‘Long Time No See!’

‘Hello again’ from all of us ‘serie’ dolls seen here at the second SCW in May 2015 in this wonderful panoramic photo curtesy of Lorraine Tyler.
May 14th DSC00075

Just some photos today zooming in onto a few of ‘The Brood’ as a way as letting you know that we haven’t completely fallen off the planet… although we are rather stiff and somewhat dusty from lack of use (or as some might say, bordering on Sasha neglect)… but still very much loved. We have remained in the outfits that we went to the Sasha Celebration Weekend in May in as our mummy had promised that she would later on introduce us individually to those who couldn’t attend that fantastic event in Nottingham hosted by Janet Myhill-Dabbs before the inevitable downsizing and ‘parting of the ways’ begins.

First up is the now well known Belle. A 1970 petite Gregor Dark Denims who had falling hair and so was customised (and also named) by Shelly Baxter. She is wearing a very smart 50s style dress made from a man’s shirt by vintage-sasha that I think enhances her eye colour beautifully. JJ shoes and commercially made socks complete the outfit. She chose to take a little knitted white and grey cat with her for company.

Next in line is a very pretty early 1970s blonde Trendon Gingham girl with the most amazing silky two-toned blonde hair that falls naturally in wavy curls around her face. (Unfortunately there was quite a breeze when I was taking these photos so it has drifted onto her face in most of her photos.) She is wearing a very dainty vintage-sasha pale blue cotton dress strewn with tiny colourful flowers and her matching coloured sandals, over commercially made socks, were made and very kindly gifted to me by Rosemarie Shortell. She bought along a blue knitted bunny that Caroline Campbell purchased for me from the US though many years ago now. (This btw is Rosemarie’s favourite of all my dolls so it was only right and fitting that she should of been wearing these sandals.)

This is Annaliese (adore that name!) a mid Trendon doll that was one of Jackie Rydstrom’s very first re-roots and looks as lovely with her hair in braids as it does when left falling long and loose… but I thought that the braids were in order here to go with her very sweet and pretty Ra-ra outfit by Sharon Humphrey’s (Sharon in Spain!) This was one of my very first of these outfits and I just love the long sleeved top and ‘peeping out’ net underskirt and those little hearts on her socks. (Even her pink knickers are frilled.) JJ sandals, a girly pink rucksack and the pink rain-coated soft bunny complete her look.

Next we have an attractive Trendon 1969/70 off centre part London Girl wearing a beautiful OOAK Petrana outfit that has a little story attached to it. I bid on this outfit when it was advertised on eBay many moons ago and upsettingly and maddeningly missed winning it by £1. About a year later Judith Easthope (Dollydoodles) emailed me to say that it had appeared for sale on Sashadolluk’s second hand sales pages and as you can see I finally managed to snap it up. A super second chance purchase and needless to say one of my very favourite of Petrana’s dresses! I added commercially made shoes and socks in pastel pink and she brought along a little kitten made from an attractive sparkly material, a Christmas gift from Theresa O’Neill.

This is a Trendon 1972 brunette Gingham doll (with trimmed hair) that I sent to Shelly with this Global Cossette wig to customise her for me as a compensation after having just missed buying Belle (the first doll featured.) I think that her eye painting is really gorgeous and is perfect with this vintage-sasha tweed coat and hat (apologies for the hat’s position but didn’t want to mess up her wig any more than it is by pulling it on any further) over one of her pretty two tone dresses given to me as a birthday gift by my super friend Steve Kingaby. Commercially made socks and shoes and a little brown Teddy Bear (and given to me many years ago now for Christmas By Nikki Kerohan)

An early Crude eyed Gotz girl who again is a second chance purchase having just missed buying her off Sashadolluk as a sort of replacement for the minty Saucer eyed girl that I had, had to sell on earlier. I chose to dress her in a very pretty vintage-sasha dress and beret outfit made from vintage floral material along with commercially made shies and three-quarter socks. She brought along her knitted Sausage dog in his protective Winter jumper.

A bald Trendon girl that I snapped up from Sashadolluk because of her beautiful face. she wore several of the wigs here before asking Sharon Humphrey if she could get me a wig like one of hers that I had admired.  Not only did she manage that but then very kindly went on to trim and alter it (as only Sharon knows how!) so that I now have this great look shown here.  I adore this vintage-sasha patterned coat trimmed with the velvet collar and beret. (Again apologies for the ‘plonked on’ beret but again want to protect the hair.) Kiltie tights and black bar shoes finish off the look. Her little ‘From me to you’ grey bear was an Xmas gift from Shelly many moons ago.
dscn0741 26.

A 1965/6 Gotz yellow eyed with lashes and wearing this most attractive vintage-sasha three piece outfit (so very kindly and generously given to me on my last birthday by Susan Bulger Pomeroy) which so suits her colouring, as does her colour co-ordinated little furry brown bunny-rabbit and JJ sandals

Another early 70s Trendon girl with attractive bobbed brunette hair which I purchased from the Cn’S last year but one in a striking Sharon in Spain Ra-ra long sleeved dress, headband and striped socks worn here under a Dollydoodle red hoodie. The commercially red bar shoes were definitely a must here. (Apologies to Sharon for the indent in her top near the waist from my thumb print as I posed her!)

As most of you know by now Gotz No-nose girls are not on my radar but succumbed at the last minute (beginning of this year) and purchased this little one with her beautifully styled full hair to add to The Brood’s variety representation of Frido/Trendon/Gotz manufactured Sasha serie dolls between the years of 1965 to 1975. I choose this delightfully smocked and piped by Jill Mackley for her to wear to enhance her colouring along with JJ beige sandals and commercially made socks. Her adorable little puppy was given to me as a gift by Nikki Kerohan albeit quite a long time ago now.

Two little wide-faced Trendon 1970 brunettes complete today’s line up. Below is an attractive  1970’s Gingham girl whose beginning to green eyes were slightly enhanced for me by Shelly. She is wearing  these adorable grapefruit/pink gingham check dungarees which  as so often happens I missed securing when for sale so asked Sharon if there was any chance of having another pair made and luckily for me there was just enough material left to make these. She has on some of Sharon’s red/pink striped sock under JJ sandals and carries a little Pooh Bear, a sweet Christmas/birthday? gift from Sarah Price.

The second girl seen below is my very pretty brunette Gingham lass in a stunning vintage-sasha coat and dress outfit teamed with JJ long red leather boots! She carries a little cosily ‘cardigan-ed’ Teddy Bear and a cute cable knit red shoulder bag from Jane Woodward’s SCW workshop table since I was unable with my hands to cope with adding any decorations to a bag.

Have just gone back over and deleted one photo from each doll so as not to bore or waste so much of your precious Sunday’s time!

BTW This post today is devoid of any Gregor lads on account of their refusal to pose in front of this ‘girlish’ indoor room backcloth…. so they are all out on strike until their ‘old brick wall’ background appears back on the scene.

Thanks for popping by to view these first 12 SCW display dolls on ‘closer’ display. Only 66 to go so hopefully see you again when I next get the health and energy to post!


41 thoughts on “‘Long Time No See!’

  1. Welcome back! I for one have missed you, though health always has to come first and I completely understand your absence. Delightful eye candy blog, as always.

    • Oh thank you Louise! I had begun to wonder if I’d ever feel like returning to what I have always enjoyed. Hoping that you can’t see the gathered dust although did have to give the velvet beret a good blow to get the well and truly settled dust off!

      • I was really ill summer last year and I literally hated my dolls, thought them childish nonsense and seeing them made me mad and I decided once I was better I’d sell them all. Was a horrible feeling that thankfully went as soon as I started to feel better. I hope you continue to enjoy them again as not doing so is an awful feeling.
        No, I haven’t noticed any dust lol I’ve really enjoyed seeing your beautifully dressed girls.

      • Oh I’m so sorry to hear this! I didn’t know but can well relate to the feeling now.
        So pleased to hear that this bad time for you has now passed and everything Sasha-wise is back to normal.

  2. A wonderful post to arrive in my inbox for an Autumn Sunday morning.Kendal your Sasha’s are always so beautiful and beautifully dressed, that the rest of us can but watch and learn. I love the girl in red with her Jane W bag from the SCW and the wig that Sharon styled for you is gorgeous! I love the Sasha’s in long plaits. I’d add a few more likes but will need to return since my iPads not showing me the photos as I type this. But a delight for a sunny cool Sunday, many thanks xxx

    • Wasn’t sure if anybody was going to view it it’s been so long since I blogged and now can’t even advertise it on my old blogspot since I have changed over to Windows 10 and that is where a lot of my followers got their info. Thanks Denise as I so enjoy reading what people think. like and dislike.

      • Loving Belle as always and the Trendon in the cossette wig, one of my favourites of your dolls, nice to see the sweet button nosed girl looking beautiful in the brown checked dress.
        And the London girl looks great in the pink Petrana dress, a flash of our summers that’s been and gone so soon… 🙂 x

      • Sorry for the delay in replying but have just endured a few frustrating hours with my internet not responding but luckily my computer geek on ‘team player’ has now managed to fix it so now trying to do a catch-up. Big sigh of relief!
        Always enjoy reading the comment section as I find it helpful to know other collectors views, ideas, likes and dislikes. Feedback IS good!

  3. Ooooooohhhhh Kendal, I’ve been so worried about you and delighted to see a posting!!!!!!!! I had been trying to catch up with postings, especially the wonderful arrangement for your Sasha get-together. I think Chon helped you with that, but it was just perfect. As the song goes: ‘the eyes have it’. There’s so much character in those eyes.
    Had a quick scan of this posting – goodness, that tweed jacket is GORGEOUS. Sorry if I’m writing rubbish, but I have always regarded kilts as temporally independent on a female. I think the same can be said for tweed jackets (on a female) – 18- 80 can still look fab.

    Take care.



    • How lovely to hear from you too. It seems like positively ages since I last blogged but with my ill health and that awful task of trying to make headway into this new Windows 10 the days/weeks/months have flown by.
      Sarah’s tweed coats are always to die for and luckily i have managed to secure quite a few over the years.
      Yes, my daughter (plus Janet, Tricia and Ginger) very kindly helped me to finally set up The Brood’s display… but luckily I had manage to prepare practically everything beforehand, so it was just a case of artistically placing the dolls etc on the tables.

      Looking like I might not be able to get to Llandudno this year again! Sad times.
      PS.I have a surprise post to put on in the very near future if you;’re still around.

  4. Thank you Kendal for bringing some wonderful Sasha Sunshine into my Sunday afternoon. How wonderful to see your beloved treasures closeup and to learn a bit more about each one. For me you left the best till last, how I love those wide faced brunette beauties! I have just made an announcement of Facebook for the 3rd Sasha Celebration Weekend! I will email you the details ❤

    • Just grabbed a few of the Sashas that were close by and managed to snap a few photos though definitely not my best posing and it was quite breezy, hence the wooden chair to prevent the back cloth taking off…and the dolls with it.
      Delighted with that announcement as yesterday someone was asking me if any details had been announced as yet.
      It’s certainly all happening today then!

  5. HELLO Kendal, I am so happy to see you back blogging. You had me worried for a moment. Your post as usual is outstanding and I wait in anticipation of your next one. So nice to have you back xxxxx

    • Thanks Theresa. I was beginning to have my doubts about wanting to do this ever again… although I know that I still have to keep my promise to you about one day doing my Sasha profile for your blog. The mind is willing but the flesh is weak but need to get some more 35mm slides transferred onto DVDs to help with the written work..

  6. Hello Mrs Hacks. So nice to see you back blogging again.
    Your girls are always so beautifully turned out and a sight for sore eyes.
    Looking forward to seeing your next post ( health permitting) xxxxx

    • Thanks Steve. It’s great to be back blogging again.I had begun to have grave doubts that I ever would be so thought that I had just better ‘put mind over matter’ and get on with it… or else…..!!!!

  7. Fun! Fun! Fun! I have always enjoyed viewing your doll photos. Impressive! Thank you so much for posting once again. I am grateful. Hugs, -Anne

    • Great to hear from you again as we seem to have lost touch recently. BTW I love your new Studio Doll. When did that all come to pass? How many of your original sasha serie dolls have you still kept? Is Little Kendal still in your nieces safe keeping or has she moved on? I came across her original photos a little while ago when I was changing over from Vista to Windows 10.

  8. A beautiful post Kendal and it is wonderful to see your gorgeous girls up close and with their special stuffed lovies. I especially enjoy reading about the history of each of your beloved Sasha dolls and the makers of their shoes and outfits. Thank you for a very special Sunday gift. 🙂 xxx

    • Many thanks for missing my blogposts… although you probably all know everything there is to know about my Sasha Dolls by now given that they have been featured here so many times over the years… and especially, unlike you and yours, there aren’t many new dolls arriving on a regular basis.

  9. Lovely to see you posting Kendal and know that you’re feeling a little better. It is such a treat to see the brood and it is hard to single out any but I do love Belle 1 (and her stand-in). Also, the bobbed brunette is giving me ideas!! 🙂 xx

  10. it is so good to read a blog post from you again – I hope you’re feeling better than you have been recently. Your lovely Sasha girls looks beautiful, don’t worry about stray hairs – you pose them so well.

    • Many thanks for commenting. I do so love to read these comments as they do tend to encourage you to post more regularly.
      I was feeling a little better on one of the days so tried to make the best of it. Pleased that you didn’t mind their hair blowing but there’s unfortunately nothing much that you can do to stop it when there’s a breeze blowing..

  11. Dear Kenda, I am so happy that you are back and hopefully feeling better, as I missed you quite a lot!!! Always love to see your dolls, fantastic outfits, great poses and of course presented by you with fantastic photos :-). With a big big hug, Liss xxxx

    • Many thanks for your comment and big hug. I do so enjoy hearing from you. I’m always concerned that my posts are getting very boring with not now having new dolls and outfits arriving as I try to start on a downsizing process as my retirement bungalow is over-run with Sasha Dolls and all their accompanying GEAR!

  12. I am delighted to see, once again, your darling girls. I am charmed with their sweet little stuffed animal friends. And another one of my favorite things is the cute colored socks so many of your girls wear .

    I wish you continued good health!

    • Many thanks for your good health wishes. I allowed each and everyone to choose and take a little soft toy, Dinky car, bag etc. so that they had something familiar to hold onto in case they got frightened in this large strange place and with so many people starting at them.
      PS.I was rather pleased that they tended to choose items that tended to colour co-ordinate with their clothing.

  13. I’m late to the party!!! Welcome back to blogging Kendal, it’s lovely to see some of your gorgeous girls again, particularly as some of my favourites of yours feature so prettily in this post. I really like the girl in photo number 14, she’s so pretty…if she ever fancies a holiday in Spain then I’m sure I can find a bed for her 😉
    And the little brunette in the last photos, awww what a sweetie, I have always loved her.
    I was delighted to see that your girls are still enjoying wearing their outfits that I made 🙂 how lovely is that for me too!!!
    I hope to see more posts from you once you are feeling well again, I hope that will be really soon.
    Big hugs, Sharon xxx

    • You’re NEVER too late Sharon as we love to hear what you have to say plus my girls adore your Ra-ra outfits.I think that there were even four of them (out of the many!) on display at the SCW!.
      Yes, I know that you have a real soft spot for the very last really pretty wide faced brunette girl and I certainly agree with you about the girl in photo 14 as she has somehow impossibly blossomed over the years and so suits these brown colours..
      Thanks for the get well wishes. and get ting back to blogging.

  14. You couldn´t have said it better and it IS a long time and no see! But a lovely surprise to see you in my post box and extremely happy to hear your health has improved enough for you to blog to us all again!
    You kindly brought back my memory of how we first met when you wrote via eBay to say you didn´t want to buy the dress I was selling, but the Sasha itself! Talk about blowing me away and thanks to you, your patience and generous inspiration, you set me on a path I´d never thought I would go along. So here I am years later still happily re-rooting and enjoying every minute.
    You once made me laugh when you said how you wished I could give you a re-root, but I´d like an exchange please? If you would kindly re-dress me in the beautiful clothes you are so talented at sourcing and make me look as pretty as your girls, then you have a deal!
    Great to see you back Kendal and hope you stay well and enjoy life with your beautiful Sasha´s again, love Jackie x

    • Thanks for the get well a d blogging good wishes. Yes, those were t=THE days with our Sasha Dolls.
      I DO remember asking if you could do a re-root on me as I’ve always had such fine hair but luckily lots of it until recently when it’s started to thin due to my ill-health.
      Often thinking of you and hope vthat you are enjoying life out there in Costa Rica. Have you still kept your house on in Spain? If not you had better send me your new home’s address ready for your Christmas card.

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