Had So Hoped….

To have taken some more photos of the ‘Brood Remainers at Home’ than these… but  have unfortunately had to endure yet another couple of weeks of poor health, so definitely a case of  ‘Although the mind was willing, the flesh was weak!’

Today’s photos were taken in the spare bedroom. Firstly we have an early Trendon raised eyelid (wigged, through falling hair) baby Nightdress girl wearing a pretty bunny-rabbit patterned material Dollydoodle sleepsuit in a dear little wooden cot. Unfortunately I can’t now remember the name of the woman who made it but it was such a perfect size for our little Sasha babies that I bought about six at the time and gave them away to some of my Sasha friends (Sarah P, Cathy, Paula/Plum, Kate… and Susan?) as Christmas presents that year.

This sits on the spare bed bedside chest of drawers. (Usual apologies for the flyaway hair strands across the face, which even after 22 years I still don’t seem to see until they are here up on the laptop screen!)

Back from her last garden tree climbing episode is my little Trendon 1970 Gingham waif, still in her Dollydoodle fur trimmed hooded gilet outfit and JJ boots, standing by my table and chair set (this, again to me, was the perfect size for our Sasha Dolls that I bought another five at the same time… and for the same amount of postage as for the one) and either gave them as presents or sold them on) enjoying a refreshing ‘cuppa’ from the tiny teaset that I spotted and bought MANY years ago from our local Newsagents.

This is displayed on the spare bedroom’s dressing table situated on the opposite side of the bed to the white wooden baby cot.

On the floor near to the spare bed is the rocking cot that a German Prisoner of War made especially for my father to give me one Christmas when I was about two/three years of age. It is my ONLY childhood toy that has survived the extra later and more ‘rougher’ play of my younger four siblings… so is very precious to me.

In it sits another early Frido/Trendon baby Nightdress who has since had her hair re-rooted by Lisa Hartley, due to that dreaded falling hair syndrome. She is wearing a dear  little outfit (one of three similar ones that I bought) made by Sasha x3.

Her hair in side bunches and minus the matching head band.

The little cot baby is being hugged by this charming pink Alien, knitted for me by my late mother from a pattern that I had. (She also painstakingly knitted many others in a variety of colours {red, yellow, blue, green and purple} for our other family member’s children and also a few for my school’s raffles and sales tables.)


She remains a ‘fun’ reminder of the 67 years that I enjoyed with my truly wonderful mother.

Thanks for dropping by on this glorious Bank Holiday Weekend and my apologies for only these few photos shown here. Reminder to myself…MUST try to do better!


34 thoughts on “Had So Hoped….

  1. Oh I do enjoy seeing your gorgeous collection complete with accessories. Your Alien is just charming. Off to hunt down a knitting pattern 🙂

  2. How very special to have both the cot made for you and the knitted toy, lovingly made by your mother from your childhood. They indeed are very precious. It is so nice to see them, and to read about these memories.

    • Thanks Lorraine. I have obviously reached the age when reminising is part and parcel of life!
      Still planning on getting to visit and comment on your latest blogposts. Just finally managed to do this with Dollmum’s posts so you’re next on my list.

  3. Ahhhhh Kendal, so sorry to read that health issues are still causing problems. No need for any apologies when you feature such a happy and philanthropic alien 🙂 One senses that he/she struggles with aerial problems 🙂

    Well, guess who spent a glorious day on the Great Orme last week? Just heaven…….weather perfect, few people around and spotted some interesting birds and wildlife. Rehearsed little Loreto scenes after ambling down Abbey Road and so was thinking of you! Goodness me, parts of Llandudno and Rhos-on-Sea have changed enormously. Colwyn Bay pier has been demolished and even my old schoolboy ‘bagging-off’ seaside shelter in Penrhyn Bay has gone! What a cheek!!!!

    For some reason, I’ve been wondering this week if there was/is any sibbling rivalry between Fritz and his brother????? Hee-hee, I’ll soon be worrying more about this matter more than the sensitivity of poor little Ross. Have you had any feedback from Fritz’s new mummy? Hopefully her bank account is still intact if she had to cough up for his re-stringing. I’m sure Fritz never paid you back the P&P for his trip to poshland (was it Surrey or Sussex?). To be then caught playing golf, wearing upper-class trousers (trousers with turn-ups!!!) was a real shock for me. Do you recall when he pretended to be a hippie on his Indian bike????!!!! Oooooh yes, I’ve got Frtiz’s card well and truly marked.

    Take care Kendal, I’m sure you are in everyone’s thought at the current time :):):)

    L (Fritz’s hair conditioner adviser)

    • Gosh! You even remembered about Fritz’s previous visit to Sussex (armed with his fishing rod and net and inflatable arm bands to hopefully rescue Little Lonely’s teddy bear that, Lucas, one of her naughty brothers threw into their pond) to his latest mummy!
      I’ve been informed that Fritz might be moving up to Scotland sometime next year.

      Don’t think that I’ll ever forget his motor cycle mud cross country tract riding days dressed as a hippie.
      Most envious of your recent visit to Llandudno and the surrounding areas. Sad though to hear of some of our memorable places being changed or, even worse, demolished. Thanks for keeping me informed.

      Thanks, as always for your most interesting and much looked forward to comments. Very cheering!

      • Yikes Kendal, Fritz could be off to Scotland??? I was a research student at a Scottish university and also worked in the far north. I shall have to alert all my friends up there.

        Fritz can pick up some good bagpipe tips with this reference:

        On the subject of good memory, hard to forget Felicity’s beautiful kilt in this video – oh and her stunning eyes. No need for eye make-up with eyes like that!

        Take care and keep us updated on Fritz’s adventures 🙂


      • Hope that Fritz adjusts to the colder/wetter climbs and darker days when up there but I’m sure that he will being on the adventurous side and remembering he still has various other Ex Brood family members with him.

  4. Such wonderful photos. Gorgeous kuds in beautiful clothes and I love the furniture. The Alien is adorable and such a gorgeous shade of pink ❤

    • Thanks Tricia. I too love that PINK colour of my Alien although the other colours were very attractive too. I particularly liked the purple and the yellow one was a great new birth at Easter present. The red was probably the most popular!
      Our Sasha Doll’s are so lucky to have such well sized furniture.

  5. You did very well! Again, a set of lovely NEW photos to admire! Thank you! They all seem colour coordinated, so it’s a pleasure to watch them.
    How wonderful you could keep the especially made for you cot from your childhood, plus the extra bonus it is Sasha baby sized.
    Your mother was a very talented knitter, the little alien is so charming.

    • It is a great feeling being able to be behind the camera again, especially after so long of not feeling like it.
      I’ve always been a fan of colour co-ordinating and now find that it comes automatically.
      Being born during the war meant that there were precious few toys to be bought unless hand made, so this little cot is extra precious to me and a great reminder of my father’s years spent fighting, and so sadly away from me, for our country’s freedom.
      Really pleased that it 90% survived (unfortunately the end of one of the front rockers has broken off) my three brothers and one sister’s playtime whilst I was away at boarding school.

  6. What a charming post Kendal and thank you for sharing some of your families treasures with us. I loved reading about the German POW who carved the cot for you when you were just a nipper, how wonderful. Also your mum’s alien is just fantastic, she looks as if she was knitted yesterday!

    • I love to share… as you’ve probably already guessed…and have items of my past and memories surrounding me…no minimalistic styles here, instead plenty of dust gathering objects.
      Pleased that you enjoyed seeing my late mother’s Alien that she so kindly knitted for me. I have to have a little smile as I pass by!

      My childhood life was so very different to today’s children’s lives but we always seemed happy and contented with the precious little materialistic things that we owned… probably because we mostly all had our mother’s at home to spend quality time with us, playing, talking, reading, showing and teaching us how to help and do and make things with their not being any TVs constantly on as a form of entertainment.
      A fact that sadly today’s society seem not to think matters as much as their going out to work in order to continually buy their kids toys/clothes/shoes/sweets/treats etc. or taking them on money costing outings/events and expensive holidays abroard.

      • Your childhood sounds so similar to mine Kendal. My mother taught me how to knit and sew and she always encouraged my creative side when it came to thinking up projects. I still own many of the little toys I made and one of my first jobs in New York was teaching crafts at a school there. I have a box of all the things we made. When it was my turn to be a mother I taught my daughter crafting skills too and I had a cupboard full of items to use for her projects just like my mum’s.

      • Oh, how absolutely lovely to read this and to realise that there are others that still believe, as I do, that there is nothing to compare with quality mother and father/child time spent in the home.
        Thanks a mill. I feel really cheered up by this and know that you would have so enjoyed seeing the doll’s house dolls and furniture/accessories etc. that my late mother made from re-cycled household items and placed/housed in a bookcase.

      • You are right Kendal, I would love to see that doll house in a bookcase! My daughter made a few doll houses in shoe boxes, all out of paper and tape. I have one very special one that I love to visit now and again.

  7. A lovely post Kendal and how nice to see your knitted alien, so lovingly made by your mother.
    It’s nice to have things about us that have memories attached of people of places.

    The babies all looked so sweet and beautiful as a brood baby should. The girl in the dollydoodles outfit about to take tea is another beauty.

    Some times health or life get in the way of trying to blog but when time allows , we’ll be here to appreciate the time and effort you’ve made and as the saying goes, All good things come to those who wait !
    Sasha hugs Dee xx

    • Thanks Dee for this really lovely and hopefully encouraging to do more comment. Like me, you well know, just how much time and effort has to go into blog posting and sometimes time, life and our health has negative effects on our love of sharing our dolls etc. with other like minded friends.
      I’ve certainly now realised that I’ve reached the age when looking back and reminising is as important as looking forward and I hope that my parents and family knew just how appreciative I was of everything that they did for me.
      I’m thinking that my little Alien rather stole this post!

  8. Hi Kendal –
    I love the alien! He looks like a very friendly sort of extraterrestrial, and much like the imaginary friends that children often have – friends who protect them and take them to all kinds of amazing places. It’s a shame that we outgrow this, because I think we could all use an imaginary friend once in a while.

    • What a very true and ‘down to earth’ comment! Yes, I agree we all need something like this to tell and talk through our troubles, fears, dreams and secrets, although it is usually our chiildhood Teddy Bear.
      I’m thinking that sher/he rather stole the limelight from the three featured Sasha Dolls today.

  9. Hi Kendal thanks for a wonderful post again, please keep them coming. I am not sure but if you purchaesd the baby outfits at the 2012 festival it could have been Sheila that made them, as I have one similar. The cot made by the German POW is lovely. I think there was a name given to toys produced by POWs , but for the life of me I can’t remember what it is. Your Alien is wonderful and such a brilliant memory from your mum, I shall have to see if I can find the pattern. My favourite photo is number 7, I really like her hair in bunches. Hope the thunder and lightening did not keep you awake as it did here xxx

    • Thanks for popping by and for your interesting comment. The three baby dress outfits were definitely made by something like Sasha x 3 and I know that she lived quite near to me in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Anne-Marie Hollis/Willis also bought one or two for her baby boys at the same time as I purchased one for little baby Quirky. (This was shown in my last post.)
      Her trade mark was to buy a few very similar patterned Jersey materials and use them to make the three little outfits. I am planning to show my three girls ones together in a future post.

      Everyone here seems very taken with my cute little knitted Alien. I seem to remember that that pattern was originally featured in a popular Woman’s magazine.
      Luckily we here had NO lightning and thunder or rain but there was a breeze that rustled through the trees in the evening. Otherwise a very pleasant warm and sunny day.

      • hi Kendal I have managed to track down a copy of the patter and maybe in a couple of months when I have some free time I will knit it x

  10. Hi Kendal
    Believe it or not the alien made it to Zimbabwe too.My daughter was given one when she was born nearly 29 years ago.I have a photo of her with it on a bed full of soft toys.Thank you for the lovely post. I so look forward to them.I hope your health improves.
    Margaret from Zimbabwe

    • How wonderful to read this! Yes, it woukd have been around that time that my mother would have knitted mine for me. What colour was your daugghter’s Alien?
      (I couldn’t remember if my daughter had been given one too so had to ask her and she said ‘Yes’ and that her’s was red.)
      Thanks for popping by and letting me know about your Alien… and for the much appreciated better health wishes

  11. Hi Kendal. I enjoyed this post very much. I love the way you add wigs or have a baby rerooted to bring them back to their beauty again. They are so lovely and well dressed and they look beautiful with your furniture. I particularly love your knitted alien made by your Mom. It is truly fantastic that you have it and what wonderful memories it brings.
    Thank you for sharing. 😊 xxx

    • Going on the comments both here and on Facebook I’m thinking the my Alien (along with the POW pink rocking cot!) completely overshadowed the three Sasha Dolls featured amongst the standard Sasha sized furniture there!
      The Frido/Trendon falling hair syndrom has been an unfortunate failing with these, my favourite brunette /brown eyed dolls.
      Thanks for dropping by as always.

  12. Hi Kendal
    You asked what colour our alien was,it was a very bright almost day glo red.He was re-homed to a home for severely handicapped children.If I can find the pattern again I will make one for my brother’s liittle grandson that is due in October.Hope you are keeping well and look forward to a post this weekend?
    Margaret in Zimbabwe

    • Red seems to have been a popular colour then as my late mother also knitted two more in red for her twin grandchildren.
      I was wondering why mine was in this lovely pink until when searching for the pattern on the internet I saw that the original featured one was actually in this very colour.
      Hope that you’re not too disappointed if I don’t manage to get a blogpost done this Sunday…but will try my very best

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