The SCW Workshops

The workshops again this year were nothing short of EXCELLENT and yet more thanks are due to the leaders of these with their superb ideas, preparations and general help and overseeing. There was a choice of five Judith (Dollydoodles) with her kids transport road playmat,




Sasha Celebration 2 164

Sasha Celebration 2 163

Sasha Celebration 2 107

Sasha Celebration 2 106

Sasha Celebration 2 105

Sasha Celebration 2 104

Sasha Celebration 2 103


Sasha Celebration 2 102

Sasha Celebration 2 101

Sasha Celebration 2 100

Theresa with her decorated face masks

Sasha Celebration 2 168

Sasha Celebration 2 167

Sasha Celebration 2 169

Sasha Celebration 2 170

Sasha Celebration 2 166

Sasha Celebration 2 165

Sasha Celebration 2 098

Sasha Celebration 2 097

There was a display of all the finished masks on the dolls at the evening meal and after a show of hands the winner was chosen and Theresa awarded a prize.

Dollmum with her Ostrich marionettes,



Sasha Celebration 2 077

Sasha Celebration 2 043

Sasha Celebration 2 042

Emma with her felt shoes/boots

Sasha Celebration 2 044

Sasha Celebration 2 046

Sasha Celebration 2 045

Jane (Woodward) with her little knitted/crochet Sasha bags to made or decorated


Sasha Celebration 2 130

Sasha Celebration 2 128

Sasha Celebration 2 109

Sasha Celebration 2 108

Most people managed to complete at least three of these and took home the available prepared kits for the others to do at their leisure. They were set out on table groups of eight so that allowed for easy movement when that task was finished along with plenty of chatter during  the activities. The final results were amazing and truly showed the creativity of our Sasha collectors.

Still to come are posts on the MAGNIFICENT raffle in aide of Save The Children, the wonderful sales tables, the stunning Robin Hood main display, Saturday’s evening meal, a few collector’s dolls and finally my goodies/sales ‘take-aways.’


12 thoughts on “The SCW Workshops

  1. Lovely detailed photo’s of what went on at the craft tables. Everyone looks very busy and working hard to fulfill their tutors projects.
    So many great crafts and so little time! Everyone had a great morning chatting and working away at their first and if lucky second choice.

    • Definitely deserved imo an A* Ofsted report!
      Well thought out projects, excellently prepared instructions and materials resulting in very pleasing and individually crafted items for our dear Sasha Dolls .
      (Some of he quicker ‘crafters’ actually achieved and finished four of the five workshops.)

  2. Great photos Kendal, aren’t they all an industrious bunch 🙂
    One of these days I plan on completing my babies play mat 🙂

  3. A very nice post and thank you Kendal for showing the craft optionsoffered at the wonderful SCW. I loved making the marionette at Doll Mum’s table and I was able to embellish a knitted bag at Jane’s table and made a mask. I barely had time with the mask so it is no where near as pretty as most of the masks made by the very talented attendees. I did not make it to Emma’s shoe table nor Judith’s play mat table but I saw many ladies really enjoying their crafts with them. I do appreciate everyone that provided us with crafts to do. It was a very happy experience! 🙂 xxx

    • I can imagine that sometimes it is quite difficult at these Sasha events to think of any new workshop ideas that haven’t already been done before SO I have to give The Sasha Celebration Weekend’s choices over the two years that it has been in existence, top marks. Now starting to wonder just what they can come up with for 2017 if Janet decides to host it again….although we all fully appreciate ALL that extra WORK that goes into planning such a wonderful event.
      It was quite obvious that everyone taking part was thoroughly enjoying themselves.

  4. I have just found a few minutes to enjoy your lovely post on our workshops Kendal. I enjoyed being able to make things this year so much. I did find time to do three, just as you had said! I started of decorating a lovely bag for Edith which had her name on too, then I made a marionette ostrich which I just adore and finally two masks for my Gotz kids to wear for the evening meal. I have yet to make my playmate and shoes but love having the kits all ready for that spare moment.

    • I have never seen or heard of such wonderful workshops that your SCW workshops have provided. Each and everyone has been a delight to make. Now wondering just what excitement next year’s choice will provide???
      How I would have loved to have actually participated if it weren’t for my hands but the kindness and thoughtfulness of others (Dollmum, and her daughter and Jane Woodward) doing it for me helped enormously.My playmat and shoe kits are still here patiently waiting.
      Safe journey out to the US Festival and have a wonderful time there and staying at Gingers!

      • I must admit I am rather proud of the craft workshops; loving all variety of crafts myself I am so grateful to those very skilled crafters who volunteered their time and ability this year. I am so glad people helped you with acquiring all the craft items too Kendal, there was so much kindness in those rooms! Thank you for your well wishes for my trip across the pond. I have my big case packed now and am feeling a lot better with that task out of the way. x

      • Good to hear that your main case is packed and ready to roll as Monday will soon be here. How lucky that you can go and enjoy another great Sasha time with yet more wonderful Sasha collectors and their Dolls. Who have you decided to take with you? Edith I hope is one of them so that she can met Gertie in her new home.
        Looking forward to seeing all the resulting Festival photos..

    • Thanks Linda. Am struggling to find her in those photos numbers BUT I do know which doll you mean so will continue to search and label her when I eventually manage to find her. It was, I remember, a beautifully knitted and patterned cardigan and beret.

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