The SCW Raffle

….In aide of Save The Children was once again this year magnificently donated to by so very many very kind and generous Sasha collectors from a wide range of countries. The tickets sold out like wildfire the very first evening so the next day another huge batch had to be purchased. You were literally spoilt for choice there was so much variety on offer and, as at last years, some multple winners readily gave their winning tickets to anyone who hadn’t won at least one prize. I felt priveledged to witness once again these truly wonderful collectors who so readily and unselfishly share their good luck and continue to feel lucky to be part of this Sasha Doll group.
The money raised from this and the £ Bazaar was £1600+.

The first prize was this very attractive Gregor donated by Gayle Rotherim, customised, dressed and named Mikey, by Rosie Shortell who also added his Radio Flyer truck, and which was won by Liss Camber on the first ticket drawn by the youngest member attending, Theresa O’Neill’s young granddaughter, Ruth.

Sasha Celebration 2 146

Love his hair, eye painting and smart OOAK handknitted jumper, by Rosie.
Sasha Celebration 2 147

Sasha Celebration 2 144

Sasha Celebration 2 124

The white JJ sandals on the right were also donated by Rosie (but they were originally sent for a ‘silent’ auction but unfortunately got put into this auction by mistake.) They were delightedly won by Emma.
Sasha Celebration 2 123

Taking my camera I moved up and down the tables taking photos in the hope that I could capture most of these amazing donations. (Unfortunately the sunshine reflecting on some of the bags didn’t/doesn’t exactly help.)
Sasha Celebration 2 113

Two beautifully covered baby baskets/cots (I’m thinking that these might have been made and donated by Judith of Dollydoodles?) one of which was won by Dollmum’s daughter for the new baby girl that she won earlier on and the other by Theresa’s grandaughter Ruth..
Sasha Celebration 2 110

Ginger Mullins gave the lovely white dress on the top right, plus several more outfits, and the Trendon brunette ‘Red Pinafore’ Dress Sasha Doll seen later on.

Sasha Celebration 2 161

My Brood have one of these ‘Frilly-Philly?’ navy fleece duffle coats (this one donated by Linda Simpson) and they fit Sasha/Gregor perfectly even though not originally designed for the Sasha/Gregor Dolls.
There were quite a few gifted outfits from Jackie Kraemer

Sasha Celebration 2 160

Sasha Celebration 2 159

I know that Brenda Myers sent two outfits linked to some of the previous US Sasha Festivals and Anne Chandler donated a super unused paper doll prize based on our Queen, when she was a young Princess Elizabeth II that was entered into a silent auction.

Sasha Celebration 2 156

Two beautifully finely knitted jumpers and hats to go with these trousers all made by Emma Flood.
Sasha Celebration 2 155

Sasha Celebration 2 154

A lovely pair of PJs by Lesley Shawn that were won by Sarah Price.
The very pretty blue patterned dress at the back/left was donated by Edgonbrooks, Francis Trickett (and which was won by Petrana and then very kindly given to me as a little thank you gift for bringing all my dolls for her to see.) Francis also sent along a few other outfits and gifts (sewing kit and beige bag to name two which were chosen as her prizes by Denise.)
Sasha Celebration 2 153

Sasha Celebration 2 152

Sasha Celebration 2 151

Sasha Celebration 2 150

This super Gotz girl was donated annonomously.
Sasha Celebration 2 149

Sasha Celebration 2 148

One of the pairs of shoes donated by Noreen Walters can just be seen at the bottom right of the picture.

Sasha Celebration 2 143

I won this pretty little blue floral dress.
Sasha Celebration 2 142

Sharon of Spain donated one of her now famous ra-ra outfits and which Denise Owen chose for one of her winning tickets.
Sasha Celebration 2 141 23

Petrana donated this dear little Trendon baby which was delightedly won by Dollmum’s daughter who promtly named her Daisy as she and her mother also won the tandem bicycle which is linked to the famous old song ‘Daisy, Daisy…’.
Sasha Celebration 2 140

This most attractive finely knitted stripped cardigan was donated by Jane Woodward
Sasha Celebration 2 139

Sasha Celebration 2 138

Sasha Celebration 2 137

Sasha Celebration 2 136

The shoes and socks in the box at the bottom look very like Betsy-May’s so I’m guessing that she might have donated them.

Sasha Celebration 2 135

Sasha Celebration 2 133

Sasha Celebration 2 132

This wire supermarket trolley, little teddy and boy doll  was donated by Dawn Law along with several other items/props .
Sasha Celebration 2 131

This original Trendon Baby Bird outfit was very kindly donated by Brenda Walton.
Sasha Celebration 2 126

Sasha Celebration 2 125

Sasha Celebration 2 122

Sasha Celebration 2 121

This little sewing machine, donated by Theresa O’Neill, was chosen by Pertrana for one of her winning tickets.
Sasha Celebration 2 120

Not sure who gave these two books (although I think that one of them could have been by Janet and maybe Lorraine?).
Sasha Celebration 2 119

Sasha Celebration 2 118

The attractive Gingham girl was donated and customised by Janet Myhill Dabbs and was THE LAST ticket’s prize. I also think that I can see two of Linda Simpson’s knitted cardigans.
Sasha Celebration 2 117

Sasha Celebration 2 116

This Red Pinafore girl was generously given to the raffle by Ginger Mullins.

Sasha Celebration 2 115

Sasha Celebration 2 114

Thinking that I have spotted some of Gillian Nash’s lovely knitting here.

Sasha Celebration 2 112

Sasha Celebration 2 111



Sasha Celebration 2 110

Sasha Celebration 2 113

Close up of Janet’s wonderful customised Sasha.

Sasha Celebration 2 145

Janet introducing the raffle and selecting Theresa’a young granddaughter to draw the first ticket which enabled Liss to win the first prize of Mikey.
Sasha Celebration 2 204

Sasha Celebration 2 202

Liss Camber celebrating her first ticket win of Rosie’s customised Gregor, Mikey.
Sasha Celebration 2 201

Ginger Mullins looking thrilled with one of her ticket wins and having chosen a pair of Rosie Blooms sandals.
Sasha Celebration 2 205

Sasha Celebration 2 203

Sasha Celebration 2 207

Sasha Celebration 2 206

I know that this post should have been published some weeks ago now and so is somewhat ‘old hat’ and for which I again apologise but I do hope that you enjoyed seeing again the thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity of so many of our Sasha collectors. My apologies to those others who I have not mentioned alongside their donations but I can assure you that I did my best here to find out as much infomation as I could… (but if anyone would like me to add their name to a particular photograph, as a donator or winner, I’m more than willing and able.)
Still to come in this 2016 SCW project are a few shots of the sales tables (well I had to shop!) Saturday evening’s dinner, the wonderful Robin Hood display, lovely individual photos of a few of the visiting dolls and finally my SCW gifts, sales table buys and a couple of gifts for friends who were unable to attend.
Thanks for popping by and viewing.


10 thoughts on “The SCW Raffle

  1. The raffle prizes were just amazing, so many wonderful things to choose from that I felt quite overwhelmed when two of my lovely friends nominated me to pick a prize from their winning tickets! (I couldn’t win a jacket for a gooseberry!) I chose two sweet little baby sized outfits in the hope that they’d encourage me to give some attention to my poor neglected babies!!!
    And what a lof of money was raised for such a great cause…..even better!!!
    Thanks for sharing all the photos of the prizes Kendal, it was great to see them all again and marvel at everyone’s generosity 🙂
    Hugs Sharon xx

    • How lovely to hear first from yesterday’s birthday girl herself.
      Yes, the donations were simply AMAZING again this year and nearly trebled the raised Charity money.
      I’m never good at winning raffles either but did manage to win on one ticket but by then I had already been nominated by another winner to use gave mine to someone else to select an item of their choosing.
      Three cheers to those terrific and most generous Sasha Collectors! Hip, hip hooray, Hip, hip hooray! HIP, HIP, HOORAY!

  2. Couldn’t we go back and do the raffle again ;-)? There were so many great and amazing prices! Thank you for sharing all your photos with us. They remind me of a great time with wonderful people. With a big hug Liss

    • I couldn’t agree more! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to view these wonderful items before the actual drawing of the tickets and so faced with this unbelievable choice of tempting items was rather too much for me. I’ve never been a quick decision maker at the best of times and much prefer time to think and decide.
      I feel very proud to be able to say that I hopefully belong to this great Sasha group.
      Thanks a mill for The Hug!.

  3. Great photos of a fantastic raffle Kendal, the generous donors and the enthusiatic ticket buyers make it a very enjoyable and successful fundraiser.

    • I’ll second that….(well APART from the bit about ‘great?’ photos as I feel that I have ‘slipped’ a lot with my photography of late due to my camera and ME getting much older…although the overall lighting in the halls aren’t up to much.
      Many thanks again for your wonderful part in what has now become a super social event on the Sasha calendar..)

  4. Hi Kendal great photos of the raffle prizes. I forgot to mention that Brenda Walton donated the original baby outfit with tag and Rosie Bloom kindly made and donated the pair of Rosie bloom shoes after I contacted her, which was wonderful. (hopefully one day she will return to making them). My granddaughter Ruth thoroughly enjoyed herself and was the other recipient of the Sasha baby nest xxx

    • Thanks for this extra info. and which I’ll go and add add asap.
      I had actually wondered if the ‘Bloomfield’ sandas were donated by Rosie and also hope like you that she will eventually return to us Sasha Collectors. I’ll never forget the Sasha fun day that Sarah P, Rosie and her sister, Theresa, (was it and Anne-Marie?) had when we met up here.
      Pleased to hear that Ruth won the other Sasha baby nest.

  5. A great, great post of the SCW raffle! Even though I was there, I am seeing new raffle items for the first time! I was so impressed by the many fantastic donated items to raise money for the children’s charity. And what a large sum of money was raised by our very generous Sasha friends!!! I also enjoyed watching everyone’s happy faces as they selected their prizes. It was just the best of times! 🙂

    Thank you for taking the time to post the photos Kendal. I really like seeing them now even more so as they bring back such happy memories of the happy time spent with Sasha friends. Wonderful in very way. ❤ xxx

    • SO many fantastic items that it was SO hard to choose one to pick especially if like me you weren’t able to have a pre-view. Our Sasha Collectors are just ‘The Tops’ when it comes to supporting events/occasions like these. Long may they reign. A truly amazing amount of money raised for the Save the Children charity in such a short time. My thanks again to all who took part.

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