Happy Easter Everyone

Wishing all my WordPress blog followers a very happy and enjoyable long Easter weekend and thank you for your continued and much appreciated support with my Sasha Brood Blog.
1.Below was my very first Easter card that I had printed to send to my special Sasha friends a few years ago.

Since it seems that my Brood’s close up facial photos have been a success (judging by the number post hits) I’ve decided to continue the theme but interspersed them here with Easter offerings, it being Easter Sunday..



5.Last year’s Easter card.





10.This Gotz yellow eyed girl was one of the dolls featured in Michael O’Brian’s photograph set that he realeased…though some years ago now.



13.My  2014 Easter card.















30.Finally this photo of Miss Lippy decorating an Easter egg tree is especially for Simply Sasha. Miss Lippy is sending you special hugs and kisses today. The Brood also sends their love to Fritz and Ross who now live with you.

It’s always lovely for us to see our blog followers here and as always we thank you for dropping by and look forward to reading any comments.
Have a WONDERFUL Easter Sunday.


40 thoughts on “Happy Easter Everyone

  1. Happy Easter Kendal. Lovely blog, no 29 is my favourite picture, love that girl and dress just a perfect Easter colour. Off to look at the photos some more 🙂

      • I was really thrilled at how that Easter card turned out. Yellow is such an uplifting colour and I love how her dress matches the Daffodils growing by the ancient Norman (plus later additions) Astbury Church.

    • That’s my 1966 brunette Developmental girl and in two of Jill Mackley’s yellow dresses (…as you well know.) I love the pale yellow Bumble-Bee dress too as it reminds me of just how much we need these insects for pollination. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Happy Easter, all are lovely pictures. The daffodils highlight the beautiful lemon and yellow dresses that the girls are wearing and made me realise I don’t have any that colour so I have an excuse for more shopping. Your baby in number 27 looks so cuddly in her pale pink coat. I always find your girl (my very favourite) in number 13 and 29 mesmerising.

    • I always find that the colour yellow suits our Sasha dolls with their suntanned skin tones. Yellow is such a happy and warming colour so guessing that I’ll have to agree to your future ‘yellow’ Sasha spend.
      That brunette girl that you like the best was one of the very first dolls to come out of the Frido Factory.
      Those little velour coats make the baby Sashas look totally irresistible don’t they?

  3. Your photos are all wonderful, Kendal, but I love the ones of the girls with daffodils. Daffodils are my favourite flowers. However, I keep going back to look at that wonderful portrait of your Shelly girl in photo 21. Her dark hair and eyes are lovely.
    Happy Easter!
    Jenni xx

    • I too LOVE Daffodils as much as for the actual flower but also for the fact that it heralds the coming of Spring.
      The Shelly customised girl in photo 21 is wearing a Trendon Velvet’s wig (although it looks like it needs pulling forward a touch.)
      Shelly had the wig for sale on Sashadolluk a little while before and when I tried to buy it I learnt that Shelly had snapped it up before me….so was disappointed at the time until I managed to buy it on this doll sometime later.
      Happy Easter to you and yours.

  4. Kendal, Thank you for the amazingly lovely Easter treat! I appreciate each and every doll and photograph. I hope you are enjoying this day.

  5. Happy Easter Kendal and the Brood. and what a treat to see all these lovely photo’s almost as good as chocolate!
    The photos are all so clear and beautifully set and just a joy to see, now if only i’d had a nice Easter egg to nibble on while viewing it would have been perfect!
    Hope you are having a lovely time with your family over this weekend xxx

    • Thinking that I might well prefer the chocolate today as I love my Easter eggs and have been given four huge ones. Would have been five but the one that Chon had bought to give me never managed to leave her house as she said that it was just too irresistible so she ate it. Ah well, guessing that it saves a few pounds on postage and a few pounds less on my old body.
      Hope that you are enjoying yourself over there with it being a long Bank Holiday weekend.
      PS. Just been informed that my Main NatWest bank branch is shutting down in October as well as my smaller local branch in Alsager next month. Not looking good for me!

  6. Happy Easter K!! The boys send their love …many thanks for the card!
    Thank you also, for making my day it is SO good to see Miss Lippy, as we have had a bad week, Archie Basset became ill and had to be put to sleep as nothing more could be done.It left everyone extremely sad, especially Tom the French Bulldog, he is dreadfully lost without his buddy.
    Hope you are not overdoing it on the chocolate egg front….
    Super post as always
    Love to you and Miss L xx

    • Thrilled with the boy’s love. Tell them many thanks and hope that they are being good.
      So pleased now that I remembered to include Miss Lippy in this post especially on hearing about your bad/sad week. Such heart break when loosing a treasured dog member in your family. Will be especially thinking of you as you try to come to terms with such a loss.
      Not sure just what limit is ‘not over doing it is!’
      PS. The Misses Lippy and Nobody plus McCarthy have a little choc snack here for you but I couldn’t find anyone to come and get it to the Po for me before the Bank Holidays set in.

  7. Sashas and daffodils obviously belong together – and I just realized my girls need more yellow outfits. But I also like your Götz girl’s pensive expression in No 10.
    Thank you for sharing, and happy Easter!

    • Yellow is such an uplifting colour isn’t it. Seems to spell warmth and sunshine even when they are not present or in view.
      That was my very first Gotz yellowed eyed girl and she is wearing a very early Karen Warnaka brushed cotton dress with a Trendon Pintuck’s hair slide holding her hair… just like I used to wear as a child.

  8. A very Happy Easter to you dear Kendal. Another beautiful post of your stunning Sasha brood. My favorite are the photos with daffodils in the background. So sunny and pretty and refreshing! I especially noticed your Sarah reroot girl looking oh so very beautiful. Thank you for this Easter posting. 💐 xxx

    • Thanks Ginger. I love the Spring and Easter time, so full of promise.
      Daffodils are a super Spring flower aren’t they? Actually that is a Jackie Rystrom re-root featured here but have to agree that it is an easy mistake to make as they have almost identical hair styles although Jackie’s is more on the auburn side whereas Sarah’s is more fair with blonde highlighting.

  9. Dear Kendal,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful Brood and your lovely Easter cards with us. They are all appreciated.

    • So lovely to hear from you and with such an appreciated comment. Just seeing your name here brings back such wonderful memories of our older shared Sasha times together with the Sasha Friends Magazines and the 1990’s Gotz dolls.
      Hope that you are now feeling much better after your recent ill health spell.

  10. Thank you for yet another wonderful post, just what I needed to see after a long days work. I love all the photos, but my favourite is the baby crawling with the bunny ears on. Have a fabulous Easter and make sure you eat copious amounts of chocolate, always works for me xxxxxx

    • Such a pity that you had to work today when it is one of the two days in the year that most folks manage to get off.
      I too loved that Easter card and was amazed at how that early morning misty background set it off so well.
      Unfortunately HUGE amounts of chocolate has, and still is passing through my lips! Definitely a case of Chocolate for breakfast, lunch and most likely for dinner and super as well.

      • I wish I had not had to work today also, as my two favourite masses are Palm Sunday and Midnight mass. I hope you enjoy your choccy feast. I think we both deserve it xxx

      • I agree that those are two wonderful RC Masses to be part of particularly the midnight Mass leading into Easter Sunday when that first flicker of light in the complete darkness is passed from person to person until light is finally restored.
        I also enjoyed the Christmas Eve midnight Masses.
        I’ve always enjoyed chocolate and try to have some readily available on the side of settee where I sit to watch the TV.

    • I’ve always found that EVERY single Sasha Doll made is a treat for me to see as I love these dolls lime no other doll.
      I remember that baby Quirky had such fun with that Easter egg box.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  11. Happy Easter Kendal from me and the not so little daughter (she is shooting up in height now – at last). Your Easter doll photos are all lovely but for me this year the baby ones are the most endearing and character filled, those babies just ooze fun and attitude the way you pose them. However I do love the ones with the daffodils too. And I’m intrigued by no. 2 (a Gotz), I’m not usually keen on them compared to the Trendon dolls, is she wearing a wig or her original hair?

    • I’ve always loved the Sasha babies because they can be posed without too much effort! At one time I remember that I had twenty-six of the little tots! I particularly love the feel of them when they are dressed in Dollydoodle’s sleep or snowsuits. They feel so soft and cuddly and utterly adorable.
      I had some rather dangerous fun taking those dolls and posing them amongst those Daffodils (though some years ago now) as it was quite windy and they grow on a sloping bank side verging on a very narrow lane. Talk about taking ‘our’ lives (one’s life) in one’s hand!’ What we do for our Sasha Dolls!
      Yes, that is a wigged Gotz waif. She has been with me ‘forever’ and was a doll with bobbed cut hair and completely cut off to the roots fringe (and in those days re-rooting as such was not in existence) and was bought solely for the wearing my wigs. I just adore her little face which can take on many looks due to the variety of my wigs.
      I’m sure that your delightful youngest daughter is growing up to be a lovely young teenager with a beautiful character.

  12. Thank you so much for that splendid Easter greeting. I loved seeing the Easter Cards of old and again enjoyed the wonderful closeups of your beautiful dolls. Some of those Gotz girls really took my breath away and Quirky baby is just such a charmer. I hope you had a wonderful Easter Kendal, love Janet xx

    • I felt a bit guilty about not doing a Sasha Easter card this year but just couldn’t seem to muster up the enthusiasm and energy a couple of weeks before when it was needed to be sent off to the printers.
      Like you, I can never tire of looking at our unique and so special Sasha Doll’s faces. They are just so captivating.
      I did enjoy Easter although still confined to the house and the weather could have been a little warmer and allowed, or tempted me, to take a few Sasha photos out in the garden.Haven’t really had the camera out in months.

      • No, the weather hasn’t been conducive for outdoor activities at all Kendal. Stay in and stay warm, I think it is supposed to be an exceptionally cold week ❤

  13. Hi Kendal, what a wonderful post. Such beautiful faces and such charming Easter cards. Always such a delight to scroll down your blog posts. Very difficult to choose a favourite – they are all so gorgeous and so beautifully photographed. Too late for Easter greetings, but wishing you well and hoping for warm Spring weather. xxx

    • Many thanks for the warm Spring weather wishes and for dropping by and commenting. It’s always a treat to read to read any comments afterwards as it puts you in the picture of just what your followers want or are interested in…and that’s always good to know as, as you well know, it takes a fair amount of time to put a blog post together.
      Do hope that you are feeling much better now.

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