Bye, Bye Christmas, Bye, Bye!

My sincere apologies for the distinct lack of blogging over 2017…I’ll try to do better over this next year with the few Sasha Dolls that are still here.

First up were the Sasha cards for my Sasha friends. Time was getting on and still I didn’t feel up to thinking of a new design and then the setting up of the scene to photograph so trawelled through my millions of past photos and selected this ‘Walking in Winterland’ photo.

Added this photo to the back.

Next came the personal stamps that I had been wanting to do for the last few years but never seemed to have got around to it. I choose the photo above to match the card for the second class ones for the UK (and one of Toddler Bea for the first class that would be needed to go with the second class envelopes for the EU countries and US (although the latter would also have to have an extra 17p stamp to make up the higher rate postage required.)

These came beautifully presented in special packs that I was almost tempted not to use them!


Next up were my daughter and her partner’s and their dogs Christmas stockings. This year instead of going for my usual ‘sophisticated’ I decided to do FUN stockings for a change (especially after such a rough year health-wise.) So. as they usually open their stockings late on Christmas Eve after returning from seeing the latest Star Wars film I bought these four Star Wars designed ones.

For Chon’s partner. Darth Vader.

For Chon herself. R2d2.

For Chon’s Weimaraner dog, Bella. BB-8.

And finally for her partner’s French Bulldog, Bernie! Chewbacca.

I added the ribbons. bells and trimmings on the tops and even managed to buy some Star Wars Christmas wrapping paper!

Some of the stocking fillers. On deciding to ‘do my bit’ for the environment’s huge plastic waste I bought these ‘his and hers’ Chilli bottles… plus some MAC make-up that Chon uses, thank you cards and a selection of chocs. to fill any small gaps.

Their dogs gave them these personalised Mummy and Daddy cards and mugs. (Please note the deightful wooden carved and named dog shapes here.)

The above wrapped!

Special technical riding socks for his stocking plus some Dark 85% bars of Cocoa chocolate, Flapjacks and other energy giving nibbles/snacks plus a 2017 just released Star Wars stamp book with the new stamps included and explaining how they came into production etc.

Lancome beauty products, a couple of miniature bottles and a few more thank you cards for Chon’s.

These were the squeaky toys in Bella’s stocking. I personally loved the rolled Daily Growl newspaper and the Ruldoph from these.

…And these below in Bernies! My favourites here were his iBone and squeaky sprout.


I was literally ‘over the moon’ with this Star Wars door mat. (Unfortunately this photo doesn’t fully portray the rust background colour.)

I wrapped Chon’s other gifts from me (bottle of Baileys Irish Cream, a bottle of Port, Lancome’s Genifique serum, a larger replica of a Ferro Rocher individual chocolate, a pair of Oasis grey woolen sparkling gloves and an ‘ontrend’ leopard print scarf…and ALL of which I stupidly forgot to take photos of!) and placed them inside this attractive maroon box and then be-ribboned and decorated it.

Just a few of the many of my three/four days table favours that I took with me for the family meal gatherings.

Some more table favours. (These are coverings for the Terry’s Chocolate Oranges.


My present for my sister’s daughter.


Inside was this, I thought rather appropiate mug, Oh, Chemist-tree/Oh, Chemistry! (which I filled with Home made Fudge) that I had bought her, as she is just completing her three year Phd in Atmospheric Sciences at Cambridge University.

A little under the tree gift for one of my sister-in-laws. (Went back to get another few but unfortunately they had sold out!)

Was really thrilled to see and then buy this fab. felt free standing sledge to put all the children’s presents in.

Have positioned a Sasha Doll to show it’s huge size!

Spotted this dear red and green little Santa Helper apron with bells on it for a four year old great niece who wore it for handing out the sleigh gifts to everyone.


Three little ‘must have’ gifts. I popped two little Christmas Lindt chocolate bears into the Reindeer purse, the Christmas Tree is another Terry’s chocolate Orange cover and the wooden red mini car has ‘a pull back and go’ action.

I saw… and couldn’t resist buying this beautifully ‘soft to the touch’ John Lewis  Father Christmass.

I always plant Chon some Hyacinths bulbs to see the New Year in.

Chon’s presents to me, beautifully wrapped as always.


Then in the last week before Christmas I started on the house decorations.                   A hopefully welcoming front door area.

The Hall decorations.

This year I added some extra trailing ribbons to this delightful Mistletoe wreath.

Last years but one Twig tree that I added some lime green sparkling ivy and little fairy lights to…unlit during the daytime,

When lit during the late afternoon/early evening…

…and at nightime.

The mantlepiece in the living room. This year I bought three new wooden Angels to add to the decor.


The Twig tree (since I can no longer cope with a large freshly cut Nordic Spruce tree) taking pride of place for yet another year.

….and when lit up in the evenings.

Decided to add a few baubles and dangling ribbons to this gold wreath this year.


Couldn’t find my usual Bamboo twig curls for the candleabra so used these various gold floral sprays instead…(and actually preferred them.)

Although we go out as a family for the Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the two following days main meals I serve fresh Lobster/prawn salads with hot bread rolls and my home made Sherry trifle or mince pies and cream in the evenings to finish the days off.


Finally a New Year gift for a friend’s little girl who loves Unicorns. You can colour in the T shirt’s picture and which will disappear on washing for you to recolour.

I hope that you have enjoyed a glimpse of my Christmas 2017 as I like to take and keep a few photos to look back upon.


16 thoughts on “Bye, Bye Christmas, Bye, Bye!

  1. Hi Kendal as usual you have done an amazing job with your Christmas gifts, and the amount of thought that has gone into each and every one. I am sure your family were delighted. Your home Christmas décor was stylish and elegant just like their owner, a beautiful post indeed xxx

    • Thanks Theresa! Although I don’t have to actually buy very many presents these days due to major cut backs being astill ever increasing RC family I do really enjoy choosing/finding the few that I still give.
      I know that my home decorations come out each year but I still got some pleasure from adding those extra baubles and hanging ribbon extensions to the wreaths plus the new look to the wrought iron candlearbra.
      Unfortunately struggled with the wrapping and decorating of the oresents this year now due to only the two thumbs and two fore fingers that are still of any use.
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting, Feedback is so encouraging!

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely gift wrappings and Christmas decoration – though I feel a little ashamed now, since we didn’t decorate much this year. Well maybe one day, when our kids have moved out…. but on the other hand, I’d rather keep the kids forever…
    You can’t have it all! But it was a pleasure to look at the photos. The personalized stamps are such a great idea. I believe Deutsche Post does them also.

    • Decorating the home at Christmas takes quite a bit of hard work and at such a busy time too. I can well see why so many put theirs up at the beginning of December instead of in the last week that I do… BUT my retirement bungalow is already on the small side so every bit of space counts.
      I was really pleased with the personalised stamps as I try to attempt to do something that I’ve never done before every now and then to keep the old mind on track. I’m thinking that this will now become the yearly thing along with the Sasha cards!

  3. A beautiful post Kendal. Your Christmas card and stamps are wonderful and I like your decorations which are always soooo lovely and your gifts too. The Star Wars theme is so nice to see. Rick and I, along with Luke and his wife Mollie, just went to see the new Star Wars movie this past week and it was exciting with a lot of action! Happy New Year Kendal and I look forward to your upcoming posts. 😊 xxx

    • Pleased to hear that you all enjoyed the Star Wars film…not quite my thing but it was interesting to go along with it all.
      I was really thrilled with the Sasha stamps and will no doubt continue with them.
      I do miss my freshly cut Nordic Spruce trees but am pleased with this artificial twig replacement that Chon gave me one year when she realised that it was getting rather hard for me to cope with.
      Definitely hoping to blogpost much more this year but reckon only time will tell.

  4. A lovely Christmas post Kendal. I do like your twig trees, they are so pretty. We too have a twig tree but it is very small! I also liked all the wrapped presents, they look very inviting, just waiting to be opened. The dog’s Brussel sprout is my favourite of the toys, how cool and perfect for Christmas is that!!!
    I also like those wooden dog shaped tags, how cute are they!
    Hugs Sharon x

    • Thanks Sharon! There are so many lovely things to buy at Christmas that you’re just spoilt for choice!
      I had to have a little smile when I saw those sprout squeaky toys. As you say…’perfect for Christmas.’
      I saw those wooden dog shaped tags on the internet on an offer of buy onbe, get one free,
      A very Happy New Year to you and yours!

  5. Dear Kendal, we were so pleased to receive your lovely card and the stamp – I’m keeping the envelope because of that stamp! You do very well with your wrapping considering your fingers and thumbs don’t work so well these days – your wrappings look as stylish as ever. And your twig tree is very effective – simple, clean lines and still very beautiful. This time we had a rooted tree in the house for 3 weeks, it came in earlier than usual because we had family coming and stayed inside until Epiphany. Now it is out in its pot in the back garden and we’ll see if it survives and grows, if so it will come inside next Christmas too. We always have a ‘real’ tree but in the past few years they’ve been cut trees. DollMum and daughter xx

    • Oh In don so hope that your this years rooted tree survives this cold Winter so that it can be brought in and used again each following year. I love family traditions like this. I have always wanted to plant a stylish Fir tree in my front garden so that each year I could add some outdoor lights to it at Christmas time.
      I miss the pine scent that the real trees give off so place Xmas scented candles etc around the house to make up for it.
      Perhaps this can be an aim for this year’s Christmas… having done the Sasha stamps last year?

  6. Kendal I love seeing your Christmas gifts. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, you could earn a fortune giving people lessons on gift wrapping and presentation. Especially as it’s not an easy thing for you to do and must take you hours.
    I loved my card with special stamped envelope, again that extra bit of thought that makes it so special.
    Seeing Bella and Bernies presents make me miss not having a dog in the house and I can see that changing sometime either this year or next.
    Thank you for sharing all your lovely photos, it’s good to keep a record of what you’ve done for future reference.
    Hope you are feeling better and wishing you a lovely January xxx

    • So sorry for reminding you of Hamish and Izzy… but if you can remember a couple oifbyears back Chon had to have her two Weineranas put to sleep within three months of each other… but these were replaced within six months with a same breed rescue dog (who was due to be put down due to a lack of adopters) plus a rescue French Bulldog has since joined the family.
      Pleased that you liked the Sasha stamp and my gift wrappings. I really like doing these sort of things as it takes your mind off the dark and cold weather that surrounds you at this time of year.
      Many thanks too fior the good health and happy January wishes.

  7. Absolutely splendid Christmas Kendal, I think you and your family put Kirsty Alsop to shame! I was so impressed with my customised stamp when I received your card, I’ve been meaning to tell you how delighted I was. Thank you for sharing ❤

    • Thanks Janet. I’ve come to really love my Christmas decorations… although I still think that there is nothing to beat the tradition and smell of a freshly cut Nordic Fir tree but the setting up asnd taking doiwn of it was proving just too much for me to cope with.
      I also enjoyed putting those few extra little additions to the wreaths and candlearbra this year and was thrilled with finally getting around to doing that Sasha stamp to go with my cards.

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