Close-up and Personal

Lorraine Tyler’s photograph of The Brood at the 2016 SCW before the downsizing began.

First off though, I would like to thank those very kind Sasha buyers who have recently purchased some of The Brood that have been up for sale. (Several of you have privately emailed me to let me know and I’m delighted that they are going to such good Sasha homes and will be amongst well known peers)… which all helps at this very sad time as some of these dolls have been with me since the beginning of my collecting as far back as 1996.)

Right now, back to the task in hand here (it being the first Sunday of the month) of showing a few close up photos of some of my Sasha Doll’s faces, the first (in several posts of twenty-five faces) and which I hope you will enjoy.


























Seeing these unique and wonderful dolls ‘up close and personal’ like this makes me realise just how much I enjoy photographing their individual fabulous facial expressions.
Thanks for dropping by once again and I hope that you have enjoyed another Sunday visit. Have a good week…I’m back to getting a few more dolls and clothing ready for departure alongside my mammoth project of the deleting of millions of Sasha photos from my Pictures.


37 thoughts on “Close-up and Personal

  1. Can imagine what a hard task parting with ALL your Sasha dolls and their things is!
    Your blog is always open several times on my iPad and I’m viewing different parts of the blog, going backwards and forwards whenever the fancy takes (usually daily) I really enjoy seeing your wonderfully dressed brood and I’ll miss them.
    I’m glad you’ll have lots of reminders of them, your books, your blogs and your many many stored photos and hopefully new owners will share photos of their “new” dolls with you directly or in another forum.
    Lovely blog above, can beat many beautiful photos of Sasha dolls for me.

    • Isn’t Sasha Doll collecting just truly wonderful?!?! Not only the dolls themselves, but their clothing, the get-together events, their owners and the websites. This has been THE most wonderful and such a special hobby for me and I will be so sad to finally have to say goodbye at the end of the year to actually owning. playing and blogging about Sasha but I’m sure that I shall still be looking and wanting and wishing….as Sasha will never fully be out of my system but that time is now needed for looking after myself as I become slower and less able to cope with the demands of life and tasks of living…but as you so rightly say I have my photos, blogs and books etc to look back and reminisce upon.

      • It really is, I had no idea the amount of pleasure collecting these dolls to go with my childhood girl would bring, nor how addictive it would be 😁 some of the friendships I’ve made are truly priceless.
        My mum can no longer change her dolls, she struggled before breaking her wrist last year and now it’s a no go, but luckily I’m not far away and can do it for her (though I’ve not been available as much as normal recently) she doesn’t like getting older at all, especially as in her head she’s not aged for years so it surprises and annoys her when she can’t do something.
        I will truly miss your beautiful blogs when they end but I will continue to look back over them and thoroughly enjoy them as I always do. 😊

      • I’m so sorry to hear about your mother no longer being able to easily change her Sasha Doll’s clothing but how lucky that she has you living close by to help her with this.
        I love what I call ‘the admiration’ time after such tasks as it almost makes the doll seen like a ‘new’ doll again as they seem to automatically respond facially to their new look. The same can be said when photography them as in some pictures they become almost unrecognisable in their enhancements from the clothing colours and styles and background scenery.
        Please say ‘Hello’ to your mother from The Brood and I and hope that she continues to enjoy our Sasha Dolls for many years to come.

  2. Good Morning Kendal..
    All these dolls I have truly enjoyed over my collecting years which incidentally are few compared to your own! But these little faces I have grown to love and the excitement of seeing a new post on your blog has never,ever dwindled, in fact, your enthusiasm is so INFECTIOUS ……this has made MY personal collecting what it is today…..I can’t thank you enough for this as it isn’t JUST collecting a very very special doll that Sasha Morgenthaler created in whatever form from studio,child Sasha.Gregor, toddler and not to forget the cute babies……its about the family of Sasha and YOU have been such a big part of this for me……thank you Kendal……the sheer pleasure of it all had been immeasurable. …..AND whoever becomes a next ‘Mum’ to a member of the brood will carry on the love 🙂

    • Many thanks for his comment Chris… although it made me blush…but ever since I spotted these dolls in 1966, when I bought my daughter one, I fell completely in love with them and as such NO other make of doll has even come close to my admiration of their beauty and uniqueness
      For me they are the perfect size for handling, playing and displaying… and not forgetting the taking out and about on adventures.
      I have to give credit too, to all those wonderful Sasha seamstresses and cobblers for designing and making those magnificent outfits that we can chose to buy and dress our dolls in… and which makes the whole process of collecting even more fun and desirable.
      My thanks to to all the people who have organised those Sasha events from the small fundays, to weekends and Sasha Festivals…and mustn’t forget the online Sasha forums which all help to spread ‘our love of Sasha.’
      Finally my huge thanks to all the delightful Sasha friends I have made over the last 21 years of seriously collecting these dolls.

  3. It must be very difficult to say goodbye to your brood, but comforting to know they will be treasured in their new homes. They woll be loved for themselves, and also because of their link to you. Thank you for sharing today’s beauties.

    • I can’t even begin to describe just how difficult it is as each doll is so individually loved and cared for. I so enjoy the variety of this collection, from the ‘mintiest’ of the minty down to the ‘waifiest’ of the waifs.
      I set out to have some Sasha dolls that each and everyone could relate to in some form or another and hopefully have been lucky in achieving that (although not without some huge ‘doing without’ money sacrifices along the way… but it has been well worth it from the sheer pleasure and enjoyment that they have given me.
      Many thanks indeed for visiting and commenting on us here today.

  4. Hi Kendal this is so sad, I hate that you are having to do this and wish I could wave a magic wand and make us both at least 10 years younger. your dolls are a credit to you in the way that you love them and dress them xxxxxx

    • Oh! Many thanks for that thought Theresa. Wouldn’t that be just wonderful if you could!
      You can’t help but love these dolls can you and I so enjoy dressing, posing and photographing them. They make my life so much more pleasurable and enjoyable. I only wish that they had been around when I was a child so that I could have loved and played with them for double/treble etc. the time.

  5. I’ve been looking at dolls for sale recently thinking ‘I wonder if that’s Kendals?’ (all sale pending). I can’t put my finger on it but they almost look like they should belong to you, the way they are beautifully presented. It must be reassuring to hear from those who have purchased them too, knowing that they’ve gone to a good home. Keep the photos coming, they’re so lovely to see.Viv.

  6. Ooooooh Kendal

    Understand, only too well, the pleasure you derive from taking these pics. So much cartesian emotion communicated in these pictures. Coincidentally, I was listening to Van Morrison’s ‘Coney Island’ as I viewed them. ( ). Works perfectly!

    I liked the photoshoot you did some years ago when – I think – you’d arranged the dolls in your local area where there was a pond. One sensed the locality was a magnet for butterflies.

    Pic. 21 reminds me of ‘Shall we dance’ (from ‘The King and I’)…….won’t bore you with the explanation!

    Hope recovery continuing and no need for any response. Devote all your efforts to gaining more strength :):):)

    • I’m feeling REALLY GUILTY as I have to tell you that Dear Fritz went up for adoption last week and hopefully if all goes through he will be now living in a new home and family. I understand that you might not want to visit me here again after reading this but I hope that you will understand that everyone must eventually go and I didn’t want him to see this always being the HEAD boy of The Brood. He has gone in his very special unmistakable gear although I don’t know where to unless he appears on someone else’s blog or I’m emailed by his new owner.
      Hope that I can be forgiven as I was only thinking of his feelings!
      If not, I’d like to especially thank you for all your most interesting, amusing and thoughtful comments and wish you well in the future.

      • Ahhhhh Kendal, you must have shed a slight tear on waving young Fritz ‘cheerio’? Don’t worry, his character has been shaped by your wonderful example. Hee-hee, come to think of it, he never paid you back his postage and packaging when he visited posh old Surrey!!!! What a traitor when he started schmoozing with all the local golfing toffs!!!! I think he even started mixing with some upper-class southern horses. I was half expecting to hear him in The Archers (Radio 4).

        Given Fritz’s regular financial embarrassments, I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear from him in the not too distant future :):):) I do recall that he was trying to get one of your American contributors to ‘invite’ him to conduct a US lecture tour.

        Like your other fab contributors, I love your blog and so I’m afraid I’m here for keeps :):):) Defo, planning a trip up the Great Orme this summer and so will report back on all my observations.

        Take care.

        P.S. Where else would I get my beret fix??????!!!!!!!

      • I’m so pleased that you’re not MAD at me and thatb you’ll
        I’ve always loved Fritz and his little character and adventures and he was certainly a very good Sasha Brood head lad and was extremely sad to see him go. Your comments above bought back many memories of his more up-market lifestyle and sporting activities (Sussex Polo Club, visiting Surrey and the Alsager and Audley cricket and golf clubs) and yet he was just as happy and contented at home with us and our more simple lifestyle.
        Hope that you have a good visit to Llandudno. My sister is planning to try to take me over there for a day later in the Summer.

    • Sashas make/give us such lovely dreams though. (Luckily No 4 has already been adopted out to a good home and no 8 has another good Sasha Doll buyer waiting in the wings when I’m ready to release her later in the year.)

  7. Dear Kendal, it must be very sad sorting and packing up your wonderful Brood for sale (getting older and coping with illness is no fun). You have been so generous in sharing them with us via your blog and photos and at last year’s Sasha Celebration. You’ve set the benchmark on dressing and positioning your dolls for their best poses. At least so far you know they are going to good homes and that people have been kind enough to let you know privately that they are proud owners the Brood dolls. Wherever they travel from now onwards, they will always hold that distinction of been members of “Kendal’s Sasha Brood” and may they always have caring homes. DollMum and daughter xx

    • What beautiful thoughts and hopes contained in this comment. Will definitely help cheer me up in these sad times as I get them ready for their hopeful future adoptions.
      I so hope that with the parting of the dolls I don’t lose contact with my precious Sasha friends, like you and your charming younger daughter, over time.
      Thanks again for commenting and invaluable help at the SCWeekends and CnSnaps.

  8. A stellar collection Kendal! Thank you for all your efforts over the years… never ending eye-candy. Not only have I enjoyed being an admirer of your blog and its many photos and stories, I have also been a student and I’ve learned more about Sasha from you than anyone. You are the consummate Sasha expert. Hugs, -Anne

    • Good to know that I’m not completely useless then as my family tend to amusingly think and make out!!!
      Must have been the TEACHER in me still coming out even in my early ill-health retirement years…but hopefully without the ‘strictness and bossiness’ associated with that.
      Many thanks for your ‘about to arrive’ Sasha Brood baby adoption!

  9. Change is always sad and unsettling and when you have collected these dolls for so long and enjoyed having them around it must be very hard to decide who will go first onto the adoption list.
    Finding your blog in the early days , was one of the best things in my ‘Sasha’ life. Seeing all these wonderful and different dolls and their gorgeous clothing roaming the countryside having photo adventures was truly inspiring.
    It made me think more about how I dressed and photographed my , at that time, small collection of these dolls.
    I think once most are gone and you have time to reflect, you will probably feel a little freer , no longer needed to redress or position so many dolls. I hope you are keeping one or two special ones to keep you company.
    The great things is you do have your books and your fabulous photos to look back on and as you know where some of the dolls have gone, you’ll be able to see them again around and about..
    Your blog will still exist so you and we can roam the posts admiring and enjoy all once again.

    Today’s band of photos were as usual a joy to see and I look forward to seeing more in the coming months.

    It’s time to take care of you and we’ll still be around to keep you up to date on whats happening in the world of Sasha! xxx

    • Love your very positive thoughts here Denise and I’m sure that many will happen as I can’t see myself suddenly just ‘switching off’ from Sasha and the wonderful friends who I have made thanks to this fantastic hobby over the last 21 years.
      It just seems at the moment when I’m still feeling somewhat ‘under the weather’ that they, and ALL their STUFF have taken over the house and are demanding attention all the time (though I know this isn’t true!) …never mind their dust collecting abilities. As the saying goes ‘More is Less’but looking back I have always been what’s considered a ‘hoarder’ (I think that teachers especially are) and have a tendency to like to keep things ‘just in case!’
      Too much of my time too is being taken with trawling the internet, not so much nowadays for buying new dolls or their outfits but just for reading and looking and generally keeping up with ‘the Sasha World.’
      Thanks for dropping by and for all your support and interesting comments.

  10. Dear Kendal, I know from my own experience how hard it is to let go beloved Sasha’s. I haven’t ought to ask you about the ones you decided to sell and I don’t have your email. Please let me know if you have already sold your brunette NP. Would love to get in contact with you by email.

    I hope that you are feeling better. Health issues are always difficult to deal with.

    With lots of love Liss xxxxx

    • Lovely to hear from you and sorry that you haven’t my email address but will try to ask someone for yours and get in touch privately about that NP you mentioned.
      It is upsetting about having to let go of my precious Sasha Dolls but ‘slowly but surely’ is helping and there are a LOT of them so time is hopefully on my side!

  11. Dear Kendal, another lovely post of your stunning Sasha dolls. I never tire of looking and relooking at your girls. They are perfectly dressed and you have always captured their very, very best beauty in your photos. I have loved viewing your Sasha blog for years now. I feel like I know your brood and they always bring a smile when you share them. 😊

    You have set a high standard for not only our Sasha dolls but also their outfits, footwear, outerwear, hair styles, locations of the photos, playthings, and the idea of blogging about our Sashas! I have learned so much about Sasha and about England from your writings and it has encouraged me to launch a Sasha blog and to visit your beautiful country.

    I want to thank you from my heart for sharing your lovely Sasha doll world over the years to include their bitter sweet departures. I can only imagine how difficult it is to adopt out your dolls but hopefully you are greatly comforted in knowing they are in loving homes that will care for them. Please take care special friend. ❤ xxx

    • I loved meeting you (and Gertie!) at the SCW last year on your first visit to the UK so was pleased to hear that we had inspired you in some small way with our blogposts.
      We too really enjoy visiting your blogspot and seeing what our US Sashas are wearing and getting up to. I love that natural wooden fencing background that you so often use. It shows off your dolls and their outfits perfectly.
      You’re quite right when you say that it is upsetting having to say goodbye to my dolls, of whom most have been with me for years and years…but luckily I am adopting them out in small stages so hopefully it won’t be as bad as all in one swoop. It is helping too in knowing where some are going.
      I do hope that you are enjoying your new retirement and having more time to play, dress and photograph your wonderful dolls.
      Thanks for stopping by and for all your much appreciated’chatty’ comments over the years.

  12. The close up photos of your Sasha children are just wonderful. I realize it’s a mistake to show them always full-length (so their outfit and shoes can be on the pic…) as it diverts from their facial expression.
    Love your slate eyed brunette in her red beret! And the photo of the curly Baby (Anis??) with the rubber duck is so sweet.
    I selfishly hope it will take you a long long time to send all your dolls to new homes, with a lot of new blog posts to come – and that you keep just a pair for company.
    Thank you for sharing your photos – and don’t delete too many of them…

    • I agree that it is good to occasionally just show their faces so that we don’t get distracted by their outfits. I find that these dolls always have such fab. expressions,. I always feel that the Frido/Trendon tend to show the prettier side of these dolls whilst the Gotz have the more attractive and unusual looks. I don’t know of another doll manufacture that can match these stunning facial varieties.

      Rest assured it will still take me a very long time to sort out all these dolls for adoption especially with regards to who will depart next and which outfit they will wear to go in… PLUS I only have a certain no of the Sashadolluk boxes here so when they run out I’ll have to wait for Shelly (as I have asked her too) to return them flat packed in a bundle ready for me to use again and again and again… I think that they are the perfect sized box for this job!

      I’m only trying at first to delete those that aren’t worth me keeping. I know that this should have been done on a regular basis over the 21 years but I’m afraid that I’m one of those folk who tend to leave everything like this until the tomorrow!!!

  13. Gorgeous photos Kendal, filled with some real beauties.
    I love the girls in photos 3, 8, 16 and 25 in particular!
    Thanks again for such lovely eye candy!
    Hugs Sharon x

    • Thanks Sharon. I always love knowing which photos/dolls my followers like the best! As you probably know it isn’t always the photos that you think will come out the best …are the best and I love that surprise element in the mix. It also makes me so often see that particular doll in a new/different light which is good for my downsizing at the moment.

  14. Wonderful photos Kendal, bringing back so many happy memories which we can keep in our mind forever!
    Thank you for sharing,
    love Jill xxx

    • My! You’re a blast from the past here. What fabulous Sasha times we had in those days. Just ADORED your wonderful piped and beautifully smocked dresses which my kids loved to wear because so many people admired them.
      Take good care of yourself and thanks for popping by. Off to phone you in a mo.

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