Suddenly and without any warning….

ALSAGER, our small town (though which used to be classed as a village when I moved here 50 years ago) suddenly began to be INVADED with ORANGE spayed tri/bi-cycles of every shape. size and in all sorts of spots/spaces…Roadsides, Pavements, Railings, Parks, Lamp-posts, Trees, Roofs or Balconies, outside Cafes, Civic Hall, Library, Churches/Chapels, Road Junctions, Door Ways, on top of Walls and even in Shop Windows. In fact, anywhere where there was enough space to house one, one seemed to insert itself, as if by magic.

What was happening we asked amongst ourselves…but at first NO answers came.

WARNING….This is the LONGEST post that I have ever done (100 photos)…but only containing photos with the Gregors ‘on bike’ in the second half.) SO are you sitting comfortably (having toileted) and with refreshments to hand and then I’ll begin…

2. (Close up to show that this banner is made up of little orange Sasha sized T shirts!)





























Then FINALLY the answer began to emerge….The part 3 of the ‘Cycle Tour of Britain’ was passing through ALSAGER, and, in fact, right past the end of my bungalow’s road!









Well! Once my Gregor lads (Fritz, Niklaus, Jac, Matt, Ross, Jon, Luke, Mike, James, Tony, Iain, McCarthy) heard that there was no stopping them and they literally bundled themselves into my car and they were off to be photographed on as many of these surrounding BIKES/TRIKES as they could!



















This is the race actually passing within a few hundred metres of my home.





This is the part of actual race passing within a couple of hundred of metres from my home.









After the race had passed through Alsager we moved on and followed it into Sandbach and Bereton where the bi/tri-cycles had been sprayed in yellow… SO naturally a few of my Gregors wanted their photos to be taken again,















This is part of the race at Brereton.











99.(This was the second slightly smaller Penny Fathibg bike!)

I’d like to congratulate all those who actually made it to THE END! (There were MORE photos but I felt that ‘enough is enough!’

I hope that you found it interesting and noticed all the support for the ‘2016 Cycle Tour of Britain’ from my local community. It has at least inspired Jac, one of my 1970 Gregors customised by Shelly, to start training for the next big cycling event. (My apologies as I couldn’t find his ORANGE T-Shirt in time!)

Thanks for visiting us and we wish you a very happy Sasha and sun filled month of June. I’m now off to have a long afternoon nap!


20 thoughts on “Suddenly and without any warning….

  1. It is funny seeing this post as the other day we drove past a load of cyclists all riding exactly the same bikes…we thought at first they might have hired them, and although a completely different area, I wonder if it had anything to do with this event?

    It is lovely and warm at the moment, and we are thoroughly enjoying it here, as unlike most who suffer in the heat, I feel far more energised and alive, so enjoying the garden.

    I love Jac’s bike helmet, where did you find this?

    • I’m not entirely sure but I think this was a trial run last September (haven’t felt well enough to do a post on it until now as there were just two many photos taken to sort out) in our area for the ‘World Cycle Tour’ due to take place in the UK in either in 2018/19.
      I can’t cope with HEAT and due to ongoing skin Cancer I don’t go out in the sun anymore so hence this long winded post in the cool of the lounge with electric fans all around.
      I think that Jac’s cycle helmet came in a Tommy Hilfiger set many years ago.

  2. Actually this was so much fun to watch (wish I could have been there), that I would have loved to see the rest of the photos. Thank you for sharing. I love your blogs and any day now I might take one of my Sashas for an outing and some pictures.

    • Unfortunately the actual cyclist involved raced/passed by in a flash as they were mainly all bunched up together but it was enjoyable seeing how the different cycles were decorated and displayed everywhere. A very supportive and involved community spirit.
      I always enjoyed taking my Sasghas and Gregors ‘out and about!’ I’m sure that you’ll be thrilled with your resulting photos.

  3. A lovley look back for you Kendal and all new to your readers. I love the teeny, pedal-less bike in photograph 18 and ALL the ones featuring your . I believe some of them are now living elewhere, so this must be a lovely rminder of their boyish energy.

    • Thanks Jenni! Yes it is at times like these that I miss my ever diminishing number of Gregor lads but hopefully they have been adopted out into good boyish outdoor activity filled homes.That pedal-less bike took me back to the past. Bet that riding that was great fun although slightly on the dangerous side and certainly not good for the shoes.
      Hope that you’re better health times this Summer.

  4. That is alot…huge amount of spray painted bicycles…who uses them now?????My favorite photo…last one with Gregor dressed to race…Thanks for taking the time to post…..Have an awesome nap…sleep well…Dream even better…

    • It was rather like doing what they call ‘A TON’ when you exceed driving at 100mph.
      At first I was wondering if they had run out of orange spray round here so had had to resort to using yellow but haven’t had any confirmation as to that.
      Have had a lovely afternoon rest thanks.

    • Pleased to hear this as I thought that my followers would give up half way through if not before.
      I really enjoyed being there in amongst that atmosphere as I like anything ‘different!’ All five of our local primary schools were allowed out to sit on the grass curb sides (as the roads were closed) to watch and cheer them on and many of the assisting Police and Ambulance men responded with their peeping car horns and flashing blue lights.

  5. I like #’s 8, 19, 31 & 36 – all of the bikes with knitted/crocheted embellishments. “Yarn Bombing” or “Guerrilla Knitting” has become quite a thing in our area. It’s certainly more artistic than plain old graffiti. Jac has the determined look of a serious cyclist.

    • Thanks Steve for this information as I certainly wasn’t aware of this. I just thought how amazing and how artistic. I'[m not even sure just who decorated those but we have two very well known artistic primary schools nearby (although I thought that they were too advanced for the children, remembering my class room attempts at teaching my whole mixed classes to learn to knit and sew) and several church women’s groups, not to mention links of activity groups to the library where they were featured.
      Not sure just how Jac will fair as he is such a petite and young little lad but naturally he will have loads of ex-teacher’s encouragement and support to practice.

  6. I couldn’t help but notice all the cars with bikes on top….that’s the way I would race, from inside the car! lol!! Such interesting pictures and I, too, wondered what happened to all the orange bikes. Do you see them being ridden around town? Thanks for making my Sunday morning so fun!

    • Me too if I had the choice as it was a rigorous circuit Those cars are their supporting team and bike mechanics carrying the reserve bikes for their guys. Alsager is basically on a flat plain but when they left here I am told that it was all mainly uphill until they reached Tatton Park for this section’s finish.
      I’m wondering if all the bikes have been stored away until they are needed again as there were even more bikes around that with being ill, i never got to photograph. I was sorry to have missed snapping two more excellent shop window displays due to them being taken down quicker than I had anticipated!

  7. It’s so exciting when the cyclists are coming, the Tour of Britain has been close to our home for the past two years but won’t be in our area this year. It’s great to see people on the streets, usually the schoolchildren get some time off but you’re right, blink and they’ve gone! Love the orange and white Sasha doll sized t shirts making up the banner, your boys certainly made the most of heir opportunities to try out the bikes, lots of fun by all it looks like.

    • I agree it’s quite exciting to see these events especially when so close to your home although it’s such a pity that they flash by so fast. Luckily in this instance I got to see them race by twice. (BTW. The three leaders in green and white were the English team.)
      My Gregor lads really wanted to steal 12 of those orange T shirts off that line to wear themselves but being brought up as good RC kids they knew better!

  8. Great post Kendal, who would of ever thought that Alsager would be tangoed. Love the Sasha sized t-shirts. Did you manage to snaffle any? Your sharp nose boy looks great on that bike. I also love photo 44. I hope you ae staying cool in this lovely hot weather xx

    • It was definitely a surprise to ordinary people like me who hadn’t a clue what it was all about. I’ve naturally heard about this event and I know that one of my nieces saw it pass by in Cambridge a couple of years ago… but here in ALSAGER, that’s a completely different ‘kettle of fish!’
      No, I never really thought to ask that Church about those dear little T shirts after the event… although they might have been put away for a similar event later on as did hear some comment about it being a trial run.
      That sharp nosed lad is Niklaus, Fritz’s younger brother (both named after Sasha Morgenthaler’s sons) and photo no 44 is of Antony (named after one of my fantastic ex-boyfriends) and was featured outside one of our excellent children’s nurseries….hence the trikes.
      Trying, though not too successfully, to stay cool in this small retirement bungalow.

  9. A great post, I love all the orange and yellow bikes! I particularly liked the one with the crochet etc., some people do have a lot of patience!!
    The boys looked like they enjoyed themselves anyway, and it has given them a new enthusiasm for cycling I would imagine!
    Funnily enough the Tour de Spain passes by us most years and lots of people go out to watch them go by, waving flags and shouting out encouragement. But I’ve never seen any brightly painted bikes in odd places as a way of commemorating it!!!
    The little tee shirts look good, is that gap at the end of the line because you ‘borrowed’ some, purely for research purposes of course, just to see if they actually fit!!!!
    Hugs Sharon x

    • Those Bikes were certainly very eye catching and caused a great deal of interest in our community. There were orange/yellow bikes scattered ALL along the race route. Not sure if any other section of the route had done the same with diifferent coloured bikes or is it just the yellow (orange) T shirts that have a special meaning to the cycling events.
      Pity that it wasn’t turned into a little competition afterwards especially those that were lavishly decorated with the crochet and knitting etc.
      I was disappointed that I never managed to get around to photograph them ALL but was feeling quite poorly at the time.
      In hindsight I should have asked about those little T shirts as they were a brilliant idea for those buntings on that church plus I was cross with myself for not being able to find their very own DD orange T shirt in time for the event.

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