The Wearing of the Green.

My Sasha Brood would like to wish you all….



































And a very happy St. Patrick’s Day from ME!


31 thoughts on “The Wearing of the Green.

  1. Awesome…Sashas in Green…All beautiful…but of course…I love your 2 gorgeous NO Navel Sashas…Thanks again for sharing Your beautiful photos and Wish…Hope your are feeling alot better now…

    • Seem to have got way behind with my replies here this time. Many thanks for commenting and for the better health wishes.
      I love my Sasha Dolls dressed in green. i always find that it’s such a fresh and somewhat relaxing colour.
      Can’t really believe how many years I avoided looking at or buying a Gotz No-navel doll! What was I thinking?

  2. The very best of Happy Saint Patrick’s Day wishes for you dear Kendal. This is the most delightful Saint Patrick’s Day post ever! Your brood is so beautifully dressed, as always. Wonderful to see the boys too. Everyone at Sasha Shangri-La sends you and your Sashas their love. ❤ xxx

    • We all enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day over here. The Irish know just how to celebrate! Such a popular Saint! He and the Shamrock always seem to out-do St. George and the red rose of England.
      It seems like my lads don’t seem to have much green clothing but we did our best!

  3. Thanks for all that green ,it’s like fresh air and Spring !
    Hope you are recovering now ; be prudent and stay quiet for hours ,cause this desease make us very quickly tired ,and this during more than a year ! the same accident hapened to me in december 2015 ,and still now i feel some times exhausted ,one or two days ; don’t worry ,spring and Sasha dolls are good doctors .
    Best wishes for your health .

    • Spring is one of my favourite seasons along with Autumn. I’m not good with the heat of summer or the cold of Winter!
      So sorry to hear that you too suffered from Pneumonia a couple of years ago. Unfortunately it does tend to leave our lungs weakened and so prone to pick up any infections that are going round.
      Looking forward to the coming warm weather and enjoying my Sasha Dolls again.

  4. Happy St.Patrick’s Day to you and your darling Sashas,
    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them in their wearing of the green, and as each new one showed up , I said to myself, That’s my favorite, then, this is my favorite – I think I love them all.


  5. Happy St Patricks Day Kendal, love all of The brood in Green, especially if memory serves me right, the lovely green pinafore with button detail from the Ted Menton pinafore competition xx

  6. Happy St. Patrick’s day to you Kendal, and thank you for another beautiful post of gorgeous boys and girls in their green outfits. I suppose, now that I am the proud owner of an Irish passport, I should be out celebrating but am currently attached to a blood pressure machine for 24 hours….horrible thing……so no celebrating for me. But I hope everyone with Irish blood in their veins has a drop of the black stuff in celebration of their nation’s saint’s day!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    • Oh dear, Sharon! That’s certainly NOT the way to be celebrating St Patrick’s Day. Drinking Irish Whisky, Guinness and taking part in some Irish dancing would certainly send that monitor racing off the scale. I have had that attached to me for 24 hours a couple of years ago and it’s an absolute bind especially when you are wanting to have a long leisurely soak in the bath…and all mainly because you know that you can’t!
      (I married an Irish man from Dublin’s fair city so my daughter is 50% Irish and 50% English.)
      Have just said a prayer especially to St Patrick so hope that tomorrow’s blood pressure test results are OK.

      • Thank you very much Kendal, and no, no bath or shower for me until tomorrow afternoon…..not good! This is the second time I’ve had to go through this in the last week because the last test didn’t work. I went back in the morning to find that the machine hadn’t recorded a single piece of data!! 24 hours of discomfort for nothing, so here I am again. Hopefully it’ll be ok tomorrow though, and thank you for the prayer 🙂
        My dad was from Cork, hence the Irish passport, I’m a ‘mixto’ too!
        Big hugs Sharon xxx

      • Oh! How maddening is that then! All that lugging around weighted with that device for nothing. Praying that it was working as it should be this time and that the results are how they should be.
        (Interesting to know that you are 50% part Irish like Chon!)

    • …and a happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too. I just love my Sasha Doll’s outfits and only wish that I had, had the time to go through the millions of stored photos to find the many more green material ones that I know In have.

  7. Lovely pictures! it’s so nice to see all of the outdoor greenery after a long winter. I particularly like #13. Perfect combination of girl, dress and background.

    • Unfortunately those photos were the ‘usual same old GREEN ones’ but they brought back such wonderful memories as most were taken in the garden of my late mother’s retirement bungalow which she left to my sister and I Today would have been her birthday so these fond memories of such happy times spent here are freshly in my mind.
      (Many thanks for the super phone calls over the few days. I always so enjoy talking with you that I never want to put the phone down afterwards!)

  8. I am so happy the Brood really got into the spirit of the day with all their beautiful green outfits! We celebrated in style with some friends of ours who went to town on the food and Guinness! I hope you had a wonderful St Paddy’s Day ❤

    • ‘We’ always try to celebrate this day as Chon’s father is Irish and it was through buying her a Sasha Doll for her second birthday in 1966 that I was first introduced to these magnificent dolls and regularly supports me with my Sasha Doll hobby.
      So pleased to hear that you toasted the day with a pint or two of the famous Irish GUINNESS!

  9. Guys and gals glorious in green, wonderful eye candy. Glad you’re doing better health wise and I have to say it’s our luck you are staying home as we are getting to see some lovely photos.

    • Well, they do say that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ so pleased that you are getting a few blog post photos in return. Many thanks for commenting here as I do enjoy reading them, especially whilst being ‘captured’ in my own home.

    • Thanks for your good wishes. I’m hoping that mine is a case of ‘slowly but surely’ as still feeling ‘proper poorly’ as the saying goes and I’m more of a ‘can’t wait, wanting instantly’ sort of person!

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