Part Two Of Some Of The Broods More Unusual Outfits

Welcome to another post of these rarer or OOAK outfits that I have been lucky enough to buy for them over the 21 years.

A Ruth Brigg’s Daisy Daisy Easter outfit that I chose the material for and had specially commissioned when I met Ruth at a local Sasha Funday.. The detail and fine piping embellishments in these next two dresses are simply wonderful.


Have added this little knitted bunny jacket and hat outfit (and to which I added a pair of Ruthsdolls tights!) which I bought off the Sashadolluk sales pages.

Placed n front of a misty morning looking backdrop it made an unusual Easter card for my close Sasha friends last year.

I liked this plain and simple Pinestreetstudio office style outfit when I bought it… but later felt that bit was perhaps a little too old looking for my Sashas, so sold it on.

This is a two of a three piece Tommy Hillfiger outfit (there is also a smart and very detailed little sleeveless denim jacket too but I think that Fritz had comandiered that at this time!) I teamed it with JJ sandals and original Trendon stripped socks and this dear little shoulder bag (though can’t quite remember where this originally came from.)

Here is the little jacket on Biker Fritz and on another of my lads busily repairing his tri-cycle.


It’s not like me to forget who made this very trendy, at that time cullotte, outfit (I too, had a pair like these in this colour!) but I’m now thinking that it has the style of a Betsy May outfit.

Being somewhat of a ‘sporty’ person myself and teaching Physical education to the 5-11 year olds at my Primary school I was thrilled to see this little outfit appear on eBay about 15 years ago. As you can see I won it (and for £1.50) and discovered that it was made by Marks and Spencer for one of their rag dolls. I teamed it with one of Jean Jenson’s very early lace up shoes in the softest of the soft leather. It is being worn here by one of my trimmed haired, darker skinned 1968 Fringe girls… WITHOUT a fringe as the fringing machine had broken down and she missed having her single row fringe cut by hand. She has been with me since 1998 and has the most shiny and silky hair.

Pinestreetsudio studio style/length brushed cotton dress (based on a Laura Ashley design) and pantaloons and stretchy velvet headband. This is on my Gotz slate eyed waif wearing a strawberry Peggy-sue Monique wig that I think really suits her..


Pinestreetstudio milking maids outfit. Again this shows Cindy Patrick’s wonderful style in combining different materials. Unfortunately her rather charming cream milk churn wasn’t included in this photo here.


A Daisy-Daisy pure silk bridesmaid’s dress, organza hair ribbon and pink silk ballet shoes that all come in an organza bay sealed with a white Daisy, a trademark of Ruth Brigg’s and a lovely extra little touch. (Must try to remember to take a photo of them to show you at some point in time.)

This very photo above photo was ‘photoshopped’ onto this tree blossom for use in one of the Spring Sasha World magazines.

I don’t know who made this very pretty baby dress and pinafore as it came on this this sweet Lisa Hartley re-rooted early baby.

This was another very early on outfit knitted by Sashadollstyle and being worn here by another of my Lisa re-rooted babies.


Another little Sasha knits that was released by The Doll Works as a pattern but being then unable to knit due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis I asked Andrea is she would kindly knit me one. This girl is a customised later Gotz Stella by Kelly Wenarsky.

Still on the ‘knitteds’ this is a sweet little outfit that I asked Christine Durand to knit for me, although many moons ago now. She included this dear little Teddy Bear wearing his own pink coat.

This stunning Japanese outfit was another eBay win and so I don’t know who made it. I added the Pinestreetstudio flower hair piece and the JJ flip-flops to complete the outfit. The outfit is first seen on my very pretty Gotz slate eyed pony-tailed girl (this photo was used in a Sasha World article on Sashas around the World.)
The second two pics. show it more recently on my stunning wide faced pale skinned Gotz girl.



This St. George’s Day outfit was made by The Doll Works and was naturally used on my St. George’s Day and any special English celebrations posts. I added the St. George’s Day flag.

This very striking patchwork dress was made by Francis Trickett and is being worn by my 1966/67 side parted brunette Gingham NP, with her beautiful and very detailed brown eyes. JJ’s bar shoes complete the picture.

A dear little, and very finely knitted baby dress with frilled pants by Sheila Vincent can be seen here, on my one and only bought MIB 1969 quirky eye browed baby Nightdress. .

This is a delightful little baby Romper suit designed and made for a Sasha world Magazine project by Rosemary Shortell and very kindly given to me as a gift for my 60th birthday, as it reminded me of the rompers that my late mother used to make and smock for my eldest two brothers. Recently we sent to be entered into the 2017 Sasha Festival’s Children’s Fund Auction. My chubby checked 1970s baby Woolly is seen wearing this before it left here.

Finally for this weeks post is a OOAK Summer sundress (photos requested by one of my blog followers last week.) I sent a piece of seersucker material to Ruth Hartley and asked her to make me up this little dress like I used to wear when I was young.(I was so thrilled with it that I then sent another piece of the material in pink for another one.) It is seen below on three different dolls.




Thanks for visiting us once again and we hope to see you next week when this theme will, my health allowing, continue.
In the meantime have an enjoyable Sasha filled week ahead whilst I’m continuing on the major task of deleting my millions of unwanted or ‘rubbish’ photos in My Pictures!


27 thoughts on “Part Two Of Some Of The Broods More Unusual Outfits

  1. Oh, Kendal, what a delightful post!
    I especially love the Christine Durand knitted baby outfit with the little matching bear. It is so reminiscent of the baby clothes of my youth. Sometimes, I think that Sasha babies are a neglected group – but not the ones luck enough to be part of The Brood.

    • Yes, that Christine Durand baby outfit is positively delightful but unfortunately now already sold on.
      At first, rather like the Gregors, I wasn’t as keen on them as the Sasha girls but then I got completely ‘sucked in’ when I discovered just how wonderfully they pose for the camera…and topping that they both became as firm favourites as the Sasha girls when Dollydoodles appeared on the Sasha scene with her magnificent jersey leisure outfits.

      • Yes, Judith has reproduced the wonderful and very practical outfits my children wore as tots and my little grandson wears now and, oh joy! BOYS WEAR that isn’t our of the ark, too! I love her work and believe we have you to thank for their existence.

        It is a shame when you have to part with such lovely clothing as the Christine Durand set, too, not to mention the actual dolls. My babies are of two eras – some live in the 40s/50s/60s and others are of the late 20th/early 21st century. But they are always a little neglected compared with their bigger siblings. I just don’t have your flare for photography.

      • I totally blame Judith for the sudden MASS entry of Babies and Gregors all due to her such desirable outfit offerings. Had to buy dolls just to wear her trendy outfits rather than have them stored in seasoned boxes awaiting the right season.
        The babies looked so adorable in those little Jersey sleep-suits, snowsuits and day wear that you just had to pick them up.
        Unfortunately those similar ‘Babygros’ only came out just when my daughter was 18 months old so had to make do with Viyella and Clydella long nighties (that needed ironing) until then.
        I like to think that I had a slight hand in Judith’s baby clothing sizing (but nothing more!) as she sent me her first prototype sleep suit and i had to report back to her as to how it fitted etc… but in the end I decided it was best to actually send her a baby to use as a model… until she saw a baby that she wanted to buy.
        She named him Scary on account of his sticking up and out hair…whereas he was, in fact, an adorable little early 1970s tot. The name stuck!

  2. Another great post for Sunday morning . Only problem is I land up studying these photos for ages and nothing gets done until lunchtime!
    Lovely dolls and lovely outfits, many thanks for sharing, have a great week xx

    • Exactly the same thing is happening here when I’m trying to keep up, doing these posts now on a regular weekly basis and downsizing my Sasha collection (as you can see I’m WAY behind with viewing and commenting on yours (and Dollmum’s) blogposts… but hopefully after doing this I’ll be able to catch up somewhat…especially if i can stay off Facebook too!
      Hopefully another good day for carrying on with The Sasha Village Folly?

  3. A blog is always welcome in this house, up and at ’em already today, so just sat down with a coffee to have a good look.
    Thanks as always.

  4. Thanks for these great photos. The Japanese outfit on the pale Gotz girl is so lovely, and of course, Fritz looks sensational in his biker boy gear. I always think it’s a stroke of luck when something not originally intended for Sasha ends up fitting perfectly.

    • I really ADORED the Japanese outfit and especially on the second Gotz doll. It certainly was a bonus that the Tommy Hillfiger (not sure of the correct spelling and too lazy to get up and check, so trying it various ways in the hope that I might just get it right on at least one occasion) clothing fitted Sasha/Gregor. I also have a towelling bathrobe too which has the TH emblem on.
      Fritz’s Biker gear is a complete mixture (Pinestreetstudio shirt, v-s trousers, TH jacket, Ruthsdolls boots and not sure from where the head scarf was from) but think that it worked.

  5. Lovely outfits on your gorgeous family. I have a bridesmaid dress (I didn’t know that was what it was) I wondered who had made it. It is very pretty,
    Great to reminisce over all the outfits you have had over the years.

    • It’s great to learn little details like this isn’t it and after all these years! Is your one off white too as i know that she made one of my friends a pale green one? The detailed finishes are really wonderful and those little pink satin ballet pumps put the Frido/Trendon ones to shame!

  6. Just come back from Chester buying my daughter some birthday presents and the first thing I do is sit down, feet aching and put the computer on. Thank you so much for putting pictures up of the lovely sundress, the colours are beautiful and suits the colouring of all your girls who are modelling it. I was reading your replies and think it’s so funny that you had to buy dolls to wear dolly doodles outfits rather than the other way round and I noticed your St George’s Day sandals matched the dress, don’t know how you managed to do that!

    • I used to love shopping in Chester with it’s two level rows of shops but the last time I went, which must be several years ago now I was slightly disappointed to see just how many of those little up-market shops had closed down.

      I used to love going to that old fashioned but excellent toy shop which was situated down one of the little narrow side streets, slightly below road level, so that you had to step down several steps to get into the shop itself. It was situated on the lower level underneath the Laura Ashley and Paperchase shops.

      Browns was always lovely and a great place to sit down and take the weight off your feet whilst enjoying morning coffee, a light lunch or afternoon tea.
      Parking was always a bit of a nightmare unless you used the expensive multi-story car park behind Browns.
      We always went down by the river before leaving back for home to enjoy an ice cream from the van usually parked there.
      Hope that you were successful in getting your daughter’s birthday presents.

      • The lovely toy shop Toy Craft is still there unchanged, I think that’s probably the one you mean. It’s been a family favourite of ours over the years and they had what looked like A Girl For All Time doll in the doorway when we passed today but I might be mistaken. Of course, I always have Sasha’s on my mind when shopping in the hope there will be one looking at me from a charity shop window.

  7. I almost feel lucky being a “late comer” to your blog since all the photos are new and very exciting to me! I am enjoying them immensely! thank you!

    • Oh! That’s an uplifting thought to think that someone is new to seeing all these old boring past photos. Keep,trying to motivate myself to take some new ones but it doesn’t seem to be happening as yet. Probably when it finally does I won’t have any dolls left to photograph!

  8. So many lovely photos dear Kendal. I absolutely love the Ruth Brigg’s bridesmaid dress. It is my favorite and so heavenly!! I am enjoying the revisits and being able to see your beautiful dolls dressed so well. I hope you have a great week and enjoy every day. Thank you for an inspiring post. ❤️ xxx

    • Ruth Brigg’s bridesmaid dress was quite spectacular when it came out in those days as there weren’t many Sasha seamstresses around, especially working with fine satin/silk materials. I think that it was a serious illness in one of her family members that caused her to take a break to look after them …and then stop. A real shame as she had such a great flare for the unusual.

  9. Another wonderful array of OOAK outfits. My very favourite is the smocked white and blue romper by Rosie Shortell. It also reminded me of my childhood and I managed to find one of that style for my daughter when she was born with a smocked Peter Rabbit design.

    • Yes, I think that Rosie’s little smocked romper will bring back quite a few past memories to a few of us. She designed the pattern based on an outfit of one of our little Princes for our Sasha World magazine… and then gave it to me later as a birthday gift.
      WHEN??? I finally get round to keeping my now old promise to do my Sasha profile for Theresa you will see one of my younger brothers wearing one that my mother made for him… but here the top and bottoms were both made in the same Viyella material.

      • It was so lovely of Rosie to present the rompers to you as a gift too, I will be looking up that article now I own those Sasha World Magazines. I do wish I had been in the Sasha community when you were producing those wonderful magazines. They have given me so much pleasure since i got them earlier this year.

      • Wasn’t it lovely of her?
        After I’d had to take early retirement from teaching due to the Rheumatoid Arthritis I had this idea of asking several of my close Sasha friends to each produce a Sasha page four times a year that could be combined together to make up a Sasha magazine but although talking about it to Shelly etc. it never seemed to materialise… until a year or so later when Anne-Marie Hollis had a stroke and was feeling bored and Shelly mentioned my previous idea. Anne-Marie got in touch with me (and also Rosie Shortell) and so we decided to get together and see what we could do.
        The first year was rather like ‘trial and error’ but we soon got into the swing of it… and away we went. I loved every minute of those four years and was disappointed when we had to finish due to the publisher cutting back on his ‘lesser’ clients and not being able to find another in our price bracket.

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