FINAL Part of The Broods Unusual or OOAK Outfits

Hello again from all of us here for the final part of The Brood’s unusual or OOAK outfits.

First up today is this dear little Chinese Street Girl outfit and definitely my very favourite for today. Rosie Shortell made it from scaps and oddments for one of her dolls (on which she had customised the eyes to look like they should be for a little Chinese girl)… but when she saw just how impressed I was with it she gave it to me for my dolls to wear. Luckily I already had these boots by Ruthsdolls. (It has quite rightly now been returned to her.)

Not sure if I bought this knitted hat and jumper  from eBay or Sashadolluk but felt that it ‘looked the part’ for dog walking when teamed with Dollydoodle’s leggings and JJ’s long red boots.
My bobbed haired 1967 NP whose younger sister is seen later on and secondly on a Gotz ochre eyed mid 1960s doll.


I mentioned this little pink seersucker dress along with last week’s orange set but couldn’t find the photo to go with it then. My material/ Ruthsdolls design and making. Ruthsdolls Folk art shoes but without the folk art on a very pretty Frido 1969/70 FCP girl!

Unfortunately my memory is failing me again BUT I’m thinking that this ‘very trendy for that era’ Dungaree outfit was made by either Pinestreetstuduo or N.Gould, and being worn by one of my  1966/67 Dungaree girls. JJ sandals.

Another Ruthsdolls dungaree outfit in a dainty delicate colouring in contrast to the one above and seen here on my 1966/67 NP, with eyes painted by Kristina, the Manchester  art student. JJ flip-flops.

This was perhaps one of my most striking outfits and one that I know has been seen here time and time again. Made by Pinestreetsudios but here on my 1969 Gotz No-navel rather than on Gotz Holly… for a change. Ruthsdolls distressed boots.

It’s a good job that I’m soon to be retiring from the Sasha World as here is another dress set that I now can’t remember from where I purchased it. (There is another very similar one too that I bought but haven’t managed to locate that photo as yet.) This length of dress reminds me of mine, and then my daughter’s childhood dress lengths.

Me, though not sure at what age (guessing under two years?) whilst living with my Mother at her best friend’s house down in Minehead, Somerset, during the War when Father was away in Egypt fighting with the Army.

Chon on her second birthday with her birthday present, a Raleigh Little Trike. I just loved those bobbles hanging on her socks! Remember too those ‘Jumping Jack’ shoes? (Please note that I knitted her cardigan… in the days when my hands allowed me to knit!)

Chon, with me obviously being rather on the naughty side and trying to get another years wear out of her St’ Lucy’s school Summer dress!

Not such an unusual dress, but definitely a OOAK, that Steve gave me after I had admired it when one of his new dolls arrived wearing it.
Seen here with a Jane Woodbridge cardigan and a pair of real UGG boots on a very sweet looking mid 60s little slate eyed Gotz waif.

A really smart looking grey denim Pinestreetstudip Sailor dress, won off eBay on a trimmed haired Frido 1967 NP, (younger sister to my now famous bobbed haired Blue Cord girl seen at the beginning of the post.)

Pinestreetstudio girls Dungaree outfit. Florals and checks together was very daring in those days.

The Doll Works’ David Beckham football outfit. When Andrea first made this with a No 1 on the shirt and shorts I had to email and tell her that David’s no was 7.


Doll Works cricket jumper.

Cricket bat and ball (and stumps not shown) by Joyce Jordan’s husband.

Spot the Gregor!

Pinestreetstudio top and combat trousers.


Karati outfit by Sandra Wessell.

Commercially made White Water Rafting outfit.

Commercially made Texan hat given to my lads as a gift.

Commercially made straw cowboy hat, given again as a gift.

Robin Hood OOAK outfit made by vintage-sasha for Jac to wear at the Nottingham Forest themed 2015 SCW. Many thanks again Sarah.


Please note the details on his arrows.

Commercially made outfits for Sainsbury’s Homebase’s own rag dolls. There were FOUR in the series. The other two were Santa and a Snowman’s outfits but couldn’t find the photos.


OOAK vintage-sasha Maid Marion outfit made for me to display my Gotz pale skinned, slate eyed Sasha girl, with her hair re-rooted by Bettina at the Medieval Castle display at the CnS. Thanks again Sarah. As the saying goes… ‘No-body does it better!’

Ruthsdolls baby sailor outfit.

Two outfits put together by me from oddments. N.Gould’s hat and shorts. Gillet maker unknown. DD T shirt.

Ruthsdolls combat trousers and fake fur gillet, Phyliss G. Angora jumper and beret.


Lastly my Lisa re-rooted early baby is wearing an outfit that I knitted many years ago for my daughter’s Thumbellina Rocking Cot doll that has just re-surface during my latest garage’s tidy up. She is holding a dear little doll, a get well gift some years ago, from Cathy Buckley-Mellor

This was meant to just be a SHORT post to finish off this theme and then for me to say that I shall now be taking a complete beak from all my Media activities (Blogs, Facebook, Messenger etc.) whilst I undergo some more necessary investigations and tests for my recent still on-going ill health.
Hopefully I’ll be back blogging asap… especially as I’ve just paid yesterday for an extra 10gb of blog space and the motto that I try to live by is ‘Waste not, want not!’

Order Summary

Receipt ID: 25060557 Transaction ID: ch_1AvBweEBJVABl8iBKs9dkD5i

(My extra apologies to those TWO latest new followers who have only just started following us here.)


37 thoughts on “FINAL Part of The Broods Unusual or OOAK Outfits

  1. Some fabulous outfits teamed with some great accessories, that just add to complete the look so well. As always they all look so smart. Hope all the tests go well, that is never much fun. Wishing you all the best and look forward to your return.

  2. Super speedy scroll through for me as need to get fully ready for a busy day, looking forward to having some time much later on today to look through properly. I’ll be back 🙂

      • Yes, a sunny bank holiday weekend, we are being spoiled for once. Set to have another fun family day 🙂
        Just had a wonderful look through and chance to read. My favourite outfit has to be no 6 (I think it was 6, floral dungarees) I also love both sailor outfits (big girl and baby), lovely.
        I do hope you get some answers and better still some resolve on some issues. Sadly life for you recently hasn’t been much fun.
        You will be missed, but your health is more important than eye candy for the likes of me.

      • I used to absolutely love family Bank Holiday weekends when I was able to do things with Chon that I never really got to do in my childhood due to being bought up during the War years.
        Nowadays there is so much entertainment organised that people must be spoilt for choice as to what the’d like to do especially when it’s a fine and sunny day.
        Yes, those hot pink floral dungarees were very attractive and rather ‘jazzy’ for that era. I particularly liked those sort of Baker caps on Sasha!

  3. Gosh, such a wide variety of outfits, I’m having to go through a few times. I particularly love the outfits in pictures 33, 34 the adorable picture of going fishing 32, very clever golf photo and outfit, number 7 outfit would have been my favourite until I spotted the little pink dress in picture 11 which pips it to the post for me. However, as usual, all are so creative and suit your dolls so well. Your girl in number 5 looks stunning. And you and Chon look cute, thank-you for providing another great start to the day!

    • I’ve had to go back to see and remember these photos that you have just mentioned. The outfit in photos 33/34 was very trendy a few years back and i really enjoyed putting it all together at the time.
      I too love the going fishing little outfit. Wasn’t tool sure what to dress him in after having literally ‘paid the earth’ for his fishing tackle.
      That Pinestreetstudio shorts and top set is so amazing on account of the way those so different materials have been combined together.
      The little pink dress was sweet just on its own but became even more fantastic imo when the UGG boots and cardigan were added!
      That hot pink dungaree outfit was very daring at that time.
      Many thanks for these interesting and delightfully detailed comments that I so love to read.

  4. Well what a feast to leave us with while you concentrate of solving you health issues, for which I wish you well. Where to start with all these great outfits.
    I have to say that I love 32, looks so real as anyone knows people going fishing always look weighed down by all the things they need for the job at hand!
    Sarah’s Robin Hood outfit ,25, is a masterpiece, gorgeous! Love the Texan hat , perfect fit.
    13 for those beautiful blue and white floral trousers and 2 and 3 for the perfect dog walking outfit with those fabulous red boots. Plus 33 is a great outfit too!.
    Lovely to see the family photos too, what a little sweetheart you look with your basket and what fine knitting you did on Chon’s cardigan.
    There are plenty of fab photos and posts on here to keep us and any newbies happy while we await your return. Thanks for another great post and take care of yourself, we hope to see you back soon. xx

    • How i love reading these delightfully long and interesting comments as it is helping make up for still being confined to the home and not being able to attend any Sasha events.
      Jac, like you, i think looks really sweet in his fishing gear!
      Sarah’s Robin Hood outfit was superb. I was told afterwards that he would have won the competition had he of been there when the judges were judging BUT unfortunately that took place earlier than i had thought and he was still in his Polo gear on the Brood’s Display in the other room not that he was too worried as i took him out into the hotel’s grounds and photographed him in amongst the ancient trees. Really would have liked to have taken him to Sherwood forest but time was getting on and we had to leave for home.
      Those Pinestreetstudio floral dungarees were most unusual. Always adored Cindy’s use of materials!
      I get such enjoyment out of putting items together to form an overall final outfit.
      Thanks for the better health wishes. I’m beginning to really appreciate just how important our blood flow around the body is!

  5. Hello K! What another fantastic post for a Sunday! Many thanks for the huge effort you make especially as you are not 100% at the moment, your attention to detail and dedication to providing us with enjoyment when reading your posts doesn’t go unnoticed 🙂
    Hope everything goes well and your health improves as I , for one, will miss your posts…I am just going back to for another look!

    • How i so enjoy getting feedback from my blogposts. It keeps me so beautifully in touch with some of my Sasha friends and blog followers though I must apologise for the lack still of new photos of the few random dolls that are now left here.
      Looking back at these older photos makes me realise that hopefully ‘practice does make perfect’ and I’d like to think that there has been some improvement over the last 21 years in my posing, use of natural backgrounds plus the actual photography.
      Many thanks for commenting as I so enjoy hearing what people have to say about ‘this and that…and the other’ of course.

  6. Thank you Kendal for another lovely post of just “fantastic in every way” Sashas and their outfits. No one can put together outfits and the wonderful accessories on their dolls like you do and I love to see how you make “magic” happen in each photo. Thank you for the gift of your blog and I, too, will miss your posts but I understand the need for you to devote all energies to getting well. I think of you often and with great fondness and I wish you a very good day and week to come. ❤️ xxx

    • I am lucky enough to come from an artistic family on my mother’s side and although I can’t draw or paint etc like my grandfather, mother, sister and daughter but I enjoy colours and putting things together to create pleasing to the eye scenes. So I guess that the dressing of my Sasha Dolls comes into this category though I can no longer knit or sew. I would have liked to have worked as a shop window dresser or a sales house room designer but on leaving boarding school I drifted into working as a sales rep at our family’s colour and glazes firm before getting married and having a child.
      After getting divorced the only option with having a seven year old child seemed to be teaching to allow for me to be at home at the right times, which is what I then pursued.
      My mind is already thinking of ideas and themes for a few future blog posts so that’s a positive thing.
      Thanks for the get well wishes. I’ll def. hope and try to put them to good use.

  7. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful outfits and beautiful photos. The sports themed outfits are amazing, but I love all the outfits! Wishing you a better health soon, take care and I look forward to reading new posts after your break.

    • Thanks Susi for your get well wishes and for stopping by to view and comment. I never stop being amazed at just what you can buy and get for our truly amazing dolls. My Brood has really appreciated, taken care of and enjoyed everything that they have been given so everything here is luckily still like new now that I am coming to sell things on.

  8. Dearest Kendal, I do hope the tests and prodding get to the bottom of the problem and you will be back up and blogging/doing FB etc again soon. Please keep everyone informed as to your progress! I love looking at the pictures and marvel that although children’s styles appear to change over time, they really don’t much, do they? Sleeves might get puffier or smaller again, skirt lengths change, colors change a bit, but the basic styles…a yoke dress, a sailor dress, overalls….really remain classics that are used over and over. So fun to see your kids dressed in newer and older styles!

    • It’s true what you say and I’m reached the age when I’m seeing designs and fashions coming round again for the second time. Sasha suits so many of these basic styles so well, I can honestly say that I’ve hardly ever found something that just looked so awful on her that I couldn’t let her keep it on and wear it. I’ve never fallen in love with any other make of doll once i saw and bought the first one in 1966 for Chon.
      Their little faces just seem to change expressions at the touch of a button on my camera and for me they are the perfect size for play and display. Now wondering if I’ll ever be able to do without one near at hand but we’ll see how things go later on…at least i can always buy another if needs be.
      Many thanks for the better health wishes.

  9. Well I’m rather selfishly glad that it wasn’t a short post, as I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of these amazing outfits. The Gregor sportswear was all wonderful, especially that golf outfit. Loved #’s 1 (I have a soft spot for Hello Kitty), 4 and 12. Your Kristina painted NP girl is exquisite. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    • Had to have a little smile at your first sentence! I’ve always loved sport and finally had the honour of being deputy games captain and then games captain in my final year at boarding school which was like the icing on the cake.

      This spilled over into my teaching at Primary school where i taught swimming, netball, cricket, rounders, cross country, football…( and rugby skills) alongside basic PE from reception to year six.
      I think that my Gregor lads were secretly rather pleased about this.

      My Kristina girl has just had a first refusal on her the other day so hopefully another box ticked to go to a good Sasha home.
      Many thanks for the good health wishes which will hopefully be put to good use very shortly.

  10. Another great blog Kendal. I hope the tests and assessments go well and provide some answers and that you will be back soon. Tricia x

    • Me too Tricia! Won’t know what to do with myself!
      Thanks for the good health wishes! Not sure just what I have done wrong to deserve such poor health. Always thought of myself as a ‘goodie’ when taking care of myself. No smoking, no alcohol, plenty of fresh air and sleep, good fresh food made/cooked from scratch, although definitely lacking in the exercise department due to the Arthritis.

  11. you will be missed each Sunday AM I wake up and get eye candy from Kendal`s Sasha brood.BUT you need to take care of your health my dear.We will be thing of you and eagerly awaiting your return HUGS and Love Sheila

  12. Hi Kendal I am just been recovering from my trip to Ireland. I love your post and especially the N Gould outfits. I really hope your test go as well as can be expected and will be thinking of you xxxxx

  13. Kendal, our love and best wishes for your latest medical tests and that they help the professionals give you the appropriate treatment to improve your health.
    I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite from all these wonderful outfits, it is so good to see photos from some time ago as it is interesting to see how fashions (including Sasha fashions) have evolved over time. I remember wearing very short dresses as a small child and one of my childhood dolls still has a very short dress from that time.
    You have a real knack for putting together just the right style combination for an outfit, whether it be matching the shoes to an ensemble or pulling together a complete new unique ‘look’ from various seemingly unrelated items – the eye of an artist (and of course Sasha gave us a excellent doll for this pastime).
    We’ll be keeping you and your health in our prayers
    DollMum and younger daughter xxxx

    • Seeing your comment here reminds me that I still have to go back and visit your blogspot as i read somewhere that there are more posts now and I don’t think that I actually got round to viewing all the others from the Sasha Festival and your family US holiday.. The next time that I have a little ‘betterness’ I’ll pop by.
      I totally agree with you about our Sasha Dolls being the PERFECT doll for dressing. Whatever you decide to put on her she seems to make it look lovely. (More than I can say for myself!)
      Most of these photos were taken from the early 2000 years when there was definitely a shortage of Sasha seamstresses around and by then my hands had stopped me from sewing and knitting myself so it was rather thrilling for me when I managed to put together an outfit from oddments already here.
      Wishing your youngest daughter a happy and successful new school year when she starts back next week.

      • Thank you for the good wishes for my girl as she starts year 9 (at her school this means starting the GCSE curriculum). When you do get back to my blog there are 9 posts in total about the festival and so far 4 about Laura’s travels (including 2 about the band organs). There will probably be about 4 more posts of her travels. Part 2 of band organs has links to video taken at the rally. Laura wears the same outfit throughout the trip, it was easier and also very appropriate for travelling around the USA.

      • Gosh how the time has flown by since I first met Laura’s mummy. The next three/ four years involve some really hard and excessive studying years but I’m positive that she will cope admirably with the help and support of you and your husband and elder sister.
        As you’ve read I’m cutting back on my social media time for a while but I’m sure that I shall hopefully catch up on these most interesting posts over time.

  14. Dear Kendal, Just love looking at all the photos of your beautiful Sasha dolls in their wonderfull clothes. Thank you for all your time in providing us with your delightful pictures of your Sasha family. Get well soon.

    • Many thanks Jane. Looking at everyone’s Sasha Dolls is always such a pleasant and enjoyable pastime and I like noticing just how we all develop a love for certain types/eras of the Sasha dolls and then over time our own style of dressing them.
      Thanks for the get well wishes.

  15. Don’t go away for too long, Kendal, we will miss your beautiful posts too much.

    Like you, I am spending less and less time on social media but for different reasons. This means I may miss seeing news of you but I WILL be thinking about you and hoping for good news about your health and trying to keep abreast of your progress by other means.

    I love all the outfits here, but the Robin Hood one is very special. It is rare to see so many unusual boys’ outfits in one place and, as you know, the little boys are dear to my heart.

    Take care.
    Jenni xx

    • Thanks for saying how much you’ll miss my Sunday morning posts…though I’m feeling very guilty about the continual use of OLD photos. Really need to get back behind the camera before there are literally NO dolls left here to photograph.

      Been desperately struggling to locate some of my old nick-nacks that were packed away, here, there and everywhere, when the Sasha Dolls started to take over. Unfortunately I sold many of my super craft items via table tops and car boot sales along the way… and which i now could have done with.

      I started to enjoy my Gregor lads much more when Dollydoodles began to make her boy’s clothing as until then, there wasn’t so much variety for the lads to wear.

      Really enjoyed seeing some of your lovely dolls in action on the Sasha Village blogspot.

      • Thank you for your kind comment about my dolls, Kendal.

        Almost all my Sashas are packed away until we find the funds to repair the exterior wall of our house and move back in. The few with me are all deciding to go weak at the knees – or more correctly, weak at the neck, shoulders and hips – so I’m not able to take photos of them.

        At the moment, the little Skinny Ginny girls are the easiest to manage as they are only 8″ tall and almost unbreakable. I am gradually amassing a wardrobe of tiny handmade vintage items at much less than Sasha clothing costs. Ginnys of all kinds don’t have much of a following in the UK, which is working to my advantage, and there is something quite charming about the earliest pieces, made long ago by loving grannies, aunties and mothers in America.

      • I know that weak at the knees Sasha feeling only too well as there is a small epidemic running through mine after having sorted out them all in the stringing department for the 2016 SCW.
        Do hope that your house wall will be repaired asap so that you can move back in and release your other Sasha dolls from their packaging boxes.

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