UK’s Mothering Sunday

Wishing all the UK mothers a very happy and relaxing day with their families and extra thoughts and prayers to those mother’s, like me, whose child/children can’t actually be there with them to help them celebrate this special time.

As last Monday was the UK’s first official Spring day I decided to post some photos of my Sasha Dolls in amongst a few of the UK’s Spring flowers as my tribute to Mothering Sunday. (Have taken Sharon of Spain’s advice and left out the dolls and their clothing’s details and descriptions to save me, and you, time.)

Mothering Sunday is a Christian celebration dating back to the 16th century (there is no fixed date for the UK’s Mothering Sunday as it is linked with Easter Sunday whose date changes every year according to the lunar calendar) though it is always three weeks before Easter Sunday, or the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Back then, Mothering Sunday was a chance for those who worked in servitude to go back home to see their families and attend the church in their home town – or ‘mother church’… from whence the name.originated


As the servant children walked the many miles (kilometres) to their Mother Church they would pick a bunch of wild flowers along the way to give to their mothers.

3. Snowdrops.

4. Primroses.

7. Primroses. (This photo of Miss Lippy is especially for Simply Sasha!)


6. Primulas.

7. Bluebells.


9. Primulas.

10. Bluebells.


12. Forget-me-nots.

13. Crocus.

14. Primroses and Crocus.


16. One of my back covers of a

Sasha World magazine before blending in the photo lines.

17. Snowdrops.

18. Snowdrops.

19. Daffodills.

20. Crocus.

21. Primulas.

22. Bluebells.

23. Daffodills.

24. Crocus and Primroses.

25. Crocus.

26. Daffodill.

27. Primroses.

28. Snowdrops.

29. Primroses.

30. Primroses.

33. Miniature daffodils.

31. Crocus.

‘What I like most about my mom is that she always supersizes her hugs.’

Hoping that you have enjoyed viewing this Sasha Dolls and the UK’s Spring flowers post. Have a wonderful day in this glorious sunshine and thanks for visiting.


30 thoughts on “UK’s Mothering Sunday

  1. Happy Mothers Day Kendal ,I hope Chon is spoiling you !
    What gorgeous photos of your girls amongst all those beautiful Spring flowers , makes me believe that Spring is finally here.

    • I do so hope that you are having as happy a Mothering Sunday day as you can with such sadness of Izzy’s passing hanging over you. I’m especially thinking of you.
      Chon was unable to come up here as she works at the stables at the weekends but she sent me a beautiful bouquet of white perfumed Freesias and pink miniature roses and a lovely card reminding me of our Summer holidays together. at Blackrock Sands in North Wales… plus phone call.
      Sasha Dolls and Spring flowers go beautifully together.

    • There is quite a fascinating history to out Mothering Sunday but having told it here in my blogposts over many previous years I decided not to repeat myself. I’m not sure if you can go back on my posts to read it for yourself but if not I’ll try to re-tell it here in my next post. Child servants had a very hard time having to leave their families to go and live in the employer’s houses and in most cases this was the only day that they had off to see their families and often most of the day they spent walking there and back as the Main Parish or ‘Mother’ churches were a fair distance away.

  2. I loved seeing all the girls in their lovely dresses, but best of all was seeing them among the flowers. Here in Rhode Island, USA, we are still getting snow and cold weather. My Sashas are in their nice warm winter clothing, hoping that spring will finally grace us. Thank you for all the photos you send! They definitely bring joy!

    • Yes, I’ve read about seen photos of your snow. Although we have been enjoying this brilliant sunshine you can still occasionally feel a cold wind around so best that you keep your Sashas warmly dressed for awhile longer as all these photos of mine were older photos that I have selected from my Picture storage.

  3. Lovely to see some gorgeous girls and beautiful flowers on Mother’s Day. Hope your day is lovely even if you aren’t spending it with Chon this year. We have glorious weather, hope yours is too.

    • Thanks for the Mothering Sunday good wishes and I hope that you and your family are enjoying this day too, especially in this gorgeous sunshine.
      I love the combination of Sasha Dolls and flowers, each seems to compliment the other.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day dear Kendal. I hope you have a wonderful and restful day. Your photos of the beautiful Spring flowers and your gorgeous Sasha dolls are so soothing to the eye and a joy to see. I appreciate the history lesson too which is very interesting and I especially like the humor about Mom’s supersized hugs. I sure miss my Mom’s super hugs and we hug a lot in our family or at least I do! Thank you for lovely day’s wishes! 😊 xxx

    • A very happy Mothering Sunday to you too although I know that the official Mother’s day for you over there is in May. Yes, I had a quiet smile about that cartoon drawing so had to add it in here! I so miss my wonderful mother who would have been 100 this year. We are and have always been a very close knit family and try to keep in touch and help each other as much and as best we can like mother made us all promise.
      The Spring flowers are always so promising after our long cold and dark Winters.
      We today have also had to adjust our clocks to Summer time although we missed an hour of today the day’s light will continue for an hour longer tonight.
      Can’t beat putting our lovely Sasha Dolls amongst our garden flowers for beauty and joy.

  5. Hi Kendal a wonderful post as always and a very interesting one too. Snow drops are my all time favourite spring flower. I also love the photo of little Bea with the crocuses xxxx

  6. Thank you for that post, it brightened up my day (though we’ll have to wait for our Mother’s Day until May). I love the photos of your Sashas amongst the spring flowers.
    Happy Mothering Day to you!

    • Many thanks for your good Mothering Sunday wishes.It wasn’t until I started teaching Primary school children that I learnt the differences about our Mothering Sunday and the rest of the world’s Mother’s days. As well as having to leave their homes and families what a hard life those Victorian servants had to endure.
      So pleased that your enjoyed seeing some of my dolls amongst the Spring flowers.

  7. Hello Kendal

    Firstly, I hope the recovery is continuing and the warmer weather has exerted a catalytic effect. The skylarks have been singing their heads off since early March in my neck of the woods. Heard a heavenly song thrush this morning in the grounds of the jolly old convent (2.5mile walk each way!). Your interesting posting reminded of the days when regular references were made to Septuagesima, Sexagesima and Quinquagesima Sundays at mass, prior to Lent.

    Lovely pics and backgrounds. I have a soft spot for for ‘Miss Lippy’ (pic. 7) with her grey coat and beret. Hee-hee, at this rate I will wake up one morning and discover that I’ve transformed into Frank Spencer :):):) !!!!!!

    Wishing all subscribing mothers to your blog a happy day 🙂

    Take care.

    L 🙂

    • Firstly may I thank you on behalf of all my blog followers who are mothers in both real life and Sasha mummies for your kind and thoughtful Mothering Sunday wishes.
      It was a great surprise to see those Latin words appearing and bought back many memories during our Roman Catholic education where Latin played such a big part in the Masses. As we got older we had to be part of a Mass rota and go up and kneel at the edge of the altar and answer all the responses in Latin (plus ring the tiny bell at the correct time) in front of the whole congregation. Talk about nerve racking! Incidentally
      I took my Latin O Level twice (remember having to translate the book of Vergil or was that before your time?) thinking that it would be helpful with my Zoology, Botany and Chemistry A Levels but failed both times by just a couple of marks.
      My Sasha virtual friend, SS (Simply Sasha) will be pleased to read that you are a Miss Lippy fan too!
      Thanks as usual for your interesting comments.

  8. A very happy Mothering Sunday to you. it was delightful to see all the lovely Spring flowers in bloom, here in the USA, it is still too early to see blooms, although the green shoots are making a valiant effort to emerge. I particularly love seeing your babies among the flowers !

    • Many thanks for the Mothering Sunday wishes.
      Spring is (as well as Autumn) my favourite season although I think that it ‘tops’ the latter in that it holds that extra promise of what’s to come rather than Autumn’s what’s been.
      I too loved the baby/Spring flower photos which were taken for the Sasha World Magazine of which I was the Feature Editor.
      Pleased to read that your Springtime isn’t too far behind.

  9. Happy Mother’s Day Kendal, I hope you’ve had a lovely restful day! It was great to see all your flower filled photos today, I hope you found it easier this time with not having to type out all those descriptions etc 🙂 (although I feel a bit bossy now!!!). I absolutely love love love your little brunettes in photos 1, 4 and 6 in particular, but then you know that already. I love how their hair is styled. I’d love to copy with my own brunettes but they all have falling hair and I’m scared to even touch the dolls, never mind their hair after what happened with my first brunette!!!
    Thanks again for a wonderful post 🙂
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    • I can’t begin to tell you Sharon that the fact of not having to type each single letter with my ‘rubber end’ pencil saved me so much time.I was silly really doing it as it wasn’t as if i had any new dolls or clothing that required any description.
      With regards to pictures, 1 and 4 that doll customised by Shelly is wearing a Trendon Velvet wig whilst the wide faced tot in photo 6 no doubt has falling hair but I just keep her in plaits/braids to stop it falling around where she stands.
      Many thanks for the Mothering Day wishes.. I know that I still have to view and reply to one or two of your blogposts but as usual I do eventually get there.

  10. Hello K!!
    I have just stumbled on this…and there is ‘my’ girl Miss Lippy! That has certainly made my day as you know I don’t celebrate after losing one of my brood, but it is a superb post…so well done you!
    Hope you are okay and are continuing to improve (nice to have you back blogging) I stupidly fell down a couple of stairs at home on Tuesday and cracked my cuboid bone in my right foot so am dosing myself on pain killers and cursing myself for being so clumsy 🙂

    • We all seem to be ‘in the wars’ health-wise of late. Get well wishes are heading your way from both The Brood and I.
      I know that you don’t let yourself do much celebrating on account of this sadness but I wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you.
      For many years now Chon, after moving down to the south and working at the weekends, has been unable to visit me up here on Mothering Sunday or my birthday but I always remember what my late mother once said when I lived on the south coast and was unable to travel up to see her on these important occasions that ‘it isn’t what you do on that day that counts, it’s what you do on the other 364 days that matters.’
      Take good care of yourself and get better soon.

  11. Dear Kendal
    Hope that you have had a restful day and are continuing to recover. Lovely to see your blog. Sasha and spring flowers are a treat for the eyes. I would be hard pressed indeed to choose one as a favourite because they are all so good. We won’t see spring flowers in Canada for a while yet. After a week of so much stress and ill feeling in the world it made me smile to see your blog. What a pleasure!! Take good care of yourself…Carol

    • I’m not enjoying how life around me is turning so nasty so as you say, a few photos of our beautiful Sasha Dolls amongst some Spring flowers does hopefully cheer ‘one’ up.
      I’m sure that it won’t be too long now for Spring in your part of the world to arrive. It’s what we all need at the moment, a little warmth and kindness to spread around us.

  12. What a wonderful post to celebrate Springs arrival and also our mothers. I never knew that the celebration of Mothering Sunday dated back so far, the cynic in me thought it was an invention by card manufacturers! You have enlightened me to the origins of the term too, I wonder how many people go back to their Mother Church? I love seeing the brood amongst the Spring flowers, such lovely images. I hope you enjoyed Mothering Sunday dear Kendal xxx

    • I love our UK’s traditions and the history behind them. I’m not sure how the children of today would even begin to cope with what our Victorian children had to do, or just how I would have coped in those days, although things were much harder when I was first married with regards to looking after the family and running the house. No washing machines or tumble driers, no helpful kitchen devices such as mixers or blenders, no ready meals or fast foods or the longer shop opening hours. Usually only one car per family so it was walking to and fro from the shops etc and not everyone had central heating so it meant the cleaning out and re-lighting of open coal fires if you wanted more warmth than those given out by the electric fires.
      Many thanks for the Mothering Sunday wishes and pleased to hear that you enjoyed the Sasha Dolls and Spring flower photos.

  13. I’ve just managed to sit down and read, enjoy and learn about Mothering Sunday’s origins and see your pretty girls amongst the spring flowers. I know we’ve had this conversation before but I must tell you yesterday it was my birthday as well as Mothering Sunday (mum of three) so I was a little spoilt to say the least. We re-visited Borth-Y-Gest on the beach where I went as a child and I know you said you owned a place nearby and the sun shone so it was perfect. And I was looking forward to your post when I returned home and It did not disappoint, I didn’t know the history of Mother’s Day, so thank-you.

    • Belated birthday and Mothering Sunday wishes to you. I’ve never had a birthday that coincided with Mothering Sunday (although my late mother did) BUT I have had my birthday on Easter Sunday a couple of times.
      I love Borth-Y-Guest. My late parents bought two plots of land from the Bulb Farm just off Beach Road at Blackrock Sands, Morfa Bycan, many years ago and this is where we spent three family holidays a year (Easter, July/August and September) in our two caravans, continental tent plus my sister’s pony and horsebox and motor boat. We recently sold the land on and they have now built two large family homes and two sets of semi-detached houses (or four terraced houses?) can’t make out which they are from the photos that I’ve been sent. We always visited Borth-Y-Guest’s charming little beach when we were there but with being part of a large and young family we tended to find that Blackrock Sand’s two mile stretch of beach that you could drive on was better for us with the boat and pony. We all learnt to drive on that beach!
      So pleased that you enjoyed the blog photos and the origin of our Mothering Sunday.

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