I Wanted a Gotz Waif…

Though many, many years ago now to use for modelling my small selection of wigs. I searched and searched for quite some time until I finally found this very pretty little slate eyed nude waif on Marie Morgan’s website for £125 (although £125 was worth a lot more in those days than it is today) who had, had her fringe completely severed (leaving empty rooting holes on show and the rest sticking up) and hair length trimmed. The first photo shows you how she was when I first bought her.
She remained like this for a couple of years, often wearing hats, until one day feeling the urgent need for a NEW doll to play with, I mustered up the courage to finally take the scissors to the remaining hair…and ‘Hey Presto!’ a new ‘ready to wig’ doll emerged!

The wigs shown here are Monique 8-9″ and only include their real hair Kimberly and Modacrylic Peggy-Sue styles (in various colours) as these are the ones that I feel suit this doll the best.





6. (Apologies below for the green hue reflection from the surrounding plants!)
























My apologies if I have listed any photographs twice (would normally methodically go through and double check) but this Pulmonary Embolism (blot clot) in the lung is restricting the blood flow to the right side of the Heart making me feel really weak, tired and breathless and in a great deal of pain… now awaiting to have a few heart tests to see what can be done.

My sincere thanks to all of you who have adopted any of my Sasha Brood dolls since I last blogged. It is a great feeling of relief that they are going to such good Sasha homes families.

Have a wonderful ‘rest’ of the Bank Holiday weekend, thanks for dropping by and hopefully see you here again soon. Lastly, but not least, a big welcome too to my three new blog followers.



21 thoughts on “I Wanted a Gotz Waif…

  1. She has a lovely face. I too had a doll to wear my wigs, but discovered I found she suited one wig extremely well and so I never played with her like I thought I would, she went off to live with a new family earlier this year 🙂
    Sorry to hear you’re still not at all well, I do hope there’s some help soon, constant pain is dreadful. Glad you were able to post this blog, nothing I love more on a Sunday morning ☺️

    • I too thought that her face had a rather sweet look about her and her eyes were nice and even for a Gotz Doll. So sorry to hear about your bought for ‘wigging’ girl but can empathise with you that when she looks so much nicer in a certain wig it’s hard to let her wear any others… as we always want our dolls to look their very best at all times.
      I do hope that you are thoroughly enjoying this Bank Holiday with your family. I always found that that, extra day off from work makes SO much difference to the weekend AND to the following working week.

      • It is only recently I have been attracted to the early Gotz, I’m still very particular as to whom I will rehome (nicely aligned eyes being extremely important) but they generally look so much older than the Frido dolls adding a new depth and much fun to doll time ☺️
        We are having a lovely bank holiday weekend thank you. We are off to family for a meal soon and tomorrow we shall see what the weather is like!
        I am off for two weeks with my little boy, can’t wait bring on some sun and fun.

      • The early Gotz dolls sort of creep up on you with their individual little looks and characters and before you know it you’re hooked, line and sinker’ on them BUT it’s nice to have a few in your collections to show the differences and remember THEY were the very FIRST manufactured Sasha dolls so definitely deserve a mention and a place in our Sasha Doll history.

  2. Oh, Kendal, I’m so sorry to hear how poorly you are! Even though we’ve never met I feel I ‘know’ you a bit from your lovely website, and I too, look forward to your blogs on Sunday mornings. I do hope that you will get some useful help very soon.

    What an amazing demonstration of what a difference a wig makes! She has such a sweet face to begin with and I almost always love the redheads, so my favourite image is your little girl among the daffodils. You commented last year on a little red-haired waif I posted a picture of on my shelf after I had bought her from Janet – after seeing her on your blog about the SCW- who has an very thin, but soft, mohair wig. I’m thinking I may try her with something new, but I’m a bit nervous she may turn into someone quite different if I do….. She’s such a feisty little creature at the moment.

    I do hope you are able to enjoy the lovely sunshine we are having – in Somerset, anyway- this weekend.


    • Many thanks for your get well wishes! rather struggled to get this blog post together this morning (especially as I was just too poorly to do one last week) and would have liked to have found some more photos of this girl in a few different wigs and colours (I know I had another one of her in a Kimberly auburn one) but time ran out yet again.
      How lovely to hear that you live in Somerset, my birth town. I was born in the OLD Hospital in 1941 during the war years and stayed living down there for the next two years before moving on to Rhyl and then back to the Midlands after the War. Such a beautiful part of Great Britain.
      Many thanks for your lovely comment and carry on enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend.

  3. Oh, Kendal, I am so sorry your health problems are causing so much discomfort. But take courage! Several embolisms (Bruce calls them emboli) on – begun by the chemo some years back, – i am just swallowing down a ‘baby asprin’ every day and feel more in control as I can get a repaeat prescripion of Tinzerparin (spelling? It’s a warferin substitute) should I need it, without an emergency dash to hospital. It is manageable and I’m sure the medics will soon have yours under control.

    Does this little doll have a name? I loved her when she appeared on the cover of Sasha World and it was so pleasing to see her in that photo again here. I think that one (#21) and photograph #18 are my favourite looks for her.
    I do hope she isn’t one of the next ones to leave home as I’d miss seeing her with her assorted, but always sweet disguises. She is a special girl.

    Take care of yourself.
    Jenni xxx

    • Thanks Jenni for your concern. I think mine formed after I had a 6mm deep biopsy on the ankle/leg skin Cancer a little while ago and then somehow traveled up to the left lung. Normally the immune system disperses it but mine has been clamped down so much due to the R Arthritis that it can’t deal with anything. Like you I’ve been given blood thinners (Apixaban,) for six months but am now waiting for a heart ultrasound scan and an ECG to decide what’s to be done.
      Anyway, back to the Sasha Doll. Don’t think that she was ever given a name as such but could I suppose be known as Marie or Morgon/Morgan after where I bought her from. I was really thrilled that you remembered seeing her on the front cover and in the Sasha World magazine
      She will hopefully still be staying here until nearer the end of the year… but dolls are slowly but surely leaving and being quite quickly adopted. There are also a handful that are staying on until I can finally decide to let them go and their new owners are ready to collect them.
      Hope that you are feeling much better yourself these days and still enjoying your Sasha Dolls and life down on the farm.

  4. Hi Kendal thank you for a lovely post and I must say my favourite is photo number 19 and I also love the tiered dress with the embroidery to the yoke. I am so sorry to hear that you health problems are not being resolved and I hope that you are feeling better very soon and are able to enjoy the lovely sunshine. xxxxxxx

    • That dress was made for me by Ruth Hartley from mine, and her, scrap materials so it became extra special.
      Many thanks for the better health wishes and continue enjoy your wonderful Sasha Doll hobby..

  5. Your health really concerns me, my dear friend. A pulmonary embolism is nothing to play about with. Please let us know what the tests say (if that’s not too intrusive).

    As for you £125, I certainly think you got your money’s worth with this sweetie. Look at all the fun you (and we) have had with her! If we’re voting, I like the short-haired look much the best.

    You’re in my prayers.

    • Many thanks for your prayers Mary. I’m so fed up with it all as it’s so restricting to say the least.
      I’ve always loved this little Gotz waif and she has provided me with a lot of playful pleasure over the years. I might have just had her fringe re-rooted now… but in those olden days that wouldn’t have been possible.
      I also love the lightness of her body in my Arthritic hands.

  6. Sorry to hear you have been having so many problems Kendal. I hope they can sort you out asap, seems you have been waiting too long now.

    You were born the same year as my Mum! 🙂

    She is a sweet girl who seems to have enjoyed trying out many different hair styles and fashions. It is amazing how much difference a wig can make. I still like her original look, missing hair plugs and all!

    • I hope so too as time is slipping by way too fast and not being able to do hardly anything apart from personal hygiene and feeding myself.
      I know that I am OLD and could well be a mother to many of you…. BUT in my heart and mind I’m still young!
      I did like her look too and I think that, that is why it took me so long to finally find the courage to cut her hair ready for wigging.
      BTW. Viewing and commenting on yours, and other’s, recent blogs is still on my Sasha to do list!

  7. Kendal I hope you get your tests done very soon and they give you some help to start feeling better. I know how much you enjoy your blog and dolls and how frustrating it will be for you not having the energy for this and just enjoying life in general.
    You Gotz waif is just gorgeous even before you took the scissors to her hair! She looks just great in all the wigs , gives her so many new looks each change.
    She makes me feel the need to have a bald slate eyed gotz to wig but then I know that having such a doll that can wear lots of wigs in the end drives me nuts with them slipping and then I sell the doll in a wig! But your girl almost tempts me to try again… 🙂
    Hoping you get something done health wise this week , big Sasha hugs Dee xx

    • I must admit that I am well and truly fed up with all this recent ill health. This year is just passing me by and having to stay at home away from ANY public places is so maddening. Nothing seems to be getting done as hopefully planned and I was mortified at having to miss the SCW…(though quite a number of dolls and outfits have departed and gone to super Sasha homes.)

      Luckily I’ve not had the inconvenience of any wigs slipping…probably because I always leave a short stubble of their hair over their whole head and buy the correct size of recommended wigs. I also have several other wigged dolls here and theirs don’t slip either.

      Thanks for popping by and commenting as always look forward to reading the comments.

  8. Have been asked to add this privately sent email,,,
    ‘Such lovely photos of your beautiful Gotz girl sporting various wigs. My favourite photo is No 4, I do love their matching outfits and the long hair wig with the fringe suits her face. So cute too how she’s reading to her baby brother.

    I do hope you can get your tests done soon and they can then do something to make you feel a lot better.
    Gill xx’

    Thanks Gillian for this lovely comment. Off to take another look at photo number four to re-see just what made it stand out from the ‘crowd’ for you.
    Thanks too for the better health wishes. I’m really fed up now of it all and life seems to be passing by with too much resting and sleeping and nothing getting done as planned.!
    Sasha love to you, Binky and if course not forgetting Holly, from Kendal.xx

  9. Such a sweet little slate eyed girl, I do like these little Gotz girlies, they’re very appealing to me. I like how you’ve styled her, I think I prefer her with lighter hair and love the look of her with the long straight wig with a fringe.
    I really like her outfit in photo number 9.
    Have a great long weekend!
    Hugs Sharon x

    • She’s wearing a Pinestreetstudio outfit in photo 9 and I have to agree with you that I too love her look here. There is a black baker’s hat with this outfit but unfortunately I couldn’t find that photo in time but it does suit her and that outfit.
      I think that the blonde haired wigs suit her the best (although I do like seeing her in the light ginger colour) probably because blonde was her original hair colour.
      Thanks Sharon for this comment. I really enjoy discussing our Sasha dolls.

  10. Hi Kendal, I’m so sorry you’re feeling so ill and having to stay at home and miss this lovely weather..and the SCW of course. It’s good of you to share your photos while you’re feeling so rotten. They’re always wonderful and inspirational. It’s amazing what a different wig can do for a girl. I love the straight Monique ones, they seem to sit very well where the ones with a wave seem to need wetting or straightening to get the waves in the right place so that hair sits naturally on their shoulders. I can see you’ve had lots of fun with this girl over the years 🙂 x

    • I’m always delighted when people take the time to add a comment as it’s rather like getting a feedback after doing a piece of work. Like you I think that the Peggy-Sue straight wigs sit on her head better whereas the real hair Kimberley style hangs better when the outfit isn’t bulky at the neck, like with the coat’s collar or hoods …although it easily flicks out or under depending on which way you want it to fall.
      Unfortunately I didn’t manage to find my photos of the Peggy-Sue when plaited in time to add to this post.
      NB to myself…. Must learn to plan ahead with more time allowed!

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