Putting a Wardrobe Together for….

My new Christmas doll, A JMD customised Trendon 1973? doll. (With my sense of colour I couldn’t resist sitting her here on one of my daughter’s beautifully wrapped Xmas presents to me! )

Firstly we have this older Ruth Hartley homespun smocked dress that has been in The Broods clothing wardrobe for several years now. (I have teamed it here with some toning brown socks and JJ sandals.)
This classic style of dress so suits most of our Sasha Dolls.

I have this style of dress in a huge variety of checks and colours but this I think is THE perfect colour for her as the darker check matches her eyes and the lighter check her hair.

This photo was taken very early on Christmas morning after Father Christmas riding on his sleigh had delivered her here late on Christmas Eve. (Unfortunately, as you can see, due to being unable to locate their hair brush, her hair hasn’t been brushed after her night out ‘on the tiles’ with Santa.)


Here she is wearing a Broods Karen Warnaka brushed cotton dress, which incidentally has been with us for MANY years now,  and which again, I think, looks absolutely delightful on her.


Her third outfit to date is this delightful Duffle coat outfit from Petrana (who sews under the name of ‘Made for the Love of Sasha Dolls.’) I first saw a similar outfit to this on one of Pam Winters? dolls on Facebook and immediately though that it MIGHT possibly suit my doll (as she was still sealed up in a box awaiting Father Christmas’ collection.) I got in touch with Petrana asking if she was due to be making anymore of these outfits for sale. She replied that she could make me one up if I wanted as it wasn’t a OOAK outfit as such. (NEVER liking to exactly copy I chose to have a different material for the top and to do without the dear little knitted neck scarf)

I teamed it up with a pair of the late Betty Jean Densons navy boots and was thrilled with just how well it suited her


BUT ‘The icing on the cake’ here was that Petrana sent it to us as a surprise Christmas gift! Just how wonderful was that? How lucky are we? She said that she hoped that it would encourage me to get back to Sasha  playing, photography and blogging…which, along with this new doll, has indeed done just that.

The kindness and generosity of our Sasha Collectors always amazes me. A million/trillion thanks.



Hopefully over the next few weeks I shall continue to look and sort through the Broods massive wardrobe and hopefully will discover many more of their previous outfits that also suit this dear Sasha Doll… but we have heard that Sarah Williams of vintage-sasha has now started Sasha sewing again after a two year break and so, if we can get our act together before all are snapped up, she might well be treated to yet another new outfit in the not too distant future.

In the meantime she is keeping this stunning Duffle Coat outfit on whilst we all await the forecasted COLD/SNOW snap due later next week.

Thanks for dropping by today. Take care and keep warm until the next time we meet here.


30 thoughts on “Putting a Wardrobe Together for….

  1. Thank you for this enchanting post on ‘Our Girl’! I love the outfits you have chosen for her, each in their way complimenting her colouring. I especially love the surprise present from Petrana and the icing on the cake for me is that she has a Wire Haired Fox Terrier pup! Well it has to be xxx

    • ‘Our girl’ has certainly awakened my interest in Sasha again and especially as she is so photogenic. Many thanks again in allowing me to buy her from you as you know just how much I enjoy the customised and waifs and stay dolls.
      OH! I hadn’t connected about the Wire Haired Terrier dog until now! WOW! Guessing that he might well have to appear in all the blogposts from now on!
      Thanks for the encouragement here!

      • I am so grateful that Our Girl inspired you to get back in the saddle again Kendal, as Liz said your blogs are a highlight. I look forward to seeing that little Bouncer then!

      • Oh! NO doubt about ‘our’ Jennine/Jeanette putting me back into the saddle again. (Over the years I have actually taken two rather nasty falls from my own Thoroughbred Mare ‘Harleythorne’ but luckily always managed to get straight back on in-spite of some painful injuries.)
        Might now be talking to the Brood Remainers about changing their pet dogs name from ‘Foxy’ to ‘Little Bouncer.’ Much more up-market too.

  2. I just love your new doll, Kendal, she is so gorgeous and very photogenic, I have one of Janet’s repaints and she is such a favourite.
    And what a wonderful coat Petrana has made for you, and let’s hope you continue to feel motivated – and more importantly, well enough- to keep blogging, as your Sunday morning pictures are my Sasha highlight.
    So, wishing you a happy and healthy Sasha filled New Year,

    • kendalssashabrood on January 13, 2019 at 2:49 PM said: Edit
      Oh SNAP! I have always rather favoured the customised Sasha Dolls as I like the ‘DIFFERENT/UNUSUAL’ things in life. She is getting to know my JMD’s Gertie Clarisse and will hopefully appear together in some future blogposts.
      I love playing with and redressing my dolls, discovering which outfits suit them the best and which accessories put the finishing touches to it. Rather unfortunately I sold on most of my favourite/unusual outfits to my friends at the very beginning of my intended FULLY downsizing collection, but looking on the bright/positive side, this will luckily now allow me to start buying some new outfits…and so start the circle again
      I too love seeing photos of other collectors dolls and something I will hopefully never get enough of.
      Lovely to see you here and thanks for the encouragement/motivation.

      Reply ↓

      • A beautiful silk bridesmaid outfit is on its way for one of my pretty girls thanks to your decision to downsize. So please do start and keep the circle going.

      • Oh, thank you for purchasing this delightful Daisy, Daisy bridesmaid/party outfit. Unfortunately the Sashadolluk photos weren’t able to do the the justice that it deserves with the beautiful material and details. There is a little pearl bracelet that goes with it but I haven’t as yet been able to find it but when I do I’ll forward it on to you. It is definitely here somewhere. Just in hiding!

    • So pleased to read that you enjoyed this post especially as I finally managed to keep in to a reasonable length this time.
      There is nothing quite like having a new Sasha Doll and discovering just which outfits suit her and then feeling that wonderful urge to get out the camera!
      Many thanks for your 2019 wishes. We here wish the same for you and yours.

  3. What a beauty your girl is! I have to ask because of her lovely eye-color, was she originally a Pintucks? I love every one of her well-chosen outfits and your photos are encouraging me to play with my Sasha family again. Thank you!

    • Actually she is a Trendon 1973 doll that Janet Myhill Dabbs repainted her eyes and then wigged her due to her previously falling brunette hair.
      So pleased that you too are being encouraged to ‘play Sashas’ too as it’s a lovely pastime and such a wonderful way to make good like-minded friends.

  4. Your Christmas doll is lovely in those outfits and how funny you picked her canine companion to be a Fox Terrier like Janet’s Bouncer. I agree with Petrana – I hope her gift of the beautiful coat inspires you to get back to the Sasha doll photography and blogging occasionally, even though the brood is smaller now than a couple of years ago.

    • I hadn’t realised today about the connection of their pet dog and Janet’s real life Bouncer dog. How blind was that?
      It indeed looks like I needed a few new ‘Sashaery’ items to get me back to blogging again. Just hope that I can keep it up!
      It is somewhat harder having fewer dolls when it comes to finding THAT special outfit that looks the very best on that doll but I’m sure that I’ll cope.
      Thanks a mill for dropping by and commenting. It does so help encourage me!

  5. Kendal what a lovely girl and her outfits are perfect for her. The coat from Petrana is so pretty and the colours are perfect for her. Does she have a name yet?
    I like her little dog too, life wouldn’t be complete for a Sasha without a little furry companion to keep her company.
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    • I’m finally deciding on Jennine or Jeanette for a name for her as I wanted one linked to her ‘customiser’ Janet.
      I’m still rather getting to know this new doll and what does and doesn’t suit her. All part of the fun!
      That Wired Haired Terrier puppy has been with them for many years now so is as you say ‘well and truly part of the family!’

  6. Hi Kendal. your new girl is definitely a Kendal must have and I am so glad that you have got your camera out again. looking forward to seeing more of her and the remainers. Petrana did a wonderful job on her outfit. xxx

    • Hopefully I’m back into the swing of Sasha collecting etc. again after months of neglect. I’m looking forward to seeing which of my outfits still here suit this new ‘Kendal-must-have’ doll… and perhaps even a chance to add a few more into the mix.

  7. Your beautiful new girl is fast gaining a fantastic wardrobe of her own. How lucky she is to be able to look through the amazing collection of Sasha clothing and shoes and accessories and select outfits to wear. A Sasha dream come true for any Sasha doll. 😊

    She looks wonderful in the earth tones and also the rich purple color. I love the floral corduroy fabrics and Petrana has really created a most beautiful outfit for your new girl. Have a wonderful week dear Kendal. ❤️ xxx

    • I think that the trying on of clothes and shoes/socks on our dolls always proves to be great fun. I only hope that Jeanette is enjoying it as much as I am.

      So far so good, all seems to be suiting her extremely well.
      She seems to be one of those dolls that look good in practically everything…so very lucky for me.
      Petrana’s outfit is proving to be one of her favourites!
      Thanks for the weeks good wishes.

  8. I was sure I’d commented on here but must have been on FB. I love all the outfits your new girl is wearing, the different tones of brown suit her well and I love that brushed cotton dress, looks so nice and warm for the coming winter weather that they keep promising !
    And Purple is one of my most favourite of colours , so the set my Petrana is just wonderful full of some zing for those winter grey days.
    A great post to send one delving through the Sasha clothes boxes for warmer clothing for our own dolls.

    • So easy to get these two mixed up when you are commenting especially when you advertise your blogpost on Facebook now that your post doesn’t get to all your followers like it used to.
      As you well know the brown eyed/haired Sasha dolls are still my very favourite so am pleased that there are still hopefully many more outfits in their clothing boxes that will definitely suit her.
      Snap! Purple is one of my favourite colours too and certainly looks good on our dolls.
      I can well remember those days when brushed cotton was a very popular material.
      Thanks for taking the time to write this interesting comment. Always love to Sasha chat!

  9. What a beautiful girl! And how kind of Petrana to send you the wonderful outfit…you are right, there are some extremely kind Sasha people out there!
    Much Love from Sophie, Fritz and Ross and Me xx

    • WOW! That was a surprise! Wasn’t expecting to see you here! Hope that all is well over there with those three Brood Remainers. (Please don’t forget that if Sophie, my mini-me, decides she wants to leave ‘I’m here, ready, willing and able!’)
      My Christmas girl has settled in well and enjoying getting a wardrobe together …before I again start to sell on some more of their far too many outfits for the 18 (instead of 79) dolls still here.
      Sasha love to you all and thanks for dropping by.

  10. I forgot to mention Miss Lippy….my favourite girl of yours also sends her love:) I adore Sophie but will DEFINITELY keep you in mind if she ever moves on

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