Clarise/My Gertie

Modelling in our new library and wearing her beautiful new Francis Trickett Xmas dress (requested and made especially for her) from Janet and holding her delightful little Dolly Dimples Christmas doll from Ginger’s Gertie…her USA cousin.
The next decision was whether to go for the navy or lilac shoes… as had already discarded the purple.
Added these lilac ribbons to form a colour link until a final shoe decision could be made.
….But then chose the navy so might now change the ribbons to blue later on.

Before you go please could I to ask you to choose a couple of the above photos that IYO I could have left out so as to reduce the overall number of photos included….something that I find really hard to do.

I chose nos 1 and 3 to show the different shoe colours and her new doll. (Could have left out 3 as it isn’t as clear a photo of the doll???)

5, 7 and 9 to show the navy shoes and various poses. (Maybe left out 5???)

2, 4, 6 and 8 to show the lilac ribbons and facial close ups. (Maybe left out 6???)

My favourite photo is 4, with 2 or 8 in second place. Which are yours???

Thanks for popping by. Hope to see you here again soon.


25 thoughts on “Clarise/My Gertie

    • Could do with YOU by my side when trying to sort out the photos for my posts as I find it quite stressful when most are so similar… that in the end I tend to just lump them all in… or else the posts wouldn’t get published.
      Silly me have just realised that it’s now SNOWING IN the library!

  1. Ha ha, I am hopeless at choosing which photos to leave out and always post way too many, so can’t help you at this one Kendal! She looks very pretty and the colour suits her beautifully.

    • Snap! So pleased to hear that it’s just not ME then that has this problem! Perhaps we could help each other in the future as I’m not so fond of having bto keep paying large amounts of money for more space as I like to publish my photos in the large format!

  2. I love all your photos…I wish you could come and take some pics
    of my “kids!” I’d leave out 1 because I like the angle on 3 better, leave out 4 in favor of 2, and leave out 9 because the angle on 7 is better. That is my humble opinion because I think all the pics are fabulous!!

    • Another very useful person to have by my side then on these occasions of trying to chose which photos to use. I do try to move the camera lens around so as not to let them be too identical whilst hopefully getting in different angled shots that I might not think of otherwise.
      (Might even try to do another post using everyone’s opinions at a later date to see just how shorter the post is then!)

  3. Love Clarise in her new dress with her dimples baby doll. The colour of the dress looks fabulous on her and I like it with the navy shoes but think you could use the lilac shoes to give it a change or a pale grey.
    The photo’s I would have used are , 4 shows choice of shoes,2 because it shows her gorgeous face , 6 because it shows her in the navy shoes, 7 because although similar to 2 she still looks gorgeous and 8 because it gives an interesting side view.
    But I also could have used 5 instead of either 2 or 7, hope this is of help. But kendal they are all gorgeous photos and we love looking at photos of these dolls , Happy New Year , nice to see a blog post 🙂 xx

    • Oh! Hadn’t thought of the pale grey…which I do have here but another girl is wearing them… but will certainly give it a try later on.
      Very interesting to read of peoples choices so far so think that I might have vto make a ‘tally’ graph and see which of the numbers come up the most and then repeat the post using only those. photos. Any bets on whether it will hold LESS photos than the nine here?

  4. Personally, I don’t think you needed to leave out ANY!!! I think all of them are nice, some are nicer than others, I admit, but if you wanted to show us them all, then that is great 🙂 I sometimes struggle to leave out photos so just go ahead and put the in, I think it just depends on the content of the blog….if people are bored they’ll not bother looking at any of them…and I don’t think this would ever be the case with your blog.
    As for the dress on Clarisse, doesn’t she look sweet in it! What a lovely pressie from her aunty Janet. I like the dark blue shoes best with this outfit but would go with the lavender regardless of having gone for the darker shoes…the lavender is a nice contrast.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!
    Hugs Sharon x

    • I do worry that there might be too many included especially when the photos are of exactly the same subject and background and our Sasha time so very precious and ‘thin on the line!’
      I will welcome these comments and then wait and see the results in the end and which photos I could/should have left out to make it a less boring and long winded post.
      Good idea about leaving the ribbons especially as now I’m having great difficulty in tying them.
      I agree about the dress being the perfect colour for her eyes but also love her in the maroon dress that she came in and it looked a perfect colour for my Sasha Christmas card!
      Glad that you too preferred the navy shoes. I did try some navy tights with the lilac shoes but felt that they were too heavy looking with the dress so opted for the thin slightly off-white in keeping with the Dimples Doll.

  5. Gillian Nash has emailed this to me privately as she is unable to leave a comment directly here.

    ‘I can’t comment on your blog but

    Lovely photos of your Gertie!
    I agree that 3 and 6 could be left out!
    My favourite photos are 2 then 4.
    Happy New Year
    Gill x’

    Thanks a mill Gill. Will duly note you choices and leave out photos.

  6. I love them all but you will have a heck of a job in the morning sweeping all that snow up! With my eyesight I kept losing my cursor and following a snowflake instead.
    She is absolutely spellbinding and I am very envious!

    • Had to smile about sweeping up that snow! Hadn’t given it any thought when choosing that inside library background. Must use the brain more in future as, if I remember rightly, the snow continues throughout January.
      Lovely to see your comment here. Many thanks indeed!

  7. Hi Kendal! Clarise looks so beautiful in her new dress which is perfect for her. I am happy Dolly Dimples is with her now. Gertie sends her love to you and to Clarise. ❤ ❤

    My photo picks are #5 from photos 5,7, and 9; #2 from photos, 2, 4, 6, and 8; and my favorite photo is #2 with #4 in a close second. I absolutely love Clarise’s eye painting and photo #2 really shows her beautiful, expressive and soulful eyes. A very special post!
    Thank you! ❤ xxx

    note: Your beautifully wrapped and very special Christmas gift arrived safely. Thank you so very much. I love it! 🌹

    • Wasn’t that so kind of Janet to ask Francis to make Clarise her new dress…and then make the darling Dolly Dimples for Gertie to send to Clarise?
      Many thanks for sending your personal choice of the photos. Although there is a good variation several of the numbers stand out as being the most preferred choices.
      So pleased but still feeling very guilty for my last minute pre-Christmas postings, that your Xmas present has finally arrived.( I can assure you that you aren’t/weren’t the last as two more gifts to two friends STILL have to be posted out! Very naughty Kendal! Must definitely be on Santa’s naughty list this year so perhaps it’s a good thing that NO more Christmas Dolls are ever expected here.)

      Clarise and I send our love and New Year and retirement wishes.

  8. I, too, love Clarise and hanker for another of Janet’s repaints, they are all so sweet and wistful.

    Your photos are all lovely – and what a library, I’m green with envy- but I think 5 and 6 are my favourites.

    Just keep taking such wonderful pictures, please!


    • Janet’s customised dolls certainly make you want another…and another….etc.
      Many thanks for saying which photos are your favourites. So far it is looking like not one has NOT been mentioned so still all nine photos will remain on the post. Will give it until the end of the week and then do a chart.

      Happy New Year!

  9. Dear little Clarisse, how charming you look in your Christmas dress and I am so glad you love your Dabby Dimples dolly from Ginger! I loved looking at all the photos you took Kendal, I especially love the close ups of Clarisse’s eyes as it always surprises me with how much detail there is in my painting, I don’t get to see that, even with my glasses on! As to the shoe choice I prefer the navy ones! xxx

  10. You’re asking a lot if you want us to leave out any of these, although I must say my favourites are the close-ups, all of them, so don’t leave them out! Janet has really created a beauty in Clarise, her eyes are really lovely and blue/lavender both suit her very well. I’m a lavender girl by inclination though so I would always lean that way 🙂 x

    • Looking at all the replies it’s looking like the post will be staying almost as it is with all nine photos still showing. Will give it until tomorrow before calculating if there were any photos that could have been left out initially.
      I agree wholeheartedly that Janet has done absolute wonders with this wide faced 1970ish Gregor lad and spare Pintuck’s wig that was lying around.
      Lilac/Lavender is such a pretty colour!

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