The SCW individual doll introductions and descriptions as promised last year for those of you who were unable to attend and see The Brood for yourselves.

(Typically and when I’m finally feeling well enough to even want to try to take a few photos and manage to find some time to do so the weather is dull, grey and wet… plus when the light did decide to grace us shortly, after a heavy shower, with it’s presence my sister decided to phone me for a long chat to catch up on any news!

First in the line is my very pretty 1971 Gingham girl with the most soft and silky two toned hair and wearing a sweet powder blue floral vintage-sasha dress with Rosie Shortell’s delightful grey/blue sandals and commercially made socks.

Next we have Fritz, the head boy of The Brood. He is sporting a smart to the side hair style given to him by Brenda Walton when he went off to be re-strung ready for the SCW and his now famous attractive and colourful Dollydoodle surfing hoodie and tracksuit bottoms with commercially manufactured trainers. (He didn’t want to pull on his black beanie in case it messed up his new hairstyle.)

Below is a dearly loved wide faced 1969 brunette Gingham girl, whose eyes Shelly had enhanced due to their greening. (I love these wider faces as I think it makes them look a little younger than their other peers.) She looks such a little darling in her Sharon from Spain ‘fruit’ patterned dungarees outfit and JJ sandals.

Another young looking little soul is my petite 1968 tiny eyed Gregor Shorts lad who came to me in his original outfit with the first long grey socks (though quite well darned) before they switched to the shorter nylon ones. Here he, Matt, is kitted out in Dollydoodle’s summer camourflaged shorts and T shirt topped with a comfortable gilet. Commercially manufactured trainers complete the outfit.

My very first Gotz 1969 No-navel girl with her attractive pointed little Elfin like chin and full painted eye style. Seen here in her favourite attractive vintage-sasha dress, JJ sandals and commercially manufacrured socks.

I’m not so good on dating the Frido/Trendon brunette boys as such so can’t be that certain/postive of their actual manufacturing year/s so will just say that they are all originally Dark Denim lads that have been given names. Luke had chosen to wear a smart vintage-sasha Tweed/cord outfit and JJ boots. I think that he is a very attractive looking lad.

Kristina, named after the Manchester Art student that painted her spectacular eyes, is a Graphic eyed 1966 Frido NP Jeans girl and who is now wearing a very attractive Pinestreetstudio dress and beret with Trendon Kiltie tights and commercially made bar shoes. (The little Smurf soft toy was given to them by Steve!)

Another very handsome brunette 1969? Dark Denim boy, Mike, is next in the queue in a Passion 4 Sasha shirt and skinny jeans outfit over a white vest with Ruthsdolls shoes.

A Global Cossette wigged Frido 1969 Gingham girl in the simply FANTASTIC winning pinafore in Ted Menton’s Pinafore Challenge some many years ago. (Ted himself later very kindly sent me this as a gift.)  I have teamed it with some JJ sandals and off white commercially made white socks. (My apologies as I can’t just now remember who {Nikki Kerohan?} gave them this sweet little frog soft toy. NOT like me to forget but guess that my age is beginning now to get the better of me!)

Next we have another great Trendon 1969/70? lad named McCarthy (on account of his Beatle styled hair cut.) He is wearing a Passion 4 Sasha smart tartan shirt and skinny jeans outfit with Ruthsdolls lace up shoes.

This early Gotz crude eyed girl is one of my very favourites of my Gotz kids. I particularly love her in this beautiful Jill Mackley (Frocks and Socks) Ginger Bread Man dress with comercially made shoes and socks.


Finally for today we have yet another of my wonderful brunette lads. Tony, a  {Antony} wider faced 1969? Dark Denims wearing a OOAK check hoodie and T shirt over skinny jeans with JJ boots.


Many thanks for visiting us here today. I do hope that you have enjoyed meeting yet another group of The Brood that attended the 2016 SCW.

Before I go I would also like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all those collectors who have so very kindly purchased my dolls who have recently left here. I am so pleased and very grateful that they have gone to such good Sasha homes. It makes the sad parting of them a little easier.

Enjoy your week ahead. Stay safe, take care and keep well.


31 thoughts on “Continuing

  1. Well I just love your first girl and the Vintage Sasha dress she is wearing with her Rosie shortall shoes.
    Fritz is looking his usual handsome self.
    Shelly eye’d girl looks sweet in her funky Sharon H dungarees and well whats not to love about a Gregor shorts boy from 68.
    I love everything about your brunette No navel and her outfit, she’s welcome to come live here any time she likes.
    I love Kristina’s Pine street outfit and she is a sweet girl too.
    Miss Cosette and her winning outfit are another great combo and I have always loved that wig, sadly no longer available.
    Your Crude eyed girl I’m pleased to say is not one of the scary ones, or am I confusing her with the saucer eyed girls? another dress I love.
    The boys are all handsome brunette lads ( my favourite boy hair colour ) and look well turned out lads.
    many thanks for sharing more of the brood in their wonderful clothes, a delight to the eys for a wet dreary Sunday afternoon xx

    • Gosh! That’s some great reply here! Don’t think that you have missed out anyone or anything! Very much appreciated as I try hard to slowly let go of them after all these years.
      That first blonde girl is actually Rosie’s favourite of all my dolls and whenever she use to visit she would always try to smuggle her out under her coat.
      You’re right, my crude eyed doll is not one of the scary Saucer eyed girls.
      I could never understand why they stopped the Cossette wigs as they were very popular at that time… unless it was that they took too long to produce as there is a lot of detail but I’m sure that people would have been prepared to pay more for them.
      Hope that you have now mastered the new camera in spite of the dreary wet weather.

  2. All spectacular Kendal. The first girl you posted reminds me of my Sophia, very similar they are in hairstyle and eye paint. She is very pretty. My Fritz looks very handsome indeed. I bet he is the envy of the rest of the lads with that fabulous hoodie.

    They are all wonderful really. Thank you.

    • I quite agree about Sophia and my first girl being very similar. They both have the most gorgeous soft and silky two toned hair and such pretty faces.
      Nobody has ever dared to try on, never mind, actually wear Fritz’s jazzy hoodie!

  3. Dear Kendal

    Should you ever wish to sell the powder blue dress and shoes in your first picture, I would love to purchase them. That dress has been a favourite of mine for a long time and I always like to see it.

    Another lovely post, Viv

    From: Kendals Sasha Brood <>
    Reply-To: Kendals Sasha Brood <>
    Date: Sunday, 29 January 2017 at 16:55
    To: Viv <>
    Subject: [New post] Continuing

    kendalssashabrood posted: “The SCW individual doll introductions and descriptions as promised last year for those of you who were unable to attend and see The Brood for yourselves. (Typically and when I’m finally feeling well enough to even want to try to take a few photos and m”

  4. Another lovely bunch of kids Kendal, I particularly love the little brunette with the Shelly enhanced eyes, and your sweet little Gotz girl, I remember falling in love with both of these the moment I first saw them. I also think your Cosette wigged girl is gorgeous and so is that pinafore!
    All of them are sweet but those above are my favourites. And of course all perfectly turned out as per usual 🙂

    • Perfectly turned out for the 2016 SCW display BUT still in the same clothes since then!!! BAD! (Well not exactly too bad as they had to stay in them until I felt well enough to take these photos as promised.)
      I too love those two little brunettes and particularly adore the wide faced Frido tot in your dungarees! Many thanks for this sweet and delightful little outfit.
      The silk pinafore is absolutely wonderful, so much detail. Definitely a work of art and a worthy competition winner.

  5. A very beautiful post Kendal. Each Sasha is just so special and so are their outfits. Kristina is just stunning! What amazing eyes and her Pinestreet studio dress is lovely on her. It is so nice to see some of your boys. They are so smartly dressed and they are such handsome lads especially your Fritz and your shorts boy which rise to the top for me. 😊

    Your backdrop with the bricks is so nice. It really enhances the photos. I love looking at your post on this very snowy day here on Cow Creek. Thinking of you and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! 😊 xxx

    • Thanks Ginger. That brick backdrop is very attractive and suits my lads well as they refuse to pose in front of the girl’s old fashioned room set.
      I particularly like Passion 4 Sasha’s boys shirts and skinny jeans seen here as it’s a pleasant change from their usual Dollydoodle’s leisure wear which they truly love.
      Kristina has wonderful eyes and which so suit that Pinestreetstudio dress colours.
      Pleased that you notice Fritz’s new swept to the side hair style and that 1968 Gregor Shorts is really petite and so young looking.
      Thanks too for the good wishes for the coming week.

  6. Enjoyed! Thanks for showing!

    So lovely Kiddies, well dressed, but in a so relaxed way and with a taste for colours – I do love that! Particularly Fritz’ new haircut looks venturous (if this is the right word in english) > very well done.
    Hope you are feeling better and better (*fingerscrossed) for taking many more photos.

    • I love any excuse to see my Sasha Brood on show but it is somewhat saddening to know that they are leaving here one by one.
      Fritz’s hair style is definitely ‘mind blowing’ to say the least. It took some getting used to!
      Thanks for the good health wishes and will definitely try to take some more photos of the next group patiently waiting , as they say, ‘in the wings.’

  7. Dear Kendal, I so love to see you dolls, the way you dress and pose them! Special, so special. Thanks for sharing your dolls and photos with us! With a big hug, Liss

    • I really enjoy sharing the pleasure and happiness that I get from ‘playing, photographing and posing’ my precious Sasha Dolls here. To me they are like a large real family that I so wanted but which unfortunately didn’t work out.
      I just adore their clothing designed and made so well by our excellent Sasha seamstresses.

    • Trust YOU to say that…but surely three Gotz out of twelve dolls featured here isn’t too bad…(and at least those three were rather pleasant looking ones…well to most of us anyway!
      Anyway, ‘Nice to see you here, nice.’

      • 😉 🙂 You know me K! I always have to be different/awkward !!
        Will forgive you for the stray three that were included 🙂 Please try harder next time not to include any….:)

  8. Lovely to see some more individually, as I felt I didn’t spend long enough viewing them over the weekend, even going back numerous times and taking photos. Lovely photos as always.
    Hope you’re well.

    • Trying my very best to introduce each and everyone individually before they start to leave here. I think that there were so many good things going on at the wonderful SCW that it was hard to fit everything in. Such a fantastic weekend thanks to Janet and her superb team of right hand women.

  9. I don’t know how I missed this post but have just enjoyed a wonderful 30 mins or so having a really good look at some more of the fabulous brood. Everyone is such a delight to the eyes and demonstrates your wonderful, discerning eye Kendal. I am drawn to the wide faces as well and have quite a few brunette Gregors, there is something about them. I love how Brenda fashioned Fritz’s hair, he is so ‘street’!

    • You probably missed it due to my recent somewhat irregular postings but pleased to hear that you enjoyed seeing some more of The Brood individually… as sometimes when on mass certain dolls or outfits can get overlooked.
      I too could never resist a wider-faced doll as they tend to look so much younger.
      Fritz has never really bothered about his hair or hair style being the outdoor activity guy that he is but now, after his visit to Brenda for his re-stringing, he has to be handled carefully and refuses to wear his saggy beanie

      • That is so funny about Fritz now, I hope he hasn’t discovered mousse! The wide faces do look younger, yes, that is it!

      • Thankfully he hasn’t yet heard of mousse or gel or else that would have been another expense for me. He certainly rather ‘fancies’ himself these days and tends to glance in any nearby mirrors .

      • I love the picture you are painting of this little charmer Kendal, I have had quite a giggle ❤

  10. Hello Kendal

    As promised, catching up with your previous postings! Well what a wonderful surprise to see the return of Fritz!!!! His new hairstyle is very interesting and I wondered if it has been modeled on Mr. Donald Trump’s? Fritz isn’t half a poser :):):)

    Love the tweed worn by Luke.

    Top marks for me go to the ‘Kristina’. Yes, you are so right to describe her eyes as ‘spectacular’. These eyes impart so much character – and are just beautiful. How gratifying to know that such talented youngsters are carrying on this great tradition? Also LOVE the Pinestreet studio dress. I’m no expert on females but I suspect many ‘real’ women would adore this dress! No need to comment on the beret – you know I have a beret soft spot 🙂

    Love the flyaway and natural look in picture 34.

    I am racking my brains to recall who the two ‘lads’ were when you conducted the camping expedition (possibly 2 years ago?).

    Sorry to read that health improvement has decelerated during the week.

    • Hadn’t made the connection between Fritz’s and Donald Trumps hairstyles before you mentioned it..but can now see that there are similarities.
      I too like Luke’s Tweed outfit.
      Cindy Patrick of Pinestreetstudio has made some very wonderful and stylish outfits over the years. Such a pity that she doesn’t seem to sew for Sasha anymore.She had a fabulous flair for mixing and matching different materials with stunningb results.
      I think that the camping exhibition might have well involved Fritz, Ross, Luke, Sam and Jac,
      Kristina;s eyes are so totally unique.
      The wig (Global’s Cossette) in photo 34 was one of the most detailed wigs aroundat that time but was then quite suddenly discontinued much to everyone’s dismay as it so suited our Sasha Dolls.
      Always delighted to hear from you. Thanks.

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