Better late than never….

Only five years late,  I finally get to see the collection of childhood photos put together by my daughter in 2007!

Click here to see the movie on You Tube (2 mins 21 sec) set to her favourite TV theme tune of the time:  White Horses by Jacky!


4 thoughts on “Better late than never….

  1. oh kendal, i absolutely loved it…..i love old photos and i had a matching bikini to chons except mine was in purple with the same plasic white ring at the top….im off to watch it again….hope you had a lovely birthday today….sarah x

  2. What a lovely surprise, Kendal!
    How thoughtful of Chon to set it all up as birthday treat.

    Wishing you many happy, magical memories
    Love Jill

  3. ooh kendal…..i loved it !, i really enjoy looking at old photos and i had the same bikini as chon, mine was purple with the same white plasic ring at the top……im off to have another look, thanks for letting us all see your family pics…..sarah x

  4. That was just gorgeous Kendal, I had to watch it twice to take it all in. It reminded me of my youth and my favourite tv programmes were Black Beauty and Follyfoot. Chon is so thoughtful and so pretty. Thanks so much for sharing this,
    Susan xx

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