A Case Of When ‘One Thing Leads To Another…..’

The arrival of my surprise Haggle and Gaggle gift package containing the little skirt by Petrana immediately started a much needed new flow of Sasha interest and activity here.

Out came the Brood’s four huge A1 clothing and their five footwear boxes, followed by me and my now very old, but trusted camera. Below can be seen what materialised.

Firstly the dear little skirt was put on Jeanette and teamed with a Dollydoodle hooded sweatshirt, vintage-sasha beret and JJ sandals and Boneka socks (the latter two snatched off poor Belle who was innocently standing nearby.)

The Brood were given this soft toy Snoopy dog for Christmas by Father Christmas himself.

Next off came the beret and socks and sandals and instead on came the H&G tights and a pair of commercially made black bar shoes..


H&G tights were then replaced with a pair of vintage-sasha grey stripped tights and the late JJ white laced boots and the v-s beret returns.


Dollydoodles hooded sweatshirt was then replaced by a ‘Sharon in Spain’ grey Jersey jumper and Des Adorables grey bar shoes.


Beret off and a grey Dollydoodles fur trimmed gillet on.




Sharon in Spain’s grey jumper off, Dollydoodle white T shirt with a Gregor’s grey front fastening  hoodie on top.


Vintage-sasha striped tights now replaced with a plain white pair and commercially made black bar shoes and DD sweatshirt pulled down to show a trendy layer beneath the hoodie.


Gregor’s white T shirt now replaced with one of their pale grey ones. White tights off and Boneka dark grey socks and pale grey bar shoes back on.


Dollydoodle’s front opening hoodie was then put on so softening the look. Here Jeanette is seen clutching a little knitted and much loved Christmas Tree kitten ornament.

Bar shoes exchanged for a pair of their uni-sex white canvas converses/sneakers.

Beret off, hoodie hood pulled up and holding a little ‘Me to You’ bear, a much appreciated Christmas gift to them from Auntie Shelly, MANY years ago.


Hood down and a DD beanie hat added giving a much more modern look.



Finally the hoodie was taken off and tied around her waist as the youngsters today  tend to do.


Thanks for popping over. Always lovely to see you here. Hope that you have enjoyed this little skirt’s adventures today and will be interested in reading your views on the above resulting outfit creations.
Enjoy the rest of this short month.

41 thoughts on “A Case Of When ‘One Thing Leads To Another…..’

  1. Just goes to show what the arrival of a piece of Sasha clothing can do! I loved seeing all the different ways you have matched the skirt and also the tights with item’s you already own.
    I particularly like photos 4, 6 , 10 ,16 and 25 but all the different styles are great and show just how many looks you can get with a few clothes.

    Thank you for showing us a lovely selection of photos this early Sunday morning and gad to see you having fun styling your girl Jeanette.
    Dee x

    • Oh Gosh. Just seen the time that you posted this comment. You are certainly on the ball this morning…. although I do now remember that you do tend to stay up late not needing so much sleep. This was my first wake up during the night time so decided that I would publish this now instead of waiting until the morning as I normally do to proof read it when hopefully somewhat refreshed after a reasonable nights sleep.
      Just enjoyed scrolling back to look at the photos of your favourite choices of outfits. Always love this bit of feedback… as I’m sure that you do too. It’s like a little verbal chatty inter-reaction that I have so missed from not being able to attend the last couple of years Sasha events. So many thanks for this.

    • I am still rather amazed at the outcome of this little venture! You just never know what you can achieve with what you already have when it comes down to our Sashas Dolls and their already owned clothing!

  2. Such a fun post. I enjoyed seeing how many different outfits you created out of a few core pieces. I thought I could pick a favorite, but they were all wonderful.

    • Thanks. I could hardly believe my eyes at seeing all these slightly different ‘takes’ when putting together these random items of clothing. Each and everyone rather surprised me and I’m sure that if time had allowed I could have managed a few more.
      So enjoyed hearing from you.

    • So pleased to hear that you enjoyed this post. I’m still rather reeling from being able to produce these slightly different various looks from these two new gifted clothing items along with their own already previously had clothing.
      Just goes to show what can be done now and then without having to buy whole new outfits.

    • I’ve always rather enjoyed playing ‘Mixing and Matching’ with my Sasha Dolls as it reminds me of when I first bought my dolls and there were NO Sasha seamstresses around so just had to make do with the few original outfits that they either came wearing or that you were lucky enough to buy in the Trendon boxed format.

  3. I just love Jeanette’s new skirt – so cute and perky, but I have to admit, I much prefer the look of tights with a short skirt. It could be because it is still so cold, but really, the stripes add such a charming effect to all that they are paired with.

    • I was so thrilled to be gifted this little skirt and the co-coordinating pair of tights.
      I have to agree with you about the tights being so much more suitable to our weather at the moment but it brings back memories ‘of the olden days when I was young’ when tights weren’t even invented and so we young girls just had to either wear short white socks and freeze our bare legs or wear boys three quarter length grey socks and so have them partly covered in warmth.

  4. 1, 5, 12, 14….wait, I missed one…24? So many! Such a huge difference with just a small change! I bet I went through these – three times! – a whole lot faster than you did, Kendal. Great fun. Thank you! I needed that😊

    • I can’t tell you just how lovely it is when my followers react with a comment. It’s just like getting together and enjoying a little Sasha chat. Have really missed this with being unable to attend any UK Sasha events of late.
      I immediately have to scroll back up and see just what you are liking or talking about and occasionally I might have missed something so it’s ‘nice’ to see it again or review it though someone else’s eyes.
      Thanks, as always for your support here. Take good care of yourself and your lovely family.

  5. That skirt is so versatile and it is fascinating to see how little changes make a difference. I can imagine her spending ages in front of a mirror getting her look ‘just right’. Pleased you feel well enough to act on your enthusiasm this weekend xx
    PS Love the knitted kitty

    • It certainly was/is. I amazed myself at what I managed to find to go with it whilst actually remembering/finding/renewing items that had scuffled themselves down to the bottom of their clothing boxes and almost been forgotten. Yes it does even remind me of my days gone by when you had a new outfit and were trying out some accessories to go with it in front of your bedroom mirrors ..though not something that I like to do now, preferring to give looking in mirrors a BIG MISS!
      I remember seeing those little knitted kittens as tree decorations in Accessorise in The Trafford Centre one year and buying them to give my Sasha friends for Christmas as soft toys for their dolls to have and to hold.
      (I think that this little Sasha play was hopefully more as a form of escapism from the VERY painful Skin Cancer treatment as I had forgotten just how much it hurt.)
      Thanks for dropping by.

  6. How fabulous, this reminds me so much of the articles I used to pour over in my girl mags, of how to pack for a weeks holiday abroad in one small suitcase! I love the mix and match, everything chosen and co-ordinated so perfectly. How lovely that two little items from the H&G would inspire a collection!

    • A most interesting comparison when mixing and matching! Yes it does help when having not to be seen in the same outfit more than twice whilst on holiday.
      I was thrilled to to suddenly find and remember just what items they still have in their enormous clothing boxes and which will prove to be a great help when I next come to downsize their overflowing wardrobes. Even presented me with an ideal opportunity to delve deeper into the Gregor’s clothing box. something not often done as they don’t tend to bother with seasonal changes as much unless it’s very hot or they are going to the beach or in need of specialist sports gear.
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting here.
      PS.Can barely wait to see all the finished Course Dolls in May.

  7. Looks like someone had a lot of fun playing! What can be done with some lovely coordinating accessories. Mix n match is always a lot of fun and makes things so much more versatile.

    • Oh I certainly did…but wasn’t at all keen on the tidying up afterwards. With no being able to sew or knit myself this mixing and matching is quite creative in it’s own way.
      Hopefully heading over to your blogpost later on just to keep an eye out on ‘Dear’ Henry and his holiday packing.

  8. I think grey is a wonderful fashion color because it looks good on everyone and at any time, and it mixes and matches well. Of course this girl would look delightful in anything. She truly has the looks of a top model. I LOVE the little plush Snoopy.

    • I too have worn a lot of grey over the years although I’m not so sure looking back that it did much for my pale English complexion, pale blue eyes and mid brown hair.
      I am so very pleased with this doll. She is just perfect for what I want to do…playing and dressing and then photographing.
      I bought my daughter a soft toy Snoopy Dog for her twelfth birthday (1976) and she just adored him and so then each year I bought him a different outfit until he had a super wardrobe. On her thirteenth birthday I was over the moon when I managed to get her/him a little Woodstock playmate.
      PS. The babies here had a miniature little Dick Bruna Miffy for their Christmas present.

  9. Kendal, for sure you have a great model 🙂 You know I admire your photography skills and taste in dressing your dolls! Wonderful combinations! I love them all, but 9 and 25 are my favorite!

    • So agree this latest doll seems to shine in everything that I dress her in. Just how wonderful is this as it saves so much time having to swap over dolls to wear certain outfits.
      Unfortunately the weather was somewhat dull when taking these photos but that was better than the times when it was too bright that I could hardly see through my camera lens.
      I too love those two looks that you have chosen here. So modern and trendy!

  10. What a delight to stroll through Kendall’s “fashion show” !! Personally I LOVE the color GREY, but like blue, it’s very hard to work with, b/c greys are so variable in themselves. Thus, it’s necessary to find complementary colors, and Kendall’s use of white and black was super! Who would have guessed that little black skirt could be a “platform” for such creativity, but frankly, as an ardent follower of Kendall’s posts, I’m NEVER disappointed!! And for folks who worry that the grey is dull, or not flattering to a pale skin, just toss in a dash of a bright color or pattern, on a scarf! And that story of building a wardrobe for a stuffed animal in annual birthday gifts is just another example of Kendall’s incredible creativity. How many can make a full show all built around the color GREY! Best wishes and keep ’em coming! SusanLK

    • Hadn’t visualised just how popular this post would be so a big thank you to everyone who visited us here and especially to those who commented. So very cheering. I can still hardly believe the response and all due to this dear little skirt and stunning doll model.
      GREY is definitely IN today.
      Snoopy and Woodstock are delightful characters and appeal to all ages. My favourite of his outfits was the leather flying outfit complete with the goggles and such a good companion for a teenager.
      Thanks for such a delightful and interesting comment. Loved this chat!

  11. Oh, how I wish you could come over to my home and re-organize mine and my Sasha´s wardrobe….and whilst I had you, I´d beg for some photographs taken of my girls to treasure! As always Kendal, I´ve had a lovely cup of morning coffee whilst enjoying your wonderful post, thank you xxx

    • Oh! How I wish that that might be possible but alas I can no longer cope with any air conditioning due to the Rheumatoid Arthritis reacting to the coolness of the air con on the planes, public buildings and in the hotels etc.
      You certainly don’t need any of my photography skills as yours are just wonderful.

      • Wow, high praise indeed Kendal….I may not agree, but am very grateful. What an absolute pain (literally) with your problems with air-conditioning and it must be so debilitating and a great shame, because Spain is such a wonderful place for those who suffer from Arthritis. The warmth and sea air would be so beneficial, particularly during the early summer months before it gets too hot. If only I could bottle it and send it your way? xxx

      • Just remember that I always tell the truth and never lie as such!
        Yes I know that holidaying or living in Spain is so good for the Arthritis due to it’s warm dry heat. Unfortunately I’ve only ever been the once and that was to Majorca on my honeymoon in 1963.

  12. Hello K! Just stumbled across this post…I love grey and own quite a lot of it either my own clothing or around the house…even have a grey French Bulldog 🙂 Sasha looks perfection in all the different variations, that is what I call a satisfying dolly play! I love photo 25, it reminds me of how my youngest son Christian always wears his sweatshirts/jumpers 🙂 A real pleasure to see you enjoying your dolls!

  13. Great to hear from you., Yes, grey is a super colour and although I do wear it myself I haven’t any of it in my home furnishings… BUT snap! my daughter’s partner has had a rescue grey French Bulldog called Bernie for the last two years and he is a companion for her Weimaraner, Bella.
    Oh! SNAP again! I too like photo 25 (and 22) with this delightfully modern and trendy look. This Christmas JMD customised doll is giving, and providing, me with a renewed interest in Sasha.
    Love to the fab four still with you up there and thanks for keeping in touch.

  14. A beautiful post Kendal. Your lovely gifted skirt is a great springboard for so many different looks at least in your talented hands. I love how you create lovely outfits by mixing and matching. Jeanette looks wonderful in every photo and #12 is my personal favorite. Thank you for brightening my day. 😊 xxx

    • What a super descriptive and so active a word ‘Springboard’ for Petrana’s gifted little skirt. It proved indeed just that here and was also lovely to see some of the other of her skirts being teamed up so well on Facebook’s Sasha Morgenthaler Dolls. I particularly loved the one shown with that delightful little pink Angora jumper.
      Naturally I’ve just had to scroll back to check on no 12 as I’ve quite forgotten them now as there were so many PLUS there would have been a couple more had I found the other DD gillet in time. Just couldn’t find it in their boxes at the time but then on passing through the spare bedroom a couple of days later I spotted one of my Gregors standing there wearing it! Stupid me!

  15. I didn’t realise that I’d missed this blog post….I don’t seem to get the notifications of your new posts as I did in the past, I don’t know why or what I’ve done to stop receiving them…if anything! Anyway, what a joy to see all the photos on this post, I love the versatility of this little skirt, who’d have thought you could makes so many different looks to go with one single skirt!
    I really enjoyed it!!!

  16. So sorry about the lack of notifications of this post. I’m not sure if anyone else is getting them but there always seems to be some kind of changes with these blogposts that I struggled to keep up.
    I really enjoyed doing this project and could have easily gone on to add a few more interpretations had time allowed. This latest JMD customised girl is so very photogenic and seems to suit most of my outfits so that helps a great deal.
    Lovely to hear from you again.

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