My Past Yellow Eyed Gotz Girls…Part 2

Beginning off with these two photos of the blonde pony-tailed doll wearing this attractive vintage-sasha trouser and top set that I unfortunately couldn’t locate in time for my last post.


Todays offerings begin with another pony-tailed girl but this time a red head bought, as always, from Sashadolluk wearingnher original broiwn farmpants.


Here she is wearing a Dollwork’s coat, Trendon Kiltie tights and commercially made T bar shoes. These photos were many taken years ago when I didn’t have very many outfits and taken with a much cheaper camera… but are now proving to be a good record of my 22 Sasha collecting years.
The delightful little Teddy Bear that she is holding was a super gift from Nikki of Sashadollstyle in Northern Ireland who made Sasha clothing and ran a website and blogpost.


This is a pretty, but simple, Pinestreetstudio dress. I had quite a few of these dresses at that time all made from varying different fabrics.


She left here wearing an original brown cord dress.


Don’t seem to have any extra photos of these next two yellow eyed girls that I must have had in my collection at some point. Not sure how that happened or just that I haven’t been able to locate them in my masses of ‘saved’ photos… but if I do manage to find them in the meantime I’ll add then in.




….But I do remember this, my last yellow eyed lass with lashes who I had living with me for a year and took part in the SCW Brood’s display there.


I bought this stunning vintage-sasha outfit especially for this doll and so loved it on her that I don’t think that she ever took it off!




These next last photos of her are my very favourite. I just ADORE her facial expression here, her little pouting, sulky mouth. The Gotz company were excellent at achieving all these unique and wonderful expressions in comparision to the general overall ‘pretty, pretty’ looks of the Frido/Trendo/Sasha Doll Ltd dolls.


She left me wearing this very smart window checked Petrana dress and little handmade soft leather boots as I didn’t want to part with ‘her’ outfit but then, being the good Sasha mother, I succumbed and sent it on to her as a gift.


Thanks for popping by and have a wonderful week…hopefully next week I’m planning to be showing my Orche Highlight girls as an ending to this theme.


18 thoughts on “My Past Yellow Eyed Gotz Girls…Part 2

  1. Good morning
    Nice post popped up for me, already had a coffee next to me 🙂
    Isn’t it funny how we can get more attached to clothes than dolls? That outfit did really suit her, so glad she got it as a gift.

    • Well timed then although I slept in a little later than usual.
      Yes, sometimes I liked/loved my Sasha outfits more than the dolls but it was the combination (plus the camera) of them both together that was the thrill. I loved it when a new outfit arrived and I would walk from room to room holding the clothing in front of the dolls that I thought that it would look the best on. As the years rolled by and I got to really know my dolls ‘in and outwardly’ I could forego this activity as I could immediately see in my mind just which dolls could wear this new outfit and show it off to it’s very best.
      Many thanks for commenting and have a super family Sunday.

      • You definitely do know what suits what doll and it all comes over fantastically in your photos. As I have told you before, I constantly have numerous tabs open on my iPad of your blog and often sit looking at them on an evening while “watching tv”
        I’m having a chill day today, my boys (big and little) have gone to Legoland Discovery Centre and Sea life (at the Trafford Centre)
        Hope you have a lovely day.

      • I used to struggle in the old days as there were hardly any Sasha seamstresses around but luckily as time went by there was a wonderful selection of clothing (plus shoes, toys, props) to buy for them that you were literally spoilt for choice.
        I remember, and have mentioned this before, that when my sister mentioned to my late mother that she could understand me buying these dolls but not that amount of clothing for them. Her reply was that I should have now been using these clothing skills to dress any grandchildren! Which I guess no doubt was the truth.

        I just LOVE shopping at the Trafford Centre! Hoping that ALL three of you enjoy your chosen activities for the rest of the day.

  2. Another great post for a Sunday morning. I do love the yellow eyed lashed gotz dolls. I’ve only owned one , Arabella my Button nosed girl and she is one of the few I do regret selling but there you go!
    Your girls are lovely Kendal, I especially love Miss Pouty in pictures 21 and 22 and the red head looks especially nice in photo 5 , wearing the cord Vintage Sasha coat with the black tights! I can just see her out playing or on her way to church on a cool autumn morning in that outfit.
    many thanks for sharing these lovely girls, although It’s a dangerous business…. sets one to thinking…maybe a yellow eyed lass needs to come live at the village…..xx

    • Thanks Denise, great to hear from you as have missed reading your blog postings this week.
      I well remember Arabella, she was a really lovely button nose doll. In hindsight I reckon that we all sometimes regret selling on a few of our dolls but that’s the way it is.
      I have tried over the 22 years to at least have had an example of every type of Sasha Doll made and enjoyed owning, seeing, handling and dressing them all.
      That brown Dollwork’s coat was the very first Sasha coat that my girls ever had and so reminded me of those pure wool coats with the velvet collars and pocket details that I wore in my childhood.

  3. Hi Kendal I have just seen this lovely post and I am enjoying it before I head out to my hotel near Heathrow for tomorrow’s flight to Washington DC. Your pouty girl was indeed a memorable member of The Brood and her outfit was very special. I intend to take lots of photos to share with you on my return take care xxxxxx

    • Oh! Have a truly wonderful time at the Sasha Festival. Please give my love to any of the folks there if they know me.
      Looking forward to seeing your’s and other’s photos.
      Which dolls did you finally decide to take out with you. Were they the three/four that we discussed?
      Thanks too for offering to bring back the parcel from Ginger. Don’t forget that it’s ok to flatten the box to make more room in your luggage.

  4. Always love seeing your Sashas…reading how much each one means …and love that ensemble you purchased especially for the Sasha in photos 17 and 18…what a darling ensemble…Thx for sharing…

    • Many thanks Nikita. Yes, you’re spot on as I love each and everyone of my dolls whether they are from the top,of the range expensive ones to the ‘waifest’ of the waifs, each has it’s own individual appeal.
      That VS outfit is truly remarkable and absolutely perfect colouring for her. No wonder she didn’t want to take it off…even in the intense heat… to share.

    • I have found that certain styles of our dolls seem to become rather fashionable at times, for eg. the Fringe girls, No-noses, Tiny eyes, No-nacvels, Bobbed haired girls, Customised dolls, Toddlers and the Studio and Course Dolls. Always something for everyone!

  5. They are all gorgeous, but the photos 21 and 22 are by far my favourites. I love the shadow of her hair in her face, and her feisty expression. And of course I like the little dog – my Sashas have a similar one…
    There are very beautiful Trendon Sashas out there. What makes the early Götz dolls so special is their individually hand painted eyes, and the expressive eyebrows – something I miss in the later Götz production. If only their hair had been rooted with a little more care… but you can’t have it all.

    • Those are MY favourite photos too! She looks just like a naughty child who isn’t getting her own way or what she wants. I feel sure that I might have looked like that when being denied a Sasha purchase that I so wanted to buy!

      I love that dog too. I won it on eBay many years ago and I have been told that it was made by the Steiff Company and that there are about three different poses. Is this true? I love the way his coat colour matches hers.

      I agree, if it’s a pretty-pretty Sasha Doll that you’re after then it’s definitely the Frido/Trendon dolls but if it’s character, expressions and individuality (like me!) then there’s nothing to compare to these early Gotz kids! Yes, it is a shame that a little more care might have been taken with these dolls especially with the thinner vinyl, sparse hair rooting and drooping left eye but I can overlook that when I get photos such as 21 and 22 without hardly any effort involved.

      It was a shame that their second production had such poor eye painting as the actual dolls and their clothing were good plus we have them to thank for those very popular little Toddlers! I also like the quality and thickness of their hair compared to, imo, the much too much hair of the English dolls.

      Many thanks for this super interesting comment.

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