Happy Mother’s Day …

To all ‘non UK’ mothers who celebrate this today.

I’m afraid that this is a very short post today as have been following the Sasha Celebration Weekend in spirit via Facebook over the last three days… but just wanted to wish all those mothers whose special day is being celebrated today, a wonderful day, and hopefully spent with their children.

Today’s two photos show my ex 1990s Gotz family of 1995/96 Maria and two babies, rare baby Jeanine (1999) with blue eyes, instead of the original brown and limited edition of 850, Irka (2001) and all wearing OOAK Ruthsdolls Viyella clothing.

Whilst on line I’d like to express my thanks to Janet Myhill Dabbs and her helpers, Tricia Jackson and Diane Duke, for organising another truly great SCW. (So disappointed not to have been able to attend this year due to ill health.)


13 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day …

  1. Lovely post Kendal. It’s funny how our Sasha taste change isn’t it, lol, I have loads of pictures of Sasha’s long gone!
    There’s always next year to attend the SCW, whether your collecting or not, your still a big part of Sasha, Mrs H. Hopefully we will both be able to manage the next one, if there is one, lol. Xxxxx

    • It certainly is Steve although these later Gotz dolls dolls provided a wonderful distraction to my then ‘horrendous Arthritic’ bed bound pain so shall be forever grateful to them.
      It seemed such a waste not to have been able to attend this year’s SCW as the venue’s literally ‘on my doorstep!’
      I can’t imagine that there won’t be a next year’s one as it’s become such a successful event.
      Have had a wonderful weekend spent totally viewing every SCW moment on Facebook! Guessing that it’s back to earth with a BUMP tomorrow!

  2. Lovely post Kendal . I love those later Gotz.
    It was a shame you couldn’t make this years but hopefully you’ll feel able to attend the next one. I’m sure they will have one, it was a great success and a very happy friendly atmosphere this year. xxx

    • Maria was my very first of these later Gotz dolls and I remember loving her so much that I bought a second and so had twins! I loved this photo of these three together and then went on to buy a second Jeanine with the correct brown eye colouring so had another set of twins in the family and they were featured in one of the Three Anne’s Sasha books.
      The SCW are proving to be very popular so I think, like you, that there will hopefully be another one planned for 2018… providing that Janet and Tricia are up for it.

  3. Lovely photos Kendal. Must inform you that I only ran the raffle, it was Janet and Tricia who organised the SCW together. They did a super job! Xx

    • Thanks Diane and congratulations then on running such a profitably making children’s fund raffle. A well deserving cause.
      It looks and sounds like everybody had a fantastic time yet again. It’s proving to be such a popular event.

  4. Thank you for your good Mother’s Day wishes and the sweet photos. I think Maria is one of the prettiest Late Götz girls – I’m lucky to have one in my Sasha family.
    I’m not on Facebook – maybe I should join so I could “attend” events like the SCW from a distance. Sorry to hear you still have health problems. Get better soon!

    • I do hope that you had a very special Mother’s Day.
      I agree with you about Gotz Maria. so pretty with her brown eyes and blonde ponytail She suits those farmpants too. A great and trendy doll with which to start and introduce this new series production.
      Facebook can be time consuming as you soon get hooked on it…. BUT you also learn a lot about these wonderful Sasha Dolls through other collector’s posts and photographs.
      Thanks for the get well health wishes. Unfortunately it’s taking so much longer with having had my immune system clamped right down 30 years ago to try to help slow the Rheumatoid Arthritis’ activity.

  5. Lovely photos Kendal, what a sweet little threesome they are in their gingham dresses.
    Happy Belated Mothers Day to those countries that celebrated it last Sunday! We celebrated it the previous weekend here 🙂

  6. Thank you Kendal for the beautiful Mother’s Day post. I was away from home on that special day but we had a Mother’s Day family celebration before I left and happily my sons wrote to me on that day too as I was leaving Nottingham and riding with Tricia to her lovely home in South Shields. 😊

    I missed you very much at the SCW and thought of you often. Your wooden doll stands were there though and they literally supported all of the dolls for the “My Favortite Doll” display. It seemed very fitting that your stands were there supporting us and our most beloved Sasha dolls. It was a wonderful weekend. ❤️ xxx

    • I realised that a few Sasha Doll mother’s would be at the SCW and so missing celebrating this day with their families so really pleased that you were able to celebrate before leaving for the UK.
      I too was very disappointed about not being able to attend this fabulous event for the third year….but when I realised that there was some doubt about me actually getting there I decided to give up my place so that someone else could go instead.
      I was only too pleased that my wooden stands were used again rather than be wasted sitting/standing!?!? boxed-up in my garage.
      It certainly was a WONDERFUL Sasha weekend!
      PS. Enjoy the rest of your time here in the UK etc.

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