Mensis Horribilis…My Horrible Month in Latin

In November,1992 Queen Elizabeth II gave a speech in London on the 40th year of her accession to the throne in which she describes that year as being Annus Horribilis (which is Latin for a horrible year) in which her daughter, Princess Anne, got divorced, a son, Prince Andrew, separated and another son’s, Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage was ‘rocky’ and to top it all Windsor Castle caught fire and was extensively damaged.

This last month has been a horribilis/scary/frightening time for me, as at the very beginning of February and completely ‘out of the blue’ in the early morning I was rushed by emergency ambulance to the local NHS hospital in Cheshire with Pneumonia in the right lung and a Pulmonary Embolism (blood clot that had travelled up from the leg) in the left. No time, apart from putting on my dressing gown over my PJs and gathering my Arthritic medication, mobile phone and my hair and tooth brushes before I was whisked off to hospital. Hadn’t, until then, ever realised just how finely our lives were balanced!

Unfortunately to add to my discomfort our local private Nuffield Hospital refused to take me in after the initial diagnosis as too high a risk with them having no respiratory consultant on site, no available resuscitation facilities and no spare beds at that time. (So much for paying BUPA £726 a month then for use of their private hospitals!)

Am now back at home and getting over the shock, with complete rest orders and no going out (to prevent catching any environmental public germs.) My sincere thanks to the excellent Paramedic Ambulance service, my wonderful daughter who came racing up from the south, excellent supportive and so helpful sister, three much appreciated caring and useful brothers, visiting doctor and super home help who have supported me throughout not forgetting my dear friends for their gifts, flowers and phone calls.

Now, this being the first Sunday of yet another month, on with the task in hand of introducing a few more of my dolls that attended the 2016 Sasha Brood SCW display last May.

First up is an early falling haired Trendon wigged girl (wig bought and customised for me by Sharon in Spain) in a very attractive black and grey Tweed coat and hat outfit by vintage-sasha with commercially made shoes and ‘Kiltie’ black tights.
This Frido Gingham side part NP girl has beautifully detailed eye painting and has been with me for many, many years. She wore this very pretty navy/pink spotted dress by vintage-sasha with navy commercially made socks and JJ hot pink sandals and holds the as yet unfinished wooden SCW string puppet (needs a couple of head/tail feathers gluing on) that Dollmum very kindly made up for me during her wonderful SCW workshop.
Squeezing in (look away SS!) Holly, one of my favourite little orchid eyed Gotz waifs. in this most attractive Pinestreetstudio shorts outfits with commercially made brown socks and JJ sandals.
Three little Trendon babies complete today’s post. Here we see, Meeny, an early little lad with gorgeous eye painting wearing a OOAK Ruthsdolls romper outfit made from two pieces of Laura Ashley material that I sent to Ruth.
This is one of the very first baby Nightdresses made in 1969 for release in 1970 with fully hand-painted eyes and with the slanting upwards quirky eyebrow. She was purchased  from Kelly Wenarsky’s personal collection some years ago and is wearing a very pretty smocked short dress set by Elizabeth-Anne (now Marilyn Hosckiss- spelling?) as she was known in those days.
Lastly we have QE2, a 1969 little facial dust gathering (he likes to sit on one of my bedside chest of drawers so has unfortunately become very dusty with me recently being in bed for 80% of the day) quirky eye browed baby Woolly wearing a delightful two piece Dollydoodles day wear set and hugging the dear little lamb comforter given to the babies by Susan Bulger Pomeroy.
Many thanks for popping by today. Great to see you here again. Have a wonderful month of March, the official beginning of Spring.


29 thoughts on “Mensis Horribilis…My Horrible Month in Latin

  1. Hello Kendal! It is wonderful to see your post. I am so happy that you are recovering and feeling better. A very scary and unsettling experience I am sure. I have missed you and prayed that you were getting the rest and care needed to heal and to feel much better. 🌹

    Your wonderful Sasha dolls are so very lovely and I especially love your NP and the dear little babies. Thank you for sharing them with us. I hope you have a good day and week ahead. ❤ xxx

    • Thanks Ginger. It’s good to be getting back to a more normal life at long last. As you can see by my baby QE2 my Sasha Dolls have been completely neglected over the past four weeks. and so have just stood there gathering dust.
      Thanks for the good health wishes. I now need to slowly but surely get on with a few of those little jobs that so need doing.

  2. Thank-you for showing these beauties, sorry to hear you’ve been in hospital. I’m sure these add to you feeling better as they certainly brighten my day! Take good care of yourself, I hope you feel stronger as the days go on, especially with Spring coming although it’s snowing here in North Wales at the moment.

    • I have really neglected my Sasha Dolls during this time but hopefully that is all now behind me as I gather better health and strength. Many thanks for your good wishes which I will certainly start to put to good use.
      Sorry to hear about the snow in North Wales. We, here in Cheshire, have been very lucky and have completely missed it so far.

  3. Oh Kendal, so sorry to read all this and fingers tightly crossed for a speedy recovery. Hopefully, we have now climbed the hill of winter and can Sturmey Archer our bicycles into spring. Bird song resurrection has commenced and I heard a delightful wren this morning on my way to mass, although the nuns at my local convent seemed rather grumpy:(:(:(

    I am just catching up with all your recent postings and have spotted my old friend Fritz is back!!!!!!!

    Will compose some jolly and optimistic responses for you – you’ll be right as rain in no time after reading them :):):)

    Do take care – you have some lovely friends on this board and I am certainly grateful for all your inspiring postings and pics, especially all these fab. berets!!!!!! My childhood was saturated with Gracie Fields’ type berets – a bit of a turn off. Your Sasha berets are just fab and I have mentioned them to my French friends in Aix. One detects a smile in their response and so can’t wait to arrive on the ITER plant with one of my own designs :):):)

    Take care

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery,

    Lawrence 🙂

    • It was certainly a great shock to the system. Have never been in that emergency position before…and hope that it never happens again.
      My few previous visits to hospital have been well planned( and in the Nuffield with BUPA specialists/consultants) so that everything needed was able to be got ready in good time beforehand. This was a real eye-opener! and although the doctors/staff etc were very kind and caring, even the food wasn’t too bad, I was unable to get the sleep that I needed due to being in a ward with all the bright lights and constant 24/7 hustle, bustle and noise, Luckily my daughter took time off work to come up and so look after me and so I was able to come home at the earliest opportunity.
      It is lovely to be home, in the peace and quiet and amongst my Sasha dolls again.
      Great to hear from you as always. I too love those berets!

  4. Goodness, Kendal, how very scary! I’m so glad to hear that you’re back home feeling better, and I hope that your recovery continues – Jocelyn

  5. Dear Kendal, just a quick message to say I will email you, but want to underline the rules here -DON’T GO OUT IN PUBLIC PLACES – it just isn’t worth the risk, as I found out a few weeks ago. Take care and have the Sashas for company for a while, they have less germs than we humans and yoursare so obviously neat, well-behaved little companins.
    Jenni xxx

    • Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that you have picked up one of these public cough/chest/cold germs that are flooding the market out there. I’ve heard that you just don’t seem to be able to completely get rid of these nuisance viral germs so they just seem to keep coming back again and again.
      It is only over these last few days that I have become interested in my Sasha Brood again. Until then they seem to have been just standing there gathering dust.
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting and please get well soon.

  6. Hello K! Extremely glad you are back with us in the land of the living!! Have missed you…so will forgive you for the G-G-Gotz you slipped in the middle of this post!!
    Will email you …didn’t want to pester you while you were recovering 🙂
    Take care…much love from Me xx

    • I’m really pleased too that I’m still here and it has made me realise just how much clutter I have in my home that needs to be gone to make life easier in the long run but that will just have to wait until I’m feeling much stronger to direct the proceedings.
      I know that I promised to add in a photo or two of Miss Lippy as a penance for adding Gotz lad Nikolas in at the end of my last post but didn’t quite get round to getting her out in front of the camera this time.
      Will look forward to receiving your email now that I feel well enough to go on the laptop for the occasionally short bursts.
      Many thanks again for your lovely potted plant. I have so enjoyed looking at that most attractive pottery pot and watching the dainty flowers open.

  7. Hello Kendal, so glad to hear that you are on the mend after your terrible fright ! The winter months are the most worrying for picking up illnesses and I bet you were just soldiering on thinking it was just a cold!
    So yes , as hard as it is, you must stay indoors with your Sasha’s for company until you are stronger and able to venture out once again.
    Your dolls as usual are beautiful and I have to say that the orchid eyed waif is a favourite. I’ll never forget having tea with you and Paul and him saying ” Kendal, is that one a Gotz? ” That’s when I realised he’d been paying attention to all these dolls that had been appearing!

    Have a lovely week lazing and getting your strength back and cancel that BUPA if they cannot provide you with a nice hospital bed when you need one!
    Love Dee xxx

    • I remember saying at the end of September to my sister, in one of our many daily conversations, that I was dreading getting my heating bill this year as I had decided to keep my central heating on high for 18 hours every day, only letting it turn itself off for the six hours when I would be tucked up sleeping in bed, as this was a time that people of my age often passed away due to the extreme cold. Guessing that this had made me feel quite safe…so you can imagine the shock of all this, especially as I do try my very best to look after (apart from exercising due to the Rheumatoid Arthritis) and feed myself well with 95% of everything cooked from scratch.
      I have always enjoyed being at home, after years of going out teaching, but it is even more wonderful being home again now, surrounded by its peace and quiet and in amongst my lovely Sasha Dolls.
      I shall always remember yours and Paul’s two visits up here, (the second time with Gillian Nash.)
      It’s such a pleasure when we can share and talk together about these unique dolls. I really missed going to your CnS meeting last year and have had to pull out of the SCW this year.
      I am now slowly catching up on commenting on all the blogposts that I follow but it will take time.
      Will be looking into my BUPA prescription to see if any savings can be made.

  8. Dear Kendal…wishing you a quiet, smooth month of March with all of your lovely dolls to keep you company. My thought and prayers are with you for an easy recovery. Having had pneumonia I know what that is like. Lovely to hear from you again and see your beautiful dolls…Carol from Canada

  9. Hi Kendal, I am so happy to know you are on the mend. I hope the coming spring will lift your spirits. Your post is lovely as usual and my favourite is your side part Np. I also love the pine street studio outfit your ochre girl is wearing and little Wooly is a real cutie, sending you a massive hug Theresa xxxx

    • Thanks Theresa! It feels so good to be on the mend and to be back home with my Sasha Dolls. I am enjoying photographing some of my dolls again, albeit only a few here but the sun was shining in my conservatory so it kind of drew me and my camera in.
      I too have always loved that Pinestreetstudio outfit. I have always admire Cindy’s putting together of such different materials to form an unusual outfit.
      I’m appalled that I didn’t see all that bedding dust on baby Woolly’s face before I took that photo but by then it was too late to retake another one as the light had faded. At least it shows that my bedding was changed by my home help that day.
      Thanks for the massive hug although glad that it wasn’t too tight as my lungs are still extremely sore.

  10. Dear Kendal, I’m sorry to learn that you have been so ill and pleased that you are the mend now. As usual your post is a visual delight – and I’m glad they are giving you pleasure again.
    Tricia x

  11. So sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations – wishing you well for a speedy recovery. Hopefully the weather is picking up and will help to lift your spirits.
    Wonderful to have such Sasha companions!

  12. A truly horrible month for you Kendal and I just hope that now you are well on the way to recovery. I am glad that little QE2 has been beside you throughout, he wears his dust like a badge of honour! Those 3 babies are just heavenly with their wonderful eye painting. Thank you for sharing more of your wonderful collection with us. It is such a treat to see them closeup.

  13. Oh my goodness Kendal, you have had a terribly fraught month, but I’m glad to hear that you’re on the mend now. I hope that along with the weather, your health will continue to improve and you’ll soon be feeling so much better.
    It was lovely to see your post pop up yesterday, I am glad to see that your little Trendon girl still enjoys her hair in that style! I love her outfit too, she looks like a little French girl to me. I was also happy to see your Holly in that Pinestreetstudio outfit, it has always been one of my favourites of your outfits and suits Holly perfectly.
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Still a long way to go I’m told but it is good to feel that I am actually now back’ in the land of the living!’
      We all love that wig that you organised for us. Just made this doll. her outfit has a buyer so she will be rummaging through all their clothes boxes for something else to wear.
      I too have always adored that Pinestreetstudio shorts set but someone bought it off Holly yesterday so she has to choose something else to wear in the meantime. Knowing her she will probably go back to wearing the Ruthsdolls orange smocked checked dress.

      • Oh no!!! I wish I’d known you were selling the Pinestreetstudio outfit, I’d have snapped it up!!!

      • I haven’t really got round to starting to sell anything as yet (although eleven dolls did go down to Sashedolluk just before Christmas) with being taken so ill …basically at the moment it is just a number of private requests from personal friends to buy, or have first refusal on, the several dolls or outfits.

  14. Oh my goodness Kendal, I didn´t know you were so poorly. A friend here in Costa Rica went down with pneumonia and being in her early 70´s, she had quite an ordeal. Hopefully, like her, you are now fit and well, but I know it takes some time to get over, so please keep resting and take things slowly. Lovely though to see your post and send you lots of love for a full recovery. xxxx

    • Always lovely to hear from you as it reminds me of our good old Sasha days when we were constantly emailing and discussing Sasha ‘this and that.’
      Pleased to hear that your friend has recovered well and so, in spite of being that bit older, and therefore take a little longer there is plenty of hope for me!
      Many thanks again for your much appreciated wishes.
      Hoping that you are having a wonderful time out there in your new home.

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