A Few of The Brood Remainers at Home!

Having promised Denise Owen for over a year now to send a photo from here for her 5th of the month Sasha Shelf Photos Post I finally managed it!
It is of my ‘second chance’ 1967 Miss Concave Sasha Doll who is wearing a beautiful Petrana dress with Marti Murphy Birkenstocks, standing alongside my stunning Moonpig Birthday card from Denise and Paul and Casper, on one of my bedside chests.
The stone heart was a gift from Chon and the little pottery vase I brought back from Cornwall.

Belle, a Shelly customised 1970s wide faced Gregor wearing one of my favourite vintage-sasha dresses (re-cycled from a man’s shirt) and Ruthsdolls cardigan and JJ sandals standing on a small bookcase in my bedroom.

These three graded pottery bowls are from my Pottery Craft Course when I was attending Teacher’s Training College. Unfortunately I had to give this up after three months as I couldn’t bare the way the wet clay dried out the skin on my hands.

A 1968/69 Frido Fringe bobbed haired girl in a Bambino Bello lime green coat outfit and Ruthsdolls shoes standing on my hall bookcase.

The two pieces of pottery were mementos from a holiday in Jersey plus another little of my embroidery pictures, depicting a hedgerow boardering fields.

My Trendon 1970s baby boy in a Sasha, Sasha, Sasha (or Sashax3) outfit sitting on the side table by where I sit on the settee. (I made that little poppy field picture from fine painted silk and a wide variety of embroidery stitches.)


Sienna, a 1972 customised and Cossette wigged by Shelly Trendon Gingham girl is standing on the antique Pine chest in the living room and wearing a delightful little vintage-sasha outfit with commercially manufactured socks and shoes. She does have some JJ matching toned sandals but they couldn’t be located in time.

This chest used to be full of standing and sitting Sasha Dolls which has now been replaced by ornaments and knick-knacks collected over the years due to the Sasha downsizing. The pottery vase on the left is another souvenir from Cornwall and the attractive tray was purchased from a local craft fair at Keele University. The two handmade pottery vases were remnants from my Teacher Pottery training days and the little brown candle was a gift from Chon when she went on an African Safari. 
The rather imposing metal structure Moose was brought from John Lewis at one Christmas time.

Niklaus, Fritz’s s older brother, a straight nosed slate eyed Gotz lad, in a Diane Duke knitted school house design jumper and hat (a birthday present from Chris Taylor) and Pinestreetstudio Chinos and Ruthsdolls shoes. (I bought the Pinecone back from Teneriffe.) The brown pottery medicine bottle we found in our previous garden when rotavating and sowing the lawn.)

The attractive metal and wood Tricycle was another craft fair purchase.

Jac and Mike, two Trendon Dark Denim lads wearing Passion 4 Sasha outfits, are standing on my sideboard in the dining area. The picture on the wall I bought from my visit to Faversham on my 60th birthday whilst spending the weekend celebrating with Chon in Bletchingley, Surrey. The beautiful cream vase was a gift from Florida from my friend and ex Headmaster, the pottery ink-well was from Chon and I bought the religious statue from the RC Catherdral in Liverpool, when I took my class of school kids for an Easter Duty week visit.

An early proffessional baby photo of me with some other little candle gifted ornaments and an ash/pin tray purchased as a holiday souvenir.

Mike, in his specially commissioned Passion 4 Sasha hoodie outfit and JJ leather boots, climbing in the Silver Birch tree in my back garden and enjoying the last rays of the evening sun.

Just love this wide faced lad that Sarah Williams originally bought for a re-root project but then decided that he was too handsome and let me buy him. Love these new leaves are sprouting from this Speckled Laurel bush.

My dear little wide faced 1970s waif with Shelly enhanced eyes in a Dollydoodle birthday outfit from Judith and JJ boots climbing in a upright Twisted Willow tree, a £10 reject from Trentham Garden Nursery.

She’s such a little Daredevil!

Enjoying the late evening view from the cream berry Cotoneaster Tree a few feet away.

Jac, a Shelly customised 1970s Gregor wearing a Passion 4 Sasha outfit and Ruthsdolls shoes playing in my Dark Pink Cherry Blossom Tree. Well it does match his tartan shirt!


Thanks for popping by to view these photos of some of the Brood Remainers at home and we hope that all those in the UK are enjoying this fabulously hot and sunny Bank Holiday weekend.
(Unfortunately I shan’t be around here next weekend as have to go into hospital for an operation midweek but hopefully the other eight Brood Remainers will get to feature the following weekend.)


30 thoughts on “A Few of The Brood Remainers at Home!

  1. Good Morning Kendal. So lovely to see your remaining Sashas and Gregors on this sunny day.

    I did not faint, as you suggested I might, when the beautiful photo for the doll shelf post arrived but it was a close thing.. lol
    It’s a shame you had to give up your pottery making, you look to have been a natural. But I have to agree about the wet clay on the hands.

    Nice to see some of the brood out playing in the garden, even if that young miss was hanging dangerously from the tree!

    Have a great week and I hope you are enjoying the warmth from all this lovely sunshine, even if you cannot sit out in it.
    Hugs Dee

    • It’s looking like the BEST Bank Holiday Weekend that we’ve had here in the UK for some years now! Great weather too for you and Paul to be putting together your Summer Sasha Studio house. Can’t wait to finally see itbin action!
      As you know I can’t sit out in the sun since my skin Cancer but I do love my time out there in the early evenings as the sun is setting… and obviously my Sashas/Gregiors like it too.
      Enjoy your long weekend away from work and thanks for popping by.
      PS. Still reeling from hearing that you have purchased SIX of the fab. new style Petrana dresses. Six very ‘sneaky’ moves unbeknown to me!

  2. Good morning Kendal! I really must apologise for being so quite these last few weeks, but we have had lots of family stuff going on. I will fill you in next time we chat!
    Lovely to see your still blogging and still have some Sasha’s to blog about, lol.
    As usual your pictures are fab and your kids are beautifully dressed. Xxxx

    • Must say that I have missed you but quite understand the circumstances,
      Hope that you are thoroughly enjoying this glorious sunshine… where I think you are!
      My Sasha numbers seemed to have slightly increased again (to 18) due to three second chance dolls wanting to return but two are shortly getting ready to be moved on so it should even itself out again.
      Yes, they still have loads of outfits still here to chose from… although many of my/their very favourites have gone.
      Will hopefully phone you at the end of next week when I’m back home again.

  3. Hi Kendal so glad you and the remaining Brood members are able to enjoy the sunshine. I love the outfit your little baby is wearing. I always love to see kids climbing trees and you boy is so handsome. I wish you well for your op and I hope to hear from you soon, with another great post xxxx

    • We’re hoping that you are not having to work through this glorious sunshine.
      Yes that baby outfit, plus three other girl’s dresses that I have here, are really lovely and made from soft Jersey materials. Very Dollydoodlle! She lives/lived? quite near to me in Wilmslow, about 30 kilometres, though not sure if she is still making Sasha clothing these days.
      Thanks for the good health wishes.

  4. So glad you have kept some sasha family. Your photos are awesome and the clor of your outfits have taught me alot about who can wear what colors. Hope you will have a wonderful weather and excellent health

    • As you know I was originally planning to move on ALL of my dolls as thought that this would be the easiest and less stressful route but my closest Sasha friends tempted me to at least to keep a few of the ones that were still left here.
      Like you I still enjoy dressing and photographing… and then sharing them. It’s always a surprise or treat to discover who looks the best in which outfit.,
      We are all enjoying some great hot, sunny weather.
      Many thanks too for dropping by again and for the better health wishes.

  5. Lovely photos, Kendal, of gorgeous girls and boys, and beautiful pots, too! Thank you for another Sunday morning treat.
    I hope your hospital stay goes well and that you’re soon home again, much better.

    • Thanks Liz. We’re so lucky having these Sasha Dolls as when dressing or photographing them we can’t seem to go wrong. They just literally get on and do the work for us and always giving us fantastic results.
      Thanks for the health thoughts and good wishes.

  6. So beautiful photos again, but No 17 made me laugh! They are always up for some mischief…
    We hope to have a twisted willow tree at the Gnome Home the coming years; my sister gave me twigs to root. So my Sashas will have something new to climb on one day. It looks a lovely tree once it is grown.
    I wish you well for your hospital stay. I hope they won’t keep you for too long.

    • I have a very special spot for that little mischievous waif that she knows that she can get away with almost murder.
      Next time I’m out in the garden with my camera I’ll take a photo of the top of the Twisted Willow tree as it has such pretty and dainty foliage which sways delightfully in the breeze. Well worth the £10.
      Thanks for the good health wishes. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.

  7. It is wonderful to see your remaining dolls posed as artistically as ever in your lovely bungalow. I was thrilled to see Jac again and to know that he is still with you. He has always been a favorite of mine as you know. I hope your surgery goes smoothly and that you will be home as soon as possible. Warmest wishes, xxxxx

    • Thanks Ellen. I was hoping that there wasn’t too much dust showing as never entered my head to take up the feather duster beforehand.
      My retirement bungalow doesn’t seem to have changed one bit since I moved in here 23 years ago. Still keeps plodding along without any maintenence as such and luckily the overal decor still pleases me…which was just as well during my extensive Sasha Doll collecting!

      Yes, Jac is still here. Have a very soft spot for him with his over long fringe as he was probably one of my first ever customised dolls.
      Thanks for the good health wishes. I’m hoping and praying that all goes well and I’ll be back home asap.

  8. Hello Kendal 🙂

    Yikes, Fritz has got an older brother (Niklaus)? Oooooh, not sure how this escaped my attention. Is there any friction between them? Is Niklaus also a poser? I don’t recall any of your previous photoshoots/stories that involved Niklaus.

    Love the moose in pic 8 chatting with ‘Sienna’……….probably asking about Frtiz’s latest scam!!!!!!! Slightly off-topic, but very disturbing to read about the probable extinction of the last caribou herd roaming the contiguous US:

    No mention, whatsoever, on any of the usual media outlets. I didn’t even hear a reference on any of the BBC World Service reports.

    Last few pics remind me of your apple picking posting…..ages and ages ago.

    Regarding your last response in the previous posting. Oh dear, must have been quite a wrench parting with all those dolls in one go. Hmmmmm, I used to add little adjuncts (to myself) when I read your stories. Do you recall the camping expedition that Fritz and Ross embarked on? (think it was these two). I sensed that Fritz dropped all his chips and then pinched poor Ross’s! Hope Fritz is aware of Ross’s nervous disposition. Ooooh Miss Lippy was a little too posh for my liking. One senses that she’s similar to Violet Elizabeth Bott (‘Just William’). I bet she’s always trying to creep up to her teachers……probably get a job on Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’ when she grows up……or even become the Radio 4 controller!

    Hope all goes well for you later in the week….Ascension day this week and so will remember your intentions at mass [1]. Duality exists between thought and prayer 🙂 Evolution is wave-like in nature; creationism is particle-like.


    [1] I have always been a very early riser and so ended up serving 0600 early mass at St. Mary’s. Grrrrrr, Loreto boarders were allowed to wear their own clothes at weekends. All we could do was wear our v-neck pullover back-to-front!

    • Sorry to hear that you weren’t aware of Fritz’s older brother Niklaus…though not surprising when Fritz always took the limelight! Ross and Niklaus, the two more shyer lads, always remained friends.
      Miss Lippy was much loved but lacked self confidence due to her damaged lips but between us we managed to improve this and she was well liked and sought after by the younger Brood members due to her empathy of not being perfect.

      We at Loreto College had to get up at 6.00am every morning apart from Sunday when we were allowed an extra hour in bed. (I continued with this until my retirement. Stupid woman that I am!)
      It wasn’t until after MANY years that some of the Loreto Rules were ammended. In the beginning of my boarding years (1952+) we were only allowed to have a visit from our parents at half terms. Being the eldest of five my parents could only manage to get up to Llandudno for the one day, whereas some of the other parents came and stayed in nearby hotels for the weekend.
      Much later on my father bought a caravan and parked it in Conwy which enabled them to see me on both the days.
      Following this a new rule was bought in which then allowed us to travel and go home for the whole week.

      BTW. We were only allowed to wear our home clothes when the family took us out but then just a few years before I left (in1958) we had the choice of wearing non school uniform on the Saturdays.
      On Sundays in the Autumn, Winter and Spring we had to wear a long sleeved woollen navy dress which itched the skin ’til it nearly drove us all mad.
      During the Summer months were given a clean school cotton dress which then had to be worn throughout the following week regardless of any food spills, damage or creases etc.
      But ‘Hey-ho’ we all survived…and hopefully much tougher for it.

      Thanks for your Ascension Day Mass prayers for a successful operation.

  9. Another Sunday morning treat for me! Thank you Kendal for the artistic display you made of your lovely “brood” ! And I’m thinking of you and sending good thoughts for your medical procedure this week. I hope to hear as soon as it’s done that all went well!!
    Regarding the pottery, I agree that you show talent in your graduated bowls (I’ve tried the wheel and I know what BAD work looks like LOL!!). Have you considered those exam gloves doctors and nurses use? They fit very well (so as to preserve the sensitivity of touch necessary for medicine) and aren’t too expensive. It seems a shame to give up something you’re so good at! Best wishes, SusanLK

    • I can’t take much of the credit for the artistry here as imo our Sasha Dolls just seem to do it all by themselves and all I have to do is point the camera and CLICK away.
      My pottery days are long gone now, approximately 47 years ago and even if there were gloves then, that are of the superb quality now, I doubt that I could have used them as basically, as you know, you need to actually use feel of the clay far too much but a lovely thought and idea thanks. I enjoyed it while it lasted… but then went on to learn all about weaving, book binding, printing and puppetry which I well made use of during my teaching years.
      Many thanks too for your better health asnd speedy recovery wishes.

    • Thanks Steve. This is the first, and indeed one the only DD sweater that my brood has so far. Chris T gave it to me as a gift and choose the school house design with me being an ex teacher.
      Thanks for the speedy recovery wishes. I’ll def. be doing my very best here.

  10. Lovely to see some of your remaining brood, it’s so nice to finally have some warmth and sunshine for them to play out in. I hope your hospital stay is comfortable and brief and look forward to seeing the rest of your brood when you’re better.

    • Wadsn’t quite awre ofbjust bhow many of the little ‘Tinkers’ had got to remain until I started taking those photos. They must be spreading themselves out very thinly so that I wouldn’t notice.This sunshine must have tempted and brought them out of hiding.
      Thanks for your better health wishes.

  11. Your posts are such fun, Kendal. I was so glad to see my favorite Belle still at home. I feel

    I feel I’d be right at home myself if I dropped in – thank you also for having us all in to your pretty home. I’ll pray for your upcoming op. Looking forward to the next post😊

    • So pleased to hear that you still enjoy The Broods posts as it’s getting on now for over 16 years when I first started posting so it’s quite hard to think of new ideas especially when no new dolls, outfits or accessories are coming into the house on a regular basis.
      My parents were always welcoming and literally kept an open door to anyone in need or just wishing to visit so I like to think that this has been passed down to us. Rest assured you’d be most welcome to pop in here any time.
      Quite a few of bthe Brood Remainers have first refusals on them until I can bare to even think of parting with them
      Many thanks for your operation prayers. Just hoping that all goes well.

  12. I love seeing the remainers dotted about your home with your wonderful collection of curiosities Kendal. All so beautifully staged and the Sasha’s just fit. xx

    • Seems so strange though to now only see a couple in each room after the huge recent downsizing. Everywhere looked so bare that I had to go and search in the garage for all these ornaments/oddments (where they originally gone to make space for The Sasha Brood to display themselves) to fill up the enormous gaps left from the 61 departing dolls.
      Our little Gertie Clarrise will of couse will be featuring in the next post.

  13. A most beautiful post of your home with lovely Sasha dolls and other meaningful treasures in each room. The outdoor photos in the birch tree are adorable. Hanging by the feet is a new pose I think? Love it! Thank you for sharing such special photos.

    I will pray for you dear Kendal and your speedy and complete recovery from this week’s procedure. I look forward to your next post. 😊 xxx

    • Thanks Ginger, the recent lack of Sashas arounfd the bungalow has meant a frantic serach for the previous stored away ‘nick-nacks’ to fill in those gaps and surfaces left bare by their departure.
      Thanks for your good health wishes. Am now back home recovering and resting and I certainly wouldn’t wish that horrendously painful proceedure on any one.

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