A few Glimpses of Christmas Here

Unfortunately as usual I started off with good intentions of recording a little of my Christmas preparations here… BUT then the last minute mad panic rush to get things in the post took over and well,  that was that! So here are a few photos taken at the very beginning.

Christmas Stockings have always played a big part in our family’s Christmas’. With being Roman Catholics we had to fast from eating any food from midnight the day before if we wanted to receive Holy Communion at the next morning’s Mass, so there was never any food/sweets/chocolate etc. included so as not to tempt us. Instead there would be a few small gifts that we were allowed to open before going to Church.

So below are my 2016 ‘His and Her’ stockings for my daughter and her partner before being filled.
Their Weimaraner dog’s, well pets are part of the family, 2016 Hessian bone shaped stocking that was filled with two squeaky tennis balls, two Pig’s Ear treats and the squeaky/rustling reindeer (seen a few photos below.) The tag has her name ‘Bella’ cut out of the red plastic.

I also spotted this cheerful little snowman stocking with his sticking-out carrot nose for a three year family member.

I couldn’t resist buying this felt Santa face Christmas sack. (Would have loved to have given this to Chon when she was younger although there probably wouldn’t have ever been enough presents to fill it!)

Bella’s squeaky/squidgy reindeer that she is really thrilled with.

Next we come to Chon’s three presents from me.

A long time ago when Chon was about five I was getting her a Jemima rag doll for Christmas and was torn between buying a doll with rust/brown hair and a turquoise floral dress or one with red hair and a hot pink floral dress. Not wishing to ask her and spoil the surprise which colourway she would prefer I turned a conversation into preferences of colours to which she replied ‘Mummy, always think BRIGHT!’
SO on remembering this this year I don’t think that I could have chosen a more brighter wrapping paper as this has a navy blue (almost purple)  background adorned with hot pink Holly and Mistletoe leaves and orange fir cones!


Loved the wording here!

I decorated the two smaller bottles of Prosecco for Chon and one of my nieces as Christmas Day table favours. (The larger bottle was to enjoy later chilled with our fresh Lobster salad and my home made Sherry Trifle supper.)

These two little gifts to two of my Sasha friends were to travel overseas so were wrapped earlier than the rest, hence the photograph. (These gift bags are the palest of pink and daintily decorated with gold.)

Unfortunately Chon’s and my presents still remain wrapped and under the tree (due to lack of time spent at home) waiting to be opened sometime tomorrow. (Hence the lack of ‘Thank yous’ to those who sent them to us!)
Hope that you have enjoyed seeing this little glimpse of Xmas life at The Sasha Brood’s home.


14 thoughts on “A few Glimpses of Christmas Here

  1. I so enjoyed the glimpse of your Christmas decorations. The stockings are a favorite here too and we open them last after the presents are opened. Often the stockings have the best of Christmas surprises. 😊

    It is so nice to have a gift for the dog(s) too. They are definitely a part of our families. Your festive wrapping paper is fantastic! I love the bright colors and lovely ribbons. I hope you have a very merry Christmas week and that it is full of fun festivities. ❤ xxx

    • Thanks Ginger. I’ve never heard of the stockings being opened after the main presents before. I live and learn as the old saying goes!
      Chon has always loved her stocking and it’s contents and has often said that a stocking filled with goodies would suffice should there be no main present/sunder the tree… and this sort of happened last year since she has her annual car insurance in September as her main Christmas present each year. practical although not exactly exciting.
      I was very thrilled with Bella, the dogs Hessian stocking this year as normally they have a red/white furry paw shaped stocking.
      Many thanks for your present to me which is still waiting under the tree to be opened tomorrow.
      PS.One of the pale pink little gift bags should now be well on it’s way to you.

  2. Beautiful wrapping and stockings Kendal , I always think you could give lessons and make yourself a small fortune at Christmas.
    I hope you’ve had a lovely time with Family and a good rest while doing so. I had to laugh when you said about the large bottle of Prosecco to go with your lobster and sherry triffle! Know from experience just how much ‘sherry’ goes into your trifles, I’m wondering if you could remember much of the day after that supper 🙂
    Wishing you good health and Happiness for the coming year , hugs Dee xx

    • I have to agree that I’m told that I don’t skimp on the Sherry in my trifles…though thinking that after so many years the alcohol content no longer has any major effect on me.
      I’ve certainly had a wonderful three days (and one more to go!) of eating the main meals out in good food restaurants. i always think that food that you haven’t had to prepare and cook yourself always tastes so much better.

      When I was divorced and a single parent I used to wrap my family’s gifts for them and they would give me a generous donation in return so that i could buy my presents… but I’m afraid that these days it is quite a hardship with the hands now.
      Many thanks again for your beautiful bouquet of flowers and delicious chocolate.

      A very happy and healthy New Year to you and Paul and all at the Sasha Village.

    • Oh, thanks Lorraine. I have had people not want to open them and instead, demand to know what’s inside… whilst my eldest brother always refers to them as ‘Kendal’s beautifully wrapped little nothings!’
      Doubt too, whether the paper could have been much brighter! I personally would never have thought to put those hot pinks and oranges together.
      PS. Looking forward to some quiet ME time later this week so that I can catch up on your Xmas Advent blog calendar etc.

  3. A belated happy Christmas Kendal and may 2017 be filled with happiness and Sasha´s! I was wondering if this year you had treated yourself to a new member or have you been sitting firmly on your hands and being a good girl? Regardless, I hope when you have the time, we´ll all see the new outfits and pretty things your girls and boys have been bestowed…. which sneakily is one of my favourite blogs of yours! Much love, Jackie xxx

    • Thinking that you shouldn’t be wishing me a New year full of Sashas as it’s meant to be filled with some DRASTIC downsizing!
      To be honest they haven’t had too many presents this year as my Sasha friends know about the HUGE downsizing taking place over this year… BUT will hopefully photograph the few lovely gifts that they have received over the next week.

  4. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas Kendal, and that Santa was good to you 🙂
    Your wrapping paper is lovely, I do love bright colours, and like unusual combinations of colours too, I struggle with dull colours.
    The stockings are great too, I’m sure Bella had a ‘ball’ opening hers! 😉
    Hugs Sharon xx

    • I had a marvellous time eating out in good food local restaurants with the family …and therefore away from cooking in my kitchen which was just wonderful as I’m not keen on cooking as such.
      That wrapping paper was indeed BRIGHT but Chon really loved it!
      Bella loved her stocking gifts. I was disappointed that I didn’t remember to take some photos of the contents.

  5. Thank you Kendal for sharing these wonderful Christmas treasures with us. I so enjoyed looking at the different stockings and wonder if the Santa Sack did get filled? I expect the dogs were delighted with their presents and the ones for Chon looked so enticing! Perfect choice of wrapping paper for someone who always thinks bright!

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