My Yellow Eyed Gotz Girls Over The Years

My very first Gotz Yellow Eyed with lashes girl was purchased from Michael O’Brian’s  collection many years ago and was one of the dolls featured in his limited edition of a set of 12 facial photographs… two of which can be seen below.
He had bought this delightful doll (just an hour before I had spotted her) from Sashadolluk (and eventually he re-rooted the missing first row of her fringe before selling her on to me) but before that, had just pulled her hair over to the side and added a hair clip. She came to me wearing the original Gotz rarer pink/white striped dress with the white collar (as seen in his photo below.)

The second of his photos shows her in the Gotz white fake fur apres ski jacket.

Below, by then at home with me, she changed into a very early Karensyarn’s (now known as Karen Warnaka) brushed cotton checked dress (which I positively love the simplicity of, so still here in my collection, as it suits so many of my dolls.)


Was so thrilled to finally get one of these gorgeous wooden chairs.



Love this pose below of her concentrating on doing her little Christmas jigsaw.

Here her socks and JJ shoes replace the tights and manufactured shoes in slightly warmer weather.


Here we are playing’ mummies!’ A favourite pastime with most little girls in those days.

Below she is seen in a OOAK Ruthsdolls dress that I especially asked to have made up  from the Viyella window pane checked material that she used for her pyjama outfits…


Change of hairstyle…although still with the usual fine hairs over her face. Thinking that this has unfortunately become rather a trademark of mine over the 22 years of Sasha collecting. (It seems that I don’t see them when actually taking the photos!)


…and here she has on one of Jill Mackley’s (Frocks and Socks) OOAK beautifully smocked and finely piped dresses. I loved her slightly wider face… and still tend to go for these style faces.


Another of Jill Mackley’s dresses, this time using a very attractive cream based umbrella print. The brown hair slide was off a Pintuck’s doll with the flower removed. (I used to wear identical slides to this when I was little.)


A third Jill Mackley dress, a very dainty pink/white checked seersucker and beautifully smocked dress.
(Apologies for the green hue reflected from the surrounding shrub.)


Many years later when I moved her on I dressed her in this rather pretty/dainty floral dress by Pinestreetstudios and then added a lilac ribbon to her hair. (Now looking back and with all those Sasha Doll years of experience I realised that I should have kept her.)




My second yellow eyed with lashes doll was this stunning pony tailed girl in her Gotz school uniform of a kilt, blouse and blazer…(and which so many of the UK girl’s schools are now  tending to adopt.) I have always loved the pony-tailed girls AND this particular Gotz outfit so naturally couldn’t resist buying her.



Here they are together and clearly showing the first doll’s much wider and younger face.


Yet more green hue, so sorry. She is more casually dressed here in a  pretty and very comfortable Dollydoodle Jersey material leisure outfit. These lovely ‘girly’ tops had now started to replace her previous plainer, more boyish, T shirts.


She is wearing a lovely vintage-sasha dress under a sweet little Molly knitted cardigan. I just love Molly’s short cardigans and now have quite a selection.




I’m still desperately trying to remember the name of the person (I have several of her finely knitted baby outfits) who knitted this dear little jacket that I bought off Sashadolluk and seen here teamed with some vintage-sasha trousers and Ruthsdolls shoes.



When the time came for her to leave here she was naturally reunited with her original outfit.

This ‘Gotz yellow eyed’ themed post will hopefully be continued next time… since it is taking me much longer than I had anticipated in trawling through my millions of photos stored in my Pictures from the year 2002 to find these somewhat earlier and rather poorly taken pics with a not so good camera,
Thanks for visiting us here today and we hope that you are enjoying this warm month of July.


24 thoughts on “My Yellow Eyed Gotz Girls Over The Years

    • The yellow eyed girls were the first eye style from the manufactured Gotz serie dolls. I like seeing the photos of them together to compare just how individual and so different these Gotz doll’s faces were. I’m thinking that I wasn’t anywhere near as good when doing their hair in those early days.
      I think that the photos of mine that I like the best are nos 8,9,14 and 15…but are very poor when you compare them to Michael’s and Shelly’s more professionally taken using top range cameras and lighting.

  1. Love a Sunday morning blog.
    Only fairly recently found myself attracted to the early Gotz girls, a yellow eye hasn’t found her way into my collection yet, never say never though.
    Lots of lovely photos, just what I like.
    Hope you’re doing better health wise and if not find some fun from putting your blog together.

    • I’m trying to blog as often as i can these days whilst I still have my blog in action although it is so very time consuming when you are using older photos.
      I think that it takes most of us a little time to be attracted to the Gotz dolls but then….there’s no stopping….! OK so their bodies collect a few faults due to the thinner vinyl used but their facial expressions more than make up for this.
      Unfortunately the yellow eyed girls are the most expensive of the early Gotz but I’m sure that you won’;t be able to resist having one along the Sasha collecting line.
      Thanks for the health enquiries.

      • Maybe a yellow eye will join me someday, none have appealed enough so far and a doll really has to appeal for me to decide to buy ☺️

        So will your blog eventually disappear? Seeing as you said “while my blog is still in action” I do hope I’m wrong 😯 Can’t imagine no Kendal’s Sasha Brood to view.

      • Oh, you must definitely wait until one appears that you can’t possibly resist buying. Never buy just for the sake of buying like we are so often tempted to do It’s always lovely to have a future Sasha wish list…some doll to be especially looking out for. Makes our Sasha collecting so much more exciting.
        Yes, I do plan to eventually close my blogpost down completely as it is so time consuming when you’re getting older and more doddery and so everything seems to take twice as long to do. Besides after 15 years of blogging on a regular basis I have covered most topics and luckily there are plenty of new bloggers up and running and taking over… not to mention Facebook.
        Perhaps YOU could start one up?

      • Oh that isn’t a shame, I love looking back over your old blogs, they keep me company many a lazy morning whilst drinking coffee, I selfishly hoped even once you stopped blogging it would remain open so I, for one, could continue to view your lovely photos.

        Goodness, I don’t have the photography skills nor the time (with a 6 year old) to blog, I don’t think anyone would appreciate my photos 😂😂

      • Well as they say….’Where’s there a will, there’s a way.’ Perhaps your six year old son can help you with it as it’s amazing what these youngster’s can do when it comes to IT skills?

  2. These girls look good in just anything! But I understand why you kept the long sleeved Karensyarn dress, as its simple style suits so many Sasha dolls best.
    I just adopted an ochre eyed Early Götz waif with nine plugs in her fringe cut off, so thank you for the great idea to comb her hair sideways! I’ll try this on my new girl (after I’ve given her a good wash…)

    • As you’ve probably now gathered I’m not a great fan of over detailed Sasha outfits, preferring my kids in much simpler clothing…but each to their own tastes in how they like to dress their dolls. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life!
      How lovely to have just adopted an early orchid eye girl. Hope that a hair comb over will do the trick until you are ready to have a little re-rooting done.
      I am planning to show one or two of the orchid highlight girls in my next post.

  3. thanks for sharing this lovely yellowed eyes post. Your girls are beautiful and one day I hope to ad a yellow eyed dark haired girl with lashes to my collection. love the blue Mary Jane style JJ shoes, very different. xx

    • Unfortunately the dark haired brunette yellow eyed girls are much harder to find to buy… so I’ve not had one either.
      These JJ navy blue bar shoes were ones that I especially asked jean to make for me, as, as a child I only ever wore this style of shoe (along with the Start-rite lace ups in the Winter and Clarke’s sandals in the Summer.)

  4. Gillian Nash has asked me to add her private email to me here as she is still unable to comment straight onto my posts using her iPhone.
    ‘Such lovely photos of two beautiful girls! Love them all but my favourite is 22.
    I love to see your girls always so beautifully dressed and with such cute accessories!
    The best way to spend a Sunday morning! ‘

    • Thanks Gillian. So sorry that you’red still not able to post straight on here yourself.
      I’m hope that it can be seen when using these OLD photos that I have improved a little with my photo skills over the years if not with those facial flying hairs!
      I have, by strolling back through my Picture storage, begun to realise just how LONG I have had some of my outfits! Years and years and YEARS! It’s a wonder that they’re not completely worn out!

  5. Two gorgeous girls Kendal. I love seeing your photos of the girls before they arrive and then when you have given them the Lady K make over. Such lovely photos of the girls in their other outfits.
    I do love these yellowed eyed girls especially the ones with the painted lashes.
    Many thanks for looking through your photo collection and sharing them here.
    I look forward to the next post when time allows.x

    • Thanks Denise. Sometimes after seeing them through Shelly’s professional camera and enhanced lighting I’m quite disappointed with my photos using a much cheaper camera and no extra lighting. As you can see from most of these photos I didn’t use to venture out with them in tow into the surrounding environment in those days. I always think that they look so much better in natural planting.
      The main trouble, as you will well know, is that when you take a long drawn out theme and which requires photos from way back in the past it takes such a huge amount of time to put it all together. It is basically so much easier and quicker to pop out with a couple of dolls and snap away, then the photos are basically all together in one spot for you to use.
      An advantage though is that you get to re-see some older dolls that have now left for new homes and also some perhaps forgotten outfits.

  6. Hello K! Always lovely to see you posting 🙂 Both your girls are very pretty. I used to have an ochre eyed girl or two in the past, but my ones had a very ‘feline’ look to them and I never took to them, so they moved on, but am , in part , thanks to Fritz, coming round to the Gotz dolls…..:)

    • Great! I see that YOU can now post a comment using your youngest son’s account.
      As both you and I know our Sasha tastes change quite frequently, thank goodness as we might have missed a few new chances.

      My IT skills still leave a lot to be desired but have been trying hard as to how to get a small video of Chon’s dog Bella, and her new French Bulldog companion, Bernie, romping through a field’s long grass to you to view. Are any of your IT whizz-kids able to help me to do this being that you aren’t on Facebook?
      I’ve always tried to have a wide variety in my Sasha Doll collection so that it is easier to compare and discuss what we like (and don’t like???) about these fantastic and unique dolls.
      Sasha love to you, Fritz and Ross.xx
      PS. hope that ALL those rescue dogs of yours are coping in this heat.

      • I would LOVE to see that video you know me and dogs!! My lot are not taking to this heat so with multiple fans around the place (and probably a huge electric bill!) they are coping. I have just posted on my blog which I think you may like…I hope so!
        Much love…and will try and get to view that video!

      • Couldn’t wait to reply to this as immediately needed to head off to view your blogpost. It’s a wonder that I haven’t died of shock when I saw your wonderful kindness and generosity with regards to adopting my Brood. I can hardly believe what i am reading.
        A million thanks for this kindness and generosity.

  7. Those early Gotz girls are really something special. Whoever did the eye painting at that time was a true artist. I love the way that they are all slightly different, while still in the same style. All of the outfits are lovely, but I particularly like the first dress and the way the blue shoes and stockings make it ‘pop’.

    • Looking back at my yellow eyed with lashes girls I’m coming to the conclusion that I stupidly let the better dolls go and replaced them with ones with not such nice facial expressions. I guess that ‘you live and learn’ the hard way. Will be interesting to see what the comments at the end of the series have to say.
      I am now wondering if I tried out some beige tights with this dress, I remember that I didn’t like the dark brown ones with it.

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