The Brood’s Remaining Footwear

Facebook’s Sasha Morgenthaler Doll’s theme this last week has been Sasha SHOES so here are a few examples of the Remaining Broods remaining footwear…after many pairs have already departed on the 60+ dolls sold on and many other pairs bought by close friends.

This plastic container holds mainly the late Jean Jenson’s sandals in a huge variety of colours and in several styles plus three pairs of Marti Murphy’s Birkenstocks, one pair of Boneka sandals, Betty Jean Densford’s snow boots and a pair of JJ toddler bar shoes along with two pairs of later Gotz baby bar shoes/








More of JJ sandals plus a pair of Rosie Shortells sandals and two pairs of Betty Jean Densford’s and one pair of Betsy-May’s heart decorated bar shoes.









This box is full of commercially made side bar shoes in a wide variety of colours. I love these little shoes as they remind me of past childhood StartRite shoes that so many of us wore… plus they look as lovely with or without socks. A very useful shoe that doesn’t break the bank.




A box of commercially made canvas trainers from Debsadorables along with some  Summer beach/bar shoes.






A variety of shoes/boots by JJ, Ruthsdolls, Lisa Hartley, Boneka, Rosie Shortell, UGG, Betsy-May and knitted mouse slippers by Nikki Kerohan… plus some commercially made football boots, cat/kitty faced bar shoes and Wellingtons.





Another wide variety of shoes/boots etc. by Ruthsdolls, Lisa Hartley, UGG, Rosie Bloom and commercially made canvas trainers. Missing from here are another pair of zipped Polo boots in black, a pair of JJ skating boots and a pair of later Gotz ski boots.








My Broods shoes are kept in these eight transparent plastic storage boxes (for ease of viewing) in a drawer under the spare bed.


Finishing off on one of my favourite photos of a commercially made pair of Toddler shoes.

Thanks once again for visiting us. Have a wonderful Sasha filled week.

28 thoughts on “The Brood’s Remaining Footwear

      • Thanks Louise. (Not to worry about the mistake as we all do it from time to time.)
        I am feeling a little guilty as they could have all been much tidiier in their presentation…laces tied, buckles/snaps done up etc….but alas Sasha time always seems to be against me.
        Thanks for the Facebook weeks theme suggestion. At least it has made me take stock of just what I have.

  1. Hi KendalI hope you don’t mind me e-mailing you but I was just looking at your todays post and admiring all your beautiful sasha shoes and outfits when it hit me the little commercially made side bar shoes are exactly what I wore for school many many years ago . Your totally right , startrite shoes , I  put them on my daughters as well when they were young . Which brings me around to my question of where can i buy them ? . I’ve only been collecting sashas for a year and a half and have lovely shoes from Ruthesdolls and Lisa Hartley , when I buy an outfit from Ruth they come with the shoes but I would love to know where I can purchase some of the bar shoes , I had a look on eBay but couldn’t find them . When I buy from A passion for sasha I contact Lisa to make me shoes in the same colour as the outfit the same when I buy from eBay but these little shoes would be such fun to mix and match with .I hope your well , I know through the sasha grapevine you’ve not been un well the past few years 😦 . Thanks for your time and thanks for sharing all your beautiful sasha photosKind regards Debbie x 

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

    • It’s been so long since I bought any of these dear little bar shoes that I’ll have to look into it and get back to you asap. I know that the company is in the US and that they no longer ship out to the UK due to the increased Import Duty paperwork imposed a few years ago so I usually ask a US friend to receive them and then they send/or bring them out to me. I think that they retail at around £7.50 but will check.
      I used to have so many more in such pretty pastel colours but they were sold on with the outfits.

    • Have just looked these bar shoes up and they are stocked by Deb’s Adorables in her eBay stores. When you go into the site scroll down the left hand side and click on Sasha and you will see these shoes in various colours for sale here at approximately $13.19+
      It still unfortunately states that she doesn’t ship to the UK.
      Good luck but please get back to me if you need anymore help here and I’ll see what I can do.

  2. Thank you for sharing beautiful family . The shoes are awesome. My Sasha and Gregor are not going to see tese as I am sure they will be makng their list of what they think they need.

  3. I like the description of the ‘few’ remaining shoes in such a wonderful collection. My weakness is definitely shoes for my Sashas but I don’t have many. Do you have a favourite pair ?

    • Just had a brief look at all the shoes and I think that my very favourite are my recently discovered and bought Betty Jean Densford’s white snow boots. (I also have a navy pair of these that are due to be shipped out shortly.)

      My other favourites are the Jean Jenson’s sandals with the plain fronts (no cutout patterns) in the sage green, white and beige… plus her long red boots and navy side bar shoes that she especially made up for me.

      I adore Marti Murphy’s Birkenstock shoes too.

      ….and lastly I can’t fault the commercially made side-bar shoes as they are so useful, not too expensive and come in SO many colours.

      Hope that this answers your question?

      • Yes and all very good choices, the snow boots are lovely and quite unusual. I noticed your Jean Jenson lime shoes as I’ve just purchased a Petrana dress and that same colour would look lovely so that’ll be the colour of my next pair.

  4. What a fabulous range of shoes in all the colours. One of the things I learnt from seeing your blog posts from back when I first started collecting Sasha , was that the dolls looked so much better if their shoes matched their outfits.
    So I then built up a range of different coloured shoes and boots.

    But I just love seeing peoples boxes and collections of shoes etc all together in a photo, such wonderful rainbow of colours and styles. So this was a lovely treat for a cold and miserable Sunday .

    • Nice to know that I have been of some use in the Sasha World!!!!
      Yes, they do so enhance an outfit either by co-ordinating with the colour or by using an exact opposite tone that brightens/sparks the outfit’s colours. I also enjoy using darker coloured or pattened socks/tights as well.

      PS. I literally HATE shopping for shoes for myself.

  5. Hello Kendal 🙂

    Well I bet this early response will shock you!!! Great pics and I do so love these berets. Very Gracie Fields. One assumes the same person makes them all? Love to know how the boots in pic 33 were made. It must have been very difficult incorporating the zips? Is that Fritz in pic 24? He possessed a baseball boot personality, but he is such a social climber that one wouldn’t be surprised to see him wearing a pair of upper-class shoes. Apologies, but I haven’t posted to his new owner yet. There again, he might have bankrupted her/him by now!

    What happened to Ross? He struck me as quite a timid and shy chap.

    Coincidentally, I have just completed a massive shoe reconditioning exercise with my own (veggie) shoes. I have discovered some excellent glue …… vice and g-clamps have been very busy  Grrrrr, one pair still leaks slightly 

    Hope you’re full of spring happiness.


    P.S. Re: your last post: oooooh chapped legs. I had a story to tell, but way off topic and I would never hi-jack a blog. At least Fritz never experienced this unpleasant condition.

    • Dear Ross has gone to live with Fritz, Miss Lippy, Sophie, Sally, Miss No Fringe, Krista and Twin Babies QE1 and QE2 (rather like a mini Sasha Brood!) so he’s ok.
      Yes, that’s Fritz in 24. He went off for a re-string before heading off to his new mummy and came back with his hair washed and this very swish side swept hairstyle.
      It’s little Jac who is the Polo Player in 33 and his boots were especially commisioned by Ruthsdolls… but his first pair (and which I much prefer!) came back made in black leather on which my Polo playing daughter informed me are NOT allowed to be worn on the Polo field, so kept those for his off the field practising and then ordered this pair in brown. Such is life!

      PS. I can ALLOW ‘chapped’ knees stories here.
      Always thrilled to see you here!

  6. Ah, shoes, I just love them ❤ I'm pleased you managed to keep a 'few' pairs Kendal, it has been lovely admiring all that colour in the boxes, real and virtual. Especially lovely to see some being worn as well xx

    • It was/is very difficult to know what is now needed in their shoe situation BUT the plan is to eventually decide on which of their remaining outfits to keep and then sort out the accompanying footwear.
      They all look bright and cheerful as children’s shoes should look.

  7. What an amazing collection of shoes, and your always beautiful photos also highlight the importance of having the right socks to go with. Being that we were an all guy household until recently, I’m afraid we’re rather lacking in the shoe department. The boys still can’t quite wrap their heads around the concept of having matching shoes for each outfit, although Holly Belle and Daisy are doing their best to educate! We definitely need to get some of Marti Murphy’s Birkenstocks. That Snoopy hoodie has to be the most adorable thing ever!

    • Thanks Steve, always lovely to hear from you and your gang.
      My lads aren’t so fussy about matching/co-ordinating shoes although I am for them. They mainly wear the canvas converses or Ruthsdolls lace ups and never seem to bother about wearing any socks so leaving most of the money for purchasing shoes and socks for the girls.
      Yes, I too love Marti Murphy’s Birkenstocks asnd she makes them in a wide variety of delightful colours.
      We are extremely fond of the Snoopy hoodie as my daughter was a great Snoopy and Woodstock fan.

  8. Hi Kendal I am a bit late as on horrible shifts this week , but once again your blog post has brightened my day, it a shame the same cannot be said for the weather. loved seeing you array of shoes and of course wonderful Sasha’s xxx

    • I don’t think that there is actually a time limit on here as I often get comments even on past posts which show up in my inbox so that I can reply to them.
      Sorry to hear that you’re on a bad shift week. I don’t know how my old body would even begin to cope with this!
      Pleased to hear that you enjoyed the Shoe post.

  9. A very lovely shoe post Kendal. I like the way you broke up the photos between the photos showing groupings of shoes and photos of the models wearing them. Very nice to see!

    I especially enjoyed the surprise photo of Clarise in photo number 20. What a dear ra-ra outfit in pink and gray. I think she looks just fantastic in the more modern dress. Thank you for another wonderful Sasha blog gathering. 😊 xxx

    • I surprised myself here as I normally only dress Gertie Clarrise in the two studio style/length outfits that Janet gave her/me… but was recently interested/curious to see/discover how she would look in a shorter, more modern style of dress.

      In the begiining I was planning to just show the newly taken photos of the boxes storing their ‘remaining’ footwear but the post looked SO very short for one of my Sasha Brood’s post so then decided to add a few photos of them wearing them inbetween….but, as per usual, got carried away and didn’t know when to stop!!!

  10. Your Sashas will, from the few remaining pairs of shoes, never have a problem when they need matching footwear to an outfit! Mine are so envious…. I do my best, but I’m terribly behind on socks sewing.
    But my very favourite photo is no. 36 with the red Snoopy hoodie!

    • I’m really needing to sit down and soirt out which of their nmany outfits I will be keeping and then match up the shoes accordingly as there are several very similar styles and colours still here.
      I too was ‘over the moon’ as they say with the Snoopy outfit and needless to sa, was my Snoopy and Woosstock loving daughter who had delightful replicas of them in soft plush and Snoopy had a fab. wardrobe of the company made outfits. I loved him the very best in his airpilot’s leathers and goggles.

  11. What a beautiful collection of shoes and outfits! I stole a bit of time to enjoy these; now I’ll start my day, musing on these lovely photos.

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