Rosemary Shortell’s Llama Jacket Pattern

Llama Coat Written Instructions in pdf 
Llama Coat 01

Have been struggling for over a week now to try to get Rosie Shortell’s wonderful Llama jacket (seen here above) knitting instructions to stay on my blog post as my WordPress blog doesn’t like pdfs…. SO luckily Briggitte Schwitter has come to the rescue and has just added it to her own Facebook posts for you to see and use.

Below are the bits and pieces that have been managed so far to change from  pdfs.kah
This is the illustration diagram for the back.
Coat Back
Llama Coat for Sasha PATTERN
Here are the instructions again in a much clearer print.

LLAMA COAT Materials – 4 ply in three colours. Needles – 3 mm. Five small buttons. PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING.
Row 1 Starts at the bottom right of the pattern,
Row 2 at the left.
BACK Knit rows start at bottom right, purl rows at bottom left. Knit 2 together at marked green squares near top of back and fronts
FRONT BANDS The front bands of 4 stitches on right front & left front (with buttonholes ) are in Garter stitch (all knit rows)
SLEEVE Put fronts to back, wrong sides together and sew shoulders (from arm edge for 3.5 cm) Pick up and knit 31 sts. right side facing, along armhole edge.
COLLAR In front band colour Row 1.
Pick up 6 stitches across neck front (but not from the 4 stitch band.)
Pick up 17 stitches across back and pick up 6 stitches across the other front (but not from 4 stitch band) (29 sts.)
Row 2. Knit Row 3. K6. (*k into front and back of next stitch) k to last 7 sts. (repeat *) K 6 Row 4. K7. (*k into front and back of next stitch) k to last 8 sts. (repeat *) K 7
Row 5 to Row 10 Knit Cast off very loosely.

The two fronts.
Right Front
Llama Coat for Sasha SLEEVE RF
Left front
Llama Coat for Sasha SLEEVE LF
The two sleeves.
Llama Coat for Sasha SLEEVE
3 mm double pointed needles, &1 size smaller (don’t need double ended for these)

Knitted in stocking stitch whichever side you start from (to save rejoining yarn)
PART A of Graph Pattern

  1. Cast on 65 sts. In main ( not white ) yarn. Smaller size needles
  2. Row 1. Rib one row in main colour. Smaller size needles
    Change to 3mm needles
  3. Follow grid for stripes and pattern until second orange row.
  4. The GREEN DOTS – show where to knit 2 tog.
  5. Break off yarn leaving about 12”. Thread the last 20 sts with the yarn pull tight and fasten. Sew up back seam.

PART B of Graph Pattern


  1. Pick up 8 sts. for earflaps stocking st. 2 alternate colours, knit 2 tog. at each end of 9th, 11th &12th
  2. Cast off last 2 sts.
  3. Repeat for second one.

WHITE EDGING(smaller needles)p on graph (it is in 2 pieces )

  1. Pick up and rib 3 rows. *(As I was on a knit row when I finished I cast off purlwise) Sew in ends.
  2. Repeat for second earflap.
  1. Sew – join earflaps to white edge.
  1. Either crochet one row around ear flap in white. Or pick up and cast off around earflap in white.

TIES– (my ties were too short yarn 30”)

  1. Crochet – 60” of yarn, thread it through earflap so it is double and crochet the tie. Or plait it.
  1. Charlotte had a pompom on her hat made with 2 rings and trimmed to size. But a little crochet stalk would also look nice.

Llama Hat

Wishing all you knitters a great success with the knitting up of this fabulous coat which was first created for the UK Sasha World magazine (but has since been simplified and the hat added) and look forward to seeing some of the results in the near future.

Below are three photos of my coat on one of my Gotz dolls knitted by Rosie herself from her original pattern and given to me for my 70th birthday. Mine has working pockets. The hat pattern wasn’t invented then.

70th Birthday Presents 036

70th Birthday Presents 038

70th Birthday Presents 039

The next four photos are of Theresa O’Neill’s jacket knitted from the older original Sasha World Magazine pattern like mine was. Please notice the addition of the tails!





These two below are of Dawn’s knitted jacket and hat and are from the latest new pattern instructions.



PS Will still try to get help with listing the rest of the coat here incase there are people who are not able to get onto Brigitte’s Facebook.


23 thoughts on “Rosemary Shortell’s Llama Jacket Pattern

  1. Thanks again Kendal for your mail with the very nice pattern. I would like to knit it, but it is not easy as a “Dutch Girl” to read an English pattern. Is there maybe one nice person that is able to translate it for me? I would really appreciate it.

    Greetings from Holland, Tiny van den Ende

    • Will do my very best to try to help here as I do know a couple of Sasha collectors who live in Holland… BUT it might have to be later on next month when I’ve been to the Sasha Celebration Weekend (13-15th May) as am rather busy getting my 78 dolls ready to display there and then the following week will be recordinging the event on blog posts..

  2. Such a lovely post Kendal, thank you for the pattern and attempts you have made for bringing it to us. Your own Gotz girl looks just super in her Rosie made jumper in red, good enough to eat! xx

  3. This coat on your beautiful girl is absolutely stunning. I will never ever be able to knit such a wonderful coat as I am a lemon at knitting ;-). Always admired this coat as much as your girl. Liss xxxx

    • Even though I used to knit for myself, my brothers and sister and my daughter as well as knitting for my sister-in-law’s village craft shop I’m sure that attempting to knit this coat might have well been beyond me too.
      Although the coat naturally remains here the Gotz lass has moved on to pastures new at some point in time. Another one to add to my list of Sasha regrets and mistakes.

  4. I wonder if my mum could knit this for me? Thanks for sharing the pattern Rosemary and for posting it on your blog Kendal!

    • I can send you all the pdfs needed but unfortunately I can’t get them to stay open on my blog as WordPress doesn’t take pdfs although Rosie has said that she will put them back into jpegs again to record here.
      I’m sure that your mother will be able to manage it and I’m sure that she can get in touch with Rosie if needed.

      • Yes, I apologize for the entry which apparently was posted while I was viewing your post from my cell phone. I cannot imagine why it posted “nothing” and I must exercise caution in tge future while viewing on my phone.

        A lovely post Kendal and Rosie’s pattern is just gorgeous. I do not knit and so have great admiration for those that do knit and especially those who are able to make a treasured keepsake like this llama coat and hat. 🙂 xxx

      • Pleased that your comment, or rather lack of wording, has now been sorted perhaps you will find someone to knit this most attractive jacket for you in the near future.

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