Still Struggling

To sort out and let a few more of my dolls go down to Sashadolluk to hopefully be adopted out to new homes.

I’m unfortunately one of these people who immediately love and become VERY attached to their dolls whether they be waifs or strays, customised or the minty/gently- played with… so therefore find it very hard to let go when needed.
So, as this was one of my slightly better health-wise days and since the warmth and light in the conservatory was conducive to taking a few photos I decided that seeing them re-photographed (plus looking at some older snaps) might help with these mammoth decisions.
A random nearby group was therefore selected and taken into the conservatory.

Firstly a Frido 1969 PJ boy who still has his gold printed backed tag, tube and original outfit. He is wide faced and has beautiful blue eyes with the pin pick pupils.
Here he is wearing a Dollydoodle hoodied track suit and T shirt with commercially manufactured trainers that he attended the 2016 SCW in.

Next is his sister, a Frido 1969 Gingham girl with her printed backed gold tag and gingham outfit. She again is wide faced with beautiful eyes and gorgeous silky two toned blonde hair… although her lips have oxidised over time.
She is seen here wearing a delightful Sharon of Spain complete Ra-ra outfit and commercially made bar shoes.


This was the eBay photo that I purchased her from ALL those MANY years ago!


These two, brother and sister (or twins?) have always stood side by side together on the bookcase and usually complimented each other in their clothing colours.

This Frido 1966 Blue Cord Graphic eyed FCP  girl came to me with her original blue cord dress and pants and old rather yellowed vest but unfortunately missing her gold tag and shoes and socks. She was recently re-strung and hair washed by Brenda Walton.
She is wearing one of vintage-sashas very first Dungaree outfits and some red checked  material trainers from Little Princess Frocks. On her back she carries a little denim rucksack.
(Couldn’t find any older photos of her. Hence the extra ‘library’ photos.)

Here is a 1966 Frido Jeans girl with her eyes, I think it was mentioned, painted by the Manchester art student. Here she is wearing one of only two Pinestreetstudio sailor outfits (Cindy kept one for herself and let me buy the other) and commercially made socks and JJ bar shoes.

Hoping that the above photos might help me make a few more decisions as to who goes or stays for a little while longer and that you have enjoyed seeing these photos. Thanks for dropping by.


40 thoughts on “Still Struggling

    • I had known that it would be a difficult task BUT not realised that it would be THIS difficult… especially with those that have been with me forever. At this rate I’m never going to be ‘Sasha Doll free!’

  1. I have been trying to work out if I can part with any of mine as well but I am a hopeless case!

    Out of those shown, the first boy with his little wide face and beautiful face paint would definitely be a keeper, there is no way I could part with him! He is my favourite of this little group.

    • It’s SO hard isn’t it?
      I’ve so far only managed to part with nine dolls, seven which have luckily been adopted, so still have 72 to go. HELP!
      Wondering if I shouldn’t just pack them all off lock, stock and barrel?

  2. Beautiful photos Kendal and a hard choice for you to make. The problem with our Sasha’s and Gregor’s is we buy everyone because they call to us and we love them. The same with the clothing , we bought it cos we love it.
    Maybe you could try looking at how many of a style you have, like blonde NP’s , then split them into half and put the half you just cannot part with back on display and the other half , with their clothes into a box and seal it. Then leave it a couple of weeks and if you’ve not needed to go to the box and take any out, send the box straight off to Shelly and don’t open the box again if they are going!
    That way you have already said goodbye to those ones.
    I don’t envy you having to decide who goes but once it’s done and you have a good few select dolls left, you’ll feel much better and especially when the old bank balance is looking healthy and you’re not hiding from the manager ; )
    You will still have your beautiful photos and the dolls that are left who will get more attention, which I’m sure they will love. xxx

    • Hopefully I can put a few of your tips here into practice! Thanks for taking the time to remind me of how it should be done.
      I did try with the very similar dolls, Fritz and his brother, but decided that I preferred his brother’s hair style to Fritz’s… but then Fritz has been the leader of the Brood for so long that I couldn’t think of life without him… so put off that final decision until another day!
      …And so it goes on…

    • I realise that it’s only me that can make the final decisions but at least this way I’m doing what I promised in May… to show all the Brood that went to the SCW on display individually,,,which as usual I never got round to doing.

  3. Sasha free!?!?!?!?!?
    Your photos are lovely and I do so enjoy seeing them. Good luck with any and all Sasha decisions you are facing.

  4. What a most difficult decision to make Kendal, every one of the above dolls is just stunning and so well chosen by you. Maybe you could try putting them back in their original outfits, then they may loose some of the magic bestowed on them by ‘the Kendal Touch’?

    • Had to have a quiet smile at this comment and it might prove to be an excellent way of helping me to decide, as sometimes their original clothing doesn’t do them justice. Often I’m in a quandary as to whether to sell them on in their original outfits or make them look more attractive in some home clothing… and then either sell the original clothing with them or sell it separately.
      Whatever it is going to be very stressful and worrying parting with them as some have been here for almost twenty years and although there may have been better dolls like them come along we have by then formed a special bond that is hard to break.

      • I totally understand your dilemma Kendal, they are all members of the Brood Family and all dearly loved for so many years. Personally I like to buy a doll in their original outfit, then when I find a perfect outfit for them I redress them and they then become adopted! The ones I have parted with have been the ones I haven’t removed from their outfits, especially the minty ones.

      • My Sasha Dolls have become just like members of my family as over the years I have come to know them, just how they prefer their hair done and their likes and dislikes in clothing etc. Even down to who they like to stand by, and in which room in the house! Such silliness I know but it has been a truly wonderful hobby not to mention the marvellous friends that I have made through it.

      • Yes Kendal, you are so right, they do form attachments! many of my dear ones are always with a certain companion and many have very definite opinions on how they should be dressed!

  5. It’s been dreary here all weekend, too icy to go out. I’m drowsing over my book, trying to ignore cabin fever. And then your beautiful Sashas burst onto the scene! Thank you, dear Kendal. They’re all so lovely, in such beautiful condition, and their clothes suit them perfectly. What a treat. I don’t envy you your job of whittling down your group. You chose too well in the first place😊

    • I have been feeling guilty about my lack of blogging this last year but am hoping to make up for it, well at least a little bit, over 2017. I do still really enjoy dressing my Sasha/Gregor/baby dolls and then having the reward of photographing them but it takes me so much time these days. I had always believed that time hung rather heavily when you reached my age so that I could enjoy this and literally take my time over choosing this and that… BUT I have been grossly misled and it flies by even more quickly.
      Always lovely to hear from you, Mary.

  6. Oooh decisions, decisions and such difficult ones at that. I think Dee made some good points there on how to perhaps choose some to go and who stays. I often put a doll in their box and see if I miss him/her and if I don’t then it’s a sure sign that they can go up for adoption. This little group are lovely, it would be hard to choose between them. I think you should send the last one to me, then you don’t need to worry about her! 😉 LOL!!! Seriously though, I do wish you well with the challenge you have on your hands at the moment.
    Hugs Sharon x

    • I think this art of ‘letting go’ will definitely be a slow one for me to learn as I’m not used to it like some other doll collectors are able to. Mine have always come and then seemingly stayed.
      But I’m sure that I’ll succeed slowly but surely. I’ve already decided on a few dolls that will stay to nearly the end so tomorrow they will get themselves all together in a room and stay put whilst the others continue to get themselves sorted.
      Hoping to do a few dolls, then sell some clothing and props and accessories and then back to the dolls again in that sort of a pattern so hopefully I’ll not miss them so much.

  7. Thanks for posting; Kendal. Indeed you got the most beautiful and well dressed dolls!

    You’re writing it’s a long way. So you could go it step by step!
    Did you try to decide wich doll do have to stay; like Fritz? Is that easier than the other way?

    (Perhaps learning to enjoy letting go? Is this possible after all? It’s my own special problem, so f.e. I got no vibrato while singing and giving birth was a challenge.)
    I know for sure, you’ll manage it finally!

    • I’m thinking that it will be in stages as it’s quite a lot of work to choose who to let go and then get them ready but time and health isn’t letting me play and photograph them as i would like to. I’ve had a wonderful 20+ years of collecting and will most definitely miss them but one sometimes has to move on.

      I’m so pleased that your blog is up and running again as I so enjoy your little stories and so real life room scenes, something that I could never ‘in a month of Sundays’ do.
      Many thanks for popping by and commenting.

  8. What a beautiful post of some of your gorgeous Sasha family. It is extremely difficult to part with dolls that you love and have lived with for years. When I redress a doll for a new blog post, I fall in love with them all over again. The hands-on time spent with them rekindles my love for the dolls.

    Maybe it would be easier to select a few dolls, just as you have done with this post, and put them in their original outfits if possible and then either send then to Shelly right away or put them away and out of sight until you are certain you are ready for their departure. My heart is with you Kendal as you begin to downsize your beloved Sasha family. ❤ xxx

    • It’s so helpful to read how many people understand just how hard it is to part with our beloved Sasha Dolls, especially those that have been with you for so many years. They are like our pets that so easily become part of the family.
      Mine have given me so much pleasure over the years especially, as you say with the re-dressing into another yet gorgeous outfit… and then the photographing which I so enjoy capturing those wonderful expressions as only these dolls can give you.
      Many thanks Ginger for this kind and thoughtful comment.

  9. Dear Kendal, I’m not sure if this will get to you–I hope so. Obviously, if you are reading this it did. I’m so sorry to read that you are downsizing. As someone who has never met you in person, it is hard to imagine you without your collection to blog about. I do hope you will still be involved with Sasha even if you aren’t blogging and are Sasha free. I find your comments on other blogs quite insightful. I am just now coming up for air after the holidays and am able to respond to blog posts. Your post about Gertie was delightful. She is one of my favorites. You can never put in too many photos for me. Not much help I know. Now, hopefully not offending you too much. I definitely feel like a vulture, and I wouldn’t be asking if I hadn’t missed out several time on other things before. Will you be downsizing your clothing as well? There are several outfits that would be nice to have first refusal on. Two of them were featured in your latest post. Please forgive me if I offended you. Sincerely, Julie Wiesler

    Sent from my iPad

    • Not offended at all and yes, I shall be downsizing all my Sasha outfits, in several stages though whilst keeping my very favourites until nearer the end.
      I did think that occasionally I might even try to sell some via a blog post… but I would need to be really organised and prepared with all the necessary postage envelopes and stamps to hand and I’m wondering if I can be that well organised!
      Now thinking that I need to get one of my Sasha notebooks out and start writing all these first refusal requests down, in case I forget when the time comes.
      I have now emailed you privately.

  10. Oooh Kendal, I do sincerely hope that you will be keeping at least one or two of your Sasha’s? I myself have a weeny collection, but as you know, many come and go with my re-rooting which I love…meaning I love them all! I only have five girls, two beauties I bought to re-root, but having no hair loss, they stayed with me. But one called Jolie, would be the most heartbreaking to part with and really I can not say why? Just when I think about the prospect, it feels like I am disowning one of my own children, so I guess she´ll forever be with me.
    I doubt that´ll help you too much in making your decisions and all of them will have a story and the memory of the first time you welcomed him or her into your home. And if each and everyone gives you that “Jolie” feeling, then I don´t envy you at all!
    Love and hugs, Jackie xxxx

    • Having sadly decided that ALL will have to be adopted out over this year I’m sending out my some of my older favourites from here smuggled in amongst some of the others so that I hopefully won’t notice them going quite so much.
      Fritz is now getting ready to go too in the next batch. I’ll try to keep one or two of the latest new comers until towards nearer the end as they haven’t had the pleasure? of being here that long.
      The one or two that have definite first refusals on them can remain here until their new owners are ready for them.
      As you know I have loved each and every one so it is proving rather soul destroying but as one commentator above said…’I have to let go at some time!’
      Lovely to hear from you again here as I miss your friendly chats.
      PS. Ross is travelling to his new home this week.

  11. Good luck choosing your next bunch of leavers. I’m with you and think these guys and gals look better in other clothes, I personally don’t think the original clothes are the nicest or show the dolls off to their best.
    For selfish reasons (love your photos) I too hope you keep some, so there’s always a little hope of seeing a blog appear and there can never be too many photos for me, photo heavy bring it on.

    • It’s proving SO very hard to let go of any of them but it’s best that I take my time to allow for some recovery time in between the batches of leavers.
      Nothing quite like our Sasha Dolls when dressed in home clothing. It was incredibly hard when I first started seriously collecting in 1996 as there weren’t any non original Sasha clothing to be had until Ruthsdolls moved up from Cornwall and was settled in her new home and so started selling again.
      When I used to ‘Play Sashas’ with my daughter in 1966-72 all we could basically do was swap around the original outfits (Gingham dress, grey dungarees, denim jeans and navy sweater, Pajamas, long green dress, white smocked dress, baby nightdress, woolly and navy cord dungarees) that she had from one doll to the other.
      When I was occasionally allowed to have the brunette Sasha to play with I always liked to put her in the grey dungarees with the white Mary-janes and socks (from the Gingham outfit) on her feet as I never liked the white sandals that came with that outfit.
      Normally I had to have the Gregor doll so would put him in the grey dungarees over his navy sweater for a change as I thought that this looked more boyish than with the Sasha white shirt.
      (Two of the outfits that i really would have liked to have bought her were the Sasha nightdress and Holiday outfit but was never able to buy them.)

      • Thank you for sharing your wonderful Sasha stories with us Kendal, I enjoyed reading about the limited clothes you had available and your joy when Ruthdolls came on the scene. I can feel your anguish in deciding to part with your dear ones this year. Every one of the brood is just loved by us all xxx

      • No rush Kendal, taking your time helps you come to terms with their departure to some extent I’m sure.
        I do like the grey dungarees, it is one outfit that I have and do like, not so much the sandals with them though, same as you.

      • When I first bought Chon the 1966 brunette Gingham doll there was NO original clothing to even buy, as the later dress sets weren’t even thought of.
        I remember getting in touch with Ruth Hartley via my father’s company’s computer but she was busily moving from south to north at the time and so everything was packed away.
        It was a good year or so later that I managed to buy the grey school uniform and a yellow fleece, T shirt and denim jeans. A couple of years ago I found some computer print out sheets of some of her first Sasha outfits and sent them off back to her. (Now rather wishing now that I had kept and scanned them and shown them here as they were quite different to her clothing nowadays.)

      • I’ve always thought that the sandals were nowhere near as lovely as the Mary-janes.
        I remember in that first year I had to go away for a few days and Chon went to stay at my mothers taking her Sasha Doll along with her. When I got back I was devastated to find that the Mary-janes were lost. We looked everywhere but they couldn’t be found and of course at that time these were the only shoes that we had so I wrote to the Frido company explaining what had happened and could I please purchase another pair. They very kindly gave us another pair for free.
        Another time Sasha’s leg juyst fell off during light play and so she was sent back to the factory for a repair where she was restored to full health and returned. Nowadays of course this could have been done at home straight away.

      • I love reading about how accommodating the factory was in helping children with their wounded Sasha dolls! It just proves how dearly loved they were in the factory too. How sweet that they sent on a new pair of Mary Janes too.

      • I’m hoping that these little snippets will show just how different Sasha collecting was in those first days. I didn’t know of another Sasha collector in those first thirty years as it wasn’t until 1996 when the later Gotz dolls arrived on the scene that their UK representative, on my request, managed to put me in touch with Marie Morgan and Gunvur Denton!
        My Sasha life took off at such a pace from there that I could hardly keep up!

      • I love the snippets of early collecting Kendal, they make me recall my collecting history too. I started my collection seriously in 1984 when I read in Dorisanne’s newsletter that the factory was closing. I rushed around buying every Sasha I could find but didn’t dream of making clothes for them myself until 2011!

      • You certainly WOULD have to have a much bigger car (or perhaps a trailer!) on remembering the struggle that we had to get them into Chon’s 4×4 to take them to the SCW as they were only averaging out at 10-12 series in each box….so that was 6 and a half boxes plus there was the four Studio and Course dolls in a much larger box.
        Arrangements had been made for one of my family to travel behind us if we couldn’t have got them in along with us and our luggage and at one point it was even suggested that my sister drive us there in one of her vintage buses. (These are often used when transferring her daughter from one university to the next as they are very good as removal vehicles!( So far they haven’t had to use one of their double-deckers for this but she certainly has to take a great deal of stuff with her…TV, computer, laptop, printer, scanner, heater, fridge, ironing board, iron, clothe’s rack dryer, kitchen/cooking ware, towels, bed linen (plus a blow up spare bed and linen for friends staying over) and clothing!)

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