A Few of my Favourite Sasha Doll Photos.

Whilst still DELETING photos at ‘The rate of knots’ (an old English expression for doing something quickly. The speed of ships is measured in knots. A knot is one nautical mile per hour, equivalent to 1.15 land miles per hour.)  I’ve come across these Sasha/Gregor ‘out and about’ photos that have become some of my very favourites.

This is three of my Gregors enjoying exploring a floral Tank display on one of our local busy dual carriageway roundabouts which included some great difficulty of us getting on and then off because of the rather heavy traffic.


This impressive Gregor sized castle was on another, and even busier roundabout, five kilometres further on and was even harder to get on and off due to the extensive safety pavement boundaries which you can see in the photos. (Was even considering having to phone 999 and admit being guilty as was desperate by now to go to the toilet to ‘spend a penny!’) What we have to do for our Sashas/Gregors!




Up north now in Morecombe viewing this splendid Eric Morecombe statue on the sea front.


Up in the north of England again with two of my dolls in Carnforth (just beyond Lancaster) acting out the scenes on the Railway Station from this famous old black and white film, Brief Encounter. (I actually did a whole blogpost on this though a good few years ago now.)





Still north but this time in the world famous seaside town of Blackpool. Standing dangerously between the tram railway lines looking at Blackpool Tower!

Now down on the beach under the Pier watching the unusual swirling water movements as the tide comes in.


Back here and within a hundred metres from my old family home (situated to the left) was this little wildlife retreat. I just adore the overall secluded scenery in these photos. A perfect little ‘hideaway.’


This was a wonderful wild flower field, although situated near a busy main road. I stopped here once to take some photos, one of which was used as a Summer front cover for the Sasha World Magazine of which I was the Feature Editor.



Still on the subject of flowers here is Belle looking at the very last rare Lady Slipper Orchid growing on the edge of a golf course, which has police protection and 24/7 CCTV surveillance cameras,  again up in the North although I can’t now remember the name of the place.


‘Police on petal patrol to protect UK’s rarest wild flower

She is a rare exotic beauty more heavily guarded than the Queen.
Britain’s last remaining lady’s slipper orchid, which is due to flower in a few weeks, has been given 24-hour police protection from thieves.
Local bobbies have been ordered to mount hourly patrols around the valuable plant, which has been growing at a protected site on a golf course for at least 100 years.
It is also being security tagged to prevent anyone snipping a cutting, which can fetch up to £5,000.

Plant patrol: PC Tony Marsh keeps a close eye on the lady's slipper orchid

Plant patrol: PC Tony Marsh keeps a close eye on the lady’s slipper orchid. Although experts have tried to re-introduce the purple and yellow bloom in other areas, none have flowered. He said: ‘The lady’s slipper is an incredibly important plant, having survived for over a hundred years when all other plants were thought extinct. People travel from all ends of the country on what is almost a pilgrimage to view the plant in bloom and are often overcome with emotion at the sight.’

One of a kind: The lady's slipper orchid with its purple and yellow bloom
Baby Anis in my home garden enjoying playing with her little rubber duck in a bowl of water amongst some wild strawberry plants.

Finally one of my Sasha Dolls visiting the Frido/Trendon Factory in Stockport on one of my visits to view the newly converted apartments that were for sale at that time.


I hope that you have enjoyed looking at these old photos that bring back so many memories for me and my dolls. Planning to add some more of their adventures very soon as my major photo deleting session in my ‘PICTURES’ continues.
Have a wonderful February.


33 thoughts on “A Few of my Favourite Sasha Doll Photos.

  1. Some amazing shots Kendal, love the story of you being trapped in the castle 😉 You and the brood certainly got around. And the slipper orchid, what a treat xx

  2. Wonderful out and about shots Kendal, with some great dolls. Love the Brief encounter shots and the tank and in true pretty much every single one.
    I need to follow your example and always have a couple of dolls in the car boot in case the perfect scene or prop appears.

    many thanks for sharing these xx

    • I always loved taking my dolls on these ‘out and about’ adventures as it made me go and visit places that I would never have seen otherwise! Yes, it is advisable to always have a few dolls ready and in waiting in the car boot foir these occasions… but you might have to be a little more careful in the freezing weather with not tucking your car up into the garage at night and also to be wary on the hot sunny days when you are packed up outside the bank.
      I know that YOU along with me and many others have seen these photos several times before and for which I apologise but I have had a lot of new followers who probably haven’t the time to scroll back to those early posts.

  3. Love the shot of the brunette and Blackpool Tower. I think that she might be the little 1970s pinafore brunette you used years ago for your outing photo shoots, Kendal? She was a sweet little thing. XX

    • You’re so right here. Wonderful memory! This indeed was a 1973 puddle eyed Sasha with a Velvet wig who was always ‘ready, willing and able.’
      BTW I met up again with Autumn last year who was tagging along with Callie Doyle. She hasn’t changed a bit in all these years.

  4. Gillian Nash has asked me to add this here for her as she is still,unable to comment using her mobile phone….
    Great photos Kendal. I love the one of your blonde Trendon standing looking through the gates of the Trendon Factory.
    Tony being a keen fisherman likes your Gregor with his fishing gear!

    • The Frido/Trendon factory is a stunning building which as you now know has been converted into luxury apartments. The first that i knew of the buildings, before my Sasha collecting days, is that is where I ordered my school’s balls, plastic hoops plus other PE equipment from in my teaching days
      Tell Tony that I too loved those ‘Gone fishing’ photos although I’m not into fishing as such.

  5. It is so nice to see these lovely photos Kendal. The Lady’s Slipper orchid is certainly a treasure and thank you for including it in the post. My favorite photos are of the tank made beautiful with plants. Your boys look right at home perched up high and they are always wonderfully dressed. 😊 xxx

    • I think that the tank photo was the VERY first photo that I ever put on my ‘Blogger’ blogpost, as it was then, so it holds an extra special memory in my heart. When I first spotted this on that roundabout I coul hardly believe my eyes and turned round and went straight home to get a few of my Gregors!
      Gosh! This must have been in the year 2003 as I only got my very first laptop in 2002.
      I remember too that I had hardly any lads clothing in those days!

  6. I think your photos are awesome as well as your Sasha family, Have you ever thought of publishing a book of your photos as a history of Sasha, Gregor and Babies.

    • I have made several Sasha books using my photos but just basically for my own amusement and one for one for a raffle prize at the UK Festival… although I did do one for Judith of Dollydoodles of my Sasha Dolls wearing her wonderful outfits as a thank you for her fabulous leisure wear clothing.
      I also did a few Sasha Calendars for some of my Sasha friends, using mine or in a coupe of special cases, their photos… but I feel those days might be long gone!

  7. I’m ready to sign up for that book Karen refers to!! What a delight to cruise through kenda’s wonderful photos. Especially for those of us who live outside the UK, with only the rare visit to have seen any of the places captured in Kendal’s photos. It is really a TREAT to see these beautiful dolls and their wonderful settings. I’ve seen Ladyslippers even in my own backyard, literally, but I don’t know if they’ve been there for over 100 years!! Keep on going, Kendall!!

    • Thanks Susanna. How wonderful to have seen the Lady Slipper Orchids actually growing in your home garden. This one here was so very special and rare that it was such a treat to be allowed to get that close to it.

  8. I was very interested in the yellow lady’s slipper photos. Here in Minnesota, it isn’t at all uncommon to see them when hiking through woodland areas in the northern part of the state – at it wasn’t back when I did more hiking. The showy pink lady’s slipper (Cypripedium reginae), which is our state flower, is much harder to find and also illegal to pick or uproot.

    • Sorry that I wasn’t able to reply to this yesterday but time ran out. How lovely that you are able to see these wild Orchids growing on your hikes. I do hope that our Lady Slipper manages to survive and reproduce for us here in the UK but at least Belle, my Gregor Shelly customised girl, got to see it flowering in all it’s glory.

  9. Hi Kendal a lovely post indeed. I particularly love the Gregor buried in the sand on the front of the magazine cover. Don’t forget to save some of your photos for your profile. I love the way the that your Sasha dolls took you to all these interesting places and the fact that you have great talent when it comes to photography. Hope its not too cold where you are xxxxxx

    • So sorry that I wasn’t able to reply to your comment yeterday but time ran out. That Gregor sunken in the sand was I think Paula Moreton’s photo as we had a Front Cover Competition for the last two/three? covers and both she and Cathy Buckler Mellor (with her pram and two Sasha girls) won so had their photos in the front cover spotlight.
      Anne Marie Hollis/Willis, Rosemary Shortell and I had such fun publishing these UK Sasha World Magazines for the four and a quarter years.
      Haven’t forgotten about promising to do my Sasha profile this year!

  10. Lovely photos Kendal, how nice it is to stroll down Memory Lane sometimes! I do like the last photo in particular, she just looks so wistful looking at the newly renovated factory where she was ‘born’. And I had to laugh at the thought of you needing the loo in the middle of a busy roundabout….I’m afraid the bushes might have got a little extra liquid if that were me…as I’d never have made it through the traffic, back to the car and then home!!!
    Hugs Sharon xx

    • Though not sure if any others like to be repeatedly strolling down MY memory lane!
      I was getting very frustrated at not being able to get off that dual carriageway roundabout (after being on there already for a good fifteen minutes taking the photos) as it was very close to the Newcastle-under-Lyme town centre with cars coming non-stop from eight lanes and with those long barriers on every side (obviously to prevent anyone actually getting on to the roundabout in the first place!!!)
      Rest assurred, lesson learned and that I will not be doing it again.

  11. These pics are lovely Kendal and I don’t think I’d seen any of them before. I hope you don’t delete too many, since they really do invoke a feeling of well-being. I love the little hideaway close to your family home. I grew up in a Lancashire village until the age of 7 and we had loads of areas such as the one illustrated in your pic. Like most village children, everyday was an adventure and we also lived in hope of discovering a ‘secret’ stream or well. Loads of ponds hosting industrious lizards in the 50’s.

    Carnforth railway station is a great setting for a Sasha pic and it looks fab. I love searching out old railway stations and imaging the sounds and smells when one does discover an interesting old station site. Hee-hee, probably the effect of watching Arthur Askey in ‘The Ghost Train’ (film) as a child!!!!! A canal setting would be another great setting for a Sasha photo shoot.

    I’m sure Eric Morcambe will be laughing his head off after speaking to one of the Sashas.

    Sorry I am late with a posting and ………love any pictures with flowers in the depths of a freezing winter……and so enjoy a flower related track 

    P.S. Oooooh yes, Fritz does seem to have settled in very well to his new home. I am not sure if I am allowed to post a comment…..especially in relation to his requirement of FOUR dollops of very expensive hair conditioner for each hairwashing session!!!!!!

    • Carnforth Station hadn’t changed a bit since that famous, but oh so sad, B&W film was shot there. (I didn’t add too many more of the these photos here as I had already done a full blogpost on it many years ago.)
      We had such wonderful childhoods left to our own devices playing outside and in all weathers. It’s a wonder just how we have all survived relatively unscathed.
      Don’t worry I shan’t be deleting ALL my photos, just the not so good or rather ordinary ones as I’m eventually looking forward to being able to view them on my TV screen via my laptop. Never been able to have done this as yet.
      Thanks for the enclosed Add-on.

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