Oh, Why Do I Fall In Love….

As many of my Sasha friends know I have a tendency to fall in love, and buy, Sasha Doll waifs… purely on account of their overall looks… and definitely regardless of their faults. Well, imo no-one’s perfect are they?

So today we are looking at one of these dear little examples, and with my apologies to Simply Sasha, (although I think that she has finally seen their light and is coming round)  and anyone else who is not as keen on the Gotz Sasha Doll versions and their wonderfully unique facial expressions.

On seeing this little waif for sale on Sashadolluk, though many years ago now, I immediately knew that she was, what has now been termed, a ‘Kendal-must-have-doll!’ I named her Sophie. (Yes a named Sasha!)

…And so yet another waif joined The Sasha Brood. Whilst still on that massive task of trying to delete as many of my ‘rubbish’ photos that have unfortunately remained stored in my Pictures through lack of time (coupled with slight laziness and a tendency to put off until tomorrow what should have been done today) I have come across what I think are some rather endearing photo shots of Sophie over the years, although there must be many, many more that I haven’t had the time to find for this post.




Yes, I know that  you love your fringe falling over your face but would you mind if, for just this once, I could clip your hair back so that we can all see your really pretty face?
You see, that’s so much better isn’t it? No! Surely though you can see much clearer now? No!


Unfortunately she prefers this ruffled, untidy hair look as she likes to think she is more of a tomboy.



In 2015 she travelled down to the Chat n’ Snap and was taken from there by Chris Meatyard back to her home where Sophie’s neck and arm splits were repaired and she was given a complete spa before being returned home to me. Many thanks again Chris for all your help with this.








Last month on Facebook was a ‘Sasha Doll Mini-me’ theme running and I would have liked to have joined in but at the stage I didn’t know just how to add a photo/s. Quite recently I came across these very old (well I am OLD!) photos of me and think that there just might be a SLIGHT resemblance between Sophie and I at these ages…(although I certainly wouldn’t have been allowed to let MY fringe fall over my face!)

16. Me at 4 and a half.

17u Me at 5 and my eldest brother.

18. Me at 6?

19. Me aged 8/9?

20. Me aged 10/11.

21. Me at about 10.

22. Me (about 11 years) with two of my eldest brothers.

I do hope that you weren’t somewhat bored today with this post centred on just one doll. although wearing a few different outfits and hope that at least some of you liked, or even fell a little bit in love with her, as I did/still do.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful month of May. Special wishes to all those attending the SCW next weekend. I am so disappointed not to be able to come and meet you all these but am sure that you will all have a ‘ball’ and look forward to seeing all the resulting photos.


41 thoughts on “Oh, Why Do I Fall In Love….

  1. What a wonderful post Kendal . I love all the photos of your waif Sophie ,she must be special to have actually been named! 😀
    It’s also lovely to see the photos of you as a child,

    • Ipad’s !! Had to come to computer to carry on comment!
      I love the photo of you holding the teddy bear, how old were you there? You can see how you loved looking after your baby brothers in the other photos 🙂
      I love also photo seven of Sophie looking pensive in the Sarah VS pink dress.
      Many thanks for another Sunday morning treat. xx

      • Didn’t think that ipads could do any wrong. I would love to have one but I’ve enough trying to cope with the IT challenges linked with my new Samsung mobile, ‘new-ish’ TV and the recent transfer to Windows 10, without giving me any more IT skills stress. Plus have also only just got the message/know-how of how to add a photo/s to Facebook.
        There is a quite a funny story behind the Teddy Bear photo but will leave that to tell when I finally get to do my promised (although two years late even now) Sasha Profile for Theresa’s blog. I’m guessing that I would have been about 10 there as I know that I had my hair cut short before I went off to boarding school in the September at 11.
        Being the eldest of five siblings I had to take a fair share of looking after my younger sister and three brothers… although that helped tremendously when I had Chon….it was the cooking and housework that I struggled with after getting married… NOT the baby and child care!

    • Not so sure about the ME photos but I do love the ones of Sophie, she is, imo, one of those very photogenic Sasha Dolls that you literally just have to point the camera and you can’t go far wrong.

  2. I loved this post Kendal, both with your beautiful Sophie and the charming photographs of you as a child. Some very ‘mini-me’ type photos there indeed.

    My first Gotz was also a waif – Emily and I think waifs are indeed often the most charming and characterful from their years of being loved and played with.

    • Oh thanks Loraine for commenting here and I’m SO pleased that you and Emily agree about these charming little Gotz Sasha waifs.
      I wasn’t sure IF I was rather reading ‘Mini-me’ into these old photos of me that really wasn’t there at all … just wishful thinking so that I could have joined in with the Facebook theme!

    • They’re certainly ancient photos straight from the archives… but that was what life was like in those days.
      When I just looked back through the post I noticed how repetitive it was….must remember to leave/make some time at the end to go back through and delete a few before pressing the Publish key. I seem to be always racing against time!

  3. I can see why you love this girl, she is so photogenic. Love her sitting casually on a stone in her sleeveless pink dress.
    There certainly is some resemblance to your old photos. You were a pretty girl! You did a very charming curtsey!

    • Guessing I’m more of a ‘waif and stray’ Sasha collector as it’s these dolls that so tug at my heart strings…no doubt due to their vulnerability of being played with too much (hopefully of not being abused at some point in time.)
      I feel that she looks like she has been pulled through a hedge backwards in that and the following photo.
      Think that I had recently started Ballet lessons and so was practising my curtsy that we had to do at the end of each lesson whilst saying ‘Thank you’ to the teacher.

  4. I enjoyed your pictures of YOU! I have never met you, but love your blogs and your childhood photos made me feel like I’ve know you forever!
    Susan Rood

    • I only hope then that if we ever have the chance to meet up in the future you’ll like me as a person/friend and not be too disappointed…although I’ve no doubts about you liking/loving my Sasha Dolls.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment as it’s always great hearing from other Sasha collectors.

  5. hi Kendal I loved your post and your little waif Gotz. Seeing you with your bike reminded me of when I had mine, which looked exactly like yours with a very comfortable seat and bell with a proper ring to it. I loved my bike and went everywhere on it and I even named it Bessie. I will miss you at the SCW next week especially as this time I would have spent some quality time with you. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine today xxxxx

    • Thanks Theresa. So glad to hear that you liked Sophie even with all her faults.
      Have a little extra story to add to the bike photo when I finally get round to doing my Sasha profile for your blog as promised. Just seemed to have had too many health set backs over the last year or so.
      I too was looking forward to a more relaxing ME time at the SCW, after last years Sasha Brood display, but obviously not to be.
      I’m sure that you’ll have a truly wonderful time amongst all those gorgeous dolls and super Sasha collectors.
      Looking forward to seeing all the resulting photos!

  6. Love your family photos black and white photos are great, full of clarity you look so happy in them….love your waif and can see why she has been a special girl for you….thank you for another lovely post today

    • Thanks Chris. Lovely to see you here again.
      I think that we were very happy and contented as children in those days even though as it was just after WWII had ended and we didn’t have very much (no TV, fridges, deep freezes, central heating, no holidays abroad, only basic foods and not many homes had a phone or car etc.) so we tended to have to make our own entertainment within our own families. It was then when I learnt to sew, knit and even make wool rugs.
      Sophie is indeed a delightful little waif and shall be sorry to see her leave here.

    • I can relate to you on quite a lot of your childhood memories. ..though I was born in the fifties I still grew up with no bathroom and a tin bath in the yard and the outside privvy….mum using the mangle in the back yard to get the stiff cold washing a little less wet through! It was 1969 before our family moved to a council flat with a bathroom and I remember aged 11 years then….keep going to open the door to keep looking at it ! My Aunty had a bathroom and we had had bathrooms in accommodation when Dad was posted in tge forces somewhere…but this was OURS and it was great!! I also grew up with few toys and the like but I loved cut out books which is why I suppose I love to dress Sasha up …..xx

      • I forgot to mention the food and clothing coupons… but luckily in spite of the hardships and cold we have survived!
        I too loved those cut out paper doll dressing books and as you so rightly say we didn’t have many toys or books but played card and board games and were outside in the fresh air skipping, playing ‘tick’ and hide and seek etc.
        I think that my love of dressing Sashas was because I only had a very few dolls with hardly any clothes but did have a small dolls house.

      • This is all fascinating! I’m Kendal’s age but living in America, we missed out on your “adventures”.

  7. Hello K!
    Well, I have to say I actually enjoyed this post! I absolutely LOVED the photos of ‘little K’ , and I did like the pictures of Sophie…bet you never thought in a MILLION years you would hear me say that!!
    Love to you from the boys xx And me xx

    • You’re SO RIGHT! I can hardly believe my eyes and can only presume that it might have been because of the added photos at the end!
      I still haven’t located Fritz’s beanie hat but can remember taking it off him on account of his newly washed hair so can’t be too far away.
      Lovely to hear from you here. Take care and love to THE boys from Misses Lippy and Nobody and McCarthy.xxxx

  8. Two beauties here Kendal. Lovely to see both sets of photos. I see you were a member of the same ‘you’ll grow into your bike’ club as me 🙂 Tricia x

    • Thanks Tricia but whilst I agree with you with the first colour photos I’m not so sure about the later black and white ones.
      Glad that you noticed about the bike. I have a bit to tell about that when I come to do my Sasha profile but it was all that my father was able to get at the time being almost straight after the War.

  9. I just love Sophie, everything about her and most especially because she was a former waif! Looking at the photos of you as a girl I would certainly say she is your MiniMe! She would have been a Must Have for me too, thank you for this lovely post ❤

    • It’s that downward falling over the face FRINGE that does it for me!
      Pleased that you thought that Sophie might be a Mini-me. I wasn’t sure but so wanted to join in with the theme. (My 1968 Fringe girl was another candidate but she has too wide a face.)
      I SO LOVE the Sasha waifs. Have just seen Fritz spending the day with SS at a Goodward car meeting. Tears welled up in my eyes. He looked so handsome with his blonde windswept hair and trendy clothing.
      Thanks for popping by.

      • Oh, rest assured it DID cheer me up it’s just me being soft and silly with him being here for so long… not to mention also being the head boy of The Brood. (BTW Miss Lippy is head girl!)
        Big Sasha/Gregor clothing tidy up (with my home help’s help) is planned for this week so hopefully the DD beanie hat will turn up!

  10. Delighted to see Sophie again! I love this little girl – a real beauty. We can never have too many snaps of Sophie. If ever she decides to emigrate, please send her to St. Louis!

    And many thanks for the introduction to little Kendal. She’s a sweetie. That pic of you behind your brother’s pram reminds me of pics you’ve shown us of Chon.

    Many thanks, Kendal! I do hope you are well.

    • Sophie does seem to have that appealing charm of ‘come and buy me’ that these Sasha waifs tend to have.
      People do tend to say that our family does have an overall family likeness and although Chon has a good 50/50 of mine and her father’s genes she is often compared in looks more to my sister. Like you I do think that she does look a little like me when we were younger buy since then my face has unfortunately tended to become thinner and longer in shape.
      Thanks for commenting. I so rejoy reading these feedbacks!

  11. Sophie has the most beautiful golden hair in these photos and the black and white images of you and your brothers are so lovely. This is all so relaxing to see after a weekend in A and E, poor mum (in her 80s) broke her arm so I’ve only just been able to sit at the computer and catch up.

    • I’m so very sorry to hear of your mother’s accident and I well know that as we get older it becomes more of a shock and therefore takes us much longer to get over these health problems. My prayers and get well wishes are on there way to her.

      You will be pleased to know that I now have the necessary envelopes in which to pack up and send the pale blue floral Sasha outfit (that you were interested in IF you are still interested it?) It has been so frustrating not to have been able to get out to buy these items for myself instead of completely relying on others …but will still have to wait for someone to collect and take it to the PO for me.

  12. I think Sophie is gorgeous and I think it was her that made me get my girl who I call Destin, she has a very similar look, however I struggle to show that look in my photos, it’s weird! But my girl also has the long piece of hair falling over her face too!!!
    I love the outfits you’re putting on Sophie too, particularly the more muted colours, and you know me, I usually LOVE brights! But this girl just seems to suit these. 🙂
    And the photos of you as a child are great, there definitely is a resemblance!
    Hugs xx

  13. Don’t know how I missed this post, but miss it first time round I did. Glad I often come and go back over old blogs to gaze at beautifully dressed Sasha dolls as I found this post. Lovely photos of Sophie and love the childhood ones of you 😀

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