My CI Studio Doll.

Due to my recent health scare in February (and unfortunately still ‘not out of the woods’) I have sadly decided to speed up the downsizing my large Sasha collection, rather than leave it to my family (who, although have always supported me with what they refer to as ‘those dam’ dolls) are not knowledgeable enough to attempt to disperse this collection at a later date as I am.



This beautiful 1969 CI pale skinned vinyl girl is now listed on Sashadolluk and looking for a new home.

I was told, when I purchased her from the late Heddy Frick’s Estate, that she was one of her favourite Studio Dolls. She had travelled with Heddy (seen in the picture below surrounded by some of her studio dolls) to many important worldwide Sasha events and so is well known and photographed and has appeared in several doll magazine articles.
(The two photos below are by curtesy of Anne Votaw.)

I have just had an email from Dorisanne who says this….’I’m so sad to see that you are selling Heddy’s “Dream Child” (that’s what she called her). I saw her in exhibits in Switzerland and elsewhere, and in Heddy’s home several times and I know how much she loved her. ‘
‘I enjoyed seeing the photo of Heddy with her dolls taken in 1993 for Sasha’s 100th birthday article in a local magazine. Two of my studio dolls are in the photo with her “Dream Child”.’ Many thanks Dorisanne for this extra interesting information.


When Anne Votaw, Anne Louise Chandler and Susanna E Lewis were writing and compiling their three recent Sasha Books, Studio Doll owners were asked if they would like to send some of their doll photographs in the chance of them maybe being included in these books.

As there were strict rules and regulations with regards to the size, quality and background of the photos that had to be met I sent down my doll and asked Shelly (and naturally paid!) to take some photographs, some of which are seen here, for me to forward on to the ‘Three Anne’s’ as they became fondly known!


This photo below of Hedea was included in the Sasha Dolls, The History, on page 103 showing how the later Gotz production used her outfit as a replica for Trudi, one of their 1990s serie dolls.


I have Susanna Lewis’ permission to use this photo of hers as I couldn’t find MY original Trudi photo.

I also had to name the doll for reference and so not knowing if she already had a name, I eventually decided to call her Hedea, in memory of her previous owner.


She comes with her original box, tag and wearing her original clothing consisting of a floral pinafore over a rust coloured linen dress (both with the Sasha label) and knitted socks and black leather court shoes. Her underclothing consists of a chemise, and beautiful lace trimmed underskirt and drawers, glimpses of which can be seen in some of the full length photos..





I’m so hoping that Hedea will be able to find a new Sasha home in the very near future… although I shall certainly miss seeing her sitting here like this, on my bedroom chair, at the bottom of my bed, each morning when I wake up.

Finally I decided to treat myself to a little photo play using a few different finishes.








I do hope that you have enjoyed seeing all these stunning photos (although taken a few years ago now) by Michelle Baxter of my Studio Doll, Hedea, … and for which I’d like to take this opportunity yet again to thank her.

PS. My thanks too to all the recent month of June’s new adoptive parents of The Brood. It is proving to be a slight relief knowing where even just a FEW of them are going, thanks to my either seeing them on Facebook or due to being informed by private emails.


27 thoughts on “My CI Studio Doll.

  1. I’m so very sorry you’re giving up your dear little friend. This growing-older business isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, is it?

    • You’re quite right Mary on both accounts, giving up our precious Sasha Dolls and growing older but still we soldier on regardless (as I never, ever want to become a burden to my wonderful family.)

  2. Kendal she is the most wonderful of Studio dolls and I would love to have her in my Sasha family , if only I had the funds!
    She is so perfect just everything about her and although you are sad to see her go, you will at least know she will be well loved where ever she lands up, because who could not love such a girl.
    I am sad for you that you need to downsize so many of your dolls but pleased you can know where most of them are going to live and are feeling a little relieved to have started the process of their adoption.
    I hope you enjoy the coming week and have some improvement in your health. xxx

    • Thanks Denise for your lovely comment and better health wishes. I am truly sad to see Hedea have to be put up for sale but I am hopeful that she will eventually find someone to love her as I do. She was my second Studio girl and has been with me like ‘forever’ and shall certainly miss seeing her sitting there in my bedroom as I wake up every morning!

  3. Kendal….where’s my post on your blog! As you can see I attempted again…then sent another… and then my other post has not turned up…..sorry….anyway…she is lovely and her history you gave us and the lovely photo of her namesake….brilliant…thank you xx

    • Thanks Chris for dropping by TWICE and so sorry that neither of your posts came through… so now have taken this part of your private email and added it here.
      It’s always so interesting to know a little of our doll’s history.

      • That is awesome…she surely must be…I hope soon you will be feeling better…and looking towards the future smiling….I always smile when I see your posts…bc I imagine all of the passion that you have for everything g…do not let go of that…

      • Thanks for replying to Dorisanne’s interesting information. I find that there is always something new to be learnt, almost on a daily basis, about our unique Sasha Dolls. This certainly keeps my brain active!

  4. Lovely to read a bit more about your delightful Hedea, who I remember sitting upon that chair when I came to visit all those years ago it seems now! So sad you are having to let her go, but hopefully you will be able to see her in her new ‘caretaker’s home’ as indeed that is what we are, caretakers of these dolls.

    Wishing you better health and improvement.

    • I agree that these are sad times when you are having to let some of your precious dolls go but as you mentioned she will go to a good home and occasionally be photographed where I can catch the odd glimpse of her now and then. but if not, at least I have these lovely photos to look back upon and remember her.
      Many thanks for the continued good health wishes.

  5. I hope your health improves soon. Hedea is absolutely stunning and it must be very hard parting with her just because your health is not playing ball. I am sure she will find a new home, with a pedigree of being well cared for by her two most recent owners she is bound to be much loved and admired wherever she goes. She will always be part of ‘Kendal’s brood’ though and I’m so pleased to have been one of the lucky people at the 2016 SCW who got to see her close up in all her beauty.

    • How lovely of you to say this. It makes such a difference at times like these. I appreciate that there are so many people so much worse off health-wise than I but I want to see my Sasha Dolls adopted out into good Sasha homes to give me peace of mind (since they have given me with so much joy and endless pleasure over the 21+ years.)
      I so missed seeing you and your lovely daughter at this years SCW, not to mention ‘looking on’ (though can’t really admit, with hands like mine, to any taking part!) at your truly magnificent workshop.

  6. Hi Kendal as you know I love Heddy, as I call her to bits and have had the privilege of giving her a cuddle. I hope she goes to someone who will love and cherish her. I am still hoping that I may win the lottery and if I do you will be the first to know. I hope the sun is shining on you today xxxx

    • I couldn’t believe my luck when I had the offer to buy such a wonderful and so well known Studio Doll. She has been a real pleasure to have and to hold over all these past years.
      Yes thanks, the sun is shining here.
      Hoping that you win the lottery then.

  7. I don’t know if you I’ll get this ,but I look forward to seeing the dolls every month,sorry to hear you are unwell at the moment .i libel inEnglandand I knit for miniature dolls and I am not fortunate enough to Pena Sachs but really admire them ,I only had two sons,so of course dolls were not the scene for years but now they are grown up I still have my interest in dolls,keep up the good work and look forward to your next e-mail Sylvia

    Sent from my iPhone

    • So pleased to say, that yes, I got your lovely comment and thank you very much. It;’s always thrilling to hear back from people although I know that it all takes our time and effort. Unfortunately the Sasha dolls are expensive, even the little waifs (and always have been) but I do hope that sometime in the future you might manage to buy one of the little baby Sashas who always look so sweet in little hand knitted outfits and then the Sasha and Gregor big kids are always needing jumpers and cardigans!
      I’m pleased to hear that in spite of only having sons you have managed to keep your interest in dolls alive and active.
      Thank you for the better health wishes which I’ll certainly try to put to good use!
      Again we thank you for dropping by and commenting and look forward to seeing you here again soon.

  8. What a lovely girl she is Kendal, and naturally you’re sad to see her go but I think she’ll find a great new home soon and I’m sure it’ll be someone who you know, and they’ll let you know how she settles in with them. It’s great to have so much history about a doll too, I have always said that ‘vintage’ dolls should have a little diary with them that each owner fills in during the time they have them in their home….now wouldn’t that be wonderful to read with our Sasha dolls!!
    I hope you’re feeling better soon and that you have a great week ahead!
    Hugs Sharon x

    • Thanks for dropping by here on your birthday. Hope that you are having a wonderful day and being spoilt rotten.
      Was pleased to see that you are back to sewing your delightfully fun and little bright outfits.
      I agree that it is an added bonus when we learn a little of our dolls previous history.
      I’m sure that Hedea will find a lovely new home and yes, it would be super to catch a glimpse now and then of her on social media.
      Enjoy the rest of your special day.

  9. It is with sadness that I have been reading your past several posts about adopting out your Sasha children. It is not for the faint of heart. Indeed, you are very strong of heart, even though other systems are failing. A little bit of your heart spirit travels with each Sasha child & they will always feel your love. I am certain of it!
    My husband’s grandma used to write to us weekly prior to her death a few days shy of her 98th birthday. She virtually always ended her letters with the (I think) Mae West quote : “Old age ain’t for sissies!”
    I hope you do yourself the favor of hanging onto at least one Sasha child to keep you company. I cannot imagine you Sasha-less & I can’t imagine your family will resent you for keeping hold of one “dam” Sasha. At least I certainly hope not!!

    • Reading your email was such a pleasure and joy and somehow raised my spirits for a short while over the constant pain and ill performing body. Many thanks indeed for this. I am trying hard to try to do a blogpost back on a weekly basis whilst I still can as I do so enjoy sharing my beautifully nature dolls that I have been lucky enough over the years to gather around me. Yes, it is sad parting with them now but so thrilled to know that some have, and are, going to some of my best Sasha friends.
      I plan in the future to perhaps do a blogpost filled with photos of those who have left (in the hope that they would be recognised as one of the old Sasha Brood) and ask any of their new owners if they could put them on Facebook over one week so that I could say a quick hello and see how they are doing.
      Your husband’s late grandmother sounds such a wonderful character. How lovely that she lived to such a great age. Both my parents lived until their early 90s wirh my father working every day, seven days a week, until he was 91. He was interviewed on television about this great achievement.
      Family and friends, like you, are insisting that I keep one or two of my dolls (although my very favourites have already left or been spoken for) but as I pointed out they will need a few changes of clothing and accessories and props etc….!
      Had to have a little smile at your second to last sentence with that use of their descriptive doll word!

  10. I think it’s very brave of you to part with such a unique, beautiful doll. I’ve admired her in the 3 Anns book, and I’m so grateful you showed more photos of her in your post. I hope she’ll go to a good home, where she will not only be cherished, but also played with and, of course, photographed.
    I, too, still believe it will be a good think to keep one or two of your Sashas, and a minimum of clothing and props, as both don’t need a lot of space but can bring so much fun and pleasure.
    Get better soon!

    • It is proving very sad parting with My Brood but am taking it slowly over this year so hopefully that will help. Hedea is a fantastic Studio Doll and I have absolutely loved having her and I’m pleased to now see that she is sale pending so someone else will have the pleasure of owning her.
      As the year passes I’ll see how I feel about keeping a couple of my dolls although most of my favourites have either left here or been spoken for so we shall see nearer the time.
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Always love getting feedback.

  11. Hi
    I live in Zimbabwe and have only just started loving Sasha dolls.I bought a Sasha baby for my late mother at a second hand shop twentyfive years ago,but we were told by a doll collector that she was rubbish!I am glad to say she was wrapped up and put away until I discovered her again a few weeks ago,I have had a lovely time knitting out fits for her and remembering my mom as I knit.I am so sorry you are not well and that I have only just discovered your blog.
    Best wishes for your health and I hope to see more of your blog.
    Margaret Pool

    • A huge big welcome to the Sasha Collecting World again. Lovely to hear from you and to be informed by WordPress that you have become a blog follower. I hope that you won’t be disappointed as I wind down from my 21+ years of collecting these fantastic dolls.
      I have always loved the Sasha babies and at one time had the grand total of 26 of them. They are such dear little tots and are so easy to pose, plus they look so adorable in little hand knitted outfits. (Dollydoodles also makes some adorable little clothing {particularly love her sleepsuits and snowsuits} using soft double jersey materials. that feel so lovely when holding them.) What a lovely memory you’ll have of your mother when playing with her/him.
      Many thanks too for your better health wishes,

  12. I have been reading through your old posts and found one about having an only Sasha,well I have an only baby .She comes with me to work most days,don’t laugh.My daughter and I work at a very small pre school (only eight children),she sits and watches the children and is a good example to them as we are trying to teach them to look after their toys so when they are “old”they can still “play” with them.I bring my sewing and knitting along so they are showing an interest in crafts and give lots of suggestions as to what I should make for her.She now has quite an extensive wardrobe since I redound her a few months ago.I hope your health is improving and will put more posts on your blog.
    Margaret in Bulawayo Zimbabwe.

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