated for Christmas. Thank you very much for pushing through the disappointment of the lost post and rallying to share the joy with us! 🙂 xxx

    • I give thanks daily for my wonderful Sasha friends who make my life so extra enjoyable with their sharing of these unique and irresistable dolls..
      I did feel guilty about not being able to give any Sasha related gifts in return.
      Christmas is indeed a time for remembering, visiting and giving especially to those who due to various reasons we don’t manage to keep in contact with during the year as much as we’d like.
      Thanks for such a lovely and much appreciated comment.

  4. Always a joy for me to pop by and read your blog on a Sunday morning, and what a sight for sore eyes it is! Beautifully put together it is a real pleasure to read…I must say how super toddler Bea looks in her new outfit 🙂
    Have a good week!

    • Sorry though that you had such a long wait inbetween these last two posts due to me unfortunately completely losing a whole post at the very last hour.
      Many thanks again for your most attractive present. I can’t wait to use it on one of the well deserving occasions as I’m a TRUE BRIT through and through!

  5. Lovely post Kendal, delightful gifts being shown by gorgeous members of the Sasha brood.

    I can well imagine how terrible you felt when you lost everything! Computer eh?! Very frustrating at times, but we wouldn’t be without them now I guess.

    • Definitely near to tears to say the least especially as it takes me so long to do a post with having to tap every key separatly with a pencil point.
      We were all absolutely thrilled with the unexpected gifts.

      • Kendal, what a lovely display of your Sasha related Christmas gifts – thank you for sharing despite the frustration of losing all your hard work. You can save a wordpress blog post to draft without publishing it – if you save every 10 minutes you’ll have less chance of losing all your work (there should be a ‘save draft’ button as well as the ‘publish’ button). If you need any advice on this if you can’t find the button, email me and I’ll do my best to help.

      • How lovely of you to offer your help here. I couldn’t believe my bad luck in-spite of using this superb WordPress blog which automatically saves your work every minute that you are working on your post.
        There is also, as you mention, a save draft button at the bottom of the post space which I often use at the very end of a session just to be sure.
        On talking over with Chon about exactly what did happen I have come to the conclusion that it must have been a large input of add-on pop-ups that came in together that completely upset and knocked me off the post and dropped me back on a Google internet page. I have previously tried to get rid of these advertisements but to no avail so plan when my computer guy comes the next time to see if he can delete these for me.
        I AM so lucky receiving all these superb gifts. My thanks to everyone again.

  6. Hope your computer is now sitting on the ‘naughty chair’!

    Thanks for showing the very noble decorations and a insight in your lovely home
    – and of course, the reminding of christmas is coming in some month again!

    Herzliche Grüsse aus Eisenach
    von Anne

    • Really smiled, well more like LOL, at your comment about my laptop sitting on the naughty chair! Actually come to think of it I’ve never seen anyone other than Quirky sitting on it.
      Pleased that you liked the Xmas decorations although I know that they are very similar each year nowadays and agree that the way my life is literally flying by it won’t be that long before we have the Christmas Season back with us all again!

  7. What a lovely post Kendal. Glad to see baby Red is now back where she belonged, lol. Loved looking at all your Christmas presents, like you I did very well from some of my very special Sasha friends. Like you said are way to kind.
    Loving your saucer eyed girl, she is a real beauty.
    How nice it is to see a little glimpse of your Sasha collection in some of your pictures. Xxxx

    • Many thanks again Steve for the oh so sweet little Christmas baby. How I could have ever let her go in the first place I just don’t know! I just adore her in this outfit too. (Can’t now remember what I sent her down to Sashadolluk in but it wouldn’t have been anything so pretty as this.)
      What would we do without some of very special Sasha friends who always help us to enjoy our precious dolls even more.

      Ah yes, you could see some of my dolls sneaking into some of the photos and I bet that you noticed that they were STILL in their Summer dresses? Naughty me although this is, I promise you, the first time that I have let this happen

      I have completely fallen in love with the Gotz Saucer eyed girl and have just recently managed to find the time to change her out of her original clothing and she looks even nicer in her VS dress.

      Again thank you for being such a GREAT friend to me.

  8. I’m very sorry to hear about last weeks work all lost, but this is a lovely post and most welcome 🙂
    You did have some gorgeous Christmas pressies from your ‘naughty but oh so nice’ friends! Love the baby and the spotty dress and all the chocs, very nice indeed. It was also great to see your Sashas about the place, and that beautiful rocking horse! Is that two rocking horses I see, a regular size one and a Sasha size one, how wonderful is that!!!
    Here’s to another fantastic Sasha filled year to you Kendal 🙂
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    • It was so maddening to loose all that work and in a ‘blink of an eye’ too. I was on tenderhooks (and praying madly!) this time when I was carrying out the proof reading in case the whole thing happened again as I couldn’t have have the heart and will power to repeat it all again which would have been such a shame for those who gave me such wonderful Christmas gifts after being asled politely NOT to not to see them displayed and in action.

      Yes, there are two rocking horses, one for the real life people and one Sasha sized, and both rocking not to far away from each other.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. It’s always lovely to hear what people have to say about our doll posts.
      Many thanks too for the years good wishes with regards to our unique Sasha Dolls.

  9. all lovely Kendal but I would have LOVED the wonderful gift of homemade pies….scrummy ….lucky lady , with all those fabulous gifts xxxxx

    • The tray of pastries was absolutely delicious and most welcome as basically whilst I do feed myself with fresh produce and completely homemade I don’t enjoy cooking or baking and so always breath a sigh of relief and thanks when another main meal in my life is over.

  10. Hi Kendal what a lovely post, your baby Red is beautiful and i am so happy to see my favourite toddler wearing her little ladybird hair slide. So glad you did not give up after the computer glitch. i also love the photo with the rocking horse. xx

  11. Kendal, I’m so glad you didn’t lose all your post. That is so frustrating when it happens. I love your photos of the dolls with their beautiful new toys. The wooden worm is excellent! Your redhead re-rooted baby is gorgeous and our saucer-eyed girl is a thing of beauty too. Her hair colour is amazing! I’ve never seen another like her. I’m so glad you had such a lovely Christmas; so many surprises. Thanks for sharing them with us all.

    • Although I did lose all the work (photos and writings) that I did when putting the post together but the photos that were in stored my ‘Pictures and Media Gallery’ were of course safe and still there and ready to be used again.
      I wasn’t expecting to have any presents this year, apart from the Gotz Saucer eyed girl, so you can imagine my surprise and delight at receiving all these wonderful gifts from my ‘really naughty but oh so nice’ friends.
      My friends make my life so much more enjoyable.

  12. Thanks for sharing another beautiful post Kendal. So generous of you to invite us into your home & share your passions with us. You seem to be able to present all of the images from the best angle. So love looking at all of the photos that I often revisit. Hope that you have a stress free week full of Sasha fun…Carol

    • I do so enjoy sharing my Sasha Dollswith other Sasha Collectors and ‘visa-versa.’
      It’s such a wonderful part of our hobby with these unique dolls. .Each doll being so different that there is always so much to look and say about them…. and then there is the subject of the variety of their superb clothing. One can never get bored whilst there’s a Sasha Doll or two around.
      A pity that you live so far away or else you could come and see them for yourself.
      Thanks for the weeks good stress-free wishes. I’ll certainly try to do my best.

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