‘Where Did You Get That Hat….’

Unfortunately having taken a few more photos of my ‘Brood Remainers at Home’ I can’t seem to get them to download from my camera to my laptop… so have had to change the theme to this one instead…

SO ‘better late than never’ here are a few of The Broods hats/caps/berets/beanies etc instead.









































Thanks for visiting us again and have a wonderful Sasha filled week ahead.


25 thoughts on “‘Where Did You Get That Hat….’

  1. Wonderful hats, I do love mine in hats too and you have such a variety. I especially love the cowboy hat in photo 7, what a fantastic one that is!

    • I agree that a hat just totally completes an outfit. I do have many more… but time, as usual ran out. I too love that hat in photo 7. It was a birthday/Christmas present from Marie Morgan many, many years ago and guess that it would have originally been brought back from the US.

  2. Great hats all, and so well matched to the wearers personalities! I agree with Janet that #7 is fantastic. He looks like a young Clint Eastwood!

      • I love #3-4 too. It’s such a cute style that you rarely see. It suits her so well, although she does have rather a ” Mum made me wear this dumb hat” expression on her face!

      • This is so reminiscent of the Panama straw hats that we used to have to wear in the Summer with our blazers and Summer dresses at our boarding schools with a band with the schools emblem colours that clipped arond the crown.
        My dolls also have a more curved rounded brimmed one too but just couldn’t find a photo of it in time.

  3. One and two – absolute fav outfit. Twenty-six and twenty-seven – darling girls. Oh, WHAT a day it’s been. How lovely to flop on my bed with Kendal’s children! Thank you, Kendal, for your trouble. It’s much appreciated

    • Thanks for this wonderfully cheering comment…. although so sorry to hear that you too have had a bad day.
      IT and internet and Banking upsets are what causes me the most anxiety as I know that i don’t posess the necessary skills to get them sorted so have to find, and then pay up for the required help.
      So lovely to know that my now drastically reduced Brood are still able to bring some pleasure to your life.

  4. Thank you Kendal,it is great to look at your blog spot after a morning of helping to teach children that do not want to learn.I love the photos of the babies most,I managed to find a pattern for the yellow knitted outfit.My baby now has it in cream and blue.Thank you again the great blog.
    Margaret in Zimbabwe

    • I remember that feeling when some/a few children aren’t interested in learning. So spoils it for the rest of them.
      Yes, that was another bought pattern that I adjusted for a little Thumbelina doll during my daughter’s childhood days and was then later pleased to discover that it almost (waist to bottom part a bit on the short side) fitted the Sasha babies,

  5. Margaret….any chance you could forward the pattern? I’m at mssusanlk@comcast.net thanks. My favorites of these hats are: 14…this is so cute and very easy to make up (if you use a single color, it’s just two flat pieces, and then the tassles!). I like 22 with that adorable little “top knot” and of course no. 23 is (or is similar to) that lovely hat hand made by Ann Chandler as a table favor in San Francisco in 2010. Ann had given up her sewing machine by then and each person at the table got a completely hand made lovely denim cap just like this one!! Of course those hats with the ear flap remind me of the hats I need to wear in our New England winters, here in Boston, so I’m glad the “kids” can protect their ears as well!! Thanks Kendal; best wishes, SusanLK

    • Yes, I should imagine that number 14, without that intricite pattern would be quite easy to make. Number 22 is part of a sleepsuit set by Dollydooles.
      The Denim sun hat came with a denim shorts and patterned cotton shurt outfit by NGould. So reminded me of the sun hats that were around in my younger days.

      I too like the ear lap hats as I don’t like the cold wind around my ears.
      If Margaret isn’t able to send you that pattern I’ll see if mine can be found when I come to sort through the thousands of boxes full of stuff that are still stored in my garage but it is for a much bigger doll so needs adjusting.

  6. Wonderful! I see I need more hats for my Sasha family, as they are not only very stylish, but also help keeping those stray hairs out of their faces, which I never see until they appear on my computer screen.
    My favourite outfit is no. 25-27, it looks so great on both girls. Do you remember who made it? To me it looks as if it could be by Betsy May, but I’m not certain.

    • Yes, those pixie-style hats were made by Betsy-May as part of the outfits. Actually I bought THREE of these outfits as she had used a different combination of these prints for each outfit and I couldn’t decide which I liked the best. (The outfits rather reminded me of those that the Holly Hobbie doll used to wear.)

    • Gosh! I haven’t heard that word for a hat for a long time. My late mother used to use it a lot and it remains to congure up to me as a rather specacular hat.
      The hat in photo 24 was one that Cathy and Paula gave me one Christmas.

  7. This post is a wonderland of beautiful Sasha dolls and their beautiful hats. I love seeing every one of these gorgeous Sasha dolls all together because they are wearing hats. Thank you for sharing them with us. Thank you too for the lovely week’s wishes. I hope you are feeling better and better Kendal and also that you are able to download your photos. I am certain that they will be wonderful to see. ❤️ xxx

    • Luckily I have now managed to download that last set of photos. My computer Geek says that there was something amiss with one of my USB ports and it was that, that was causing the problem!
      Pleased that you enjoyed seeing some ofThe Brood’s hats.
      Thanks for the week’s good wishes… plus my personal get better wishes. Unfortunately nothing positive is happening there and I just seem to be getting weaker and weaker in spite of this lovely sunny weather pouring through the windows.

  8. I was so sure I’d commented on this but it appears not!
    Well what a lovely selection of hats on a lovely selection of dolls. You know that we do love hats here in the Sasha village, having our own on site milliner in Hattie. . 5 , 7 and 29 are particular favourites.
    many thanks for showing us such a lovely range of styles and colours. I hope you have a lovely June enjoying the warmer weather xx

    • I know that feeling only too well as sometines when time is in short supply I quickly glance through a post and then plas to come back to comment at a later date… but then forget.
      Yes Hattie’s Hats from The Sasha Village are well known.
      I rather like it when people mention certain numbers in their comments as it makes me scroll through the post to see which or what they are referring too. I ljke your choices here!
      Pleased that this warm weather is lasting especially for you and Paul as you continue to get yourgarden ready for the Church’s Garden open day….although I’m thinking that it is sadly interferring with your new studio plans!)

  9. Your brood always wear hats with such style. I particularly like number 39 – she has such an attitude looking out from under that low slung brim, with her matching dungarees (or hattitude as Hatty of the Village would say).

  10. Better late than never! I am all behind again but the brood are far from forgotten even in my hospital stints.
    I just could not choose a favourite. All I can say is, my mother and grandmother were right, a hat completes an outfit and frames the face, drawing out the features. Such comments terrified me as a child that wanted to fade into the background, but Sashas are different. They love to be photographed and always look lovely, particularly the well dressed ‘Broodies!’

    • Always remember that ‘It’s NEVER too late’ especially when all those hospital vistits for proceedures and check-ups are continually interferring withn our Sashal lives. Do hope that you are managing to cope with your illness and still get out to play on your farm with your dolls.
      Unfortunately the originally Brood are now down from 79 to 19 so I can say that they especially enjoy a vist from you., one of their regular followers

      I SO agree that a hat can either MAKE or simply FINISH OFF an outfit. In MY day they played a far more important roll and were seen out and about on an almost daily basis ….especially at Sunday Mass and the ‘over sixties’ even put them on to go onto the beach!

      Thanks for popping by and take good care of yourself and your doll collection.

    • I must apologise for the lack of posting here but this heat wave that we are in the midst of just isn’t helping my ill health. Once it breaks/passes I’ll try to get back on form.
      Thanks for thinking of me!

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