Wishing all my Sasha Friends, and of course their dolls, a very happy, blessed and peaceful Easter Weekend.

Unfortunately due to problems with the photos stored in my laptop and any recently taken photos in my camera not being able to be downloaded since the latest Windows10 update I wasn’t able to do the Easter blogpost that I had planned… SO I’m using this Easter Bank Holiday post here instead until I can find the time to do the Easter one.

1. Petrana gave me this delightful dress and pants set, as one of my birthday presents from her, and which colour co-ordinates beautifully with that wonderful purple floral coat/trouser set that I already had… and which can be seen again below to remind you.

2. The dress (with it’s matching knickers) is pictured here with a pair of DesAdorables lilac bar shoes and a small lilac hair ribbon in her hair.


4. Close up of the gorgeous coat materials.

5. See how delightfully the tiny patterned dress material goes with it.


This charming little dress which, like the patterned H&G grey skirt a short while back, immediately opened up the thrilling and challenging Sasha play opportunities of what I can add/put with it, from items already here, to make a number of different outfits….so here we go…

7. Firstly, the coat fastened up over the dress with Ruthsdolls purple lace up shoes.

8. Coat opened up to show it’s lining with the dress material.



11. The reversible little top that came with the original coat set used here as a bolero.

12. Notice how it (and her shoes) picks up the paler lilac in the dress print.

13. The other side of the top (and which matches the trousers) and to which I have added two of their hair slides to cover the press studs. The purple lace shoes match it perfectly.



16. Couldn’t resist adding this short piece of ribbon (originally from a past present, my ‘waste not want not’ coming in useful again!)


18. A longer piece of satin ribbon ties attractively around the waist giving it a ‘party dress’ look.


20. Back view of the trailing ribbon bow.



23. Slid it round to the front but unfortunately wasn’t so keen here.



26. Back again to the organza small piece of ribbon salvaged from a present wrapping, this time tied around her waist. I quite liked this more beige tone, especially here along with the JJ sandals.



29. Next I added this Ruthsdolls pinafore (that incidentally I must have had here for 20+ years) giving her a Victorian style look along with her JMD rag doll (a lovely gift from Ginger one Christmas) and then I found these little hair clips to pull her hair back.



32. Another additional ‘Blast from the past’ as they say. This sweet little crochet boloro was a gift 20 or more years ago from a US Sasha Festival. (I must apologise as I wasn’t able to put the dear little heart shaped buttons through the button holes due to my Arthritic curled fingers, but I can assure you that they do go through.)




36. A dear little Molly cardigan was next to be added. (Again apologies for not being able to button it up.) Perfect colour co-ordination imo.

37. In hindsight though I would have perhaps been better adding the little star shaped hair slides (which can be seen elsewhere in the post) as they would have been more of a colour match.


39. Next we have a Ruthsdolls machine knitted cardigan purchased at the very beginning of my Sasha collecting.



42. Lastly a slightly more casual, outdoor look with this DD hoodie. (Please notice the pretty little star shaped slides here. I’ve just naughtily forgotten who gave them to us but thinking that it could have been Theresa or Susan or Lorraine?)


My apologies again as I obviously got carried away, as per usual, with ALL these photos.  Will I ever learn to know when to stop?


Many thanks for visiting us here and we hope that you are all ‘out and about’ enjoying this wonderful Easter weather.



  1. Hi Kendal, what a fabulous post, I love the way you have given that pretty dress so many options. I hope you have a wonderful Easter and that chocolate is involved, somewhere along the line. I think it was me that gave you the little clips and they came in a few colours xxxx

    • Thanks for popping by and commenting. So pleased to hear that it was YOU who gave those sweet little slides to us as you were my first choice at guessing. Yes I still have all the colours and the little box that they came in and might well be using the yellow ones in my Easter post if I manage to get around to taking the photos etc later today.
      Yep! Easter chocolate eggs are indeed being enjoyed here.
      Happy Easter.

  2. Happy Easter 🐣 to you and your Sasha brood too. Petrana has done a fab job there, I bought a doll from her a couple or so years ago which has turned out to be my favourite girl.
    Your photography is fab too very professional.
    Good luck

    Sent from my iPad

    • Really enjoyed trying out all these different ways to show off this delightful little Petrana dress set. This has always been the best part of my Sasha collecting and then the photographing of it afterwards.
      It’s really thrilling when you see all the results coming together at the end isn’t it?
      I love it too when just ONE doll seems to suit almost everything that you put on her without having to use several dolls.
      Happy Easter and many thanks for commenting here on such a busy family day.

  3. Happy Easter Kendal, and thank you for taking the time to post these wonderful pictures. I will enjoy them at leisure this afternoon!

    • Just noticed from Facebook that it was you who bought this simply delightful Daisy, Daisy outfit from me. Ruth Briggs was a bespoke/personal wedding dress maker in her time so was able to use these gorgeous silk materials with ease as you can see.
      The little ballet shoes are also exquisite and I was recently disappointed not to still have them here as I wanted to use them in my Sasha Celebration Weekend Ballet photo competition.
      BTW Please keep in touch here as I am still hoping to find the sweet little pearl bracelet that also came with the outfit.
      Happy Easter to you and yours.

  4. Happy Easter Kendal! As always, enjoyable post and amazing pictures! I must admit that you are the best Sasha photographer that we all can learn a lot from! I wish you good health so we can enjoy your posts and pictures in the future! I hope there will be a solution to your PC problems. Happy Easter, with lots of Love, Petrana xx

    • A very happy Easter weekend to you and your family… and the same again for you all next week. Double celebrations! So reminds me of when I went out on holiday to Cyprus one March/April after having celebrated Easter in the UK the weekend before to find it all happening again over there.
      So thrilled to hear/read that you enjoyed my little Sasha play using your dear little birthday dress set. I get quite excited when I find odd items that are already here to add to an outfit so giving it a variety of looks and styles.
      Please thank your husband for all his time and kindness yesterday evening in helping me fix my exasperating Windows10 update problems as without it I couldn’t have done an Easter post with these photos still stuck in my camera.
      Thanks for visiting here and again a very happy Easter/Bank Holiday weekend.

    • Thanks for dropping by at such busy family tine. So pleased that you liked the photos.
      I store my Sasha’s shoes in lidded shallow transparent boxes that I get from Hobby Craft. Will take a photo asap and forward on to you as only just recently I have deleted those very photos and it would be too time consuming for either you or I to search through my past blog posts. Before this I used to store them in empty chocolate boxes and label the outsides of the boxes sandals, boots, trainers, lace ups etc but the advantage of the transparent ones is of course that you can see by just looking in from the outside which type of shoes are in each one.
      Happy Easter.

      • Thank you for your quick reply. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog over the years. I live I st Simons I’ll, ga USA but we have visited and rented in Deal, Kent and that is one of our favorite places on earth.

      • Oh yes! Deal in Kent is really lovely. I remember doing a study on Deal Castle for my Teaching History Degree project, though of course many years ago now.
        I’m afraid that my blog gets precious little attention these days compared with the olden days as although ‘the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak.’

      • I know what you mean, I am 81 years young but continue to sew for my Sashas and sell the dresses on ebay. Keep on keeping on!😍

  5. Kendal….thanks once again for brightening my day with your thoughtful “fashion show”…a lovely doll, with a variety of coordinated purple, lavender and lilac outfits! What is a “Molly” cardigan?

    Jean Jensen used to bring several of those clear plastic boxes filled with shoes to festivals where, to all our benefits, she displayed (without people having to open and reopen ) and sold hundreds of pairs. Her memory remains so alive whenever we see yet another inspired pair of her footwear!


    • So pleased that you enjoyed the little fashion show. It’s great when just one doll who seems to look positively good in most outfits, who is photogenic and wearing an outfit that can be made to look a little different in each photo just by posing her a little differently and adding on an accessory.
      Sometimes I’m almost tempted to do a ‘Spot the Difference’ post.
      Yes, these transparent plastic are just perfect for storing our Sasha’s footwear.
      The JJ sandals here are such a palish beige pink that they can almost go with any coloured outfit .
      Many thanks for popping by and especially for commenting. I love FEEDBACK whether good …or bad! So very helpful!
      Happy Easter.

  6. Delightful unexpected treat. I’m sitting here smiling all by myself. Or perhaps I’ve got that wrong – you’re all with me! Family now bursting through the door downstairs. Must go. Happy Easter, Sasha friends! Thank you, Kendal! I’ll be back for a second look! Loved it all, but I think especially with the DD top!

    • Didn’t even expect it to happen myself as the photos were stuck in the camera as the laptop wouldn’t allow me to download them thanks to naughty Windows 10s latest update.
      Enjoy this special time with your family and thanks for dropping in and commenting as I love to read other collectors views etc.

  7. What a wonderful post Kendal, who could go wrong with the colour purple? I love how our girl just models for you so beautifully and rocks every exquisite combination. The photos of the eggs and tulips remind me of how we are now welcoming spring, thank you ❤

    • I know! I just can’t believe it! She just seems to suit everything that I put on her never mind photogenic. I remember many years ago a Sasha collector out in the US who only had the one doll who she called Lucy. She was Alison’s first ever re-root and her fringe stuck straight out. This doll went everywhere with her and wore everything (though nowhere near as well or as nicely as OUR girl does.)

      I always thought that how lovely it would be just to have the ONE doll like this but realised that one needed at least several Sasha dolls of different hair colours, shapes and sizes to suit every outfits AND Jeanette is proving to be just this sort of doll!
      Having said that though I would still have to keep her sister Gertie Clarisse as she is nearly as good at this as her sister… although I do have to be extra careful of her hair and style so, no pulling of the clothes over her head if you don’t mind!

      Happy Easter and many thanks again for these two absolutely delightful dolls who I hope are also showing other collectors that the expensive NP dolls aren’t the only dolls to cause one’s heart to flutter.

  8. Beautiful outfit, and I love all of the inventive ways that you have accessorized it. I need to show this to my girls when they start to moan that they need new outfits! Your model is absolutely stunning. Hope you had a lovely Easter.

    • Happy Easter to all at Gregorpolis (hope that I have spelt this correctly!)
      Yes this is a good way to make the Sasha girls feel as though they have many more outfits than they actually have and keeps them well occupied in the process.
      I really love this JMD customised girl (originally a 1970ish Gregor.)

  9. A very happy Easter Kendal, all beautiful combinations for your girl ,even the eggs in between look luscious! Purple for Easter too. Off to Borth Y Gest again in a few days, always think of you when I’m there! Viv x

    • Thanks and the same to you too.
      Yes, purple is an Lenten/Easter Church’s priests robes colour.
      How lovely to be off to Borth Y Guest and in this gorgeous weather. Most envious.
      Give my love to Black Rock Sands if you go down there.

  10. A lovely post Kendal, such a lot of possibilities with this one little dress, which incidentally was a very nice pressie for your birthday. I love how you ring all the changes for us to see.
    I love seeing JJs sandals, all the different colours, Jean is sadly missed. I was only thinking her today as I changed one of my Sasha’s into a navy blue pair to go with an outfit I’ve almost finished…yes I’m sewing again!!!!
    Well I hope you’re having a great Easter Sunday and hope the rest of your week is super too.
    Big hugs from Sharon in rainy Spain…yes rain today!!!

  11. Happy Easter Kendal. What a wonderful post full of purple, one of my most favourite of colours along with your lovely Sasha.
    Your usual elegance of styling present in all the wonderful ways your Sasha modeled her dress and accessories.
    Dee x

    • Happy Easter to you and all living down in the Sasha Village. Betting that you’ve had a great time out gardening etc.
      I too love purples and lilacs and don’t they suit our Sashas really well.

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