Some of The Brood’s More Unusual Outfits.

Thought that this might prove to be interesting… although I have to admit that I’m still using past photos. Just don’t seem to have the energy or inclination to pick up the camera and head outside with them.

First up is this dear little Gotz slate eyed waif in my very first N.Gould outfit…(although in those early days N.Gould was known by another name but which unfortunately I can’t now remember.)
Her red JJ bar shoes were Jean’s very first attempt at this style at my special request as, as many of my close Sasha friends, know I’m not a fan of the Mary-Jane shoes.

In second place today is Gotz waif Holly in another unusual N.Gould outfit, again  purchased from the beginning of my Sasha collecting years….although I now see that I have replaced the original re-cycled heavier jeans for a lighter denim pair. (This was one of the photos that I was missing from last Sunday’s post.)


Another very similar and unusual N.Gould outfit, that again was missing from last week’s Ochre Eye post seen here on my first ochre eyed girl with Ruthsdolls distressed boots.


This was my very first Pinestreetstudio shorts outfit and it was because of Cindy’s individual style and flare that I bought that second one, featured below. She wears Ruthsdolls folk art shoes… but ordered without the folk art.

A very smart Pinestreetstudio shorts and top set with JJ sandals. I have always adored this unusual outfit with it’s mix of materials and was quite sad when it was asked to be bought last week…(but it is going to a lovely Sasha home where I know that it will be treasured.)

A Kelly Wenarsky customised Gotz modern pale skinned Stella, seen here in a Dollworks school pinafore with ABC 123 embroidery around the skirt hem and a pencil and pencil sharpener buttons. Red JJ sandals complete the look. (I don’t plan on ever parting with this sweet little unique outfit as it reminds me of my wonderfully rewarding teaching days.)


Pink/cream Ski outfit, using Susanna Lewis pattern, beautifully knitted by my local Sasha/ex head teacher friend with Ruthsdolls combat ski pants and JJ snow boots. (More of her delightful knitting to be shown in later posts.)

This really attractive fisherman’s oilskin outfit was one of the US Sasha Festivals gift outfits that I was lucky enough to purchase many years ago. (PS for Simply Sasha…this is Ross when he had his original hair!)


This was another of my favourite Pinestreetstudio outfits and really quite daring when I bought it nearly 20 years ago. (Since this photo was taken I have replaced those boots with some fab. distressed Ruthsdolls boots.)

Another of Pinestreetstudio’s dramatic outfits. How I loved Cindy’s work.


There is a little second chance story attached to this very pretty and dainty OOAK Petrana dress that I sadly missed winning first time (and by only £1 on eBay.) A year or so after Judith (DD) emailed me (thanks again Judith) to say that it had come back up for sale on Sashadolluk on the sales pages… and so I was finally able to purchase it after all. (A couple of months ago it was asked for back by it’s first owner… so two second chances have been achieved.)

Another charming US Festival souvenir that I was able to purchase with this miniature Chinese bowl and chopsticks that were presented as a table gift in a real Chinese food take-away carton seen here on my ex Gotz slate eyed ponytailed girl.

A Pinestreetstudio cape set which I have always thought looked stunning on this doll (although imo  the lack of finishes on the scarf and beret let it down.)

Lastly for today two ‘very special to me’ commissioned Polo replica outfits by Ruthsdolls. Ross and Sasha Chon are seen here at Sussex Polo Club grounds on one of their fields that was named after me. How did that come about I can hear some of you asking! Well as a family we all try to give slightly unusual birthday presents to each other and so just before my 60th birthday, the Sussex Polo Club (where Chon was a member and also worked as secretary, umpire and commentator) had an Auction to raise money for Charity and the main prize was that you could choose to name their newest ground. Chon won it (although at large expense as you can imagine!) and as you can see named it after me.



This is the first replica outfit that I asked Ruth to make me a copy of as this was the shirt that Chon wore when her team, WILD THINGS, won The Joules Ladies Polo Championship. (This doll, as you can see here below looks so very like my daughter that I named her Chon.)

Here is the real Chon (second in from the left) and her team receiving their awards.

The second Polo outfit is this orange/black one that Chon designed (and had made up in Argentina when she was out there on a training course) for her own team, DARK HORSE. PS. for Simply Sasha. This is Ross again with his original, but now falling hair.
PPS. Please note that you are allowed, as seen here, to wear jeans when just practising on the fields but it HAS to be Polo Whites (as they are termed) and brown, (not black) boots in a match or tournament!



Here is the outfit on display at the 2015 Chat n’ Snap.



Here is Chon, in the orange helmet on Naranja, one of her ponies (wearing the orange leg bandages) playing in a couple of matches.




On this non Sasha, but ‘pleasant for me’ family note, I’m calling an end to this post as I know that I can, and tend to, go on and on adding photos…..!
Hope that you have enjoyed seeing some of my Broods ‘different’ outfits and which I will hopefully continue on in a couple more posts… if you’d like me too. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy next week, especially if you are on holiday.


42 thoughts on “Some of The Brood’s More Unusual Outfits.

  1. Another wonderful, nostalgic post. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos, Kendal. Of course, the boys being my favourites, Ross has my vote for The Brood Photo Of The Week. The fisherman ooutfit is very special and I love the orange polo set too – memories of my long-ago horsey youth there!

    How wonderful to have the ground named after you! A real tribute from a loving daughter.

    • Hearing from you here always cheers me up as I adore your use of the English language and great humour in your blog comments.
      It’s also interesting with your love of the Gregors over the Sasha girls. I have always collected the lads as well as the girls but over the past nearly ten years they have become even more desirable on account of their recent fabulous outfits now being made.
      Hows great to hear that your childhood too was ‘horsey’ like ours. How lucky were we to have had this rather special experience.

    • Thanks for your comment. I do so enjoy hearing back from my blog followers as, being an ex teacher, I know just how important feedback is.
      How lovely being a riding instructor and spending your time around those gorgeous horses and good luck with the Polo if you ever decide to try it.

  2. Another display of your good taste in dressing your dolls. There is definitely something unique about your PineStreet studio outfits, you could almost identify them just by looking at them. Ross suits orange so well, naranja is Spanish for orange isn’t it, that’s such a good name for Chon’s horse. I was wondering if you could show photos of a sun dress that you had made from your own material by Ruth Hartley. It had sort of an elasticated or smocked top, I had a dress like that growing up and I haven’t seen any since and I’d love to have one made.

    • You’re very clever, as yes, Naranja does mean the colour ORANGE, hence the orange hat and leg bandages!
      Yes, I can add that orange seersucker dress to next Sundays post for you .(..and you can always let me know if you don’t manage to get one made up as I could always sell you this one as most of my Sasha stuff is being sold on over the rest of this year.)
      Thanks too for commenting here as I love to read any feedback…good or bad!

  3. Great selection of different outfits. I have always like Pinestreetstudio , her style is unique and have missed out on a few favourites as she is very popular just like Sarah W.
    I love the polo outfits and the action photos of Chon.
    A very interesting and action packed post for Sunday Thank you Kendal 🙂

    • Yes, Pinestreetstudio outfits were SO very popular and Cindy only selling via eBay certainly rocketed the prices sky high. Funnily enough apart from only a coupe left here they were the first to fly off the shelves (well, they’re actually in boxes) here.
      I too loved the replica Ruthsdolls Polo outfits… plus am very proud of Chon’s Polo playing.
      Hope that my Trendon lad on the horse reminded you of your great Chat n’ Snap events! In fact one’s coming round very soon again!

  4. Lovely post Kendal and as you know I love the N Gould outfits particularly the one in photo number 4. How fantastic to have a ground name after you. So nice to see the photos from the Chat ‘n’snap and the hat I made for you xx

  5. It was a treat seeing all of these beautiful outfits. Loved the polo gear, and that school pinafore certainly is adorable with those tiny buttons. I liked the second chance story behind the #16 dress. One of my boys has a second chance story of his own.

    • I was really thrilled with those two Ruthsdolls Polo,outfits and how she had painstakingly embroidered both the team names onto the shirts by hand.
      That Dollworks school pinafore is really delightful and I just adore those two little buttons.
      I too love second chances, particularly inn our Sasha Doll World. Look forward to hearing your Gregor’s one, one day soon.

  6. Gillian Nash has asked me again to add her comment here as she still can’t get her iPhone to ‘play ‘ball!
    ‘Stunning photos as always of fabulous outfits on some of your gorgeous Sashas and Gregors! My favourite this week has to be Ross in his fisherman’s oilskins outfit! He looks great.
    How nice to have one of the Sussex Polo fields named after you! ‘

    My reply. Ross in his oil skins and Polo gear is certainly proving to be the star of today’s post!
    Thanks Gill for taking the time to privately email me with your comments as I so enjoy hearing what my blog followers have to say.
    (Only five months of blogging left now and then you’ll all be fee from these Sunday Sasha interruptions!!)

  7. Wonderful Sunday treat, Kendal, I always love your posts, and the history of all the outfits is fascinating; I’m relatively new to all this but so enjoy seeing what you Sasha collectors have been up to all these years. The Pine Street outfits are all so individual and quirky, really delightful.
    Thank you! I will really miss your blog when you give it up…..

    (I would really appreciate you contacting me by email about some of the lovely things you have for sale – I have no idea how you are selling them! Is it through Facebook, which I don’t do?)


    • Pleased that you enjoy my posts even though at the moment they are all past photos until I’m more fully recovered!
      I think that Sasha Collecting these days is so much easier than it was in the older days when there was no or little internet and not so many Sasha themed events to meet other collectors. Even Paypal has made such a difference with any payments especially from country to country.
      I have just emailed you privately about my Sasha sales .

      • I, too, would love to know more about your sales. Please email! I hadn’t realized that this was going on now. I thought oh, sometime in the distant future, Kendal might perhaps do this. Instead – eeek! – it’s now!

        This must be so hard for you. I hope you’re keeping a few of your special favorites, a few special outfits. And no blog in your (our!) future? I”ll miss it so much.


      • I am planning in the not too distant future to list my outfits for sale here but need to be feeling better and more on top of things before that happens. Meanwhile I am letting my Sasha friends email me privately if there are one or two items that they would especially like to buy.
        Most of the dolls are gradually heading down to Sashadolluk to be sold through Shelly as I’m not good on pricing, dating and listing faults as such and so finding that process too stressful at the moment for me to cope with still being ill.
        Will especially watch out for your email if there’s anything that YOU’D particularly like to buy or enquire about.

  8. wonderful outfits! Your collection is fabulous! How appropriate that Chon’s horse, Naranja is wearing orange bandages! lol!

    • We have some really wonderful seamstresses out there today.. including you may I add… but I can understand, when after many years of sewing for Sasha, one needs a break.
      Yes, orange has fast become Chon’s Polo colour!
      So hope that you have now recovered fully from your recent operation.

    • Thanks Lorraine and especially for being such a wonderful and supportive follower of The Broods blog over all these past 15 years though folks like you must be tiring of seeing many of these photos over and over again these last two years.
      Keep promising myself that I must do better!

  9. A beautiful post and thank you Kendal. As always, I love to see the outfits and read the descriptions. I particularly like your photos of Chon and especially the action photos of her playing polo. They are just fantastic! Have a great week! ❤️ xxx

    • You too Ginger must know many of these photos off by heart. We are all so lucky to have such wonderful outfits for our dolls as looking back to the middle of the 1960s when I first bought Chon her first Sasha Doll and the lack of available outfits then until i discovered Ruthsdolls.
      Unfortunately living so far away I only ever got to see Chon playing Championship Polo the once when her team came second, missing by only one goal. A very proud mother although disappointed that they didn’t win.

  10. I too enjoy your pictures and posts even though I rarely comment. Your photos are stunning and the attention to detail about each item and doll boggles my mind! I also would appreciate a private email about your sales. Thanks so much!!!

    • I do hope that my blogposts show just how much i love these dolls and the sheer enjoyment the dressing and photographing of them gives me …and hopefully others.
      I’ll email you privately tomorrow as it’s bedtime for me now.

  11. Whatever they’re about I love one of your blogs! Brings delight to my eyes. I love the no7 outfit and the cape, lovely.

    • Yes, that no 7 outfit is just delightful. I mean who else but Cindy could ever think of combining those two materials together in one outfit! That cape set too is stunning… especially on that doll.

  12. How wonderful does Ross look as a fisherman/brunette?! I still love his alter ego as blonde surf dude though ❤
    Many thanks for adding him in!! Do you still have the fishermans outfit…if so, is it for sale?

    • I love Ross with both his looks. (I had hoped that his photos would suffice today instead of having to find one of Miss Lippy as well.)
      Yes, I still have the Fisherman’s outfit here and it can be for sale. Will get back to you privately with a suggested price.
      Thanks for popping by here. Always lovely to hear from you.
      Our love to the FAB Four…and you of course!

  13. Oh Kendal, you are such an amazing person with regards to outfits, dressing the Sashas, posing and taking photos of them! I do not comment every time I’m scrolling through your photos and comment but am looking at them very often. Hugs Liss

    • Thanks Liss. I think that the dressing and photographing the dolls were the bits that I really liked the best. It didn’t really matter whether the doll was minty or a waif as long as it suited the outfit in question…and ‘boy’ what a fantastic selection of outfits there was to chose from in my later Sasha collecting years compared to the earlier times when you were fumbling around, mixing and trying to match odd items to try to make up different looks.
      I know that I have said this before but it will perhaps explain my Sasha collecting. My sister once mentioned to my late mother that although she could see just why I bought the dolls she couldn’t understand why I had to buy SO many of the outfits. My mother’s reply was that it probably made up for the fact that I should have been dressing my grandchildren instead!
      Also my childhood years were spent during and after the War II when toys or dolls weren’t readily available… although I did have just one 25cm hard bodied solid plaster doll (with just arm movement and platinum blonde hair and painted on shoes) that mother made a very small wardrobe for, when she had time after making all our clothes due to the limited clothing coupons that were in operation at that time. (Both the doll and clothing all fitted into a shoe box.)
      So I guess that my Sasha collecting dolls, outfits, props and accessories etc. are probably my way of making up for this.

  14. These are just wonderful Kendal but most of all I was so touched when I read about your Polo Ground! What a super gift from Chon and those Sasha sized Polo outfits are just perfect ❤

    • It was a MOST wonderful and unusual birthday gift from Chon… and I was really thrilled with Ruthsdolls Polo outfits.
      I originally sent Ruth some photos of Chon wearing these two particular shirts and she took it from there with these amazing results. There was just one slip up when Ruth made the first set of boots using black leather and had to make up another pair in brown when she was informed by Chon that black boots are not allowed to be worn on the field for matches. (Personally I prefer the black with both outfits plus they are made from a finer leather so I tend to use these more!)
      Great to have you back in the UK.

      • How funny about the boots, I wonder why that is? Well maybe Sasha polo matches allow black as it’s so chic!

      • The black boots certainly suit these two outfits much better imo. and so having paid for them I’ll continue to make use of them in my Sasha World!
        I’m guessing that The Polo Club has rules like Wimbledon does with it’s only WHITES. This year Venus Williams was told to go and change her hot pink coloured bra to a white one and two lads playing in the Doubles were sent off to swap their blue underpants for white, whilst another of the male Single players had to go off and exchange his black (to white) pants that he had on underneath his white shorts.
        It seems that ‘Rules are Rules and to be kept!’

  15. Don’t they look good in almost everything? I wish I could sew faster – or find more time for sewing.
    How exciting to have a polo ground named after you! And the Sasha sized polo outfit is just amazing.

    • They certainly do look good in most outfits but it does help that I have such a huge variety of dolls to choose to wear the outfits as not every outfit suits every doll…as I’ve learnt over the past years. Practice has made perfect in most cases so I’ve now managed to reduce the trying on processes to a bare minimum.
      I can’t tell you just how thrilled I was receiving the Polo Ground named after me! Those little replica Polo outfits were like the icing on the cake!

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