‘One Thing Leads To Another…’

….And this post miraculously appears!
Took the greenery (well you know my motto…’Waste not, want not!’) left over from my Goddaughter’s beautiful Mothering Sunday’s floral arrangement of pink and cream roses (that incidentally lasted all of three weeks) and added the bunch of Narcissi that the vinyl Brood Remainer kids gave me for Easter.


Which attracted and invited a nearby standing Sasha Doll dressed in a vintage-sasha outfit and camera to join in…


….’and low and behold’ we suddenly had… a new Spring post!



BUT alas….this seemed to be such a SHORT post for ME so decided it needed something extra adding… {that incidentally I had been meaning to do before with four random items of clothing, three of which as yet naughtily hadn’t been worn…} a blue Passion 4 Sasha Gregor shirt I bought from the Chat n’ Snap two years ago,  a pair of Dollydoodle skinny jeans, given to me from last years CNS/SCW? by Susan Bulger Pomery and a pair of white boots, a recent super buy from Betty Jean Densford…  plus a long sleeved white T shirt that came on my 1966 Developmental Dungaree girl instead of the original blouse.

Had a bit of a struggle, due to my Arthritic hands, trying to put/pull the shirt on over the long sleeves when on the doll, but after a bit of extra working of the old brain cells eventually put the two together whilst OFF the doll and then squeezed her into it though the middle gap.
Another case of ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way.’

….And ‘Hey Presto’ another NEWISH casual outfit is born! Smart??? Like???


Her little blue bag was a gift from Rosemary Shortell some years ago.


My apologies for the usual odd hairs flying across her face but again didn’t notice them until the very end.
Lovely to see you all here. Take care and enjoy the hopefully warmer, drier weather that is forecasted and play with your unique Sasha Dolls.

29 thoughts on “‘One Thing Leads To Another…’

  1. Well, Kendal, just three words- gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! You have the wonderful knack of getting everything just right; the clothes are simple, contemporary, classy and classic and doesn’t she look lovely ( and know it!) in them? What a clever photographer you are, too…..
    Thank you for an early Sunday morning delight.
    All best wishes

    • Well, this comment is a lovely start to my second day of having another number added to my age!
      I’ve always adored vintage-sasha’s outfits for their style, fit and choice of materials but I do get a great deal of pleasure when I can create an outfit myself from oddments already here, now that I can no longer sew or knit myself.
      I do also love being behind the camera photographing these fantastic dolls. They just make it so easy for us!

  2. Signs of spring finally, I like the ‘recently purchased’ comment which shows you are happily still adding, I can’t help myself buying for Sasha when I try hard not to. I’ve read your above reply so hope you had a lovely birthday and that the sun shone for you. I was thinking of you last week when we went to Porthmadog. Someone was taking photos next to the train of their dolls!

    • Not sure if it is ‘happily’ or more lije ‘naughtily’ adding as I had promised myself not to buy anything more in the way of Sasha clothibg etc. but had never had any of Betty’s shoes before (as hadn’t ever seen or heard of them until recently.)

      I was thinking of YOU too enjoying Porthmadoc (English spelling here!) over Easter. I remember when they first started to build all those apartments by the little railway. We went to look at them with the purpose of purchasing but the ones that we liked the best had all got sale pending on them.
      My husband was a Summer volunteer to help keep the railway tracks etc in good order.
      Sad to hear that the Cadwallader’s ice cream shop near there had closed down.

  3. Lovely post Kendal, and as ever beautiful photos! That baby in yellow with the daffodils is delightful, as is that beautiful blonde girl! You always manage to have just the right light for your photos. Makes everything so bright and light. xxx

    • Keep thinking that I should invest in some daylight photography lights but then it gets pushed out of my mind and it’s just back in the conservatory with a backcloth blue-tacked to the window but luckily it seems to work when I’m stuck in the house through illness or the weather.

    • Thanks Theresa! It just sort of materialised and luckily didn’t turn out to be as long, and hopefully not as boring, as usual. I never seem to know just when to stop on adding past photos… BUT with only now using NEWLY taken ones it certainly puts a limit on the numbers.
      Had a lovely birthday with some of my family thanks.

  4. You can’t beat daffodils for a spring display can you? Your girl looks lovely admiring them. The blue and white outfit is wonderful and thank you so much for the dressing tip. The cricketers are having their first training session on the pitch behind our house, so at least it sounds like Spring here 🙂 x

    • I love them as it’s the first sign of Spring in my life and they are so easily and readily available in all the local supermarkets that you just can’t help yourself but pick up a bunch or two.
      I had anticipated how that blue outfit would/might look but actually it turned out even better than I thought it would!
      Good to hear that this years Cricket practice has now started.

  5. Awesome as usual I love the blue and white outfit. It is perfect on her, thank you for sharing, Hope the warm weather helps you feel better,

    • Thanks Karen. I too was thrilled with the way that she looks in the casual jeans outfit. It reminded me too of how in my early Sasha collecting years we struggled to make different outfits using the few pieces of clothing that we already had.
      Thanks too for the warmer weather wishes!

  6. I love the casual look you have given your gorgeous girl Kendal, she is such a beauty and I am getting extremely fond of her! How lovely your flowers look in that simple arrangement too ❤

    • I’m afraid that she seems to be getting the most attention at the moment but only basically so that I don’t have so many half/undressed dolls lolling around!
      I too was thrilled about how well that £2 bunch of Daffs/Narcissi looked in amongst that greenery.

  7. I just love her in that blue contemporary outfit, it suits her perfectly, and how smart to have even a matching bag. I’ll try your doll dressing tip next time I’ll have to pull one pair of sleeves over another.
    Doesn’t she look great standing next to the daffodils?
    I wish you a very happy year to come, and improving health!

    • I must admit that I was really thrilled with the way she looks in the jeans and shirt outfit. It’s great when this happens isn’t it. Makes you have a big smile on your face.
      I too like her in the VS green Herringbone tweed coat with the bunch of Daffodils. I’m not sure if I’ve missed going to see all those Daffodils on that village Church green this year as haven’t quite felt up to all that effort that is needed.
      Thanks for the better health wishes.

  8. Great photos. I absolutely love the blue outfit, and both my girls and boys are a bit envious. The little bag is just adorable. We have a white Ginny-made white button down shirt, and it’s a marvel of detail. Like you, however, we always roll the cuffs up, as those tiny buttons are just too hard to do up. She looks like she’s ready to board a plane for a nice relaxing vacation!

    • The shirt is actually for a Gregor but thought that Miss Sidepart might look good in it too. I also have a couple of Ginny’s Tartan shirts for the lads. Such wonderful detail as you mentioned. Must try to get out and about with my couple of lads that are left here as they object to just standing around indoors whilst being photographed.
      I too thought that she looked as if she was going away for the weekend.

  9. Happy Birthday Kendal, what a lovely spring time blog post for your birthday weekend. Your brood are always so well dressed, even when ‘casual’!

  10. Sorry for the second post I cannot believe that any one would think your post would be to long or . . boring. To me they are an inspiration and an education to each girl ,boy, and babyI do not think I have ever seen two exactly a like.

  11. A beautiful post Kendal. Your gorgeous girl is so lovely and I enjoy seeing her dressed casually in an outfit that we might wear. Simply fantastic! Thank you for the tip of how to put on two long sleeved shirts while off the doll. That bit of knowledge will come in handy. I love the dear little bag gifted by Rosie. Have a great day! 😊 xxx

    • Thanks Ginger as you will appreciate after sixteen years of blogging on a very regular basis it gets increasing difficult as to what to post… especially in my case when no longer being able to get out and about with my ever deceasing vinyl kids and now lack of any new incoming Sasha outfits, toys or props….buy luckily the other day a thought of a small theme came to mind that might hopefully make ‘the same old’ items appear a little more interesting …but we shall see!!!

      Every time I look at this Sasha she reminds me more of an Ellen Church doll… rather than one of my Brood! I’m thinking that it must be because of her heavier side-part fringe that I have always avoided in the past.
      I must admit though that I was thrilled with the way the blue jeans outfit came together.

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