‘Hello’ from a few more of us

A couple more of the Sasha Brood wishing to introduce themselves before the downsizing begins in earnest. (Just waiting to feel better before having to make those heart-breaking decisions as who is next in line to go.)
(Oh dear!!! I’ve just noticed that todays few dolls are all 1960s Gotz lasses… SO please Simply Sasha don’t look any further. So sorry about that. Obviously wasn’t thinking straight or I’d have added a few Frido/Trendons in between. Sure sign that I’m still nowhere near well.)

First up today is Sally, my red headed slate eyed girl with her cute little braids/plaits. She is wearing a Pinestreetstudio plaid short coat over vintage-sasha brown cords and Ruthsdolls distressed laced boots.
I’ve always loved her dear cheeky little face.






Being as this short post only includes THREE of my Brood today (health deteriorated this week) I have added a few of my older photos, listed as ABC instead of 123, of them to help pad it out.











Secondly, another Gotz slate eyed girl but this time a pale skinned sweet little tot wearing a vintage-sasha Laura Ashley material dress and manufactured socks and shoes.






M. (Apologies for the green reflection from the trees on the next three photos.)










Thirdly one of my two 1969 Gotz No-navels wearing a vintage-sasha dress under a Dollydoodle zipped hoodie with JJ sandals and Sharon in Spain stripped socks and carrying a Trendon little canvas shoulder bag from the Trendon Holiday outfit (an outfit that I would have loved to have been able to buy for Chon’s dolls.)



















SO it’s Goodbye from ME…

…and Goodbye from ME

…and Goodbye from ME!

…and Goodbye from ME!
Thanks for dropping by! Keep well and enjoy yourselves.


34 thoughts on “‘Hello’ from a few more of us

  1. I love this Gotz post being a big fan of the Gotz dolls. Of course my favourite is the gorgeous No Navel girl at the end, just love everything about her and her outfits. Lovely seeing her in the original fake fur and leather set, suits her perfectly.
    She also looks gorgeous against the blue cloudy sky in her deep blue coat walking the dogs.

    Sally is a little sweetheart and if you’ve named her Kendal she’s a keeper, as you very rarely name your dolls ( could help with deciding! 😉 )
    I love the pale blonde in the dusky pink set by Sarah of Vintage Sasha, it looks wonderful on her.

    All three girls photos are a feast for sore eyes and many thanks for sharing them when you are still feeling under the weather. I hope you fell much better soon.
    Dee xx

    • I’m obviously not going to be in SS’s good books this week. I had hoped to have taken a few more photos for this blog post but that never materialised with having to rest and sleep more this week.
      I was rather disappointed too with the poor quality of the first photos of each doll taken against that backcloth in the conservatory. Really need to start getting outside to ‘snap’ them but it’s obviously still much too cold for my ‘poor’ lungs to spend much time out there at the moment.
      You’re quite right I don’t seem to ever get round to naming ALL of my Sasha girls …although the lads and babies are now named. Probably it’s because there are SO many of the girls that I wouldn’t be able to remember them anyway.
      Thanks for the good health wishes. I too hope that your leg/foot is improving with the warmer weather on it’s way now.

  2. Absolutely adore your 1969 NO Navel….she is one of my favorites of all of your Sashas…She is of course dressed so beautiful as you always do….but she would be more than welcomed if she would ever wNt to come here and be lived….Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos ….

    • I certainly waited for years before I even bothered to look at the No-navel dolls.. but luckily I then managed to find myself three rather gorgeous ones, well that’s IMO!
      Many thanks for popping by and commenting. Always lovely to hear from you.

  3. All beautiful Kendal, especially love the little redhead Sally and blonde lady featured third. And, you still have it with the photographs and outfits so take your time in deciding who goes, I don’t think the Sasha world is ready for you not to be part of it for a long time yet!!
    Love Susan xx

    • Oh! Great to see you here Susan. Have been really pleased to have finally got the hang of privately messaging you via Facebook after our email connection failed a year or so ago.
      I have so enjoyed collecting the Sasha Dolls over the last 21 years and luckily there are now so many lovely enthusiastic new comers on the scene so I’m sure that I won’t be missed.
      Give my love to all your Sasha toddlers and babies. Plan to take those promised photos asap.

      • Well, even though there are lovely newcomers to the Sasha world, you would be sorely missed so please no more talk of fading out for a while yet. The newcomers have so much to learn from the well seasoned collectors xxx once you start to feel better you will have a new found interest for it all again. Just give yourself time, you will see xxx

      • Such loyalty from you! It’s so nice to hear but Sasha Collecting seems to be so time consuming for me at the moment, not to mention the unmentionable ‘mess’ that is created when they need to have their seasonal clothing changes. I could, I suppose, cut out the blogging but I do so enjoy the photographing and then sharing with like-minded people as that’s such a big part of our Sasha collecting plus the fantastic friends that I have made over the years and, in fact, are still making.

  4. Hello Kendal

    Oh dear, sorry to hear that progress has been slow with the recovery. However, as mentioned last week, the return of peace and quiet with your dolls can only only have a positive effect on your recovery 🙂

    I recall the original postings of the girl in the green and white check dress, detailed A. B and C in your posting. It reminds me of summer and I know red heads often experience difficulties in life, simply due to their hair colour and so I shall give her support.

    Top marks for me go to the duffle coat girl in X,Y and Z. An important item in the lives of ageing male and female hippies!!!!! I met the late Sandy Denny when I was very young – told her she had a beautiful voice…….and my duffle coat turned red with embarrassment!!!!!!!

    Like the hat and dungers in kl and M (very ‘Blue Grassish’). Like the modern(ish) hat in f. Hee-hee, also like older women (well over 21!) who wear the winter woolen hats that have bear’s ears, instead of plaits :):):)

    End of fashion critique from an electromagnetic perspective 🙂

    Take care.


    • You’re right, there’s nothing to compare with recuperating in your own home with family in support for the fresh food shopping/posting mail out etc, a home help to keep things clean and tidy inside and my gardener taking care of the outside area.
      Car is obviously missing me as the battery went flat.

      I love all the different outfits especially now I have had years to get to know what looks the best on which doll so saving time and the effort of trying on/taking off etc.
      Duffle coats were such an impotant part of the 50s and 60s although not really that serviceable being heavy, soaking up the rain and they certainly weren’t wind-resistant.

  5. I’m sorry to hear your health didn’t improve last week. I hope you’ll get better soon.
    Thank you so much for this Götz girls post! It’s amazing how different they look in their various outfits. My favourite is Sally in the rustic blouse and trousers on photo J.
    I still hope you won’t downsize to zero. Your photography skills, and your comments, would be sorely missed!

  6. Hi Kendal all the girls are looking super, but my favourite is sassy sally and I adore the jeans and top outfit that she is wearing, hope the coming spring brings renewed energy to you xxxxx

    • Oh, thanks Theresa! Yes, Sally is little minx at times. She has that look about her that says ‘trouble!’ I’ve had that , and several other N.Gould outfits for YEARS now and they still come up looking fresh.
      I’m hoping that the warmth and brightness of Spring puts me back on track.
      Lovely to hear from you today.

  7. They’re all very beautiful. I especially like Sally, probably because I have a soft sport for both redheads and the name. She has amazing hair and quite a personality; looking very demure in the green dress, but possibly contemplating mischief in the plaid coat pics.

    • I think that YOU have summed Sally up to a ‘T’ here!
      Although I’m not a lover of red hair as such I do adore her mischievous little face and those pigtails… and boy and can she be naughty if she’s a mind too.
      Lovely to see you here and thanks for commenting.

  8. Three beautiful girls Kendal, my favourite is the pale skin girl, she is lovely and has always been a favourite of mine from your brood. I also like the little redhead, she’s very sweet looking and does look nice in that check coat. Of the outfits, I think my favourite is the jeans and top in photo J. Although there are several others that are very pretty too 🙂
    I’m sorry to hear that you’re still unwell but hope that you continue to get better and will soon be back to your old self again.
    Big hugs Sharon x

    • The Gotz Dolls are so very dear to me with their delightful little expressive faces. I have always found that whereas in the beginning it is a little harder to find outfits to suit their characters (than it is for the more prettier Frido/Trendon girls) once you have assessed their individual characters those outfits become THEM and often non-shareable from then on.
      Thanks for the get well wishes and TWO much appreciated comments!.

  9. Kendal I was just reading the comments above and it started me thinking…I have to say that what Susan Pomeroy says, is spot on. If you’re feeling unwell and that is why you are selling, it might not be the best time to make such momentous decisions, because they are momentous…..Sasha has been a BIG part of your life for so long that if you do end up selling nearly all of your dolls, surely you will miss them dreadfully?
    As for blogging, no-one expects you to always write great big long blog posts and put all those detailed descriptions, you could do what I do sometimes and just show some photos(even one photo that relates to the season/holiday etc), even old ones in your case because no-one will mind, they love your photos regardless…..and you could just put something like:
    Doll: Sasha 1970 London Girl
    Outfit: Vintage Sasha
    Shoes: JJ

    Anyway, just a thought! I always think making decisions takes time and a positive frame of mind, otherwise we sometimes do things we later regret!!!

    Big hugs Sharon xx

    • Very good advice here…but will I take or ignore it…that is the question?
      I had decided to start some downsizing after the SCW last May but sort of stopped after the first 11 dolls went down to Sashadolluk with Christmas and becoming ill but I need to start again now so that I can have more control over the outfits, whether that be their original that they came in or newer home clothing that I know suits them…and I guess that I’m the only person who knows that best from here.

      I do agree that I am far too verbal with my blog over-descriptive wording… (as I am with the far too many photos!) especially as most of my older faithful blog followers must know my dolls and their outfits ‘off by heart.’
      Will try to cut down and shorten my wording on my next post…although it will be much harder for ME having always told my many class pupils over the 24 years that I was teaching, to enlarge on any descriptions to make it more interesting to others.
      (Shall be awaiting your marks in your comments on this the next time that I post!)
      Rest assured that most of my very favourite dolls will remain here for the longest …although having said that a few have already been asked for and left. but luckily have many of their photos to look back upon.

  10. Dear Kendal, a very lovely post of three of your beautiful Gotz girls. They are each wonderful and I cannot pick a favorite. Thank you for sharing the awesome photos taken previously and each outfit your girls are wearing is just wonderful.

    I hope you feel better very soon and are gaining your strength back each day. I will keep you in my prayers. Take care. ❤ xxx

    • I was glad that, as I am now on a mission (with the view to deleting at least 50 a day) to trawl through my MILLIONS of Sasha photos (taken since 2002 when I first got a laptop) and over- heavily stored in ‘My Pictures’ I was easily able to pad out this sparse post with these three dolls wearing a few different outfits and ‘snapped’ in a variety of different environments.
      Thanks for the continuing good health wishes and prayers.

  11. I have loved looking at these three beauties in their different outfits and wonderful expressions you have captures with each photo. I had a giggle at their goodbye, now that brings back memories of Saturday night at home with my father in tears of laughter ❤

    • Yes, you’re so right! The TV programme, ‘Two Ronnies’ is where I took the ‘Goodbye from me’ idea from. It was just a wonderfully funny programme wasn’t it. A super programme for a Saturday night!
      Our Gotz girls are certainly outstanding when it comes to a variety facial expressions… other than just the ‘prettiness’ of the Frido/Trendon girls.
      Mind you, there is a certain Sasha collector (who goes by the initials of JMD) that is now putting her own unique facial look on a fair number of our dolls… and I am indeed very lucky to own one!!!
      Clarisse/my Gertie says ‘Hello! to you and cousin Edith.’

  12. Kendal, I am so sorry that your health continues to give you a hard time – it is a precious thing and those of us who are healthy tend to take it for granted until a period of illness then we realise how important it is. I hope you recover soon from this latest bout. Your Gotz dolls are splendid even though I am personally not that keen on the Gotz Sasha dolls, you always dress yours so well which definitely brings out their best features. I hope the weather warms up for you as well so you can venture outdoors again. Sending sunshine your way from much further south than usual…
    Love from DollMum

    • Many, many thanks for your get better heath wishes. How right you are when you point out how easily we take good health for granted until something bad happens to make us really take stock…although I have always done my best to feed and look after myself as best i could/can.
      I hadn’t really noticed, until now, your views on the Gotz Sasha Dolls, (you live and learn as they say!) but looking back now I realise that your Sasha Dolls are purely from the Trendon/Sasha Dolls Ltd manufactures…well with the exception of your daughter’s dear little Gotz toddler.

      • Yes, it is always possible to make an exception for the Gotz toddlers! It is such a shame that the Trendon toddlers never got beyond those rare prototypes. The production values of the Trendon’s are so good, I am not sure that Gotz got it right with their early dolls especially, of course now their modern vinyl dolls are lovely (we have some).

      • It was a shame about the Trendon toddlers not actually going into production as such as I much preferred how they moulded the hip/leg areas to the more bulky Gotz hips… plus I liked the fact that the boys had the brunette hair and the girls the much prettier blonde.

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