Up-Close and Personal… part 2

Continuing the theme of some facial photos of a few of my Sasha Dolls.
Panoramic photo of The Sasha Brood taken by Lorraine Tyler at the 2016 Sasha Celebration Weekend.

1.Baby Anis, an early Trendon Bettina mohair re-root baby.

2. Mid 1960s slate eyed Gotz.

3. 1969 wigged Frido Gingham.

4. Frido 1967 bobbed haired Blue Cord.

5. 1969/70 Frido Baby Nightdress re-rooted by Lisa.

6. 1967 Frido bobbed haired Blue Cord.

7. Frido late 1966 Blue Cord.

8. Frido 1967 trimmed haired Blue Cord.

9. Gotz mid 1960s pale skinned slate eyed re-rooted in mohair by Bettina.

10. Gotz mid 1960s slate eyed.

11. Frido late 1966 early 1967 Ballet.

12. Frido 1967 Dungaree

13. Frido 1967 bobbed haired Blue Cord.

14. Frido late 1966 Jeans eye painted by Manchester art student Kristina.

15. Frido 1967 Gingham re-rooted by Lisa.

16.Frido 1969/70 baby Nightdress re-rooted by Lisa.

17. Frido 1967 Brown Cord.

18. Frido 1966 Graphic eyed Dungaree.

19. Gotz 1969 No-navel.

20. Trendon 1970/71 Denim

21. Gotz mid 1960s slate eyed.

22. Frido 1968 Gregor Shorts.

23. Gotz mid 1960s slate eyed.

24. Frido 1966 Graphic eyed Dungaree.

25.  Frido 1968 trimmed haired FCP Dungaree.

26. Gotz 1970 No-navel.

27. Gotz 1965 yellow eyed with lashes.

28. Gotz mid 1960s slate eyed ponytail.

29. Frido 1970 baby re-rooted in mohair by Bettina.

30. Gotz mid 1960s wigged slate eyed waif .

Hoping that I haven’t repeated any of last weeks actual photos here as it was quite hard to keep track and that you didn’t get too bored with the same theme as last week’s post .

Many thanks for visiting us today and we hope that you all have an enjoyable and sunny week in the run up to Easter Sunday.


29 thoughts on “Up-Close and Personal… part 2

  1. Lovely closeup photos and I wouldn’t care if you repeated photos from last week I’m just appreciative of a blog. Off to look at them again 🙂

    • That’s very kind of you to think and say that. When I was on Vista it was so much easier to keep track of the photo numbers but with Windows 10 the numbers are far too big for me to keep double checking.
      (Dare I mention that I have another group waiting in the wings for next week too.)

      • Lovely, I will look forward to next Sunday’s blog too then 🙂 can’t beat a coffee, a lounge in bed and a blog.

  2. Oh Kendal, I am left breathless at the amazingly varied and very special collection of beauties you get to live with and look at every day ! I had the privilege of seeing them all at SCW last year but my eyesight isn’t as good as your close-up photography so I can see them much better here. Thank you 🙂 . I remember when a few years ago I first saw a photo of one of your girls on the internet….you set me off on a long trawl through dolly sites searching for a wig like your girl. I now know she’s wearing a Cosette wig and that they don’t make the any more. I’m still a bit baffled by that, but I love to see her and all your stunning-eyed girls (and boys) as many times as you’re happy to post them 🙂 xx

    • I must say that I have loved each and every Sasha Doll that has passed through here over my 21 years of seriously collecting and like you I am continually amazed at their adorable little faces that tend to always be looking at and watching me when I pass them by. They will be sorely missed next year.
      I’m at a loss to understand just why Global decided to stop making the Cosette wigs as they were in great demand and I would have willingly paid more for them if that’s the reason why they were discontinued.
      I can imagine that many of the dolls on the SCW display might have got over-shadowed by the sheer number there so that is why I am trying to let them all have a bit of the limelight now before they depart.
      Thanks for commenting as I love to hear that OUR Sasha Dolls are loved and appreciated.

    • Thanks Lorraine and especially for taking and the use of your simply wonderful panoramic photo. It will be so lovely to be able to look back on it in the future and remember that weekend before the unfortunate downsizing began.
      Pleased to see that you are back now from visiting your parents in New Zealand.
      Must find the time to go and read all about it on your blogpost this week.

    • As you probably know I wasn’t interested in the No-navels for most of my Sasha collecting years until i sudden;y spotted the 1969 brunette on Sashadolluk and she became a ‘Kendal-must-have-doll’ at first sight. Next came a 1969 blonde blue eyed girl and then finally this blonde 1970 doll seen here.
      Just goes to show how our Sasha tastes can change over the years.
      Thanks for commenting.
      PS. I have just had a little Sasha play and changed one of my very pretty 1971 blonde girls into your floral two-tone blue dresses that is a perfect colour match to her grey/blue eyes. She looks really gorgeous. Will try to take a photo asap and add it to one of my posts in the near future.

      • You are so awesome with your Sasha Passion…and it is so contagious…Thank you for always sharing your Beautiful Sasha photos…Thank you for telling me about your NO Navels acquisition…yes..amazing how specific Sasha can grow on you…

      • You can’t help but keep wanting MORE of these such unique dolls can you… so it’s wonderful that within the ‘Sasha Doll’ name there are so many little differences and varieties to discover, even after many years of collecting!
        Like you I love photographing them and seeing all those facial expressions that seem to appear as if by ‘ magic’ …which you then just have to share with other like-minded people.

  3. A delightful Part 2 Kendal and each photo is so very lovely. I would not ever mind any repeated photos and I certainly could not tell if any had been repeated. I just enjoy your blog posts and seeing your amazing brood so wonderfully dressed. I can not pick a favorite among these amazing Sasha dolls. Thank you for sharing them with us and I look forward to seeing Part 3!

    Thank you for the lovely week’s wishes leading up to Easter. Palm Sunday here is a glorious Spring day. ❤ xxx

    • It is proving much more difficult since joining Windows 10 (after being on Vista) to know if you are repeating any photos as all the numbers seem to all be in the thousands rather than in only two figures with the folder’s name. Must get someone to see if I’m doing something wrong. It’s ok when I’m just posting from one folder but when you are wanting to include pics from out of hundreds of folders over 20+ years it’s a nightmare.

      Always having taught in a Catholic school we never had part of our Easter holiday in Easter week as the Head and school Governors always wanted us to supervise the children and take them to the various Church services during Holy Week until Maunday Thursday afternoon when school finished.
      Whereas I and my family liked to go away on holiday that week but we could never travel until Good Friday… and in all that traffic!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting… and I like you tend to love ALL Sasha Dolls so find it far too difficult to ever pick a favourite!

  4. Another lovely Sunday treat Kendal ! So wonderful to see all this gorgeous dolls in such beautifully taken photos , allowing us to all the fine detail and the wonderful clothes.
    You have built up a fabulous collection over the years and these photos show that. There are one or six I’d love to invite into the village , the no navels being but two of them , mind you in truth I’d welcome every single one !
    But since that won’t be happening I’ll just enjoy your gorgeous record of the Brood over the years.
    Many thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

    • It’s been truly lovely treat for me having such a variety of different Sasha Dolls coming to live here over the 21 years. Rather like a panoramic view of the Sasha Doll manufacturing years under one roof.
      There has never really been a Sasha Doll that I really didn’t like or couldn’t take/bond to although there were dolls that I preferred over others.
      Dressing and then photographing them was always an added bonus and it is hopefully these stored and much treasured pictures to occasionally look back through that will help me with the future.
      Thanks for commenting. It’s so enjoyable to read afterwards what other collectors think etc.

  5. Thank you for sharing again an amazing set of photos. It made my Sunday. I also find it’s hard to pick a favourite, but if I was forced to, it would be your Shorts boy.

    • It is so hard isn’t it to pick favourites from everyone’s Sasha Dolls. They are all so unique and charming. Actually this delightful, petite and som young looking lad has just been adopted into a fabulous Sasha family where I’m sure that he will be very happy.

  6. I love to see these photos of all your dolls and have yet to see or hold a no philtrum doll in reality as I just cannot afford one so they are particularly nice for me to view, thank-you.

    • The NP dolls eye paintings are quite different and more dramatic and that is what you pay the extra money for BUT I can (and I’m sure many others will agree) can get just as much pleasure and enjoyment from a later waif doll.
      Hopefully though you’ll get to see and hold someone’s NP doll over the course of time and then you can tick another box… but in the meantime you continue get to view mine and other collector’s photos.

  7. Lovely closeups Kendal, you have so many of my favourites there!
    I hope you had a super birthday and were spoilt by family and friends!
    Big hugs Sharon x

    • Thanks Sharon for dropping by and commenting. I’m always amazed when I see these Sasha faces at the wide variety they provide us with. Definitely a Sasha Doll for every collectors fancy and taste and hopefully, their budget.

  8. What an astonishing collection of Sasha’s yet again Kendal, everyone so different and full of their own personality. I love seeing the closeups especially. I don’t think I will every tire of seeing Sasha eyes!

  9. Belated happy birthday Kendal – we hope you had a good day. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of your brood, they’re such a pleasure to look at, especially the close up views.
    DollMum and daughter

    • Many thanks for the birthday wishes. I did have a lovely, though quieter, on doctor’s orders, than usual.
      There’s nothing nicer is there, for us Sasha collectors, than having time to spend viewing photos of our beloved dolls?
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting as I know just how busy your life is.

    • So sorry I was just randomly selecting facial photos stored in my Pictures to show in this blogpost as haven’t as yet felt well enough to get the camera out and take any new doll photos. Will try to do my very best for next week as certainly need to protect Fritz from ‘getting it!’

  10. Stunning close-up photos Kendal as always. So many irresistible dolls ❤❤❤. Of course you can put them on the Bazaar offering a lower price to collectors. If you have any question please contact me. Hugs Liss xxxx

    • I’ve always loved the Sasha Dolls since my first introduction to them in 1966.
      (Unfortunately because I’m no expert when it comes to pricing or listing any faults etc I only use Sashadolluk for my doll sales of purchases.)
      This also prevents any stress or worry for me in the process though thanks for the suggestion and offer of help here.

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