Look Right, Look Left and then Right Again

….And then when it’s safe to cross to here, walk briskly whilst still looking from right to left.
WARNING…Bank Holiday Photo Overload although NO Descriptions.
































NOW LOOK to the RIGHT again.













Hoping that you crossed over to here safely and enjoyed seeing what was on the other side of the road.
Have a great Bank Holiday and thanks for visiting.

Finally here is naughty Miss Lippy who didn’t come forward from the Media Library and put herself in the line up into the middle looking to the left section.



Lastly here is Miss Lippy saying ‘Very sorry’ to Simply Sasha for causing her this unnecessary upset.


40 thoughts on “Look Right, Look Left and then Right Again

  1. Good Morning. ….All super Kendal….what a treat for us all I wasn’t expecting another post….but ALWAYS love to see more of your dolls, clothes and fab photograthy…..I CAN choose a favourite as she is a dear little soul now living with me……she sends her love 🙂
    Thanks Kendal…..going to take another look…and another….and another! !

    • ….And a very good Bank Holiday weekend to you too. I was hoping that you would spot ‘our’ now ‘your’ girl amongst today’s ‘masses’ of photos. As usual I don’t know where to stop and say ‘That’s enough’ but thought that with most of us having not to work on Monday that the post could be viewed in two halves!
      We send our love back and hope that you have a super weekend.

      • Thank you Kendal….gardening on the agenda today….or weeding more like! There can NEVER be too many photos Kendal…I think its fair to say we Sasha lovers soak them up…..the more the merrier and I think the dolls always look that bit MORE special out among the garden plants, flowers and shrubs it makes the doll ‘pop’ out of the picture…..xx

      • I too like the natural garden backgrounds the very best but as you know the weather (or my health) sometimes prevents this.
        Good luck with the garden weeding!

  2. A lovely treat whilst lounging in bed this morning. Lots of girls too, which are my favourite Sasha dolls all wonderfully dressed. Can’t beat a Sasha filled blog full of gorgeous girls beautifully dressed 🙂

  3. What a funny and perfect idea for a post! Thank you Kendal for refreshing my Green Cross Code knowledge and getting me safely across the road with such exquisite companions ❤

    • A very ‘up-market’ reply here! Love it!
      Obviously had my better thinking cap on for once as so often struggle to think of a new theme after all these years of blogging. Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend.

      • I hope you enjoy your bank holiday too Kendal. My husband is giving our motorbikes a wash down so we can go for a spin. I will be on the lookout for little Brooders crossing the road!

      • I do hope then that MY remaining Brood are remembering the Green Cross Code as motorbikes are much harder for them to spot than the cars… although the loud roaring noise does alert us to their.imminent approach.

    • What a lovely thing to say! I’m thrilled that you enjoy The Brood’s blog posts. I’ve been trying to make an extra effort of late.
      PS. Haven’t forgotten about the pale blue outfit. It’s still on my ‘to do list!’ It’s been a busy week medically.

      • Oh thank you so much, I’ve been checking my messages. I hope you’re alright. I’m looking after both my parents as well as my children and going back and forth to the doctors waiting for their updates, waiting for phone calls and everything else does just have to wait, I understand.

  4. Gillian Nash has asked me to add her comment here as she is still having difficulty commenting here herself… but very kindly privately emails me each time I post.

    ‘What a lovely surprise to see your “photo overload”. Stunning photos as always of your beautifully dressed girls and boys. I love 12 & 13, that yellow Ruthdolls dress on your lovely blonde looks sooo nice!
    Gill xxx

    • Thanks Gillian. I’m so sorry that you still can’t post your comments here yourself but it’s no trouble for me to add them for you.
      I too love that Ruthsdoll’s lemon dress. I had admired it when Ruth first added it to her clothing website but it wasn’t until several years later that I finally managed to getting to order one for myself….which also resulted in two other collectors seeing it and ordering a couple for their Sashas.

  5. A wonderful Sunday dish of gorgeous dolls in wonderful clothes. For me the calm serene look of the girl in photo 15 was perfect and of course the no navel lass in 30 also took my eye.
    The clothes and poses are delightful and so nice o be able to visit again for another closer look.
    I hope you are having a lovely restful bank holiday weekend. x

    • Just glanced back to check which dolls were in the photos that you mentioned and realised that I have possibly doubled up on a couple of photos….it’s quite hard not to do this when you’re dealing with this huge number. I used to go back and write down all the numbers but since swapping to Windows 10 the photo numbering isn’t as easy as it was with my old Vista. Must go back and try to delete them.
      Bet that you’re out enjoying gardening today…. and Bank Holiday Monday.

    • I too love that little No-navel girl. She is staying here until nearer the end but already has a first refusal on her. She was lucky to get a wear of that Pinestreetstudio outfit as normally it was only reserved for Holly to wear… but dear little Holly is in the process of being adopted and I shall certainly miss her as she is such a sweet little person.

  6. Dear Kendal I could spend hours wachting your beautiful pictures. I love all your NP Sashas.
    You must be a very proud doll mum! Thank you for sharing and have a nice bank Holiday.

    • I have always loved each and every one of my Sasha Dolls, especially the waifs as they are the ones that tug the most at my heart strings and I feel probably needed me the most.
      Thanks for the weekend’s wishes and I am really enjoying this UK longer weekend Spring break!

  7. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend Kendal. Never ming crossing the road, seeing the brood makes a serious hike well worth the effort. x 🙂

    • Very nicely said!
      I am trying to spend as much time as I can with my remaining Sasha Dolls before they all have to part and in the hope that they mask my sadness and disappointment at not being able to attend the SCW this year. Ah well, I know that I can’t have everything that I want and like!
      Hope that your new home is taking shape and turning out just as you hoped for.

    • Oh dear! I’m so sorry. Are you sure that’s she’s just not hiding amongst all those photos. I definitely up-loaded three of her into my Media storage ready for this post. Will head off straight away and sort the problem and add her to the end which ever way she is facing.
      Love to those precious lads of ours!
      PS. still need to locate Fritz’s beanie hat.

    • Unfortunately Yes it is. It was Global’s Cossette style and they did it in a variety of colours. (You can see it in the brunette on photo 34).Everyone seems to love this so I can never understand why it was discontinued.

  8. Another lovely post full to bursting with great photos of your girls and boys. I see my favourites are here too, the chubby cheeked brunettes, who I really really love. And some great outfits too. I am glad I stopped at the kerb and crossed safely to see these kids of yours!
    Have a lovely evening 🙂
    Hugs Sharon x

    • Had to smile at your most appropriate comment about stopping at the kerb and remembering the Green Cross Code. Thanks Sharon as, as you know, I so enjoy to read people’s comments about our super Sasha Dolls. These dolls are the love of my life and give me so much pleasure.

  9. I was so fascinated when I first came to London, and found that LOOK RIGHT or LOOK LEFT was painted on the kerb. It was very helpful for me, as I am used to cars coming from the other side!
    Can’t pick a favourite photo today, they are all just gorgeous. I think Sashas love nature and want to be amongst pretty plants and flowers. I’ll scroll up now and look at them all over again!

    • That was a very interesting and helpful piece of information about our road crossing code.
      I’m with you about photographing our dolls using the natural environment if at all possible and almost makes them appear to be little children rather than just dolls.
      Many thanks for your unusual comment.

  10. Hi Kendal thank you for a lovely post, just what I need after a hard day s work. I really love the outfit in photos 30 and 31 that the no navel is wearing so if it ever needs rehoming, please bare me in mind xxxx

  11. Very lovely post to enjoy this hot Sunday evening. Thank you Kendal for the sharing the amazing photos of your perfectly dressed brood. It is so nice to end with Miss Lippy. I hope you have a wonderful week to come. 😊 xxx

    • Felt somewhat guilty having forgotten to add a photo or two of Miss Lippy (although I had included her photos into my Media Library ready to use in the post but she must have slipped through the net with there being far too many photos…yet AGAIN! You’d think that I’d now know when to stop adding them in, especially as everybody has seen them all SO MANY times before. So BORING!
      (Though am planning to hopefully get outside again to take a few new photos the moment I get the good health clearance!)
      Thanks for next weeks best wishes. Will def. try to put them to good use Sashawise.

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