Happy New Year

I’d like to wish all my wonderful and supportive blog followers a very happy, healthy and Sasha filled New Year.


I only managed to get to open my much appreciated presents on Thursday afternoon so haven’t had the time to photograph and thank you for them but rest assured I will be doing so asap.

Meanwhile I have posted a few photos of my usual annual Christmas decorations… for the new followers to my blog posts to see.

These are two of my additional presents from Chon , who gave me an electrically heated faux fur throw as my main gift to enjoy my afternoon naps and TV viewing time suggled under. (Still need to take a photo of this.)
Outside the front door decorations. (I planted two Christmas Roses and some ivy in the chimney pots this year and then added red bows.)
Decorations in the hallway. (Have added some tiny LED lights to the twig tree this year.)
The living room decorations. Firstly the twig tree.
The mantlepiece.
The dividing wall between the lounge and dining areas.
The back wall of the dining area by the sideboard.
The dining table.
It has become a family tradition now for me to plant some Hyacinth bulbs in readiness to take the place of when the decorations come down, so that it doesn’t look so bare and the surrounding air is filled with their lovely perfume. (These are the ones that I did for Chon to take back with her but have also done some for for my middle brother and his wife and for myself.)
Many thanks for all the delightful Christmas cards that you have so kindly sent me. It has been really enjoyable getting these through the post box and then reading the little messages inside.
A million thanks too for the super gifts, Sasha events, blogposts, emails and telephone calls over yet another year… which all go to make my life so much more enriched.
May God bless you all and keep you happy and healthy through the coming year.


26 thoughts on “Happy New Year

    • Thanks Ginger. I know that the decorations are the same as in previous years but I do love them and look forward each year to getting them out and putting them up.
      Clarise/my Gertie says many thanks to for her much loved Christmas present. I’ll hopefully be taking some photographs now that Chon has returned home and things will be slightly quieter on the home front after the New Year visitors.
      A very happy and healthy New Year to you and yours.

    • …And a very happy and healthy New Year to you and yours.
      (Sorry that the decorations here are exactly the same as the last few years!)
      Managed to finally put your new dress on Clarise last night and she looks gorgeous in it. Now need to take a photo but the light here is very poor today.

  1. Hello Kendal

    A very happy new year to you, Chon and all the delightful – and talented – blog followers. I’m no fan of ‘Bake one’s face to pieces’ or ‘Mad dancing’ type TV programmes and so your blog is a wonderful oasis from the visual disturbances cited above.

    Frank Cottrell-Boyce was playing Britten’s ‘New Year Carol’ on ‘Something Understood’ (Radio 4)

    yesterday which seems like an appropriate quid-pro-quo musical gift at this time of the year :):):)
    Not quite Nile Rogers territory, but I like quite a lot of Britten’s compositions.

    Hope you manage a trip to Abbey Road and the Orme on a warm memory inducing day in 2017

    Best wishes,


    P.S. What did Fritz get for Christmas? Did he buy gifts for all the other Sashas?

    • I’m afraid that my Brood got very little from me this yea r(a leather satchel or two, some crayons and a rubber) with the downsizing well underway… but a few very kind friends treated them to a few presents to open on the day.
      I too hope that I’m able to make it to Llandudno this year as my health and mobility is deteriorating fast and I would so like to see the luxury apartments now built on the tennis/netball courts and the new positioning of The Alice in Wonderland statue.
      I did have a wonderful Christmas eating out at various good food restaurants with various members of our large family…always like it when I’m away from cooking in the kitchen!
      A very Happy New Year to you and yours and great to see you hear again.

    • Thanks Karin although as you know they are the same OLD decorations but I do love them and feel that they are just enough for me to cope with.
      A very happy New Year to you and yours.
      Enjoying your’s and your grandchildren’s blogging.

  2. I do admire your unusual tree decoration on the side table and how elegantly you always dress your home with beautiful festive golden tones.
    Wishing you a very healthy and happy new year and thank you for so many enjoyable blogs during 2016, love Jackie xxx

    • I was thrilled last year when I spotted and bought that twig tree and added the tiny string of sparkling ivy decorations plus it lit up the hallway beautifully this year since I added those little LED lights.
      Since visiting the 2014/15 Tudor Christmas displays at Little Moreton Hall I have become very attracted to these natural wood decorations as I’m very fond of our past History.
      Many thanks for the New Year happy and healthy wishes and the same to you too in your exciting time ahead..

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